Top US, Russian Military Generals To Meet Thursday

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With a Russian ship sailing in very close proximity to the primary east coast submarine base, and tensions between the US - and perhaps the Trump administration - and Russia, once again rising it seems like an odd moment to organize a meeting between the top US military general and his Russian counterpart on Thursday in Azerbaijan, the first such meeting between the two since military cooperation between the two nations was suspended in 2014 following the hostilities in Ukraine.

U.S. Marine Corps General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Joseph Dunford will meet with the head of the Russian army's General Staff Valery Gerasimov on Thursday in Azerbaijan, Dunford's office said in a statement on Wednesday.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford

"The military leaders will discuss a variety of issues including the current state of U.S.-Russian military relations and the importance of consistent and clear military-to-military communication to prevent miscalculation and potential crises," the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

Accompanying Dunfort will be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who will also meet his Russian counterpart on Thursday, as the Trump administration evaluates the future direction of US-Russian relations.

Tillerson departed Wednesday for a G-20 ministerial meeting in Bonn, Germany, his inaugural international trip as the United States' top diplomat. He'll be joined in Bonn by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and representatives from the world's other major economies.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday that Tillerson and Lavrov will meet on the sidelines of the conference on Thursday. It will be their first such meeting since Tillerson took office. Tillerson's trip comes as the Trump administration is seeking to reassure skittish allies in Europe the US has their backs, all while exploring new areas for cooperation with Russia as advocated by President Donald Trump.

At the same time, European diplomats are watching the new US officials all the more closely after Trump's disparagement of NATO and questions about the utility of sanctions. Similarly, Western military officials are closely following Defense Secretary James Mattis' participation in the NATO ministerial meeting in Brussels and Munich Security Conference this week as well. As CNN adds, it remains to be seen whether the Cabinet secretaries will outline any specific shifts in US positions both on European issues as well as the Middle East.

It's still unclear exactly how the new administration will go about changing course in Syria, and whether doing so will involve additional cooperation with Russia -- which provides military support to the Assad regime.

As Tillerson's plane was taking off in Washington, the Pentagon announced the meeting between Dunford and his Russian counterpart Valeriy Gerasimov, set to take place tomorrow in Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, in a sign that Trump's pro-Russia stance is moderating, the president's envoys have been expressing positions more keeping with previous US policies. While the Trump administration's response to the recent violence in Ukraine has, so far, been muted, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, indicated the US would maintain sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea in 2014. She condemned what she called the "Russian occupation" of the Ukrainian territory, giving some reassurance to US allies in the region. The sentiment was echoed by Sean Spicer yesterday who said Trump hopes Russia will "return" Crimea to Ukraine.

The Russian Embassy in Washington made it clear this would not happen in a tweet Tuesday afternoon: "We will continue to patiently explain to the new US administration why Crimea is Russia."

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FinMin's picture

The Democrats are going to have fun claiming this is proof their conspiracy theory is true.

Perimetr's picture

As Churchill said,

"Jaw, jaw, jaw, is better than war, war, war."

It's about time we started talking with the Russians again.

froze25's picture

When the day comes that the Russians start sticking their nose in on the relationship between the US and Mexico, that will be the day I give two shits about what the Russians do with the Ukraine.

Jim in MN's picture

(cross-posting cuz it's important)


and BOOM here it is:

Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis



Surprise ending: Putin may well be a bigger threat to the EU/Soros/Globalist Elites than ISIS is...but the EU/Soros/Globalist Elites are a bigger threat to the PEOPLE OF EUROPE than Putin and ISIS put together.

Duc888's picture



....Europe has a deathy fear of Russia.  It's time they grow the fuck up and take comllective responsibility for their own self protection.  US involvement in NATO needs to be cut back 75%.


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Duc888 Feb 15, 2017 2:17 PM

Oh no!  The press and the Democraps are going to claim this is more evidence of Trump's collusion with Putin.  LOL


eekastar's picture

Wrong, not a bit. Check your bias radar.

king leon's picture

" Europe has a deathy fear of Russia" . Not fear, more respect, in fact when the wall came down, Europe and Russia were getting along just fine until the arm twisting up the back EU sanctions against Russia, implemented by none other than the US. Do you really think that if Europe told the USA to take their Navy,tanks and missiles and "FUCK OFF HOME" and let Europe sort it's problems out in it's own way.? Do you really think the US would leave? or would it be more likely that within 6 months there would be double the amount of US ships,tanks,and missiles pointed at Russia's borders? . So there you have it. If the US want to threaten Russia, then let the US foot the bill and may i suggest that you go in from the Alaska end and leave Europe well out of it, and good fucking luck!!!   

not dead yet's picture

Much has been made about Russian gas holding Europe hostage, not true, but nothing about how Europe and Russia were great trading partners. The sanctions hurt Europe more than they did Russia especially when Russia put on counter sanctions. Lots of Obama and fake news propaganda that the Russian economy was in a death spiral but little of Putin cutting trade deals all over the planet while being "isolated." Putin cut a lot of deals in South America where he was treated like a hero. After the way the US has fucked over Central and Ssouth America the last 200 years this could be expected. The Europeans liked dealing with the Russians as they kept their word and got straight to the point and wouldn't bullshit you unlike the US.

A lot of the USSR's manufacturing was done in countries like Ukraine that are now independent and not under Russian control. After the sanctions Putin made it a goal to reinvigorate the Russian manufacturing sector which they are doing as rapidly as they can but it still takes time. The sanctions have cost Europe, especially Germany, lots of manufacturing jobs that will not be coming back if the sanctions are lifted.

Poland and the Baltics on the surface are nervous about Russian aggession. The reality is their economies are basket cases with many of their craftsmen and workers leaving the countries for better paying opportunities elsewhere. Many of their jobs are being taken by Ukrainians desperate for any kind of job no matter how low paying as Ukraine is a totally messed up economic basket case with few jobs available. For awhile after the US led coup in Ukraine the only jobs many could get was being paid to protest. Poland and the Baltics want US and NATO troops there for the money they bring to their economies. Partly because they can spend less on defense but mostly the millions the US bases and troops bring to their economies is why Europe doesn't kick out the US bases. It's only a coincidence that Norway allowed their caves to be filled with US military equipment and US troops stationed on their soil after their economy tanked with the fall of oil prices.


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Does any sane person take Soros seriously? His increasingly incoherent rantings are symptomatic of clinical dementia which grows more severe by the month.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Does any sane person take Soros seriously?


You may not take him seriously but you better be ready to deal with him and his ilk because his and his ilk's shit is not going to stop until he gets renditioned to Gitmo.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

I take seriously the threat to humanity which he and his minions present, so I'm fully in agreement with you. Personally, I think all of his offspring should be humanely neutered to prevent them from reproducing.

I was just talking about his increasingly delusional babblings. His mind seems to be going downhill rapidly ever since Hillary lost the election. His deterioration is becoming more obvious and I honestly don't believe he'll live until the next US presidential election.

gladih8r's picture

You'd think that over the decades long career as a super-villain, Soros would have made more enemies than Kim John Un did.  Yet he is still around.  This is mind boggling. 

not dead yet's picture

Money buys lots of "friends." Plus there are plenty more around the planet who think like him and willing to join in the crusade to destroy civilization as we know it. Lots of money for the intellectual true believers and their armies of supremely indoctrinated slowflakes waiting to be triggered.

chubbar's picture

The traitors in the CIA and Pentagon are going to be doing everything in their power to throw a wrench into this relationship. I hope that is the topic of conversation tomorrow. Trump needs to do whatever is in his power to breakup the CIA and reform them with less power and more oversight. He needs to get the generals and admirals who he can count on to do the same with the Pentagon.

Vervolf's picture

The funny thing is that we are ( I m Russian) also do not give a shit what Americans do with Mexico - building the wall or kissing Mexicans...

I tell you even more west of Russia does not really care what is going on the East of Russia... I suspect that if you live in Arizona you do not think about Wayoming too much..

And if you ask ordinary people in Russia if they really for invading Europe 90% say you - are you crazy? And I suspect if somebody ask ordinary American if you like to have a war for South China See - 90% answer in the same way like we are but using different four-letter words... Lol

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


And if you ask ordinary people in Russia if they really for invading Europe 90% say you - are you crazy? And I suspect if somebody ask ordinary American if you like to have a war for South China See - 90% answer in the same way like we are but using different four-letter words... Lol

Something like debili blyat? OK, not exactly four letters, except blyat if Cyrillic letters are used.

Cheers, tovarisch.

deoldefarte's picture

More fake news:

I just received a call from Putin.

He informed me that he will turn Crimea over to Ukraine just after we

give Texas,New Mexico, Arizona and California back to Mexico.

Seems fair to me....LOL.

Vervolf's picture


You can earn money being an expert on Russian Foreign Affairs Minister expressions... Lol

bh2's picture

Crimea has been a strategic location coveted by the west for centuries, to be taken by any means possible (including a suicidal Charge of the Light Brigade).

Most Americans don't even know (or care) where Crimea is. Most are products of the public school system and couldn't locate it on a map without searching Google.

The present excitement arises from an existential war between the (transitory) visible state and the (enduring) deep state.

US policy toward Russia will plainly indicate which side won.

Personally, I'm long bananas.

Volkodav's picture

Churchill was a War Criminal

he said a lot of bs

Ace006's picture

So you disagree with what he said there?

j0nx's picture

Dont tell the Dems. They will claim Logan act violations again...

YouJustMadeTheList's picture
YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 1:36 PM

OK... one sonofabitch to another... I'll drink to that!

SWRichmond's picture

Succinct, but yes. 

If Putin and Trump cooperate to destroy the CIA incestuous lovechild known as ISIS, won't the deep state be pissed?


YouJustMadeTheList's picture
YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) SWRichmond Feb 15, 2017 2:04 PM

It means that Trump is gonna have to have his head on a swivel to avoid both nailguns & OXCARTS

Chupacabra-322's picture

About Fuckimg Time!

The lost word / art of Diplomacy. Suck on that Dick for a while you Deep State / Presstitute Scum Fucks.

SWRichmond's picture

Talking is good, as long as it's not Hillary, Obama, or some Bush getting rich negotiating away our sovereignty and power.

Ace006's picture

** negotiating away our sovereignty and power **

The number one priority of Obama

Hannibal's picture
Trump’s National Security Adviser Forced to Resign After Lying About Being a KGB Agent

Michael Flynn resigned because he had a telephone conversation with the Russian Ambassador and then lied about it. That's a little bit different from "links" to Russia. Unless it's now treasonous to enter into dialogue with other nations?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Hannibal,

Sure seems that way. The art of "Guilt By Association." Here's how it works.

Ring, ring....

Flynn: Hello?

Mundane phone call out of a Russian area code: Is Michial there?

Flynn: I'm sorry, you have the wrong phone number. Hangs up.

Next day:

Presstitute's: Flynn's a Russian Spy.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Unless it's now treasonous to enter into dialogue with other nations?


Only if you are associated with Donald Trump I guess.  Ofaggot visited at least 6 countries and had dialogue with their leaders in the months preceeding the 2008 election and there was not a negative peep about it.  Same old shit . . . different day.

angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) Dickweed Wang Feb 15, 2017 2:45 PM

it's perfectly OK if you collect $millions for your foundation

kochevnik's picture

KGB was disbanded after Soviet Union, so impossible

Kevin Trader's picture

Meeting to discuss what to do with Grahm and McShitstain

oncemore's picture

Imperial ambitions have to be forgotten. That is all.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

no spy ships will get hurt!

Overdrawn's picture

Best way to spy on the US these days is to watch CNN, they're getting first pick on US intelligence leaks it seems.

Swamp Yankee's picture

Lets hope the adults are able to negotiate a situation that does not involve mushroom clouds.


protip: keep the press far, far away.

iClaudius's picture

Mad chihuahua McCain will be demanding the resignation of the US generals. They are clearly traitors to the stars and stripes.

angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) iClaudius Feb 15, 2017 2:43 PM

McCain needs another vacation in the hanoi hilton

he still hasn't learned that dropping bombs on people is bad

Duc888's picture



Good, now they can diffuse the debacle that NATO / State Dept created.

gdpetti's picture

Maybe they want to talk about this??

Greenland Ice Sheet defying alarmist predictions – Showing massive growth

alexcojones's picture

Wow, first time since Potsdam? In 1945?
NEVER in my lifetime and I'm almost 70 

quasi_verbatim's picture

Military-to-military is the best and only hope.