Trump, Netanyahu Highlights: "Hold Back On Settlements", Both One Or Two-State Deals Are Acceptable

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The much anticipated meeting between President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu did not provide significant insight into the new administration's policies vis-a-vis Israel and the middle east. While Trump expressed optimism in a "great peace deal", he urged his Israeli colleague to "hold back on the settlements a little bit", and while reiterating his support for a move of the US embassy to Jerusalem, he was non-committal: "we'll see what happens."

Trump called on the Israeli Prime Minister to make compromises in order to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians, including holding off on the construction of new settlements. “The United States will encourage a peace and really a great peace deal” between Israel and the Palestinians, but they have to negotiate it themselves, Trump said. “Both sides will have to make compromises.”

Asked whether he preferred a one-state or a two-state solution, Trump said, “I’m happy with the one they like the best,” referring to Israelis and the Palestinians. Israel had two prerequisites for any peace settlement, Netanyahu said. “First, the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state, they must stop calling for Israel’s destruction… Second, Israel must retain security control over all of the area west of the Jordan River.”

Unless those conditions are met, Palestine will become “another failed state, another Islamist dictatorship that will not work for peace, but work to destroy us,” Netanyahu said.

Tump said “I want the Israeli people to know that the US stands with Israel in the struggle against terrorism" and added “Israel has no better ally than the US,” Netanyahu said, “and the US has no better ally than Israel.” The Israeli PM praised Trump’s commitment to resist “slander and boycotts” of his country in international bodies. The Prime Minister said that both Israel and the US are under attack “by one malevolent force – radical Islamic terrorism."

When asked about the peace process with the Palestinians, Trump told Netanyahu “I’d like to see you hold off on settlements for a little bit."

Predicably, Trump dodged the question about the implications the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn might have for reviewing the Iran nuclear deal, calling Flynn a “wonderful man… treated very unfairly by the media.”

Asked what compromises the two sides might have to make, Trump said the Israelis “will have to show some flexibility” and signal they want to make a deal, while “Palestinians have to give up some of the hate they’ve been taught from a very young age.” 

Iranian ballistic missiles are inscribed with “Israel must be destroyed” in Hebrew, Netanyahu said, adding he welcomed the Trump administration’s determination to make Iran pay for “fomenting terrorism” in the Middle East. He accused Iran of wanting to have a nuclear arsenal, “a hundred bombs,” and intercontinental missiles that could reach the US.

Trump also said he will do whatever he can "to prevent Iran from ever — and I mean ever — developing nuclear weapons."

Asked about the reported uptick in anti-Semitism and xenophobia following his election, Trump said he would do everything in his power to unify the country, and that the next 3-4 or 8 years would see “a lot of love.”

“There is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump,” Netanyahu said, concluding the press conference.

Some in the media pointed out that Trump only took questions from "friendly" outlets, like Townhall and the Christian Broadcasting Network while avoided reporters like CNN's Jim Acosta who shouted questions about his campaign's contact with Russia as he left the room.

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"Hold off on the settlements a little bit."

That, my friends, is sophisticated international diplomacy at work....

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Trump owes the moneychangers billions. BIBI has his sack in an vice.



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YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Deathrips Feb 15, 2017 2:02 PM

Netanyahu: "Palestine has to respect the JEWISH STATE"



beemasters's picture

"Hold off on the settlements a little bit"???
How about "Stop the settlements at once and return what you stole, asshole!"

gatorengineer's picture

Ok, I will take Sally Struthers for $500 Jack.


Stole from WHO?  They stole it from Jordan, and yes they should give it back to Jordan, and let the Palestinians be Jordanian.  But the problem with it is that No Arab country wants the group of troublemakers known by the pseudonym Palestinian.   The concept of a Palestinian is a 100 percent construct...  The Gaza has been a global welfare magnet for muslims, and they are NOT Palestinians.  There are Israeli Arabs, and those are the (only) true Palestinians...

froze25's picture

It's true, not one Arab country wants anything to do with the Palestinians, or apparently the Syrian Refugees either. Who would of thought that a piece of land the size of New Jersey would be a pain in the ass for the entire world. The whole regions nations only came into existence after the breakup of the ottoman empire. The boarders were drawn up by mostly the UK and partially by the French. The break-up of the Ottoman empire marked the transition from one "world order" to another. I encourage every one to read "tragedy and hope" by Carol Quigly.

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 “Israel has no better ally than the US,” Netanyahu said,

“and the US has no better ally (sic) than Israel.”

"However," he continued with a sneer, "We will not sign

the Mutual Defense Treaty with these deluded followers

of the false Christ, and will rely on our Useful Idiots in

the US Congress to extend the Visa Waiver Program to

Israelis, so they can sign up for auto-deposit SS & EBT!"

knightowl77's picture

I see you are part of the Palestinian La Raza movement...they didn't steal that anymore than we stole Arizona or Texas....dipstick

beemasters's picture

Fyi, I'm part of the Anti-Shithole Society (ASS).
Now, if you will give me your address, let me bulldoze your home and call your family terrorists if you fight back. Let's see how you feel.

Clashfan's picture

Yup, and this:

"The Israeli PM praised Trump’s commitment to resist “slander and boycotts” of his country in international bodies."

Sorry, Trump. I support BDS. That's called freedom of choice and voting with my Jewbux.

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

I was pretty sure I would up vote you right after hell froze over. But you nailed this one. Credit where it is due.

Lynx Dogood's picture

Your stupd or deaf. If Bibi had his sack in a vice. If Bibi had him in a fix the embassy would be built in Jeruselem and Trump would not be talking about a 2 state solution. Fucking retard!!!!!!!!!  The US Fed Gov is run by non elected people. If you think that Trump will run things diferently than Obama you are stupid!

Big Brother's picture

You gotta think "Art of the Deal".  This is Trump's approach when he doesn't have the absolute upper hand.  He wants to get the chronology right.

Synoia's picture

Pigs might fly too.


I'm all for a one state solution. We'll see what happens in the Israeli parliament when the Palistinians get the vote. (If ever).

Recognizing the one state solution is the Israelis' worst nightmare - because of the Palestinian birth rate.

JLee2027's picture

Yeah it's a misleading headline from ZH. 


"A little bit" left off.  


Is it important to have the entire quote from the President, or just leave off "a little bit" to stress your personal political message?

barndoor's picture

I included it in my post.

Deathrips's picture

Fuck The FED and Israel.



knightowl77's picture

Fck the Fed, Fck George Soros, fck Obama and the left, Fck the Palestinians!


Go Trump!

Synoia's picture

Ugh, what a list. I'd rather not.

Big Brother's picture

"avoided reporters like CNN's Jim Acosta who shouted questions about his campaign's contact with Russia as he left the room."

Ha ha - blackballed!

BritBob's picture

Regarding Settlements


The balance is a democratic county -v- anti-democratic, hostile neighbours and the law on transplanted populations written in 1949 mainly to confirm that German's settled in occupied territories during WW2 did not have a right to self-determination.

For relevant legislation and application of law relating to implanted/transplanted populations (1 page), its application, and some attitudes of the United Nations Google: ''Falklands – Transplanted Population Academia'' or use link.

Falklands – Implanted Population:

TAALR Swift's picture

Give Peace a chance?  Both Netanyahu and Trump are Realpolitik pragmatists.

Ideologues on all sides won't give the pragmatism of Realpolitik a chance.  Their responses will be as predictable as ever.

Belrev's picture

The important thin is that Trump is now fully Kosher certified by Prime Minister of Israel itself. Take that CNN.

gatorengineer's picture

But the Jew controlled media still blasts away.  Explain that?

johnnycanuck's picture

Like Boaty said, but Ed Sullivan said it better. 'Tonight, we have a really big shew'.

L Bean's picture

"Just the Tip", Israel.

Sliced into ribbons's picture

Congress needs to investigate whether the Trump campaign was in contact with the Russians to hacked the DNC and Podesta's email.

johnnycanuck's picture

Congress should investigate whether AIPAC moles in the DNC fed the emails to wikileaks so they could get Israel bootlickerTrump into the Oval Office.

Duc888's picture



It's already known who hacked them.  You're gonn have to troll a lot better than that.

optimator's picture

NO they need to invstigate why all the raw material NSA picks up goes to Israel to use for leaks 'n stuff.  

johnnycanuck's picture

"he urged his Israeli colleague to "hold back on the settlements a little bit"

Enter Benji working the 'Art of the Deal' Israeli style..


Of course Donald, my good friend.  For a small fee everything is possible.  Might I remind you how terribly miserly that Obama fellow was?  Why he only wanted to pay $3.8 billion per year toward our military and grounds maintenance costs.  I don't think he ever appreciated the cost of mowing the lawn with an Abrams tank

optimator's picture

If he really was "Art of the deal" he would have said, "But we'll reduce that amount by our cost of the military technology you sell to China".

Oh well, he could have made the Yahoo his V.P., the Congress would have ratified that in a heartbeat and a standing ovation.  

thestarl's picture

How about telling Nuts the free ride is over that the American taxpayer has had enough of being leached

Dr. Acula's picture

If he bows down to a leech, you must impeach!


Got The Wrong No's picture

Yep, like we impeached the last 6 presidents. 

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

How about: Hold off on settlements or we will deny you foreign aid, and, revoke all Israel/US duel state citizenships.  

No, no, the bulldozers will roll on. 

Martian Moon's picture

Trump would do well to focus on America

His base cares little about anything international


mo mule's picture

Go Trump....just keep plowing ahead, head down, nose to the grindstone..... but Stop stealing the people's money, with asset forfeiture, middle america hates this... 

besnook's picture

trump: i need to suck israeli dick because if i don't they will fuck me in my ass.

trump is just another scumbag israel firster.  i am tired of potus bending over for the parasites known as israel.

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angry_dad (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 2:53 PM

Lets see if netanahoo humiliates TRUMP and Tillerson like he did to bumbling kerry.

How many new settlements will be built as soon as this meeting is over?

World-Gone-Mad's picture

Dear Mr. President,


Thank you,

Concerned Citizens of the US Republic

Mena Arkansas's picture

U.S. Finalizes Deal to Give Israel $38 Billion in Military Aid

That's $4750 for every man, woman and child in Israel courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Because zionists don't give a fuck about the poor, homeless or disabled veterans in America.


RedBaron616's picture

Funny how Trump can meet with Mr. Yahoo and the MSM thinks that is a wonderful thing. Never mind that Israel was founded on terrorism and now complains when they face terrorism in return. Settlements is just a nice word for stealing Palestinians' land, homes, and farms. Treat them like crap and wonder why they hate you. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out!

Raul44's picture

They will additionally bring their "concerns about raising anti-semitism" when you speak up those facts.

rejected's picture

Hey Bibi,,, smooch, smooch, smooch. About those settlements,,, smooch, smooch, smooch. And eliminate those pesky Palestinians,,, Gawd Dammit Bibi,  your supposed to use Lube! Sorry Donny,,, was thinking about Iran. Now, about those F35's.... 

kalboking's picture

And so it starts.  Trump the Fraud will call Putin war criminal any day,

Sean hannity is creaming in his pants over the Satayahoo meeting. Praising how Israel and arab courtries are now allies. What arab countries is Hannity praising and im wondering myself what arab countries?? Saudi Arabia is what they are praising.  The neo con Trump administration is in full throttle . Especiailly Trumps lip service in front of the MSM "hold back those settlements a little bit" = do whatever you wish we will send more USa lives and money to the chosen demons. 

He will have Bolton take Flynn's place.


delusional morons on zerohedge should go to jewbeirt. Why are you neocons all here???


messystateofaffairs's picture

What a vomitus tirade of meaningless horseshit.