Trump Offers National Security Advisor Job To Lockheed Executive Robert Harward

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As previewed yesterday, of the three men mentioned as Michael Flynn's national security advisor replacements, one stood out: the former deputy commander of the US Central Command and current CEO for Lockheed Martin in the UAE, Robard Harward. Moments ago, Reuters confirmed that as expected, Trump has offered the National Security Advisor job to Robert Harward.


As Reuters adds, the Trump administration has offered the job of White House national security adviser, vacated by former U.S. intelligence official Michael Flynn, to Vice Admiral Robert Harward, said two U.S. officials familiar with the matter on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if Harward, a former deputy commander of U.S. Central Command who has Navy SEAL combat experience, had accepted the offer, according to sources.

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Who is Harward? For those who missed it, here is our profile of the new NSC head from yesterday.

Additionally, Reuters has compiled the following profile on Harward:

As a teenager in the early 1970s retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward played football and basketball, was popular with classmates and, like many American high school students, was known for partying.

But Harward, to whom President Donald Trump has offered the post of U.S. national security adviser, to succeed Michael Flynn, spent his teenage years not in his native Rhode Island, but in pre-revolutionary Iran, where his father, a Navy captain, advised the Iranian military.

During his teenage years, Harward lived in an Iranian neighborhood, attended school with Iranian-American students and played sports against Iranian teams. Those experiences gave him an unusual familiarity with Iran's culture and people in the years before the 1979 Islamic revolution that ousted the pro-American Shah.

"During very formative years of his life, he was exposed to everything that was Iran," said Joseph Condrill, who knew Harward, known by his classmates as Bobby, when they were students at the Tehran American School. "Iran was one of our homes, and we got to know the Iranian people very well, in a very intimate way."

The Trump administration has offered Harward the job of national security adviser, two U.S. officials familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if Harward had accepted, the sources said. A White House spokesperson had no immediate comment.

Harward would carry his experience into the Trump White House, charged with coordinating national security policy and responding to threats including Iran's ballistic missile program and support for militant groups in the Middle East.

While Flynn put Iran "on notice," and Trump has tweeted that Iran is "playing with fire," Harward's experience with Iran is more personal.

The revolution that brought Iran's theocratic government to power forced the closure of the Tehran American School and cut short the tours of American families living in Iran.

Rather than being isolated on a military base, Harward and other Americans at that time lived among Iranians, rode local buses, and were exposed to Iran's attractions through field trips, his classmates said.

"It was not a completely isolated culture for us," said John Martin, 61, of Reston, Virginia, who was in Harward's high school class and attended the U.S. Naval Academy with him. Harward even picked up fluent Persian while he was in Iran, Martin said.

"For those of us that had once lived in Iran, there's an after-effect, the effect of the Islamic Revolution," Condrill said. "There is definitely a sense of suspicion, if you will ... based upon that experience of the Iran that we once knew."

It is not clear, however, how Harward's memories might influence U.S. policy, because the national security adviser's job is to coordinate, not make, policy. In addition, administration officials said, Trump advisers Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller have closer ties to the president than Harward would have and would present a rival power center.

In 2012, as deputy head of the U.S. Central Command, he told a conference that "Iran's well-established past pattern of deceit and reckless behavior have progressively increased the potential for miscalculation that could spark a regional, if not a global conflict."

At the same event, he recalled with some wistfulness his own experience living in the region.

"I think back to the days when I graduated from the Tehran American School in 1974, where as a Westerner I could freely travel through Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries in the region and be greeted, and welcomed, because of the policies and strategy the West employed in the region," he said. "Yet I look today, we are in a much different world."

Harward did not respond to a request for comment and officials at Lockheed Martin, where he is a top executive, declined to comment.

After graduating from high school in 1974, Harward returned to the United States, joined the Navy, became an elite SEAL and rose through the ranks, eventually serving as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command, which oversees American forces in the Middle East. He served there under General Jim Mattis, now the U.S. defense secretary.

Earlier in his career, Harward worked on counterterrorism as a military officer on the National Security Council, an assignment seen as a marker of a rising star.

Several former U.S. officials who worked with Harward described him as experienced and smart, but not known for his personal experience with Iran.

He is well-liked and respected and seen as unpretentious despite his distinguished military service, according to people who have worked with him.

"He was a very good and effective bureaucratic player," said Derek Chollet, an assistant secretary of defense under the Obama administration. "He understands the role the military plays within the broader tool set of American policy."

When Harward was a commanding officer in Afghanistan, he was known for making his rounds without full body armor to send a message that Afghanistan was safe, said a U.S. official who worked under Harward there.

"He had no ego," the official said, on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak.

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NugginFuts's picture

Is the Russian sub here to consummate the marriage?

order66's picture

So does he get Flynn's 20% cut of Rosneft now?

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CEO of Lockheed in UAE....smh

auricle's picture

Trump is not picking any of these cabinet people. He appears to have no control over his cabinet picks? So who is installing all these swamp rats?

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...and, the MIC wins again.

Imagine that.

Apparently Mr Trump has a much different definition of "Drain the Swamp" than I do.

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The Central intelligence agency's really don't want a Military men over them. Wonder why?

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It may seem a little hard to swallow now, but after trump's deferential press conference with his boss, satanyahoo there may come a day when killery doesn't look so bad...


Both owned by the same people, but trump much more capable of executing their orders...

Paul Kersey's picture

So there is talk about possible jail time for Flynn, while Hillary roams the earth without a care in the world. Obamacare is still the law of the land, and the former President of Goldman Sachs is in charge of the U.S. economy. The Secretary of the Treasury is a former partner of George Soros, the Secretary of Commerce spent 24 years working for the Rothschilds, and Trump's pick to replace Flynn works for one of the country's crookedest defense contractors:

"Lockheed Martin’s slogan is “we never forget who we’re working for.” That’s not difficult, given that the company receives more than 80 percent of its revenue from the U.S. government, mostly the Pentagon. Formed by the 1995 “merger of equals” of two major aerospace companies—Lockheed and Martin Marietta—it is the largest federal contractor and the largest weapons producer in the world. Lockheed, which had to be bailed out by the federal government in the 1970s, has been involved in numerous controversies involving questionable foreign payments, cost-overruns, over billing of the federal government, race and age discrimination, and environmental racism. The Project On Government Oversight’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database has 58 entries for Lockheed involving more than $600 million in fines, damages and other payments."

Somehow, none of this seems to coincide with what was promised to Trump voters.

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trump's broken promises list is growing faster than his executive orders...

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"I think back to the days when I graduated from the Tehran American School in 1974, where as a Westerner I could freely travel through Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries in the region and be greeted, and welcomed, because of the policies and strategy the West employed in the region," he said. "Yet I look today, we are in a much different world."


There is some promise in this statement.

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drainin' the swamp - lol - whatever.

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Harward isn't his pick, he's just on the list of possibles AFAIK.


And Reuters is the source...

Reuters, ffs. What are you folks, 3 weeks old?


When Breitbart and Al Jazeera are running this story, it starts to have teeth.

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Yet he chose to work for Lockheed...

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Trump is chosing all the revolving door actors from all the same old special interests, yet they are all trying to get him impeached. WTF?

Why do the Zios hate him when Ben loves him? Is the pope against him? Oh wait.

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@ Paul,

It's open, in your face Criminality of Epic proportions. The Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. & its Vermin Moinions are beyond "Corruption."

It's those Select Highly Compartmentalized Criminal Pure Evil Rogue Elements at the Deep State Top that have had control since the JFK Execution that have entrenched themselves for decades & refuse to relinquish Control.

The 17 Intel "Agencies", its infrastructure, contractors & sub contractors need to be dismantled. Beginning & not ending with the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopaths at the


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Lighten up, Francis. We know.


Stop being so impatient. You'll give yourself a stroke.


It took 54+ years to get to this point, and you're having an anneurism because it isn't all fixed after ONE WHOLE MONTH.


All I know is, Trump's last XO needs to be to change the name of Dulles Int'l Airport to Assange Int'l Airport, and stand-up urinals will now be called "Dulles", as in "So, I'm whizzin' into the Dulles at work when that creepy little vegan freak waltzes in, passing 10 empy Dulleses, stands right next to me, and wants to strike up a conversation. So I shoved my Bic pen in his ear as far as it would go and skeedaddled. Lol."

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Interesting resume.  Wonder what his parents were doing in Iran in the late 70's (a highly populated intelligence area at the time controlled by the CIA).  


Lockheed also has always had an extremely close relationship with the CIA / Airforce.



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Was there an American University there then? Probably "teaching", wink, wink.

worbsid's picture

Read on about him and you will find his father was Navy too, stationed in Iran, which at the time was normal (crappy) duty.

Mountainview's picture

Obviously the swamp doesn't include lobbyists.

JoeySandwiches's picture

Harward served under Mattis and is still close to the mad dog, who Trump trusts and who is faithfully pushing Trump's agenda (i.e today telling NATO to pay up or else).

I trust Trump and Mattis, so I'll give Harward a pass and hope for the best.

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Relax, all key positions already filled or to be filled, will be chosen from candidates who have been pre-screened and pre-approved by Wall St and the MIC.

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Hillary? I thought you died...

I have to say, this is very disappointing.

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Sshhsh... is secret, comrade.

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More stupidity.  I give up!

ThanksChump's picture

The good news: Giving up is as easy as it is popular.


About half of Americans give up at the first indication of difficulty. About half of that half give up if it doesn't sound like fun.


Ever said this before? "Soooo, is this brain surgery stuff like ALL we're going to do today, dude? It's a buncha fuckin' bullshit, dude."

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Time to root out and destroy the obama leftovers

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destroy is the operative word.

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This man is one of Obama's bosses from the military industrial complex. You know, the guys that Obama made billions for by subscribing to all the new gadgets like drones and using them to bomb other countries. Trump is diving into the swamp headfirst.

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Door kicking gun dealer.

So much for peace.

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YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Feb 15, 2017 12:50 PM

Bibi must have whispered in his ear in the breakroom before the press conference.


"He is a Rhode Island native who went to school in Tehran before the shah was toppled in 1979."


Translation: He has inside intel on how Bibi can pull out his GET SMART bomb illustrations again


"Harward did a tour on the National Security Council under Republican President George W. Bush working on counterterrorism."


Translation: He'd be the perfect guy to start a war with IRAN

hotrod's picture

I wonder if Flynn will have to train his replacement??

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No training required to piss off Pence apparently.

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Outstanding pick!

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Can we get some fucking downvotes over here?
I'm pissed he didn't choose___________.

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Petraeus, like the dimzs wanted?  ;-)

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Great another modern-day goblin in charge. 

*refreshes defense stock index*

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WTF do you want for a security advisor?  A college professor perhaps?  FFS

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does he suck israeli cock?  


well duh?   of course he does. 

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So we should probably guess that some damaging phone call will be leaked to the press any moment now.

This guy may be a defense guy, but at least he isn't a member of the Steering Group for the Bilderbergs like Donilon was.

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Anyway, I won't believe it until Trump announces it.



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Maybe they'll send Seal Team Six into Comet Pizza!

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"He's a nice guy," from Barack's spokesman. Nice guys finish last.

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Barack pindick wanted to suck him off

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Bonus time for Lockheed!!!! More war!!!! Death destruction murder blood guts, it's the American way, the death culture. It's what we export. It's what we do. It's for the children. Come on Donald. I love you but it's the same shit overseas.

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M.I.C.-key Mouse Club

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I am decidedly unimpressed what this overblown weekend warrior

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LOL   This gets funnier by the day... another swamp parasite...

MAGA..... Oh Christ! ,,, Can't stop laughing!!!