China May Bar US Ships From Passing Through Its Waters

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In a preemptive move to limit foreign naval presence in proximity to China and especially the disputed South and East China Sea islands, China's People's Daily reports the Beijing is set to revise its 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law, which would allow the relevant authorities to "bar some foreign" (read U.S.) ships from passing through Chinese territorial waters. The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council announced Tuesday it is soliciting public opinions on the revisions. Think of it as an Air Defense Identification Zone, only in the water.

According to the Chinese press, the draft would empower maritime authorities to prevent foreign ships from entering Chinese waters if it is decided that the ships may harm traffic safety and order.  The draft revisions would grant authorities the right to designate specific areas and temporarily bar foreign ships from passing through those areas according to their own assessment of maritime traffic safety. The revisions are based on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and Chinese laws on the sea, adjacent areas and exclusive economic zones, the office said.

It was not clear how China would implement and enforce this bar, or what the punishment for transgressors would be. 

Wang Xiaopeng, a maritime border expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the revisions will provide legal support for China to safeguard its maritime rights.

"As a sovereign State and the biggest coastal State in, for example, the South China Sea, China is entitled to adjust its maritime laws as needed, which will also promote peace and stable development in the waters." 

Quoted by the Daily, Yang Cuibai, a professor with the School of Law at Sichuan University, agreed, saying that "the revisions will strengthen China's management over territorial waters in a new era when the country's communication and trade with foreign countries in the waters have sharply increased." Yang added that China should take the lead to establish the legal order in the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Additionally, the draft said that foreign submarines would travel on the surface, display national flags and report to Chinese maritime management administrations when they pass China's water areas. They should also get approval from the relevant administrations to enter China's internal waters and ports.

Foreign military ships that are approved to enter China's waters should apply for pilotage. Foreign ships that enter Chinese waters without approval will be fined 300,000-500,000 yuan ($43,706-72,844) and those violating Chinese laws would be expelled, it said.

"China's waters are open to foreign ships as long as they do not damage the waters' safety, order, or China's sovereignty," Yang said.


The draft also states that people in distress at sea have the right to be rescued without charge, adding that human lives should come before the environment and assets.

The State Council and local governments should set up maritime search and rescue centers, if needed, to organize, coordinate and command rescue operations, the draft says. Civilian groups are also encouraged by the revised regulations to set up rescue teams and participate in such operations.

Aside from the contested islands, the waterway in question is one of the biggest focal points of global naval trade: should China implement a mandatory check of each and every naval vessel, it may have a chilling effect on global seaborne trade, which would come at a time when worldwide commerce is already declining and could be further impacted in coming months should Trump implement his protectionist trade agenda.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

No they won't, their oligarchs, like ours, are far too greedy.

A. Boaty's picture

Under certain conditions, strategic considerations take precedence over economic gain.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Give just one example.  Always, follow the money. The concept of country sovereignty is total bullshit when it come to global trade. Has been this way for quite a while now.

A. Boaty's picture

It took 50 years after WW I for global trade to get back to it's former level. The globalists chose power over money.

I will concede, however, that big business cleaned up in that war, as Smedley Butler makes clear in his book, "War is a Racket."

LawsofPhysics's picture

Bingo, and now that everyone is armed to the teeth, trade is once again the only thing that matters (until the next world war).

Nature is very cyclical like that.

DosZap's picture

If it's 12 miles away from your mainland, so so sorry that you don't have a say, what are you going to do Shoot a US destroyer group?.

roadhazard's picture

So International waters are cool. If not bye bye Chink navy.

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

Yeah, hope their ships and weapons weren't made in China.  Would be fun to see the look on their faces when their own crap quits working at the most crucial moment.  That would be poetic justice.

micksavage2010's picture

u need to read more than hustler. you've obviously missed the revelations by UK and US navies that their multi-billion ships don't work, or that an obsolete aircraft carrier costs 13 billion before it's even completed. was it fun to see the look on the US warmongers faces? half of the aircraft the navy has can't fly right now for similar reasons. amerikka the great, that is why they can only do regime change tricks and bombing countries with no means to protect themselves.

Consuelo's picture



 What is so hilarious (if it wasn't so painfully sad), is that these same armchair Seal Team 6 fantasizers think they're going to be driving to Costco for halftime break eats when war does finally break out...  


You just can't make this stuff up ----- Oh wait...   Yes you can...!!!   In the latest issue of Sgt. Rock at your local comic book store...  

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

Actually, I think China and the US should buy their weapons from Russia if they want them to work in live combat

FKostanza's picture

Further proof, China and Russia are playing Bad Cop/Good Cop on us.

bigdumbnugly's picture

yu no saewl thwu heah, joe.

No, actually i agtree with Lo'P.  Too much yuan left on the table otherwise.

1stepcloser's picture

bar chinese goods from our ports... might suck for a while but we'll get over it

PT's picture

No trade?  Oh, boo hoo.  Now the Chinese peasants will have to buy the shit they have been making.  How ever will they survive?

(Yes, yes, I haven't taken imports into account.  What do the Chinese import and from where?)

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Relatively speaking, they can't afford the crap they produce considering they are SLAVE LABORERS.

Stinkytofu's picture

not exactly slaves.

about a third of the population are peasants.  backbreaking work in rice paddies,

12 hours a day 7 days a week.  monthly income a couple hundred rmb.

they loves that foxconn work if they can get it.  decent dormitories, running water

and electricity, 5000 per month before overtime.

a couple years in shenzhen and they're set for life.  buy them a cute little vietnamese

mail order bride, build a house with indoor plumbing, get a scooter.


just imagine the hopelessness and despair....and rioting....when all those big money

factory jobs disappear.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

That sounds like modern day slavery to me!  Either paddies or sweatshops?  Wouldn't touch it with a 10' bamboo pole.

Winston of Oceania's picture

Their products suck so lets just make our own. Fuck the "retailers" who only want to import cheap shit to our shore. As Americans we know that producing products here creates jobs and a better standard of living. In that way we won't need their shitty wok, er, products to spend our jobless incomes on.

FlKeysFisherman's picture

"Fuck the "retailers" who only want to import cheap shit to our shore."


The happy merchants wouldn't like that at all. Buying for $0.20 and then selling to Boobus Americanus for $20 has been good to them.

Pumpkin's picture

Tit for tat.  I guess that trade imbalance will even up pretty quick.

Hongcha's picture

Already agreed to long in advance.  This is a Patriotic move to make the mouth-breathers feel good while their standard of living is slowly decremented by their masters.

Dollar_Store_Confucius's picture

"You will respect maa athoritay." - Eric Cartman (Chinese double agent)

Soul Glow's picture

Does China see weakness?  Or are they just masking their own?  

Prolly both.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Feb 16, 2017 9:53 AM

Stop trade with China.  Let that government collapse.  Free the Chinese people.  Remove China as the next Globalist instrument.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Most of the "Chinese people" are already out of China bud.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Have you ever tried to buy anything that is NOT made in China? Virtually impossible.

BritBob's picture

The South China Sea – China is acting like it owns the whole of the South China Sea but all states are entitled to claim up to 200 miles EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zones) whereby they have title to all resources.

The ICJ has already determined at an earlier tribunal that No delimitation between states with opposite or adjacent coasts may be affected unilaterally by one of those states. And , The delimitation of the exclusive economic zone between states with opposite or adjacent coasts shall be affected by agreement on the basis of international law.

For that and some other interesting judgments on territorial seas (3 pages) and to gain an understanding as to how the world court deals with such disputes Google: ''Falklands – Territorial Waters Academia'' Or use link:

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Let's see Red China live off an import style economy, because if there's one thing communist/socialist nations have in common, it's robust, adaptable economies.  Eat rats, you chink fucks, like the Soviets and Venezuelans.

Smiddywesson's picture

Inadequte fresh water, farmland, energy reserves, and 1.357 BILLION mouths to feed, an economy mired in debt, and a real estate market in a huge bubble.  Solution?  Let's start a trade war with the United States.  Can you BELIEVE these guys?

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Sometimes, you have to cut your nose off to spite your face. 

Other times, go for the neck up and REALLY show 'em! 

Yeah, buddy!

Akzed's picture

Maybe Chinese ships suddenly don't fit in the panama Canal.

jmack's picture

about once a century, they have to remind us peasants how bad it can get, to get everyone back on board the globalist wagon.

orangegeek's picture

Distraction - China's debt is enormous and should implode their currency very soon.


Here, have some yuan - very good to own, as yuan tanks against USD - currently .1458 and falling



Atomizer's picture

Who care China. We see the Treasury dumping. No loss to us, you lost the gamble on derivatives fears. Go fuck yourself China. Keep selling Treasury notes. A buyer is waiting in the other end. 

SunRise's picture

Why the wholesale Ad Hominem?


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

all sea belong to us..trump navy is paper boat ..oh but buy our plastic & foxconn pretty stupid, we we  rule here, you barbaric gweilo,.

Joe A's picture

They have given Trump now a good reason to impose measures that would lessen trade with China. The dumbest thing to do at this moment is to now send US war ships there. Hurt them where it hurt the the most: in their wallets. China fears the hungry and unemployed masses more than a "patriotic war".

tuetenueggel's picture

mybe then they get food stamps, us has already since 25 years.

DaBears's picture

"submarines would travel on the surface"

It's a possibility..... after all Chinese naval ships are below surface.

angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) Feb 16, 2017 10:16 AM

Meanwhile, russian boats have been sailing 30 miles off CT's coast

The snowflakes really can see russia now.

Lets hope they stop in NYC and do some sightseeing.


SHADEWELL's picture


HowdyDoody's picture

It is actually a ship (= ocean-going vessel). There are an unknown number of Russian boats (= ultra-quiet diesel electric subs of the kind that chased NATO's ultra-quiet subs out of the Med) near US naval ports.