Disney / Google / WSJ Attack On PewDiePie Backfiring Spectacularly - Generation Z Now Woke

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PewDiePie is a Swedish web-comedian and performance artist - with over 53 Million subscribers who know he isn't a racist. He's got the largest online audience in history, comprised mostly of post-millennial "Generation Z" youth, and his also-popular girlfriend Marzia has 7 million subscribers - making them internet's unofficial first couple. PewDiePie has made tens of millions of dollars from his channel, yet he's remained humble and real throughout his ascent to internet greatness. The problem? He came out as a Trump supporter during the election, and the MSM has been gunning for him ever since.

I'm sure you're aware of what happened over the last week; PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, made a few anti-Semitic jokes meant to trigger sensitive SJW's, and immediately had his ass handed to him by Disney and Google after the soon to be failing Wall St. Journal made a national issue out of the 27 year old's antics. The WSJ also cobbled together a hit-piece video accompanying their report, which spliced together out of context footage of PewDiePie doing Nazi stuff. It's been dismantled.

Kids love the guy. They know PewDiePie. So the fact that corporate media thought they could simply gang up and wave a magic wand branding Kjellberg a Nazi was ham-handed and presumptuous. As if WSJ, Disney, Google, Salon, Slate, and the rest of the queued up MSM hit-squad could convince kids and their parents that a guy who's been speaking directly to them, unfiltered and genuine - is Hitler reincarnate.

Heil Hitlarious.

In the world of influence, PewDiePie has a lot of power. He's also woke - meaning, he doesn't buy the SJW / bleeding-heart narratives which have driven much of America's easily offended sensitive youth to retarded hysterics. PewDiePie is quite frankly un-poisoning the minds of hyper-sensitive kids raised on kneejerk identity politics; the untriggering of America if you will. PewDiePie was a threat to the MSM.

I don't remember the WSJ writing about Family Guy's Jew jokes, or Howard Stern's Hitler bits, or Louis CK's Holocaust jokes. I wonder why?


Why the selective outrage WSJ?

The response to the MSM throwing PewDiePie under the bus has been glorious:

First: PewDiePie has issued a response (see here), which - in mere hours, has 99.9% thumbs up with over 800,000 users voting as of this writing - far exceeding it's view count. Clearly people don't even need to watch it to know he's not an anti-Semite, or they're throttling the video.


Next: Reddit's largest anti-Trump forum /r/news, is on PewDiePie's side. This is huge divide-dealing, generation-redpilling stuff. Click here and just scroll down to see what this exceedingly liberal audience has to say about it, then go back to /r/the_donald where free speech is still relatively safe.

And the rest of the internet is on fire in response to the WSJ/Disney/Google's shit:

Hashtag #PewDiePieDidNothingWrong is trending.

Someone started a Change.org petition to reinstate his show.

Good job Disney / WSJ / Google - you played yourselves by pouring lighter fluid on a raging fire of truth.

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Every rain cloud has a silver lining.

The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives


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as far as I can remember it all started because pursuing the limits of fiverr.com he hired a pair of brown people to do a video prank on the jews...

that is why Jewry has to destroy him forever. No sense of humor. Only jews can make racist jokes, ask Seinfeld.

oh ... and the two poor dancing indians? they have to be destroyed, too.

the funny thing is fiverr belongs to ... wait for it... JEWS!

williambanzai7's picture

I don't like Disney, Google or the WSJ, which means I must like this guy.

blindfaith's picture

Well W9illiam...I am with you.  Not one dime from me, they are going to take over the world if idiots let them.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

And just an aside: A tin foil hat would actually defend against directed energy weapons fired at ones brain from above over a considerable range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Just saying.

If you have red pills, take them now.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

We all survived the Holocaust and every other democide. So far. A hold was put on the exterminations by the defeat of the Nazi's, but the elite psycho exterminators are still out there. Today they run MSN, UN and big money corporations and politics. And they want 95% - 99% population reduction. So they are the Hitlers and the Nazis.

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I've never seen this guy before.  I think that the opponents of western civilization (NYT, WSJ, ABC, ...) don't like this guy because he is a good looking white guy with an independent mind.  Sort of a milquetoast Milo.  It shows that running away from attacking weasels is not the best strategy.

the artist's picture

I have started calling people that are SJW or similar mindset "Blue Plills"

"Blue Pill" is a derogatory term. Around my house we have used the term "Pill" for decades to describe a party pooper type. 

I, of course, am a Red Pill kinda guy. 

We need to look to the future and an oportunity to leverage a form of communication unequaled since man transitioned from grunting to the spoken word. That is Social Media. When man began speaking it turned everyone into a brodcaster/receiver more or less on equal footing with all men. PewDiePie is one of the best examples. 

As soon as writing became a thing it was sequestered by the elite for the elite. And the same is true of every new epoch in communication, newspapers, radio, tv internet. All the way up until about 5 years ago and more so 2 years ago witht he birth of the "meme". We are all broadcasters/receivers again. Do not underestimate this. This is everything. This is the sword of liberty. We will not be sensored and we will reject platforms that sensor. We want the Wild West of ideas to flourish so that we control our destinies instead of the centrally planned satan that is the central state. 

-rant off-

GodSpeed_00's picture

Just because of this I'm going to subscribe to his channel.

koan's picture

Family Guy writers are all Jews, that's why they can do Jew jokes, besides they were slandering Walt Disney not Jews.

Kind of funny the claim is Walt was anti-semetic, and now look at who runs the Walt Disney Company.
Robert Allen Iger, and before that Michael Eisner.

And Louis CK isn't funny, at all, that has nothing to do with the article I just can't stand the guy.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Looks like someone forgot about Bob Ovitz. Yes it's true, much like the Fed, Disney has now gone 3 for 3. It's almost as if it is intentionally designed to fulfill some debunked text or something.

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There is overwhelming evidence that gen Z is THE MOST conservative generation since the baby boomers.  Apparently they HATE things like tattoos and the LGBT agenda that is constantly being forced down their throats.  They actually appear to be the light at the end of the tunnel we're in right now.

Stan Smith's picture

I have no clue who this guy is,  but my teen and pre-teen kids do.    They dont "follow" him per se, but apparently they do now.   I asked my daughter if she knew what all the hub-bub was about,  and she replied that people who dont understand him are trying to make him look bad.

Weather that's spot on or not,  I'd need to do some research.    That said,  it's telling that some dude on YouTube has tens millions of subscribers,  and the NYT, WSJ -- the two "leaders" in the clubhouse as far as the press goes -- have a few million subscribers.

While I'll admit to "not getting it",  it's obvious the MSM press regards to this is even more clueless than mine.   Although you'd presume someone in those buildings understands the actual threat here.   The minions likely dont.

Manipulism's picture

He should also talk a bit about Pizzagate.

His subscribers should know about that.

Dg4884's picture

Right, so, I don't know this guy and use youtube to learn guitar and watch the x22 report.  With that said, any come up'ins MSM gets is AOK with me. 

bluez's picture

It's DSM, not MSM. Deep State media.

beijing expat's picture

Epic fake news fail. #IstandwithPewDiePie is trending. The stupid cucks have activated the 53000000 kid bro army. The PewDiePie spring is coming.

Fuck you WSJ. Despicable cunts. Attacking Pewds is like kicking a puppy. How could you?

Everyone subscribe to PewDiePie.

Wahooo's picture

Everyone's a racist. How can Google, WSJ, and the rest of the Snowflake Media hate everyone? Hell, that's jewish!

gespiri's picture

Disney, WSJ, Google......all run by Jews.  HEEELLLLOOOOO????  Can you say REPROGRAMMING THE NEXT GENERATION?

beijing expat's picture

The next generation is in full revolt.

Sokhmate's picture

Being so popular, he should have elaborated / explained what and who is a semite.

Misean's picture

Ooooo I know. What is NOT AskeNAZI?

Benjamin123's picture

He has a following of kids and teenagers and can only spread his message through humor, not with academic lectures.

gespiri's picture

If he's done nothing wrong, he shouldn't have to explain anything....

otschelnik's picture

PDP has 2 strikes against him, he's in the competing alt-media just like Jimmy O'Keefe, and if he's not pro-globalist.  That's enough. Bannon is right, the MSM is the opposition. 

KuriousKat's picture


Station Break

Comet Acid Bomb Plotters  Arrested

Taskforce in NH  served search warrants on 3 pizzerias and a NH alderman Democrat



MANCHESTER, NH –Ward 8 Alderman Thomas Katsiantonis and two businesses he operates are under investigation by local, state and federal authorities.

Associate Attorney General Jane Young confirmed on Feb. 14 that authorities executed warrants at four locations in Manchester. Three businesses – Zoey’s Pizza on Candia Road, Grand Slam Pizza on Mammoth Road, and Tommy K’s on Brown Avenue. The latter two businesses are owned by Katsiantonis, an alderman and NH State Rep. Young also confirmed that a warrant was also issued for Katsiantonis’ residence at 45 Glen Bloom Drive in Manchester.

Although the search warrants have been sealed, Young said it is a financial investigation.

“We’ve been working with a number of agencies throughout this investigation,” Young said Tuesday. “And our investigation has been ongoing for a number of months. It’s anticipated to continue for several weeks if not several months.”


We return to Normal Pogramming

ZeroPointNow's picture

It's happening...

Note that one of the guys taken down, Luke Kuhn, is probably a huge pedo too (as written about here by William Craddick / Disobedient Media). The fact that the O'Keefe sting happened in Comet Ping Pong is straight out of a movie. 


messystateofaffairs's picture

The satanic/pedo tumor has tentacles that go everywhere. Trump should go after them full bore, it will put the fear of God into those cockroaches. Truth is a sword.

Dickweed Wang's picture

What you mention was the basis of the Hildabeast's comment prior to the election . . . "If that bastard (i.e. Trump) wins we're all going to hang".

GreatUncle's picture

At that point you know they are lieing by HRC words ... say no more.

goober's picture

We are all going to find out just how perverse and criminal our government was soon. I imagine most here would consider pedophilia to be perverse and criminal ?

Yars Revenge's picture

53 Million subscribers who know he isn't a racist


I don't care if IS racist...what the fuck does that word mean, anway?

Fake ass term as Fake as CNN's Fake News

GreatUncle's picture

Racist lost all its meaning when it was used to denounce anybody who objected to the opinion of a snowflake / millenial.

IMHO I think black people are now pure inbred racists, the tribe mentality has taken over and have to hold a grudge over everything.


Benjamin123's picture

He is a racist but that is a good thing, he admits it so. Since he is so big now the MSM has a hard time shutting him down. Kinda like what happened with Trump, he was one of them until he wasnt but it was too late to stop him.

I stated this strategy some years ago: Befriend the guards and wait for your chance.

beijing expat's picture

He is not racist. He is a hilarious wimpy apolitical dweeb.

Benjamin123's picture

He claims to have superior aryan genetics.

Pacman7293's picture

Yea I don't get the whole irony of the word "racist". As you say it about someone you hate. So... we hate you because you hate us? And that means you're bad and we're good? Makes no reasonable sense.

ExplodingEntropy's picture

Very, you need to add in the VERY!

DirtySanchez's picture

Rupert Murdoch is a decent person with good business sense.

He's got two sons, dumb and dumber/James and Lachlan, born into entitlement; believing they can get more pussy appealing to liberals, jews, and retards.

These two half wits will, no doubt, destroy all their father has worked for, in less than ten years.

TylerJ's picture

That is Exactly what is happening here.  Dumb and Dumber (the two Murdoch Brats) are wrecking the WSJ and trying to do the same with Fox.


WSJ is about gone at this point.

Fox at Night is still ok, but during the day I can barely tell it apart from CNN.

uncle_disgusting's picture

«Rupert Murdoch is a decent person»


CRM114's picture

He's right about the rest of it, though

RichardP's picture

God is smiting the sinners of Kornifornia:

So - the non-sinners don't need to worry about umbrellas?

PT's picture

"You think you can escape my wrath when the prophets did not?"

Never One Roach's picture

God is smiting the sinners of Kornifornia:


'It's going to be a mess': Southern California braces for worst storm in years




CRM114's picture

This kind of thing happens in California this time of year. I remember once when part of it got wildfires, floods,storms AND landslips. They had an interview with some evacuated guy who was just wondering which would get his house first. Earth, Air, Fire and Water - the whole nine yards - pretty Biblical stuff.

God's always hated Kalifornia.

A Plague next, I expect. Or maybe the immigrants were it.

SidSays's picture

All of that debt and they didn't bother maintaining that dam.

Magical thinking.

The Calexit cannot come fast enough.