Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says General Flynn Was Purposely Removed, the Left are Ineffectual Frustrated Children

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik is the real deal -- old school intelligence officer who claims to be part of a group of retired and active intelligence officers who leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks in order to derail Hillary's campaign. To be honest, these type of men make me uncomfortable. I am merely succored by the fact that he is supporting someone that I like. Now if I was a HILLBOT or someone interested in derailing Trump, this man would terrify me.

For those of you unfamiliar, Dr. Pieczenik is the real deal -- with a resume stretching decades in the intelligence agencies -- specializing in psyops, responsible for taking down regimes, like the USSR. He worked for the Ford, Carter, Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations.

In an interview with Alex Jones yesterday, the good Dr. assuaged Trump supporters, saying with certainty the government intelligence agencies were very much supportive of Trump and that the media and the left were impotent children, lashing out because they failed -- equating their emotional response to feckless rage. Amongst many things mentioned, he said the Trump administration will be run much differently than previous administrations -- because Trump is a businessman and his cabinet is filled with highly competent, intelligent, people, who've presided over large organizations and know how to operate.

Because he's a highly trained and a purposeful psyops operator, everything about his presentation, from the cadence of his voice to his clothes, is staged. Fascinating to watch.

Here's a snippet. Full video below.



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Gotta read this!  "President Trump has defeated Democrats in the intelligence community (IC) who were leaking classified information to the press."



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Twitter: @ThomasWictor

Web server is apparently being slammed with heavy traffic.

Wictor has 8,869 twitter followers.


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Seems like the 'wictor' link went away.

Error establishing a database connection
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Interesting analysis.  I hope it's true.

Wictor's biography is kind of weird.  Not clear how he knows what he says he knows.

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I love the quote by Dr. Pieczenik about "Montessori democrats pooping in their diapers".

It's about 18 minutes into the Alex Jones interview.

It's a fascinating interview and I highly recommend it.  Could someone with the free time to listen to the whole thing transcribe the "Montessori" quote and post it here.

It's a keeper.


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https://sputniknews.com/us/201702151050723578-intelligence-community-war...  "He Will Die in Jail’  Intelligence Apparatus Admits ‘Going Nuclear’on Trump


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After reading all of the back and forth here, I can sum it all up for you.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik is one of our "Good Guys".

He may not be the very, very best "Good Guy" but he is for sure a "Good Guy".

And we need all of the "Good Guys" we can find.


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Stevie P is running a gambit.


A gambit is strategy within a GAME.


The GAME is the problem. 


He is not your friend. He is not your savior. He is an enabler of your delusion that things can 'work out'.


Fuck him.


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Steve Pieczenik is an American nationalist, jewish extraction, who has been critical of Israel and the jewish lobby and has previously on AJ Infowars labelled pretty well the entire political establishment as corrupt and incompetent and worthy of a coup by the military.  He seems to want the swamp drained, which must mean including irradicating the elite  network committing heinous crimes against kids of which PizzaGate is a memorable and viral tip of the iceberg.  

Alex Jones long relentless attack on those attacking and subverting the United States is one of the main reasons why a 'deplorable' sea change was possible in the US: He has a vast audience who want their country and government back. 


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Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a Jew whose family was affected by the Holocaust, he went to Harvard, and he specialized in Psychological Warfare.
Why would I believe a thing that guy has to say?

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He has been saying the same thing for more than ten years..has a history of books and articles that have been entirely consistent across the time I have been familar with him. He is no angel of mercy..just a patriot who values hardworking competent people who keep their word. Which kind of rules out most of Washington and a heck of a lot of Richmond. These guys were unable to act till they found a courageous man who wasn't going to sell out for a row of beans which explains why it took them so long.

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@ koan,

You shouldn't. And, neither do I. I listen to the Intel, cross reference it with other sources like here on ZH. Then make my final decision based on the Intel I've read & heard.

Trying to sort through all the Disinformation / Misinformation can be tedious.

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If you are really involved in the intelligence community you would never, ever, under any circumstances want to be in any kind of public eye.

So many of those officers did things that are illegal and have no statute of limitations.

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Really? For sure? Mind what he really said - that what is going on in Trumps fight against the deep state is not taking place in public. So there are different roles, some use alternative media to counter the fake news narrative against Trump and others who act quietly. Makes sense to me...

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I have to take Pieczenik with a grain of salt, not as revealed gospel.  He is a trained psycho-warrior and has spooked his way around the world according to his own self promotion.  I have yet to find any third party verification that he has done all that he claims or that he is as gifted as he advertises. 

I don't know if he is running a psy-ops propaganda exercise on the American people or not.

The litmus test for me has always been:  Would I buy a used car from him?  Absolutely not!

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Perhaps he diverts attention which is per se disinfo but tell me who in intelligence does not disinform. And he is not so often in public but on purpose - now I think to comfort those who get disappointed thinking the deep state has won against Trump.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Feb 16, 2017 12:32 PM

Trump knows he has to remove the old fool Republicans from power.  After Priebus discredits himself and thus taints every appointee that comes from him, there will come the break with Establishment and then they will be sidelined.  When Priebus is fired, the old GOP is fired.

It had to be done this way to bring people along.  It's how you unify support of people who were nominally Republican but who are misinformed about the loyalty of the old guard.  The old politicians and their cabal have to discredit themselves before Trump can unify people in a new Republican party. 

Once he wins that fight, it's possible to open a wider front against the enemy.  Cultural Leftists will be swept away by their own stupidity.

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Steve Piecenik and Bix Weir push the narrative that there are some mystical good guys trying to take down the deep state. Tantalizing as this is, I find it optimistic hyperbole. I am sure there are good people on the inside who want to foment change, but Steve and Bix paint a naivly rosy picture. There is a battle going on, that much is sure.

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It's less optimistic hyperbole than it is a psy-op ploy at neutralizing/forestalling individual initiative.


If there is this 'savior' coming, I don't need to risk anything or be uncomfortable in unfamiliar territory and stand against the evil, because this superior, benevolent force is coming to ultimately free me from my oppression. 


it is 'hope' turned on you in order to get you to tolerate the shackles a little longer.


"Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."


And nothing makes evil more 'sufferable', than convincing yourself that one day it will be removed 

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Where do you think the leaked Clinton and Podesta emails came from? Santa Claus??? Try the NSA. Thats who leaked on Cankles and her kiddy diddling pal. 

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What makes you think that the people in Govt. are any different than people outside with wide ranges of political leanings and loyalties?

The world is not either/or anything but it appears that way to simpletons whose world view consists of "All ______ are ______".

I'll give you one caveat, that for the last 8 years anyone unelected in Govt. that was pro-liberty and non-interventionist was more than likely keeping a low profile to survive while the globalists enjoyed their golden years.

How this plays out yet remains to be seen but I'm sure that Pieczenik has more operational knowledge of the string-pullers than 99% of the pontificating pundits spewing digital ink.

The rest of us are blind men describing elephants by what part we are touching.

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I daresay Trump was genuinely opposed by Globalist-Elitist-Satanic Kabal. Dr. P supported Trump's longshot when it was a longshot. I also believe God heard prayers, and I use the Book of Kings as a template of a nations cycle of depravity, prayer, regeneration. Prayer to our Risen Lord subverts the schemes of Spooks. "the One in you is mightier than the one in the world", though I doubt Dr Piezcenick would agree.

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I have bad luck, so I will refrain from touching elephants, especially if blind. I know I would end up touching their junk and think it's the trunk.

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It is interesting to watch the two emerging Tribal camps. One school of thought is the IC bagged Hillary from the Presidency since they knew much more than was released (health? uranium deal? pay to play? Weiner's mysterious laptop?). However, this theoretically led to Trump and the current takedown attempt.

The other school of thought is the IC is undermining Trump because he allegedly aims to daylight some of the more unsavory hidden truths (Benghazi, Middle Eastern regime change, Israeli ops, the Iranian nuclear deal, perhaps even Pizzagate (the email about the "pizza related map" left behind is what convinced me that story had legs - who uses this vernacular for any normal purpose?)).

One of the only ways to reconcile these two camps is that Hillary wanted to expose the Obama camp in a similar fashion to Trump and the IC measured the takedown of Trump as the easier of the two.

As long as the Obama loyalists are provided a venue to coerce a sitting President from knowing or knowing and sharing the truth about information damaging to the Obama administration, the Star Chamber will remain in session.

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God designed the world a certain way. Disregard the way the world is designed and things don't work out. The intelligence community, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, et al are likely to lose their sinecures if Trump doesn't perform miracles. That is why Trump is still in power. They despise Trump but want him to save their asses.

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Steve  the ASSUME is oxymoron  military intelligence


#AlanBenFelon  cabal of  moving assets 51%   not God's work....    

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General Flynn is a Patriot and Trumps Man.  The Shillarys drove him out but he will continue to attack them from the shadows and like Trump, he means business.

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Trump needs neuter the Neo-con-in-Chief, McCain, by indicting him for abetting ISIS in war crimes as a Principle. https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2

The other neo-con cowards, who send the gullible to die in their wars, will shirk.

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The new wall of traitors blocking trump - McStain, Ryan, Rubio, Lindsey fuck me up the ass Graham



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this national immigrant strike going on today has really shut the place down

only 3 people showed up for work today(1 is a white dude) out of about 150

the supermarket is closed, the subway is closed, the jack in the box is closed


the only place open is the chinese food place

i guess chinese don't count as immigrants


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Make a list of all those who didn't show up and thereby outed themselves as illegal. Pass it along to the responsible authorities. Once they are gone your friends and relatives will be able to find jobs, and will have the leverage to demand a living wage and decent working conditions.

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Wow. Zero effect so far on the Howard household. Please extend the strike to a week or more.

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Fire them and put up a 'help wanted' sign in the window.

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Fathead Slim (not verified) TePikoElPozo Feb 16, 2017 12:57 PM

Bullshit. Why is it so important to you that this nonsense is posted here? Nothing is closed anywhere around here. All the H1b people on my wife's team are at work.

I think you're full of shit.

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forgot the "illegal" part

it's an illegal immigrant strike

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That's right.  Chinese are business people.  Chinese are smart.

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There's an immigrant strike?

Who cares?

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rich corporations care, trust me

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a retired spyop.

That's means

1/ he is retired. 

2/ he has experience on the topic. So, yeah, it is interesting to (critically) listen to.

So, here we go :

A - Funny, but relevant the way he describes the childish/regressive response of democrats, artists, etc. It still is very impressive as it was pointed out in the interview. But also, that is this kind of action, that can lead to the killing of a public figure.

B - A major point to me of his speech, is : experienced & proficient business & military people are getting into position.

Why not ? He has a point. Now will they seek a more healthy approach to business (instead of croony financial capitalism & war) and a more balanced/respectful relationship to other nations ? The question is still open.

C - About Flynn, i don't know if i can follow his opinion. I'm just an outsider, watching the show. Not an insider. And i have no clue on how far Pieczenik still is an insider. Appearing on infowar does NOT mean he still is.

But, in any case, he is saying something similar to what was said by Trump & co.

3/ Now, after listening to this interview, my question are : 

A - Could it be that Pieczenik believe that they, the new goverment, are trying to rebuild the US nation ? ( If the US can still be considered as a one Nation, in the European sense... instead of a anti-nation with a destructive anti-national financial and business culture).

B - And if they indeed have that intention, is it still possible to reach that stage ? (after the demon of virtual banking came out of his box, with the help of Clinton and the benediction of the Fed)  

That's still the key issue to me.  

Last but not least, Dr. Steve Pieczenik plays the smart guy; but i wish we would hear more critics about the (wrong) doing of his generation. Because obviously, he was part of what made the world we are in. So, yeah, there is a lot to say about the job guys like him did. And noting to be so proud of... 

As Trump pointed at : do you (still) believe US is/was so innocent ? 

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Normally I'd be very concerned about what people like Steve Pieczenik stand for and say. But Pieczenik throughout the election campaign was vociferous in his concern about a Hillary Clinton presidency. He has repeatedly said that Clinton would have no second thoughts about selling out America. 

Does this mean that because Clinton is all bad that Trump is all good? That is the problem here. We know what Clinton was doing and what she planned to do if she got elected.

At this stage we've no choice but to trust that what Pieczenik is saying about this administration's plans are is the truth. I think many of us can sleep better if people like Pieczenik are saying that what we're seeing are the yelps of a scalded democratic cat. I hope that Pieczenik is not wrong in his analysis of current events.


Dr. Pieczenik is a real deal MORON, and his cheesy PSYOP campaign is amateurish, poorly thought out, and self-referentially benign. He is yesterday's man with yesterday's ideas that failed yesterday, and today.



Note: Dr. Pieczenik may now get in line to lick my balls in deference to my intellect & intelligence over his own.

SurfinUSA's picture

Notwithstanding Pieczenik, your superiority complex identifies you as a dickhead. 

roadhazard's picture

Dear Doctor Steve


Trump said he was let go because of, "lack of trust." But you prattle on.

yttirum's picture

Show me where Trump said "lack of trust." Have fun are you easter egg hunt, son.

opport.knocks's picture

His spokesman Spicer said it: “What this came down to was a matter of trust,” Spicer said, explaining that a review from the White House counsel found that Flynn did not break any laws, including the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from shaping foreign policy."


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Chris Dakota (not verified) Feb 16, 2017 11:36 AM

The biggest thing that jumped out at me was Steve Pieczenik saying "they were shocked at how fast we were moving in."

He is basically telling you, that you didn't put him in, they did.

What is terrifying is that he is probably right.


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Trump and his team are experienced professionals, never forget that. While DC was expecting them to take time to learn the ways of closed door politics they already had a takeover plan ready to go. That's all.

Dr Pieczenik and his dark team are, possibly, responsible for Clinton to lose by exposing her deals, and should be commended for that. But Trump is fully responsible for wining the Republican primaries on his own and being there to win the presidency.

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Has control of ZeroHedge been transferred to new ownership? The domain registration has moved from Bulgaria to Toronto, Canada, just down the street from where I work and very close to Vice News.

The site IPs are now from an Amazon server farm in Ashburn Virginia. That can't be good. Unless those are just proxy servers.