Initial Jobless Claims Divergence Of The Week

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Initial jobless claims rose modestly on the week but remain at the lowest levels since Watergate...


As it appears the labor market entirely ignores the demise of actual "hard" data since the election...

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Hard data?

The only hard data that matters is Market Erectus

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Levitate, levitate, levitate, levitate

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I have a very good friend in Rome named Biggus Dickus...

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Outstanding LOP!  Thats like the very best vid of all time!  Whenever all hope is lost in this crazy World, and a guy dont know where to turn, for an easy cheer up giggle just to make it through the day, I youtube up the 'Biggus Dickus' rant!  I have it saved on 'favorites' here. even..Oh Damn!  pissing myself!  He has a Wife you know...

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The stock market is rigged to go up.  The upward bias is unmistakable.  Over 500 points added to the DJIA in 5 days on absolutely no major event.  It would take a major economic/political disaster for the index to LOSE the same amount .  And the drop would be interspersed with many reversals.  Not even during the great crisis of 2008/9 did we see 5 consecutive days of losses.  The US stock market is a completely managed system, rigged to go up forever.  Regardless of actual company performance, production, or profit.

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It's easy  - Trump just says "yuuugge tax cuts" and the algos can't remember he's already said it because they just react to soundbites and up we go every time - the tax cuts have now been priced into the market about 6 times so when they disappoint as they must do if the reps want to have any balanced budget credbility then down we go big time

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Notice how nicely all those IJC dips line up with the onset of recessions?

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cant claim to be jobless when you you claim 2 jobs.......Uber and Lyft......pretty soon there will be more people working than there are jobs available / s

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(((They))) have it rigged so we (USA) are just consumers, service sector-people, and military.  It's a good scheme/scam.

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Lowest level since Watergate - haha nice one :)

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Tyler needs to stop with this weekly stupidity.  This divergence happens every year,  except it's lower this year.  Frankly,  if I didn't know better, I would think the OP was trying to deceive us.