Judge Finds "Probable Cause" To Charge Chris Christie In Bridgegate Scandal

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Earlier this morning Bergen County municipal judge Roy F. McGeady ruled that there is probable cause to believe that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was aware that the so-called Bridgegate scandal from 2013, resulting from unnecessary lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, was "purposely created, it was contrived, it was orchestrated for political retribution."

As such, Governor Christie has been ordered to appear before the court on March 10th at 1:30 p.m. to face prosecutors, who, according to local press, could still bring charges, but are not expected to. Per NJ.com:

"The court is satisfied that [Christie] had knowledge of the traffic problems in Fort Lee," said municipal Judge Roy F. McGeady, referring to in the now-infamous politically motivated lane closures at the George Washington Bridge that resulted in the federal convictions of two of the governor's top aides last fall.


"The court is satisfied that he had reason to believe that this traffic was purposely created, it was contrived, it was orchestrated" for political retribution, the judge added.


"It was the governor who tied this to some type of political event when he twice referred to Mr. Wildstein, by a pseudonym, as not being involved in 'political' actions." said McGeady. "The court found that very persuasive."

Judge McGeady initially issued a criminal summons to Christie back in October 2016 to face a charge of official misconduct but it was appealed on the grounds that Christie was denied adequate participation from his defense counsel.  After the Bergen County prosecutor's office announced it would decline to pursue any misconduct charges, citizen activist, and Democratic candidate for New Jersey Governor, Bill Brennan alleged a conflict of interest and presented his own evidence that judge McGeady apparently found compelling.



Shortly after the ruling by McGeady, Brennan stood outside the courthouse to accuse the Bergen County prosecutors of the very same official misconduct charges he'd lobbed at the governor.

"It's not that they don't understand it, it's that they are beholden to the governor," said Brennan. "It is likely that the Bergen prosecutor is going to engage in an act of political corruption and dismiss this case with no basis whatsoever."


Earlier this month, Brennan filed a motion seeking the appointment of a special prosecutor to handle the case with Bergen assignment judge Bonnie Mizdol, but on Thursday morning, he expressed doubt Mizdol would agree to one.


"I'm going to use this moment in time to call upon the other candidates for governor to get involved in this," said Brennan, who is also a running as a Democrat to replace Christie. He urged them "to call for an independent and special prosecutor" to take over.


Then, in a dramatic twist, Brennan called for any New Jersey citizen currently serving on a grand jury to exercise their legal right to summon him to testify before them and indict the governor.


"If anybody in the state of New Jersey is currently sitting on a grand jury, I implore you: Summon me before you," urged Brennan. "I will come before you with the transcripts and the evidence and you can get an indictment. Any grand jury, without prodding from the prosecutor, can call witnesses and demand evidence and demand this case be prosecuted...without the prosecutor's help."

Meanwhile, Christie's representatives blasted the new summons as "illegal" and "concocted" while saying that evidence relied upon by judge McGeady was utter nonsense.

Brian Murray, a spokesman for the governor, released a statement on Thursday morning blasting the judge's decision as "illegal" and Brennan's claim as "concocted."


"The judge is violating the law, pure and simple," wrote Murray. "This concocted claim was investigated for three months by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, which summarily dismissed it, after concluding that the very same evidence relied upon again by this judge was utter nonsense. That is exactly what it is. The law requires this judge to have done the same. This is a complete non-event."

And, of course, Christie himself has repeatedly denied any advance knowledge of the scandal.

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InjectTheVenom's picture

As Jocko Willink would say ....

"GOOD !"

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Fortunately he was drained early

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McCain gets pranked by the same people that got Maxine Waters. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eqrw2vIvBv0

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They don't want Christie in the courthouse any day. He will demolish the grill inventory and salad bar leaving nothing for anyone.

InjectTheVenom's picture


what does Moby think about this ? ?

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) InjectTheVenom Feb 16, 2017 5:02 PM

I'm not a fan of Christie but "judges" are political hacks nowadays.

The corrupt, felon, nasty, uppity, cankle laden, spastic seizure happening, bitch, Hillary(!) gets not even a peep from a judge. Christie gets prosecution recommendation.

TwelveOhOne's picture

At least it's a "claim" and not a "complaint".

Chris Dakota's picture

Because Christie and his wife met with Trump recently at the White House, some think to replace Preibus.

Activist leftist judges because Dems held White House for 16 out the past 24 yrs.

Why the courts rule for Yelp that extorts and tries to destroy small businesses. Democrats are corporate whores, Yelp can't hurt a Taco Bell but can destroy and Mom n Pop with FAKE reviews. Ask any business owner.

Fire them all!


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Takeaction2 (not verified) InjectTheVenom Feb 16, 2017 4:01 PM

Good.....Drain the SWAMP on ALL sides.  This is why TRUMP got away from him...

caconhma's picture

The US legal system is completely out of control!

Déjà view's picture

Not one peep from Big 3 rating agencies...

Bill of Rights's picture

Yet no one can find probable cause in the Clinton theft of classified info ha ha ha you can't make this shit up folks.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Don't forget bribery (pay to play, cash to Clinton foundation in exchange for meetings/favors), which is clear yet nothing happens.

Two sets of rules.  

silverer's picture

Or the IRS and Lois Lerner selectively focusing on conservative groups to harass them with audits, like the Texas group that was working to purge dead voters off the voter rolls. Not political retribution or partisan harassment?

spastic_colon's picture

geezus h no shit.........hurry up with some indictments donny before they call sour grapes!

JRobby's picture


Sessions was just approved 2 minutes ago. Gotta take out some trash first.


Pushing fake news, Christie Kreme ? 

Have another donut. 

Implied Violins's picture

I dunno 'bout that...he's looking like Mr. Creosote about now.


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Nice juxtaposition of Python movies.  +1

silverer's picture

It's apparently OK to waste trillions of taxpayer dollars, not enforce the laws of the US, let illegals walk in over the border and vote, blow up US citizens overseas with drones without a trial or any due process, start wars for no good reason and without the approval of Congress, and destroy entire countries. But whatever you do, DON'T CAUSE A TRAFFIC JAM!

vato poco's picture

this kangaroo court shit's getting out of hand. Trump better find a way to bring the fucking judges to heel, or he'll be fighting this shit forever.

Chris88's picture

Are you defending the fat, career government worker, leftist Christie?

WillyGroper's picture

iirc there was a fatality with gasbags shennanigans.

throw him in the hoose gow now.

jmack's picture

If I remember correctly, there were fatalities in Benghazi...

WillyGroper's picture

the thread is regarding christie kreme not hitliary.

your point?

jmack's picture

  the biased nature of the law enforcement and judiciaryin this country.

Chris88's picture

He still thinks there is a real difference between the two parties, since you criticized the fat leftist with a (R) after his name you must support the criminal bitch with a (D) after hers.  

jmack's picture

there are differences in how they are treated, just look at jon corzine vs chris christie.  

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turnball the banker (not verified) Feb 16, 2017 4:05 PM

Breadcrumbs for the tards

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Hubris meets nemesis.

CHoward's picture

How can you not believe a chubby lil face like that of the Governor?  Seriously. 

Bytor325's picture

Wish the NJ courts were this willing to chase Governor Corizine

Iamanisland's picture

If we had just one justice system...instead of the two different ones...

Dollar_Store_Confucius's picture

Although Christie probably deserves this, one cannot help but wonder if this is some sort of payback for his help on the Trump transition team.

ronron's picture

couldn't happen to a fatter guy.

Bob Beachcomber's picture

All the deaths and lane blockages with the BLM riots and no one gets convicted?  Libs and laws.  Clusterfucked and double standards.

dlfield's picture

Sets precedent for open season on BLM, and all who encourage that shit.

metanoic's picture

5 Largest DA Offices - NJ/DC/LA/Manhattan/Miami. Which one of these DA Offices isn't entirely compromised by the deep state ? Alot of Wall St offices in NJ...I don't know enough about it but I wonder where Brennan got those transcripts he's so hot to show to a Grand Jury ?

Chris88's picture

Wall Street offices?  You mean nonsense back office jobs of several banks?

metanoic's picture

There's alot more in NJ than nonsense back office jobs (though there is plenty of those). Documentation on site might be anything but nonsense to a prosecutor with the right intentions.

Pumpkin's picture

What the fuck is 'probable' cause?  You got 'cause' MF'rs.  Stop with the fake shit.

NoWayJose's picture

Christie just had lunch with Trump - possibly in talks to come into the White House and either cleanup or better manage some of the odd stuff going on.

NoWayJose's picture

The executive branches are simply going to have to stop 'enforcing' the decisions of these wacko judges.

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Hang that fat cunt with a hawser - fuck him. This day, all RINOs die!

roadhazard's picture

Couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole.

loveyajimbo's picture

So... espionage, treason and illegal immigration are no longer prosecutable... but causing a traffic jam is?

That sounds like Obama-Clinton logic.

Iamanisland's picture

Did anyone perish because of these political antics? If so, then maybe the charges be more serious..just sayin'

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So politicians aaannnd judges can just play us as marks.

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What a shocker. Then again the BS of this blimp now pale in comparison to the dishonest incompetent in the White House.