Trump's Sheeple

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Like Obama before him, Trump certainly has his own flock of Sheeple, those people who---for reasons difficult for rational people to understand---think he's the latest Messiah, and see in him not reality, but what they need to see. Like Obama, Trump has his own media sources to play the flute and lead the flock Pied Piper style, or when necessary blow the dog whistle and get the flock on the angry march.

During the campaign and before, those who have subsequently become Trumplings operated by an entirely different philosophy than they do now. Obviously they hated Hillary, and that with good reason. Surprisingly---or perhaps not given the traits of those who could become somebody's Sheeple---a demographic that might have been described as something between Libertarian and Anarcho-Capitalist quickly morphed into jackbooted, Brown Shirt Stormtroopers.

Consider this: in the past, those who became Trumplings expressed hate for big government, were outraged over the Snowden revelations, believed anything Goldman Sachs-related led straight past Cerberus (the Greek, and later Dante Cerberus, not the PE firm) and the Gates of Hell, and absolutely loved leaks that disparaged Hillary, the Dems or Obama. Also, Trumplings were the most willing to believe the most outrageous tales (e.g., Pizzagate) and swear it was gospel.

How things change!

Trump has seeded his Administration with billionaires in general and Goldman Sachs' alumni in particular. Trump's Himmler---a dual national clown named Stephen Miller---said on 12 February on the Sunday talk shows he had been tasked with appearing on, that Trump is above Judicial Review, meaning Trump is above the law. Where is that in the Constitution?

Trumplings were both quick and adamant in their dismissal of Dossiergate, the Christopher Steele report that suggested Russia has lots of compromising material on Trump, quite different from how they absorbed Pizzagate. Trumplings now not only adore Big Government power, they want Trump to act like a tin pot dictator, completely obviating the three branch structure established by people whose intellect and patriotism, plus belief in freedom and liberty, absolutely dwarf Trump. The typical Trump jumbled and incoherent speech is hardly evocative of Patrick Henry. A Trump Tweet is hardly Jeffersonian, nor reminiscent of Monroe and Madison.

Oh, and now the same sort of leaks that were applauded, even demanded by the Trumplings---as well as Trump himself ("Wikileaks! I LOVE Wikileaks!...Russia, please help us find the 30,000 Hillary emails"). Now, however, Trump wants leakers jailed---even if he has no clue about the nature of intelligence, where it sits across the government, who is responsible for keeping secrets, nor even what constitutes a 'secret' according to US law---and the Trumplings want leakers executed. The term 'hypocrite' doesn't even begin to define all of that. It demands a new even bigly-er term.

Completely lost on the Trumplings---who accept words over actions---is what Trump hopes to be able to do. Trump, and the now-fired 3-star (not 'General', according to military tradition) Mike Flynn, set White House legal staff on the task of figuring out how to obviate laws that restrict domestic data collection by the NSA and CIA. Little Sean Spicer, when asked about this, stated something that falls somewhere between obfuscation and an outright lie. Spicer said, "No such memo or plan exists in the White House." That is technically true, because the legal staff is housed in the EOB, which is a half-minute stroll from the West Wing, but still within the security cordon of the White House grounds.

Consider what Trump wants to be able to do, and parse that with what the actual capabilities of the US intelligence community are:

Every single communication can be captured. That means every phone call, every SMS, every email, and every Tweet. Posters to public boards---such as, for example, Zerohedge Comments---can be traced back to their source, even if the user connects via TOR. There is no anonymity, not for a poster, a Contributor, or even Tyler himself. None. Let's say a person posted a comment on Zerohedge that catches the All Seeing Eye of computer-driven surveillance. Within seconds, an entire dossier on the originating individual can be produced, which would include real name and address, DoB, family members, employment history, tax returns, criminal record if any, educational record including grade transcripts, spending habits, weapons owned---everything. Algorithms can then produce an entire personality profile covering everything from political leanings, alcohol consuming habits, sexual preferences and proclivities, the penchant for violence vs mere posturing, even health. In addition, possession of a cellphone means that an individual's movements can be geolocated 24/7 going all the way back to the date the phone was purchased and registered. The phone doesn't even need to be turned on; all it needs is a battery---and modern cellphones have inaccessible batteries. The phone's camera and recorder can also be turned on remotely by a hack. The same hacking can be done with laptops, desktops, iPads and Smart TVs.

Trump wants to have this arrow in his quiver, which is why in one of his very first acts as POTUS he set his legal staff on to this 'problem'. Does that smack of freedom and liberty?

There is a Twitter accounts that goes by @RoguePOTUSStaff. Ostensibly it is run by some inside-the-White House dissidents. It may well be just that. It posts tweets that give some color as to what is going on in the inner circles of the Administration, and it issues a clarion call for anti-Trumpers to join up and 'resist' (via Tweets and SMS, thus revealing identities). It certainly is entertaining (and seems credible because it noted part of the Flynn deal was that Trump would be given his Tweeting back; Trump hadn't tweeted for a week, then just after the Flynn news, he began playing the 12-year old girl again tweeting his random thoughts). There is a new rumor that the Tweet account might not be what it seems, but that @RoguePOTUSStaff is really a covert op run by Steve Bannon, more or less mirroring The Trust. For those who don't know, The Trust was ostensibly an anti-Bolshevik organization during the Lenin-Stalin years just after the revolution, but was really a kind of honey pot established by Cheka Head Feliks Dzerzhinsky to identify and capture threats to the Revolution. Is that what @RoguePOTUSStaff really is? Who knows? It would not come as a surprise, however, given Bannon's (lack of) character and Trump's desire for dictatorial control.

It is a cliché to call someone a Hitler. During the campaign, people on opposite sides of the political spectrum tossed that epithet at the other side candidate, both at Hillary and Trump. Trump may not be a Hitler, but he WANTS to be. His every act---as opposed to his words---screams that. Trump authorized his first military operation a while back in Bayda, Yemen. He was advised not to do it, because no timely intel existed regarding the likelihood of armed resistance. He ignored the warnings then sent Spicer out to spin it as some sort of 'win', even though all they got---besides a dead SEAL, a lost $75 million Osprey, and more hatred from the Arab and Islamic world after killing 30 civilians, including children---were some ten-year old videotapes of bombmaking. Trump seems to have just wanted to exercise the power that allows him to kill living human beings. Trumplings are not listening, preferring fantasy to reality.

Perhaps that is not entirely surprising, that Trumplings should see their man the way they do. The post-election demographics might offer an explanation. Hillary won only 15% of US counties, but her counties account for 62% of total US GDP. Trump won 85% of all US counties, but they only account for a mere 38% of US GDP. Trumplings, by and large, are society's unproductive underclass. They have seen the success many others in society have achieved, and want in on it. Sadly, they are largely victims of the declining pricing power of labor, something nobody can solve short of war or plague (Maybe Trump will provide that war in his hoped-for attack against Iran.). Outsourced jobs were sent to places like China merely as a way station on the road to oblivion. Technology wins; Trumplings are on a losing streak that is both relentless and intractable.

Trumplings are convinced Trump is their savior, their Messiah. They think Trump will 'drain the swamp', oblivious to the fact Trump wants to replace the swamp with a cesspool. In reality, Trump is intent on being the former Libertarians' and Anarcho-Capitalists; worst nightmare, actually doing the things all Trump's Sheeple thought the USG did before, when in fact it did not, or rarely did. Sheeple are so easily fooled that they are in favor of handing the fox the keys to the chicken coop. Freedom and liberty---as championed by the Founding Fathers---has never been under threat as much as now in the form of Trump---at least if he somehow can get what he wants. McCarthy did not have the infrastructure and technology that exists in the world today, and upon which Trump is trying to get his hands. Big Brother is now possible, and Trump wants it to be him.

Dismiss this at your own peril---or continue to be Sheeple. Your choice. Baaaa!

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Dear Mr. No Name Dumbass (for good reason, lest us "Trumplings" lynch you):

The biggest reasons I like Mr. Trump besides the fact that he's not a Politician is that

he is a winner, knows how to get things done, isn't afraid to lose, and knows how to kick the shit out of idiots like you.

oh yeah,

and he has already done more for this country in less than two months than the last four Presidents combined managed to do in over 30 years.

You might notice that none of those things were addressed in your smarmy, anonymous (for good reason lest us "Trumplings" lynch you) post.

Stick that up your ass and smoke it.


A ZH Reader

GoinFawr's picture

"and he has already done more for this country in less than two months than the last four Presidents combined managed to do in over 30 years."

<citation req'd>

Unless GS appts are your thing, of course.

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This is a shitpost.

GreatUncle's picture

Sobering article in a way Chindit ... Trump or Clinton? Came to a conclusion the outcome is determined by the actions of the puppet master liberal globalists and not us and you can list them how you want but they are the same.

1.) WW3 inevitable if all else fails.

2.) NWO the liberal globalists are trying to create with or without Trump or Clinton.

3.) The people get so pissed off they popularist revolt and that means refusing to accept anything anymore.

If you expand on those there are no other options, Trump cannot change the above outcomes because to much of this shit is being controlled by those liberal globalists. I expect to see 2.) in my lifetime, else failing that 1.) but if 2.) is completed I expect 3.) to occur and many magnitudes greater than where it is today.

Who is to say some liberal elite globalist is entitled to a the kind of life they get over any other person? ... From that you lost your freedom of speech and free, will they will removed turing you into slaves to preserve themselves.

Gets bad enough WW3 will be the preferred option.

TylerJ's picture

Ok Tylers, I assume due to the sheer number of Lies in this Article that it was a Paid Posting.

And I understand you need to pay the bills.

But still, I think you need to raise the standards a little higher as to what gets allowed on the site, even if it is essentially a Paid Political Message.



Giant Meteor's picture



noun, Rhetoric.

1. obvious and intentional exaggeration.

2. an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.”.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play!?

zzmop's picture

You have to view this for what it is; a fashion statement. Right now in America it is high fashion to call Trump Hitler or anything else terrible you can think up. This article is what you call stepping out in style. Also in America you must note the high school mentality. Remember going to those reunions and thinking “these people haven’t changed”. What you have to remember is that all those old classmates and the needs that corrupt their character never really went away. They just went home and dispersed throughout the county. Criticizing Trump has more to do with High School projections of in and out crowd/popularity than anything else. Now you know where chindit13 is coming from.


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Oh, geez, now chindit is on staff at ZH?

Ok, ooh, what to do with this? Aaaah, maybe two points are in order.

chindit13 in the old days was a subtle cheerleader for the US Intelligence Community of some flavor (CIA, State Dept, or dot gov something. maybe even a contractor but it's all dipped out of the same evil punch bowl.) ... He would post some good 'inside the beltway' intel and lace it with a couple of lies the spooks want peddled. .... Fair enough, everyone needs a job.

Of course, sooner or later, he pushed things too far like insisting the CIA doesn't run drugs, for instance. ... Certainly not as an official policy and if it did the profits would all show up on the GSA black budget audit or some other some such gibberish. ... He would concede there might be a few kilos moved by a couple of rogue CIA agents (Who just happen to own a small fleet of C-130s) ........... I probably don't have to explain how he got busted talking like that.

Anyway, once his cover is blown as a IC disinformation disseminator and the peanut gallery is on to him his mission statement was changed by the front office as you may have noticed a month or two ago.

Now, he's what's called 'coyote bait', or 'a coyote in the wire' as I heard George Webb call it. ....... He is just here flinging around shit talk, insults and wacky Trump hate speech to flush the IC dissenters out of the bushes. ... When you counter post to his rantings you go right on the enemies list to The Agency' or IC in general. .. You are now a domestic terrorist to the Stasi America Pirates.

chindit13 is kind of a CIA troll with a mission.

And with that maybe I'll keep a couple of ZH readers off of 'The List' if they would prefer not to be there. ..... Read chindit's intel reports for what you can get out of them and leave the flame wars with the asshole to those of us who don't mind being on The List because we've been there for years anyway. ..... Don't even vote on the flaming asshole's posts because they track votes too.

Live Hard, Flame Wars Can Be Fun If You Stay Up Wind And Not Too Close To The Fire, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

GreatUncle's picture

Dune, reality check is you either die free or a slave.

I choose freedom, the elites wont like it, but by the time this gig is over so will alot more people who are waking up to what the end game is really about.

DuneCreature's picture

Yep, I don't much fit the slave mold either. (Can you tell?)

Just keep parsing the lies and blowing away the smoke. The liars will keep coming back with new ones but each one gets a little weaker.

Truth is one tough Genie to put back in the bottle and much easier to keep straight in your head.

We can stay as free as we want and are motivated to work for.

Live Hard, Sometimes You Just Have To Go On Pure Gut Instinct Too, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Neochrome's picture

The truth is that USA is doomed. Let Trump play his violin, it takes attention away from that giant meteor of sins, debt and lies heading towards us. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

chindit, I've enjoyed your balanced posts here on ZH for years.

Now, you rage against Trump.

You did NOT rage against Obama.

Ma'am, your slip is showing.

besnook's picture

there are a lot of reasons not to like trump chindit did not outline a single item.

so far, the only real knock on trump is his mid east policy, which is exactly the same as the past three presidents(daddy bush is the last anti israel president and we warned shrub about them to no avail).

his style is that of a ceo of a private company and not a president which grates the nerves of all the entrenched politicos and the shareholder sycophant ceos of public companies.

accusing him of being a potential hitler is just stupid given the power structure of the usa that opposes him not to mention the alternative in the form of the cunt would have run rough shod over the will of the people as they have done for the last 25 years.

i don't support politicians. i only agree or disagree with policies as they affect my wallet mostly. trump looks, so far, to be in favor of my wallet. of course, what benefits my wallet may not benefit yours. it has only been a month. let's see if i continue to support him.

tongue.stan's picture

This is what free speech looks like:

a rambling, incoherent diatribe by a 7 year old zher who has gleaned no wisdom on anything.

It's the cult of the skeptics, who take 3 weeks of leaning against the winds of an entrenched shadow government and extrapolates it 4 years into the future, complete with spook flourishes and mindless media talking points and the ever reliable hitler comparison.

Is that you Johnoliverstewart? 

Please, pen a follow up article, your contrarianism is glorious. Though try to work in a "drumph" reference, those really sting.

Unwashed's picture

Chindit's rhetoric is moronic. All he's doing is trying to incite people.


On the broader note, instead of humiliating the press or beating Democrats, Trump & his supporters should have their eye on making America great again. Part of that is instilling the principles of good governance: transparency, clarity and accountability.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Part of that is instilling the principles of good governance: transparency, clarity and accountability.

Good governance like civil asset forfeiture, or a different kind of good governance?

Transparency like we get from whistle-blowers such as Ed Snowden?  No?



Unwashed's picture

I'm with you, but Chindit won't get there by denegrating Trump supporters. Half of them stopped reading after the second paragraph.  An appeal to principle without the initial name-calling might be more productive.

Insurrector's picture

"Chindit's rhetoric is moronic" - a classic 'glittering generality' my 11th grade English teacher demonstrated is free of intellectual vigor.

What is moronic?  I suspect this might be taken as rhetorical on your part.

Trump is the MOST divisive president in the last 60 or so years.  MAGA is really "Make America GRATE Again."

Unwashed's picture

Good point. In my mind I was thinking if Chindit were trying to convince Trump supporters, Chindit's rhetoric was moronic. My post didn't express it well.

NotBuyingIt's picture

First of all, fuck off for calling the majority of Americans "Trumplings". What a condescending douche you are! Second, what would have been your alternative? Hildog?

Tyler, I have but one question for you: WHY???

Insurrector's picture

At this point anyone but Trump would be better.

Even that fucking jackass Cruz.  The Republicans aren't afraid of Teddy.

GoinFawr's picture

Since when is ~63 million out of 235 million a 'majority'? Sheet, until i see some decent evidence to the contrary it appears the majority of the popular votes were for the other one. But carry on with you delusions regarding democracy, if it makes you feel better about it.

Insurrector's picture

The majority of Americans aren't Trumplings.  The majority of Americans do not support Trump, nor did the majority vote for him.

Your name calling does not change that.

Infinite QE's picture

Time for Chinidt to post up his locale so that one of us closest to him can drop in and give him the beating he's been waiting for his entire pathetic life.

Insurrector's picture

Spoken like a true red Trumpling.  The childish Quack give you confidence to bully anonymously?


Infinite QE's picture

No, just a Fenian from a long line of Fenians willing to knock hell into traitors, spies and thieves. Which two of those categories do you fit into?

Infinite QE's picture

Smell that? That smell from Chindit? It's fear. Fear of losing what he once had.

June 12 1776's picture

Trump was installed with less than 26% of the eligible voting public. The real silent majority has yet if ever, to come off the wall, while the duopoly self destructs.

gdpetti's picture

Clinton didn't win that many votes, many of her urban votes were 'stuffed' into the ballot boxes, classic Democratic tradition... which is why the recount fronted by Jilly Stein was dropped, as it showed the obvious ballot box stuffing, and,by law, no recount can be done that puts the official tally into question. Repubs usually try to prevent people from voting, assuming they will vote against them, but this stuffing is classic Dem tradition, so any mention of numbers is rather ridiculous. Thus we have to assume that the Donald won even more urban votes than the official count. He probably won Illinois, perhaps NY.. hard to tell exactly... but it is said that the 'real' count had Trump getting 63% of those that voted.

GoinFawr's picture

Trumpetters aside, the libertarians' and anarcho-capitalist/communists' real worst nightmare is reality; specifically the duality of human nature . But don't take my word for it, from the horse's mouth,

"It's tough to be a pure libertarian, because reality has a way of messing with that beautiful theory.” Ezra Levant

Chindit is hardly my favourite ZH'er, but makes some excellent points

Eg. how is it that for so many Trump's refusal to reveal his tax returns doesn't cause concern? Can I get a rationalization on that one, please?

GoinFawr's picture

So then why be afraid of airin' em out, like most everyone else has had the balls to do?

After all, if there's nothing to see, how could it hurt to show us, removing any doubt, rather than just saying 'trust me'?

It's a game of show and tell, where we're being told everything, but shown nuffin. Smells Denmark-y to me.

For guys who would usually screech 'never trust a pol!' you sure are bending over backwards to take one for his team;

that double standard speaks volumes, and will keep me askin the question.

You like links? Start here:


Had to slog through most of the thread to finally get to see a comment about TAX. The President announced one week ago that something phenominal was coming down the pipes on taxes. I mentioned in one of my comments that day H & R Block. Yesterday when meeting with retail execs, he mentioned H&R Block. ZH<cricketeers>

In answer to your question, I never cared to see his taxes, and now it's pretty obvious he kept stalling because he intends to KILL THE IRS


GoinFawr's picture

Actually, that wasn't much of an answer because I quite clearly asked why it doesn't concern you (Trumplings), but whatever, just so long as you recognize that when you write,

"I never cared to see his taxes"

you are most definitely speaking for yourself (and perhaps those who personify Chindit's 'Trumplings'); I have an idea that an unbiased poll might come up with a wholly different result, strongly  justified. While you're at it, why not ask yourself if you would have felt the same way if anybody else had become president? (and try to be honest with yourself, at least)

"...intends to Kill THE IRS" wtf does that even mean, anyway?   As if all the infrastructure plans on the table are going anywhere without some revenue... please elaborate on this conjecture, and how it has led you to the conclusion that such 'action' will dispel all the entirely warranted concerns surrounding the President's highly irregular refusal to disclose his tax returns.


 H.R.25 & S. 18  - read

Please don't mistake me for a AGW-is-a-hoax-to-raise-taxes, we-love-you-Donny, hedgetard.

GoinFawr's picture

I'll try not to, but your use of the 'meh' response to rationalize Mr.Trump's refusal to release his tax returns drew me to that particular conclusion... and I can't locate anyting in your link that dispels the concerns that arise from that refusal; the segue is thin.



Since you insist, releasing tax returns has been the convention, but why? Yeah to prove you're a good American! Why does the IRS have this lofty gatekeeping roll anyway? And the MSM shows everyone just how to be OUTRAGED at his refusal. I would have preferred that he just come clean and tell people it's none of their fucking business, as I was brought up to believe that my taxes and my health records are private. I didn't join the chorus demanding to see HRC's health records. You say warranted, I say unwarranted. 

It's a moot point now no? I think shutting down the IRS would effectively dispel any reasonable concerns.

We'll soon see what the future has in store for the IRS. #cralivesmatter /s

GoinFawr's picture

"I would have preferred that he just come clean and tell people it's none of their fucking business, as I was brought up to believe that my taxes...are private"

So was I, but I was also brought up to recognize (And so were you -being honest with yourself) that holds right up,

"Until you run for public office." POTUS is one of them there public servant jobs; ostensibly it's not a Plutocratic Kingship.

When you control taxation, you ought to own up, first. Concerns of that nature are valid, not 'OUTRAGEOUS'!

"Shutting down the  IRS" lol, yeah, don't hold your breath, dreamer! Maybe for a few, but not for you; not when he's got the Wall and MIC to pay for!

Heh, so your whole premise is: Mr.Trump refuses to disclose his returns not because they may reveal things that reflect poorly on him, but because he's standing on a specious 'it's none of your business'  principle?  If you'll believe that, then you'll believe anything.

Go on, pull the other one, Trumpling.




Again with the "be honest with yourself". What's up with that?

No, I wasn't brought up to recognize that holds.  If the law requires public servants to make their tax returns public then that law should be applied equally from local dog catcher to POTUS. 

The President has not been charged with a crime for not releasing his tax returns.

Details of his tax situation should be irrelevant and private. The only relevant item is his conviction for tax-related crime, which does not exist. I'm sure the press would have had a field day with his returns but that too would have gone on and on ad nausium and petered out when the reality that not the court of public opinion but that no court of law convicted him of a crime makes the pursuit boring. His strategy was successful, like it or not.

Ultimately it's Congress that controls taxation but if Trump begins a campaign to see FairTax become law I will support him.

I just listened to his "surreal" presser from yesterday and he did briefly mention TAX. I believe "historic" was the word he used or something similiar.

Never HRC-ite.



I checked, he did say "historic" at ~19-20 minute mark.

Nice chatting with you, I do enjoy your comments.

Let's hope in the future we're all free of the evil prism eye of the income tax departments.

"I KILLED THE IRS" DJT's headstone : )

GoinFawr's picture

Dog catchers don't have a lot of influence over tax law though, now do they? But Presidents sure DO, so not 'irrelevant' in their case, rather the very opposite.

And the question was never whether he was breaking the law by refusing, but what he is afraid of losing by disclosing. According to your blind faith: there's nothing to see here. I am not into 'blind faith', that's a Trumpling thing.

Again, being honest, you know damn well how big an issue this would be for delicate little Trumplings if anyone else had become POTUS, even if it was Ralph Nader by write-in.

Insurrector's picture

It causes concern on many fronts:

1) He doesn't want everyone to know he doesn't pay taxes a la General Electric

2) He doesn't want anyone tallying how much he makes from using the office of the president

3) It would give clues into his offshore accounts and tax havens

4) It would give insight into his 500 business and his ties with the Russians, Saudis and UAE

GoinFawr's picture

If you say so. Of course each of those points are easily addressed by Mr.Trump's supporters.... anytime now.


1.21 jigawatts's picture

"It is a cliché to call someone a Hitler. During the campaign, people on opposite sides of the political spectrum tossed that epithet at the other side candidate, both at Hillary and Trump. Trump may not be a Hitler, but he WANTS to be." 

U R A retard.

WasNotWuz66's picture

I think a lot of the anti/never Trump'rs are blind to this one thing:  Many of us (If not a majority) voted for Trump because we were tired of the shennanigans of the democrats and republican establishment.  I would say that we despise the press as well, and our vote for Trump was more of a vote AGAINST hillery than anything else.

I can't say I've met anyone like this author describes, these Trump-sheeple.  Like I said above, I think most of the Trump voters are silently relieved that hillary didn't win.   As an aside, I like the fact that Trump is NOT a career politician, although that will hinder him in the short term, as we're currently seeing.

inosent's picture

"I think most of the Trump voters are silently relieved that hillary didn't win." That is why she lost. It is amazing as many ppl came out to vote for her as they did. But she lost because many MORE people just could not bear the idea of her being president. She is just too damaged. A lot of ppl who probably don't even like Trump that much at all voted for Trump because they hated hellary. A smooth talking, charming, photogenic demonrat bulls---er would have easily beaten Trump, but this time the dems had the wrong candidate. It's just that simple. Not trash talking DT, just that hellary was a truly pathetic choice to put up in front of the American people. Hellary lost because hellary is hellary, and there is simply no other reason.


Honest Sam's picture forget that PRESIDENT Trump has already done what even Superman couldn't do:  

He took the 5th Estate, an unelected minority that has been controlling elections for a century----comprised of mainly Jewish owners and their mensches that write for the NYX and all the other Main Stream Media who decide that ONLY THEY can pick the POTUS----he slammed them into the ground, like a 747 descending from altitude, and splattered their remains all over the landscape. 

This was no mean feat, and thanks to us, he ended the political dynasty in the making that was the clintonistas, and ALL their hordes of news anchors, pundits, leftists, righties, rinos, queers, trannies, blacks, browns, lesbian butches, Colbert, Behar, Stepinalottashit (how is this motherfucker worth $105,000,000 in his latest contract, will someone tell me? ) the complete Streep/hollywood centimillionaires who actually think they can dictate who will be POTUS?? 

He need do nothing else. His place in history set now in stone. 

I urge him to now leave the job voluntarily, turn it over to Pence, get an accomplished republican woman in as Veep, (Louise-Dreyfus comes to mind) and bask in the glory which he will never surpass.  

As for all those intractable problems with 35,000,000 immigrants, of which half are illegal aliens, that have taken decades to set in cement by the Incumbents in both partys, let the idiots who actually think they can change, try and do so. Ditto with Trade agreements, and regulatory environment.

Preventing the clintons and more importantly all their 64,000,000 suckups, from having access to the keys to Air Force One, is a lifetime's worth of accomplishment.

Move on, Don.  Move on.  

You will always have our eternal gratitude. Forget what all these critics are doing to bring you down.  Do it yourself, walk away with your head held high for doing what no other human bean on the planet would or could do.

It's all downhill from here for your reputation.  Save it, and go for a ride on the yacht over the next year, relaxing, basking, and loving it.

You'll thank me later.


nashville2's picture

The subscriptions are starting to disappear. Their viewers and readers cling to content 0. Without protests and character assasinations, the left has nothing. The colleges and universities will be next as the naive and spineless get ground into reality. Soros will always have people willing to take his $ but their chorus will weaken and their #'s shrink as America returns to the treasures of a good job and great family while they are left behind.

Renfield's picture

I am glad to see this article on the Hedge for the discussion it inspires. I am grateful that we can explore genuine differences of opinion re: Trump, much needed.

But the article itself is disappointing.

Not a single example of anything Trump has actually SAID or DONE that substantiates reservations.

I am glad Trump's in the WH, because he is obviously not a warmongering neocon. It is also obvious that he is intent on fulfilling campaign promises. It's been a very, very long time since we have seen an elected representative who commences to do exactly what the electorate voted for them to do.

That said, there are some very good reasons to have reservations about him. Trump's affinity for Israel; his support of asset forfeiture and remarks re: Snowden (an American hero in exile); his possible background connections (real estate, gambling); his connection with Goldman Sachs, altho if (as I suspect) Trump is in there to manage the bankruptcy of USA, Inc. then this last could be explained.

Almost none of this is mentioned in the article, and where it is, it is merely touched on and left.

Instead, we are treated to a long ad hominem on "Trumplings" etc., as if the voters have any power over the administration. Divisive, dismissive, and distracting, shedding no light.

And to conclude, a fearful look at what Trump might do and what Trump "wants" (allegedly) to do, without any substantiation of such desires.

Article is completely evidence-free.

And to top it off, the hand-waving dismissal of 'pizzagate' which demands investigation, and casts a long shadow over every administration that continues to allow it to fester.

As an anarchist, I believe 'government' is an outdated and useless concept. Nonetheless, if you insist on a 'government', then you must also understand that it will be made up of flawed and often corrupt human beings with their own agendas, which they will fulfil FIRST. If you must support a 'government', then you had better decide which flaws you are prepared to accept, and draw the line at the ones you are not. That line SHOULD be this side of global hot war, which is obviously what a certain faction in the CIA is pushing for with their now overt coup attempt. Article does not even mention this key problem.

If this is the the best the 'never-Trumpers' have, then I guess we're gonna have Trump, and the next 'Trump', and the next, for a very long time, since the anti-populists will never get 'their' guy (or gal) into office with this sort of nonsense. It'll either be Trump, or the next populist; or civil war / martial law as the anti-populists attempt to supress the resistance that their governance has built over decades.

As it stands, from my outsider's perspective I'd put Trump (so far) on the same level as Putin, Xi, Farage, and Orban. I would not trust any of them on a personal level, but I respect them as being very good at their jobs. Trump's performance so far has been very impressive, and we can be optimistic that under Trump & Putin etc., World War 3 will soon be over rather than go straight into its fatal 'hot' phase. Flawed but canny political leaders, and probably the best of a very bad lot considering that 'government' is still what directs the large majority of the population. Personally, I'm still far more optimistic for the future with someone like Trump in that chair, than with the shadowy "nobody" that to date the never-Trumpers present as an alternative and who will no doubt usher in Hot War 3 as Priority 1.