Does Size Matter?

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Presented with no comment...


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No reply to your no comment.  But +1

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Does size matter? It does to me.

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I'm with TRUMP !

HRC why are you not in JAIL?


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mind reset (not verified) USisCorrupt Feb 17, 2017 5:23 AM

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Your mother is a whore and your wife is sucking neighbor cocks while you're online.

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So, every evening Mrs.N comes home and says something to the effect of "Man, did you hear what Trump said?" or did..."Doesn't look good."...and I always say its a lie or inform her what the real facts are because she gets her nuuuz from the MSM.

I watched the press conference in its entirety before she came home last night, she walks in...( I say, did you hear about Trumps press conference? She says yeah...I say do want to see it?...she..."Yeah, I heard it was pretty rough on him."...I just smiled.

She sat down and while I was cutting potatoes in the kitchen across the house I could hear her laughing her ass off outside on the patio watching I come out and say...not what you heard or read in the MSM is it?

She said no, not at all.

Through a little Q&A (and hitting the pause button and/or backing up) she had never heard the lies the MSM spread around about Melania or that she was suing their worthless asses or that Donna Brazille had given campaign questions to Hillary Crony (for just two examples).

Now she knows ;-)

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And the Morning shows are just icing on the cake.

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Same here.  All day at work seeing glimpses of stuff online about hjow "bizarre" it was.  I knew how the media grabs clips and says "OMG this is terrible!" but the press conference was an extreme example of that.  Lots of stuff that could be taken out of context.  Lots of stuff that various media people could grab and say "This is what I can use on my talk show tonight, YAY!"

I watched the whole thing.  Calm, classic Trump, and factually accurate, and yet another stellar opportunity for the dirt people to see how badly the press misquotes, mischaracterizes and lies about him.  He understands exactly how Wahsington and the press work.

And by the way, he loves doing what he's doing.  He absolutely loves standing there taking on the press.

Excellent, sir!

MSM: You suck!  I pay no attention to you.  The press is trying to return themselves to profitability by trying to destroy Trump, someone they hate anyway.  Talking to Mrs SWR now about canceling the cable TV (she watches sports but is sick of ESPN).  Already stopped the newspaper.  Fuck you people.


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...and dear ZH: it was definitely not "fiery".  More click bait.  You're really slipping.

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I'm getting more concerned about Tyler. Someone has got to him.

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I watch an hour of Morning Joe just to see what the leftists are saying but that show has moved even further to the left.  It is now unwatchable.  Joe and Mika are full-on leftist libtards.

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On ZH for 1 week and 3 days.

Please fuck off.


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Not that I'd ever stradle a dead beaver-beaver eater, however a ½-dead comatose HRC could get herself an 'Electrical Cardioversion'. Might help....or....A BIG 10"....


Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record (Lyrics) - YouTube

"got me the strangest woman
believe me this trick's no cinch
but I really get her going
when I whip out my big 10 inch



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Up until 3 years ago I never knew there was such a ting as relax fit pant suits.

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Go TRUMP!!  Jail all these lizards who keep destroying the country.

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Hey, if Trump is just going to be a corrupt puppet spouting the big lie, then forget him.

Yes, Hillary was 100 times worse and she most likely would have parroted a rationalizations and lies as to why we need to be at war with Russia... and maybe we would have been by now.

The lies of the past 30 years are now suffocating Trump and he has become part of them ... and he still may not survive the onslaught. What is left of the human in him will become Borg.

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The lies of the past 30 years are now suffocating Trump

30 years? Humans have being lying since creation.

Trump, political speaking, might be suffocating, especially as time goes on, but, the people that are really suffocating is Trump’s constituents, meaning, American middle classes, especially the less educated. Can Trump un-suffocate them?  

And, if Trump can’t, what is next? I mean, what’s next move by Trump. Open war? And, what will the suffocated do as no progress is made.


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Actually its the opposite, see my comment above...the middle class is discovering just who has been lying.

My own wife being one ;-)

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Just listening to these clowns. ( MSM) .

Talk about a bubble. " I don't know anybody who voted for Trump"

Attribute that to 98% of the media. Where do they find these frigging people? Is this what college does to a brain? And THEY think they are the normal people!

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Journalism is like the 2nd lowest degree on the difficulty scale.  It's the degree most people fail into.

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It's a degree you put in a frame, hang on the wall, and stare at every night while taking down a whole bottle of vodka.

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Trump the other day: " People who, after 6 months, have given up looking for a job are counted by the BLS the same as if they were employed."

Dizzy, braindead MSM whore: " That's simply not true."

Complete fucking insanity. This IS the Ministry of Truth; doublespeak. Ultimately, broadcast licences will need to be revoked.

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I've been able to enlighten my wife in the last few months as well.  It was my only "win" in 8 years, but well worth it.

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Trump hasn't been in office a month and all the crazies are up in arms about what has happened, could happen, may happen, will happen, should happen etc. Why don't we just give the guy as much of a chance as we gave all the presidents who betrayed us? Trump is trying to do right by America and Americans and the crazies won't give him a chance. Most of these people should have a 72 hour commitment for observation.

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You ain't justa shittin.. Progressive liberal democraps are among the meanest nastiest hypocrite intolerant people on the face of the earth.

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Crazy is as crazy does. Yesterday. the press conference was confirmation.

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It does to Hillary.

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Branco is awesome.  Here' my (humble) cartoon take on his week:

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To be “working” in the current corrupt, unethical and destructive system/Ponzi scheme is to either be a willing servant of the plutocracy (the often better paid workers) or “forced”-labor (the majority working from hand to mouth – the working poor that needs the job to live).

If you have the ability don’t work for anyone in this system! Refuse – if you can – and make your own living outside the system. Be independent of any employer (private or public – in US/and other fascist regime the same thing).  

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I don't know why you got all the down votes. The biggest obstacle to your strategy is regulation and paperwork which makes it all but impossible to do for the average person. Even for the above average. Just look how few Dr's have their own offices, or attorney's, or accountants, or engineers. Tough to work 50 hrs a week producing and another 30 doing gov. paper work.

Hopefully Trump keeps his small business aide through deregulation promise.

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From matt Bracken - know your enemy.

URGENT: Arrest in Austin, support needed quickly

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Good god those people are retards in dire need of high velocity, kinetic improvements

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Wait... are they Cuban communists or North Korean Communists?

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Yup, these people make BLM look like girl scouts. However, these commie blacks seem to have lost sight of the 'macro' picture. Unlike their Maoist counterparts in the '70's, operating in a largely unarmed South America, these morons are trying to recruit from a tiny fraction of the already fractured 13% of the population. Working blacks are not going to join them ("they've built something so they have something to lose") and non-working blacks have already been bought off by the welfare system, which means, they too have something to lose.  For THESE commies, war is NOT a means to an end, it IS the end game. I'm guessing the NBA and NFL teevee will be the biggest impediments to successful recruiting. Good luck with that. Go long Hoppe's - Old school, but I love the smell.

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The clash of those who vote for a living and those who work for a living is upon us.

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Simple but interesting observation. I never quite looked at it more than The FSA against those that work.

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Obama's shadow goobermint and his 30,000 saul alinsky trained assholes to further wreck the USA:


Nothing that 30,000 bullets wouldn't fix.


OFA = nigga/wookie charity


check about us - can't make this riot shit up:


and it has a face-fuck page:

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Clearly an ISIS troll, trying to divide America.

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Democrat: "So where are all your people?"

Republican: "Working, in order to pay for your people's welfare benefits"

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Hey Gunny -

Its "Ready .... Aim .... Fire" NOT "Ready .... Fire .... Aim"

Gotta aim before you pull the trigger.

Trump leaning states have the typical profile of taking in more federal dollars than they put into the treasury.  Those states who take from the rest of us are sometimes called "Welfare states."

And those states who gave Hillary their electoral colleges account for about 62% of the GDP.

According to freakin every study done about the ranking of states by federal funds dependency, the most dependent state are overwhelming Red, and the least dependent are overwhelmingly Blue.  Here is an early 2016 summary from

1 = Most Dependent

  1. Mississippi
  2. New Mexico
  3. Alabama
  4. Louisiana
  5. Tennessee
  6. Montana
  7. South Dakota
  8. Kentcuky
  9. West Virginia
  10. Missouri
  11. Georgia
  12. Maine
  13. Arizona
  14. South Carolina
  15. North Dakota
  16. Wyoming
  17. Idaho
  18. Indiana
  19. Oregon
  20. Oklahoma
  21. Vermont
  22. Maryland
  23. Rhode Island
  24. Michigan
  25. Ohio
  26. North Carolina
  27. Arkansas
  28. Pennsylvania
  29. Texas
  30. Florida
  31. Iowa
  32. Nebraska
  33. Utah
  34. Wisconsin
  35. Colorado
  36. Washington
  37. Hawaii
  38. Massachusetts
  39. Virginia
  40. Alaska
  41. New York
  42. New Hampshire
  43. Minnesota
  44. Nevada
  45. Illinois
  46. California
  47. Kansas
  48. New Jersey
  49. Connecticut
  50. Delaware
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Those protests show what a huge industry "Professional Outrage Inc." has become.    I guess as long as George Soros, or ones of his ilk are cutting checks, there is plenty of useful idiots to be used as filler and cannon fodder.

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Infiltrate the paid protester movement and convince them they need to unionize; that will stop the little niche industry dead in its tracks.

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+ 100000 Quatloos. Brilliant. Wonder if the mob boys would be interested.

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Size does matter, but I was told by more than one woman it's girth not length.

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The reason for the crowd size difference is so obvious, but I have NEVER seen it mentioned. Think this is it? 

DC vote:

Clinton 92.8%

Trump 4.1%