Germany Issues Stark Warning To Trump: Stop Threatening The EU, Favoring Russia

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Two days after the Pentagon's new chief Jim Mattis appeared before a full conference room in Brussels, and issued an ultimatum to NATO to boost spending or risk a cut in US support, Germany's Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen "fired a salvo of warnings" back at Washington, cautioning it against hurting European cohesion, abandoning core Western values and seeking a rapprochement with Russia behind the backs of its allies. In a hard-hitting speech at the Munich Security Conference against President Donald Trump's administration, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen urged the United States not to take transatlantic ties for granted.

"Our American friends know well that your tone on Europe and NATO has a direct impact on the cohesion of our continent," the German minister told the Munich Security Conference. "A stable European Union is also in America’s interest, as is a strong and unified NATO," she said quoted by AFP.

Germany Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen

Germany - together with NATO, and the rest of Europe - has been spooked by Trump's praise for Britain’s decision to quit the EU, his criticism of NATO, and his softer approach towards Russia have rattled allies, prompting them to seek assurances from his lieutenants on whether long-standing American policies have indeed been scrapped.

In a bid to calm jittery partners, the White House has dispatched top generals to Europe this week.

As the AFP adds, Vice President Mike Pence is due to address the Munich conference Saturday, a day after US Defense Secretary James Mattis affirmed to the same forum that the bond between Europe and America is the "strongest bulwark" against instability and violence. "I am confident that we will strengthen our partnerships, confronting those who choose to attack innocent people or our democratic processes and freedoms," he told the gathering of security and defence experts.

At the same time in Bonn, where foreign ministers of G20 nations closed a two-day meeting, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made "short, brief statements in which he stuck close to conventional foreign policy, including on North Korea and Russia." With the White House embroiled in controversy over its ties to the Kremlin, Tillerson was cautious in his dealings with Moscow, despite Trump's pledges to take for closer ties.

Following his first sitdown with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday, Tillerson said the US sought cooperation with Moscow only when doing so "will benefit the American people".

That assurance, however, was not nearly enough to placate the fiery German defense minister.

In Munich, Ursula von der Leyen cautioned the US against taking transatlantic ties for granted, pointing out that its allies should not be put on the same footing as Russia. "There cannot be a policy of equi-distance to allies and to those who openly question our values, our borders and international law," she said.

While pursuing a reliable relationship with Russia as a whole, allied nations must not be "going above partners' heads in bilateral negotiations," she added.

Von der Leyen reminded Washington of core values that all NATO members have signed up to. "That never leaves any room for torture. It requires us to prevent causing any civilian victims and it means giving protection to those who are in need."

The German also unloaded on Trump's decision to ban migrants from majority-Muslim nations. "We should be careful that this fight (against terror) does not become a front against Islam and Muslims. Otherwise we run the risk of digging ourselves into a deeper grave in which violence and terror only grow further. Rather, it is right to seek partnership with like-minded Muslim and Arab nations," she said.

Such criticism is odd coming from a country which in 2015 admitted over 1 million middle-eastern, mostly-Syrian refugees, with sometimes deadly consequences, leading to a drop in Angela Merkel's popularity and concerns that the recent resurgence for the CDU's opponent, the SPD, may end up costing Angela Merkel the Chancellor post in the coming elections.

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Germany just admitted Russia had nothing to do with voter fraud in America.

America would do well to work with Russia. We have resources and other items for trade that will do well.

Did Ze German Muzzies just revolt and get upset again?

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Or what, Germany? You'll make us close a military base there? We should be so lucky. I hope we do, plus look on the bright side, Germany, that base will open up a ton of space for you to provide free housing for some more Africans....

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The Saint (not verified) greenskeeper carl Feb 17, 2017 3:21 PM

No need to comment.  You guys have the bases covered!

But why does Germany have all these stupid women running things for them?  Ministry of Defense?  Give me a break.


ThirdWorldDude's picture

I hope ZHers know better than falling for this Kabuki theater.

As you might know, the first official peace treaty between Germany and the Allies after WW2 wasn't signed until 1990, however the military contingent of at least 80 000 troops that've continually occupied Germany ever since 1945 has never been withdrawn.

gatorengineer's picture

thats 80,000 future Muzzy bunks their cowboy.....

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Germany: Don't tell us what we're doing wrong ... we know exactly what we're doing wrong.

layman_please's picture

Juncker: Europe must not bow to Trump’s demands on NATO


the fucker is saying that we should spend the rest of the missing 2% not on the military but on the humanitarian aid. meaning, spend it on refugees. talk about aiding and abetting the enemy who has already infiltrated the society.

BuddyEffed's picture

Is the EU mostly out of natural resources?

Their economy won't do well if they are.

So they look to foreign lands to get some?

Russia seems to be sitting well on their natural resources right now.  That is why Trump is sucking up with them

petar's picture

I think Canada is the only friend left for less than a month with Trump

deplorable nation's picture


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You know I'd like to stay on topic, but I'd like to add that I'd hit that like a hanging breaking ball, even if she does have 7 kids. Just had to put that out there.



gaoptimize's picture

This is Germany's "Art of the Deal" openning gambit as Trump appropriately refuses to continue to pick up the check for NATO's defense.  I'll bet Trump got a chuckle out of this.

mkkby's picture

Fuck the EU. I like the sound of that.

forestwind's picture

mkky, using offensive language "Fuck the EU" is undermining "European cohesion" and "core Western values". He should use the language of diplomacy and subtle finesse like seasoned, successful diplomat Victoria Nuland, for example. Satire is so easy these Days of Irony.

webmatex's picture

Art of the Deaf in this case.

No problem for Trump as he will outlive the E.U.

Germany is the sole country left to pretend that the EU project is not over.

Ignore them Donald and they will just fade away.

small towel's picture

Core Western Values = What the 0.01% want.

Mainstream Media = Core Western Values

Guillotine moment?

Dimwit's picture

Are you sure It's a 'Women'? With todays 'Gender Bender' generation It could be anything.

Al Tinfoil's picture

I think Merkel and the other EU "leaders" are sorely pissed now because they played such loyal lap-dogs for Obama and the neo-con hawks in DC, placing sanctions on Russia and pushing NATO to Russia's borders to stir up Cold War 2, helping Nuland take down Ukraine, refusing to let Russia build new gas pipelines to cut off Ukraine's access to steal natural gas, participating in the "Arab Spring" debacles and attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria, kissing up to Erdogan in Turkey, inviting hordes of migrants from the Muddle East and North Africa, etc.  Their cooperation with Obama's policies has cost the EU dearly, and has undermined the political support for Merkel and Hollande, and now Trump says NATO is past its sell-by date and tells the EU to pay for NATO if you want it. 

  Meanwhile, the UK has voted to leave, Italy and the rest of the PIIGS nations are a steaming pile of financial wreckage, Greece needs another monetary transfusion, and the IMF (whose main contributor is the USA) is refusing to go along with another "bailout" of Greece (bailouts of Greece being handouts to German and French banks that lent recklessly to Greece). 

Trump is threatening to cut the strings that are supporting the EU puppets, and the puppets are facing a Wiley Coyote moment as they realize they are hovering over a yawning abyss of financial and political disaster, with no parachutes.

The Wizard's picture

But why does Germany have all these stupid women running things for them?  Ministry of Defense?  Give me a break.

Germany continues to live with a huge guilt complex laid onto them post WWII. They want to prove they are as "progressive" (whatever that term means) as the rest of the West.

Apparently, there was a memo distributed from the Deep State to attack Trump with Russia rhetoric. Wait till Nigel addresses Germany.

AllTimeWhys's picture

Germany, you are 0-2 against us over the past 100 years, you don't get to fucking tell us what to do.

Ghost of Porky's picture

Go home, Ursula, and make your husband a bratwurst.

SomebodySpecial's picture

Who needs NATO?

Russia will never invade Europe.

If they did then they'd win and would have to govern a bunch of pussys!

crazzziecanuck's picture

The massive influx of migrants is actually an effective way to dissuade Putin and Russia from taking the place over.  Europe is acting almost as if dousing itself with gasoline and threatening to light itself on fire is a viable long-term strategy.

Why on earth would Russia even want the Baltics, or even most of the Ukraine anyways?  I could understand if the Baltics had anything of value (which they don't because if they did there wouldn'thave been an exodus out of those nations since the dissolution of the USSR).

Didn't the Germans just report that there are no indication of Russian political interference, yet Merkel just chastened them and told them to return when their reports tells her what she wants and needs to hear?

layman_please's picture

well, that's the problem. even the refugees don't want to come to the baltics. lol

MEFOBILLS's picture

exodus out of those nations 


A large reason for the exodus is that housing prices were driven high using banker bubble mechanics.  The former debt free communist lands, were indebted in a massive party.  Debt hooks were thrust into the mouths of Baltic peoples.  The baltics, especially Latvia borrowed credit against land, then bought german goods - such as BMWs, etc.

This then drove up property prices, and then the credit Euro's left the local money supply in trade deficit.

The property debt is generational (child pays the parents debt instrument) in some cases.  Also, taxes were not levied on property, but instead on income.  This impropert taxation accelerate property prices and means that labor cannot afford to pay for property access, driving up the cost of labor.  (Labor cost of living is a factor in production)

Local Labor is made not competitive, and has to emmigrate  to core European countries, like Germany.  (Gemany now has the former Euros, but the debts remain lodged in the local baltic economy.)

It always gets back to the money system.  The debt money system is fraud.  Prices and money control people.

The Wizard's picture

Do you mean make her partner bratwust?

niemand's picture

hmm.. but the third time you will be fighting from day one, ok?..and all alone..:-)

dixie cup's picture

AllTimeWhys, you are such a dumbfuck.

The US entered both world wars only in a late stage when not much was at risk for them anymore. The Russkies decided WW2, nobody else.

The US didn`t win a single war against a serious opponent in the past 70 years. All they accomplished was invading in places like Haiti, Grenada, Panama. Bravo! You fucked up in tiny Cuba, Vietnam, Indochina, Syria, Somalia ... Stop believing your braindead Hollywood movies.

Stuck on Zero's picture

The Brits and Russians fought the Germans with hundreds of millions of tons of supplies and war materials supplied by the U.S. at a cost of over 5000 ships. If the U.S. hadn't won the battle of the North Atlantic Europe and Russia would have been toast.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

His brain fits in a dixie cup. The French wouldn't agree with his petulant assessment, and the Russians lost how many against Japan? What a tool.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Actually, not really.  The American presence sped up the end of the European war, but was not a deciding factor.  That's not saying it didn't have any value, because it did.  But American chauvanism is a disservice to the public to the point they become convinced of their infallability and their superhuman capabilities.

A bunch of illiterate Afghanis and then some non-braindead Iraqis showed that the US military is the literal embodient of a paper tiger made worse by the sheer lack of IQ at the leadership levels.  Combined, clusterfucks like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are inevitable.  Signs were there previously too.  The US and NATO bombed the shit out of Serbia and failed to so properly (Serbs lost very few military assets, which is why NATO had to bomb civilian infrastructure heavily).  Same went on in Libya when their quick victory dragged on over ten months.  By that time they were heavily bombinb Libyans so much they were killing more Libyans than Qaddaffi by a factor of something like between 40 and 50.  In ten or fifteen years, we'll get to know the full truth and extent.

I don't think the American public would have gone for the 2003 Iraq war if it had not been for the propaganda from the Hollywood-New York-Washington Axis of Evil.  But, again, they've convinced enough people to believe this chosen race bullcrap.

Zorba's idea's picture

I would'nt  blame the boots on the ground...the brass has coopted our military to play like the Hessians for the deep state

MEFOBILLS's picture

The American presence sped up the end of the European war, but was not a deciding factor

The above comment is mostly nonsense:

Near the war's end, the U.S. was accelerating war production.  Large heavy bombers were being produced at a high rate, especially by 1944.   Continue the trend lines.  The U.S was blackening the skies with war material.  Tanks, Howitzers, you name it.... was only increasing year on year.

So, stop with the nonsense about how American's cannot do war.  When they do total war, it revs up a military machine that will grind everything into dust.  The next war won't last long enough to convert the entire economy.  But, had any of the post ww2 wars been total, then watch out for the American fighter.  Rommel even said it:  the American fighter is particularly agressive and fast learner.  The German's were at a disadvantage, as their culture is vertical and not as innovative.

So, it is a disservice to reality to denigrate the American war effort, and to further denigrate the American fighting machine.  Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, etc. - these were not total wars.  America was barely breathing hard - they had both guns and butter.  They were half assed efforts.

WW2 was total war, and America if they had wanted to, would have overun the entire European continent.  And, if America wanted to overun Russia (like Patton wanted to) Russia would have been flattened.  FLATTENED.  Obliterated.

It is dangerous to dismiss America as being weak or a paper tiger.  In the same way it is dangerous to poke the Russian bear.  You have to engage in some sort of brain dead thinking to do this sort of dissing.

Go here and look at the actual data.  Data is hard to argue with despite what you feeeeeel:


flapdoodle's picture

If you really want to be impressed, check out German aircraft production at the end of the war. It was much, much greater than at the beginning.

Didn't do Germany any good, just as US bomb production didn't do it any good against Vietnam. Production by itself does not win wars.

The Soviets won WWII in 1943 - the last truly meaningful battle was Kursk. The Soviets were almost to ROMANIA before DDay. It would have just taken longer (perhaps much longer) without all the Dodge trucks, food and blankets given to the Soviets and sent in via Murmansk. The P-39 Cobras, not so much...

Churchill knew and wrote about that in a head to head battle, the Soviets would win over Nazi Germany, with or without help from the other Allies...

dixie cup's picture

the US financed both sides.

You can print FIAT and manufacture supplies & shit. no big deal. What really counts is determination, oblation --> loss of lives.

The Russians lost 30 to 40M people... The Germans 15-20M. Russia would have been toast in winter 1941 ... temperatures of -40C stopped the Nazis. True, the US lost many sailors and ships. sad for each soul.

but do the calculation: lost lives here vs. lost lives there. hardship here vs. hardship there.

kenzo7's picture

I often hear "General Frost" point - as if the Russians don't feel cold and pain at all. BTW USSR lost 26.5mn in WWII (10.5 KIA + 16 mn civis), not your 30-40

dixie cup's picture

there are obviously different numbers floating around. "my numbers" are from Russian archives that opened up after 1991/2000 and from a variety of books of alternative WW2 authors like Victor Suworow etc.

What I find certain is that "official numbers" are very likely not the reality.

Eg. the official death toll for Germany ignores the 6M "disappeared persons after WW2 ended. Germany´s first Chancellor Adenauer openly asked that question after two census counts (1947/1949) and it is frequently ignored.

flapdoodle's picture

In 1941 there was no US aid arriving in Murmansk so what you say is silly - the Soviets were in a panic but very far from on the ropes, particularly with Zhukov on the way. Russian tanks in 1941 were FAR superior to anything the Nazi had, their artillery was excellent, and even their air force was very effective in ground support.

What stopped Germany wasn't so much the cold, but the very, very long lines of supply (which the Germans handled magnificently, but it was just too far to project strength against a determined, well armed opponent like the Soviets). Along with the arrogance of the Germans (an invasion with no winter clothes?) the vastness of Mother Russia herself defeated the Germans, one of the worst winters on record just made German unpreparedness the straw that broke the camel's back, chewing
up resources and men German ultimately could not afford to lose.

AllTimeWhys's picture

nice 4 week old shill account. 

dixie cup's picture

what´s your point? can`t stand the truth or what?

AllTimeWhys's picture

Apparently you thought i was trying to make a point? Thanks for the repeat of what i learned in 7th grade history class about shitty wars we've gotten into for no reason since wwII. Lets look at my comment carefully, hm? Allusion to sports records for lulz while referencing the fact that the US was on the winning side of both world wars while germany was not. Throwing up a metaphorical middle finger to Germany demanding somethign of us after they've royally fucked up their own country AGAIN.


I'm guessing you're a liberal, taking my wisecrack and turning it into an argument while trying to assert 'moral high ground' and appear 'intelligent' when you're just being a dick. Piss off.

dixie cup's picture

wrong, uneducated guess. ATW.

me a liberal? look at the picture. Moron.

(and then look at yours)

AllTimeWhys's picture

oh so our pictures indicate our viewpoints now? Keep trying, i'm enjoying this. ;)

debtor of last resort's picture

Germany should stop playing against its own people.

Kevin Trader's picture

You damn striaght! Not a good idea to fuck with us during a wall building phase, maybe we split you down the middle again, 

Matteo S.'s picture

Who is that us ? If you are refering to WW1, are you french It british ? If you are refering to WW2, are you russian ?

Have you not realized yet that Hollywood movies about wars are fakes ?

Germany lost any chance of winning WW1 before there was a big number if WuS soldiers on the west front.
And during WW2, 80% of german forces fought on the east front against the soviets.

This being reminded, Germany is like a vassal rebelling against its master. Germany's government is a bunch of true believers in globalism and It wants its neocons and liberal hawks masters back at the helm in the White House.