Internal Secession And The Road To Ruin: A Tale Of Two Countries

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Submitted by Fred Reed via The Burning Platform blog,

Trump did not cause the deep division in the country. It caused him. There are two very different Americas. I suspect  that the half of the country that voted for Trump, that voted with wild enthusiasm, that roared at huge rallies, was not so  much voting for Trump as against the other America. It was just that they had never had a chance before. The two countries have little in common and do not belong on the same geography.

Whether Trump proves to be the catastrophic buffoon he apparently aspires to be, the current protests illuminate a stark difference between his supporters and Hillary’s. The chasm is far deeper than  just politics, embracing  culture, taste, manners and morals. The groups are distinct and incompatible .

The difference begins with manners. Throughout the campaign Trump’s partisans forgathered in huge rallies, applauded, calmly went home, and later voted.  At the same time we saw on Clinton’s behalf mobs of ill-bred, worse mannered, loutish, perennial adolescents blocking  highways, shutting down rallies, engaging in vandalism and physically attacking supporters of Trump. Cars were destroyed, fires set, ATMs smashed. Black Lives Matter, always ghetto predators, were worst, but low-grade college students and their equally dismal professors joined in. They were obscene, infantile.

And naive: They apparently believe that they harm Trump though of course their behavior drives people in the other direction. I am no fan of Donald , but I look the foregoing and think Anything else.

The desire to shock of the eternally pubescent. Smirk, smirk, look at me, smirk, smirk.

We saw Ashley Judd, apparently an actress, addressing the “Women’s March.”

“I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interest, homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, white supremacy, misogyny, ignorance, white privilege. I’m not as nasty as using little girls like Pokemon before their bodies have even developed. I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes.”

The astonishing thing is not that some foul-mouthed twit came up with such cloacal gush, but that the “Women’s March” sponsored her, did not eject or even censure her.

Can you imagine any of Trump’s middle-American supporters accusing Obama of lusting for incest with his daughters?  The two camps are different peoples. Half of the country seems culturally dominated from the ghetto. The other half embodies standards of behavior that have usually been thought congruent with civil society. While Trump himself is crass, making menstrual jibes on the air at Megyn Kelly for example, his supporters are not.

Any number of arguments can be adduced against Trump but so much of the outpouring of hostility, even from the intelligent, lacks thought. Thisaphobe, thataphobe, Nazi, misogynist. Putin’s Bitch.  Most seem not to know what the words mean, or care.

Wild thought: We may be seeing Darwinian regression. The intellectual nanoparticles waving placards, the sobbing talking headesses  may represent the return of the procaryote IQ. They give us a living paleontological record of what life looked like before it evolved. Think “Cambrian Implosion.” I imagine Rachel Maddow with twelve body segments and compound eyes.

Different peoples. I would like to see a comparative poll: How many women who voted for Trump would allow themselves to be associated with Ms. Judd’s remarks? None, I suspect. How many women voting for Trump would parade around in “pussy hats”? How many fathers voting for Trump would allow their daughters, have raised their daughters, to behave as the “Women’s Marchers”? Their children to copy Black Lives Matter?

Different civilizations. Virtually no overlap.

The media are decidedly of the Clinton America. In Washington at least some journalists donned pussy hats and jointed the demonstrators. Trashy behavior has seeped into many in the professional classes. Trump  recently sued a journalist and the London Daily Mail for describing Melania as “a high-end escort”–i.e., a take-out call girl, a prostitute. Can you imagine a conservative paper–say, the Washington Times, The American Conservative, National Review–describing Michelle Obama as a whore? Or Trump’s fans wearing scrotal hats?

There is a brattyness in the apparent belief of the Clinton Americans that they are entitled to the electoral result of their choice. When they don’t get it,they act like spoiled two-year-olds. Poor widdle fings! It is embarrassing. If Hillary had won, would disappointed Trumpists be squalling and posing in genital headgear or looting and burning?  Whatever the merits of the politics of either side, the two have little in common culturally.

The divide is far deeper and more general than the heat of the election. The sprawling class from which the protesters come, not just in Washington or just recently, opposes the bedrock of our approximation of democracy. It is not an economic divide. On American campuses almost everywhere “students,” most of whom do not have the intelligence for college, use the tactics of Brown Shirts to shut down speeches by anyone who does not agree with them.  They have no conception of reasoned debate, toleration of disagreement, or respect for law. Rather than promote  assimilation to the American norm, or what was the American norm, the only hope to keep the country from devolving into warring tribes, they promote identity politics. They do not, for example, disavow the depredations of Black Lives Matter. Any behavior is acceptable, even admirable, if engaged in by their side.

Decorum and its lack are recurrent themes. I have no hard evidence, but suspect that the Other America believes that men should behave as gentlemen and women, ladies; that sex should be a private matter and in particular that children should not be too early exposed to it. Clinton’s America leans more to the view that sexual language is authentic and natural. Hemorrhagic tuberculosis is natural, but perhaps not to be encouraged. And so from a mainstream performer, Beyonce, the lyrics

“Can you lick my Skittles, it’s the sweetest in the middle/ Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle”

Painfully cute. Can you imagine Billie Holiday singing this? Ella Fitzgerald? From rappers there is far more explicit, scatological, and sadomasochistic “music.” Whether you think this is people’s art, the authentic expression of an oppressed race, or something that should be scrawled on the wall of a public toilet, tracks with who you voted for. Again, two countries.

Berkeley Protests of Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos Caused $100,000 in Damage”

“Protests that erupted at UC Berkeley ahead of a planned Wednesday appearance by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos caused $100,000 worth of damage to the campus, the school said Thursday.”

These vandals are the storm troopers of the Clinton America. I cannot imagine the Other America behaving thusly because of the scheduling of any speaker whatever.

For whatever reason, those who regard themselves as liberals are far more given to demonstrating and rioting than conservatives, and far more vulgar. I say “regard themselves as liberals.” Their behavior is opposite to classical liberalism. Vulgarity is not liberalism. Neither is arson. Neither is suppression of free speech. All of these are now the norm on campuses, in the media, among both students and professors. And among the protesters.

Another country.

Protests as such  give little to deplore. Demonstrations are both legal and constitutionally protected if well behaved, and the women in Washington were. It is the values they represent that marks them as another country. The self-satisfaction  appalls, the belief that they represent the universe. Coming together in vast shared tantrums, endlessly reaffirming each other on Facebook, may give them an exaggerated impression of their numbers. Thus the frequent use of the phrase “we the people.” Actually they are “we, quite a large number of the people.” As I write Trump’s approval stands at 52%. My guess is that the man’s unending truculence will lower his numbers, but it hasn’t yet. And a complete failure of his presidency will not change the fact that half of the country is thoroughly sick of the other half.

Where does this lead?


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The country has been deeply divided for sometime - since Bush at the very least.

hardmedicine's picture

Thing is,. The liberals could not exist without the workers who's tax money supports them.  I vote we divide the country and see how long they can survive when there is no productive people to leach off of 

X- x3's picture

To be honest, I'm totally convinced this 'started' after the Immigration Reform Laws of the mid 1960's.

The Vietnam War/SocialRevolution + Watergate truly turned the country upside-down in-and-out.

My observations, after leaving the States in 1978 is, the Reagan Era the nation was united once again.

Efter that, it is more or less all downhill.....


vato poco's picture

maybe earlier. IIRC, the 1960 election was razor close; Kennedy won only because they voter-frauded IL and maybe WV. that used to be wild-eyed conspiracy theory, but it's pretty much admitted now.

the 1968 election was almost that close. this stuff's been going on for a while.

petar's picture

"Trump did not cause the deep division in the country. It caused him." True, but He is also not trying to stop the process, he is accelerating it.

Byte Me's picture

"Trump did not cause the deep division in the country. It caused him." True, but He is also not trying to stop the process, he is accelerating it.

What utter bullshit your appended second sentence is.

Regale us please with an example of how Trump has advocated unpeaceful protest, property damage and loutish behaviour from his support base.


If anything, he's been far too accomodating. But perhaps he's just giving all of the enemy funding channels enough rope to make their own nooses with.

Take that back to your corporate sponsor - twerp.

Sandmann's picture

in 28 days......simply amazing !

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X- x3's picture

Guten Tag Sandmann!

X- im Schweden ;)

Yepp, I'm back. Best of Health to You.

fattail's picture

Why is accelerating the division a problem?  Why should he stop it?  There is no reasonable position he can take that will placate the MSM or the opposition.  A deeply divided country is the first step into actually dividing the country.  Would a divided country be worse, one in which a person could actually have a choice in the type of country they live in, the laws that are in place, and whether they are actually enforced on everyone equally?

Trump's only chance to stay in power is to fulfill campaign promises.  If he doesn't, like on immigration, where he looks like he is starting to get wobbly, someone else will be president in 4 years.

bh2's picture

Living longer gives a longer view. Trust me that it didn't begin with Bush. This polity and culture arose during the 60's. The petty, violent pouters then have since only grown older and taken over much of institutional life in America. They are saying nothing now that they didn't say back then. They are just louder about it and have the authority of those institutions to ignore conventions and attitudes they have systematically undermined with deliberation.

Worse, they believe themselves brave soldiers. Like Omaha Beach brave. And that's what makes them not only vulgar but absurdly self-indulgent.

Giant Meteor's picture

JFK asassination, Johnson, Nixion, Vietnam ...King assasination, the other Kenedy asassination, Haight-Ashbury, Manson ...the lost 60's to the "Gas Crisis" inflated 70's" --- more slippage into the drug culture, more dumbing down, offshoring, wage stagnation, supplant to the credit card nation, you know, to make up for all that wage and job destruction., fuck you, anythig goes, fucking disco for Christ sakes ... The "petty violent pouters" as you say, got with the program, started properly worryin bout their 401k's and retirement homes in Florida.

We did have Rock N Roll however. Excellent tunes, ..

Giant Meteor's picture

9-11 fucked a lot of people up, you know the second "Pearl Harbor" that was needed to initiate the 100 year war strategy, and ramp up the "National Security State" to unseen heights.

What with the regular bubbles popping all over the place, and the FIRE sector running out of new and improved parlor tricks, shit is getting extremely dicey. Need more cowbell ..

Lordflin's picture

Ah, well... there are many potential starting dates... Johnson's great society and the ensuing war on families... the Federal Reserve Act and the commensurate parasitical assault on the nation's wealth, Lincoln inviting the black race into the war during the final year thus giving them a right to citizenship, or the bargain with the devil made by the founding fathers that exchanged the right to own slaves for the allegiance of the Deep South... there are others, these are just some of the highlights...

DivisionBell's picture

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyo^H nation drops to zero.


Dr. Bonzo's picture

Can we please file for divorce already and go our seperate ways? Oh wait... nope. The great Abe Lincoln made sure that the Right of the States to self-determination and secession shall always be denied. I guess saying that makes me raciss.

Oh well...... civil war then.

MalteseFalcon's picture

The historically proven "American formula" for "re-unity" is as follows:

1.  Elect your guy President.  (So you get the military and all diplomatic recognition)

2.  Pass laws that the other side finds intolerable.  (So they'll throw the first punch)

3.  Send in the military and burn their place to the ground.  Literally.

4.  Spend a few decades "reconstructing" their place.  By reconstructing I mean occupying their place, suspending  the constitution for them and re-writing the constitution so that their "society" never rises again.

5.  Unity. (Profit?)

Md4's picture

"Where does this lead?"

You know very well where it leads...

...and perhaps, the sooner the better.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

..and perhaps, the sooner the better.

Exactly. It's baked into the cake at this point. Anyone who doesn't see this coming just isn't paying attention. Get this shit over with so we can get on with our lives.

DosZap's picture

These vandals are the storm troopers of the Clinton America. I cannot imagine the Other America behaving thusly because of the scheduling of any speaker whatever.


Storm Troopers my arse these pussies,HAVE no clue what will hit them if the silent movement that elected Trump decides to BRING IT ON.

Order lots of extra body bags.

jacklord66's picture

Sadly, I can't argue with anything in this article.

Free Man's picture

Of course the weekend 'feminists' ignore the fact that women are legally stoned in Muslim countries, women can't drive cars in some Muslim countries, and gays & lesbians are legally executed for being gay / lesbian in Muslim countries. And HILLARY took millions in 'donations' from those countries.

Something is deeply wrong when women show solidarity with Muslims who believe that women should be forced have their clitorises cut off.

For sure though, wearing 'PUSSY' hats helps advance 'women's dignity'. But don't dare treat them as sex objects?

'It's my body, I am not a sex object, I'm a feminist' Miley Cyrus certainly knows how to advance 'women's dignity':

soyungato's picture

I just had time to watch the whole press conference. Trump is a smart man and he is very much on top of things. Things are very tough and draining the swamp should be number 1 priority for our country.

Ungaro's picture

A noble goal. Just one problem: how do you drain the swamp when you are in the middle?

Free Man's picture

Secession? Don't make me laugh. Let's use California secession as just on example.

Without US taxpayers money CA would be a 3rd world country completely filled with unemployable & dumb illegal immigrants.

Think about this brief list made possible by the US taxpayers / federal government, money CA would not get and then tens of thousands of CA people would lose their jobs (= lost CA tax revenues):

aerospace contracts, defense contracts, fed gov, software contracts, fed gov airplane orders, bases, ports, money for illegal aliens costs, money for the 'global warming' fraud, monies for universities, 'affirmative action monies, section 8 housing money, monies for highways, monies for 'mass transportation', monies to fight crime, monies from the EPA for streams & lakes, monies from the Nat. Park Service, monies for healthcare, monies for freeloading welfare recipients, and all this is just the tip of the iceberg

Not to mention the counties in CA which will not want to be part of the laughable 'Peoples Republic of California'.

And imagine the 'Peoples Republic of California Army', hilarious.

CA wouldn't last a week without other peoples money.

TeraByte's picture

Turning off the Colorado River tap would do the trick alone. You cannot even imagine the magnitude of horror, should Beverly Hills lawns turn yellow.

Batman11's picture

When Margaret Thatcher said there was no such thing as society, I don’t think she realised the whole purpose of human society is to keep those at the top in luxury and leisure while other people do all the work.

As those at the top have the most to lose, you’d think they would be a bit more careful not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

The lower class does the manual work, the middle class does the managerial and administrative work and the upper class lives in luxury and leisure as the UK Aristocracy do today.

Like every social system before it, everyone has a role to play, well almost everyone, there is usually some sort of under-class and as long as this is small, society will function.

Neo-liberal ideas, where there is no such thing as society, are leading to the breakdown of society. There is too little training to get the young into good jobs, too many jobs are off-shored and older workers are fired as they become too expensive with yearly pay rises. The costs get passed onto Government that runs up huge debts, maintaining the people that don’t fit in with the profit maximising neo-liberal model.

Neo-liberal ideas only extol the virtues of those at the top, leading to dissatisfaction and resentment amongst those at the bottom. If everyone was at the top, there would be no one to do the work, everyone has a role to play.

With robots the whole thing is just going to get much worse, bankrupting Governments with benefit costs and producing a massive under-class that will eventually over-throw the system.

Capitalism was a way of organising society that is no longer doing its job and the future of this system is very uncertain.


Why do they want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

The purpose of human society from day one (almost), extracting the surplus for those at the top.

Mankind first started to produce a surplus with early agriculture.

It wasn’t long before the elites learnt how to read the skies, the sun and the stars, to predict the coming seasons to the amazed masses and collect tribute.

They soon made the most of the opportunity and removed themselves from any hard work to concentrate on “spiritual matters”, i.e. any hocus-pocus they could come up with to elevate them from the masses, e.g. rituals, fertility rights, offering to the gods …. etc and to turn the initially small tributes, into extracting all the surplus created by the hard work of the rest.

The elites became the representatives of the gods and they were responsible for the bounty of the earth and the harvests.

As long as all the surplus was handed over, all would be well.

Later elites came up with money. 

We pay you to do the work and you give it back to us when you buy things, you live a bare subsistence existence and we take the rest. There would be just enough there to keep everyone on board and those at the top could skim off nearly all the surplus to live in luxury and leisure.

The money scam for extracting the surplus forms the basis of capitalism and quite a few early companies had a company shop where wages had to be spent to ensure there was no leakage into the pockets of others.

The UK’s aristocracy has seen feudalism, early capitalism and modern capitalism; they all fulfil the primary function of human society, keeping them in luxury and ease while others do all the work.

Until the early 19th Century the poor lived in squalor and the rich lived in luxury, the 5,000 years of human civilisation.

Then this awful chap Marx came along with ideas of organised labour movements and those at the bottom start to get a larger slice of the pie.

Why do they want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?


Sandmann's picture

On 31 Oct 1987 Margaret Thatcher said this:

"I think we've been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it's the government's job to cope with it. 'I have a problem, I'll get a grant.' 'I'm homeless, the government must house me.' They're casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It's our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations. There's no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation."


and Batman11 doesn't think she knew what she was saying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

keep the bastards honest's picture

That evil bitch knew what she was saying. The suffering she caused in Ireland. From the Irish voting in Bobby Sands to a seat in the Brit Govt as he starved to death in jail for recogntion of political prisoners, to the stealing of the kids milk and whole football crowds singing how they hate her. Then the crowds out  all over Britain celebrating her death. Incredibly rude about  kicking her up the hole and  how Dennis had to go bed pissed was the least of  it. 20 favourite thatcher hating songs  or more listed..   Like the sadness of "we'll dance on your  grave Mrs Thatcher'  job loss and with hungry kids and huge demonstrations, police, mine closures and whatever evil she could do. vicous sadistic pedophile protecting vermin. ding dong the witch is dead... we will dance and sing all night.. but nothing  the people could do made a fkn difference.    heartbreaking.  football stadium of people  chanting when maggie thatcher dies.

Hagar.JD's picture

Spoken like a true Marxist or a jealous man who is stuck in the lower class of his berth because he can't seem to put together the effort to get out of the class to which he was born.  People move between classes every day in America.  People with nothing become multi-millionaires and multi-millionaires lose it all.  If you believe rich people don’t go broke, then you should talk to a collections agent or an ex-NFL player.

HRClinton's picture

It ends with removing borders within Western countries, so that free people can move about freely, and seek employment and their particular lifestyle anywhere they want to. 

Because they were all created equal by God. Even LGBTQ+ people. One of whom will one day be the POTUS. 

Globalist leaders have the resources, continuity and collective wisdom to usher in a new Era, and help them realize their destiny. 

Centerist's picture

We are all created equal, but that does not mean that we are are all entitled to equal lifestyles.  We are only entitled to the fruits of our own labors, with the fruits being roughly equal to the value that those labors provide to others.

Quite frankly, your assertion that certain people are imbued with a certain authority to dictate how we allocate our own resources--the fruits of our labors--goes against your statement that we are all created equal.  It sounds like the pigs in Animal Farm who said words to the effect that all animals are equal, but some are more equal.

Ghordius's picture

Kemosabe, who is that "We, the Western countries"?

"free people can move about freely" now yes, we have that in the EU. it's the Freedom of Movement of People

it's meant for Citizens of the EU countries, though. not foreigners

so please don't mix up a regional arrangement among some sovereign countries with an Equalist (and utopian) tenet

Vooter's picture

"It ends with removing borders within Western countries, so that free people can move about freely, and seek employment and their particular lifestyle anywhere they want to."

Hmmmm...seems to me that a LOT of people don't agree with that assessment. What are you going to do about it? :-)

Stinkworx's picture

It will lead to Civil War! and sooner that you might think

HillaryOdor's picture

Let's hope so.  There are a lot of people out there either outright violating my rights or supporting and hoping to expand the system that does, and it's not a small number of people.  We basically have an enemy army in our own country.  The sooner we purge ourselves of these parasites the better the host can function.  I see quite a few of them in the comments here at zerohedge.  It's sad.  "Capitalism was designed to exploit an underclass for the good of the aristocracy!"  Fuck off.  Them's fightin' words.  We cannot live together.  I don't even think we are the same species.  I refuse to be a slave to your hivemind collectivist nightmare.

radbug's picture

The Deplorables. They've found their voice, their confidence, their power. They're not going away.

Batman11's picture

The working poor, the result of Western neo-liberalism, are now leading to democratic shocks.  

The misleading headline stats. leading to shocked global elites.

The jobless figures look good; the working poor are not unemployed.

The other figures are held up by the 1% and the exponentially rising rewards within the 1%.

The bias of rewards towards the 1% makes it a democratic time bomb.

The democratic time bombs have started to go off.

A neoliberal Left are driving a global shift to the right.

The headline stats. are missing the working poor, leaving the elites in a state of shock over Brexit and Trump.

After Brexit the Conservatives find the JAMs, the working poor.

The Trump graph:

This graph says productivity gains haven't been passed onto US workers since 1973, the working poor.

“Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Were Part-Time” more working poor to tip the scales at the ballot box.

The neoliberal Left refuse to acknowledge the problem and desperately try and place the blame elsewhere, e.g. Russian hacking, fake news, populists, the deplorables, xenophobes, misogynists, racists, homophobes .........

The neoliberal refusal to acknowledge the problem just leaves them behind as the world moves on.

It’s their funeral, leave them to it.

captain-nemo's picture

We all saw how the former soviet union self destructed and deteriorated some decades ago. Later we watched the former federal republic of Jugoslavia go the same way.  New countries  popped up and new borders  were drawn everywhere. The entire European continent was reshaped in just a matter of a few decades..


Now i think that the same thing will happen in America too. I might not happen this year or next, but it will happen. 

not dead yet's picture

It was the US that destabilized and destroyed Yugoslavia. When the different factions appeared to get along the US wispered lies in their ears to cause dissention.The Russians brokered a ceasefire which the US broke the next day, falsely claiming genocide, to start the bombing campaign where amonst military targets they hit hospitals. waterworks, gas workers, power plants, and other infrastructure to make all the people suffer. Did the same thing in Libya claiming massacres were in the works and bombed the same kinds of targets to hurt the people like they did in Yugo.

Teja's picture

Might it even be that Milosevic was a CIA plant?

Sandmann's picture

The US built a major base in Kosovo  - Camp Bondsteel over 955 acres with 51 helipads. That was the motivation for breaking up Yugoslavia, to damage Serbia the traditional ally of Russia while Yeltsin was drunk

fleur de lis's picture

I agree. 

The cultural cohesion of America was destroyed from the 60's onwards by pseudo-intellectuals in academia, MSM, and noisy, pestilent tribal groups of misfits and malcontents.

The northeast and entire west coasts of America are completely different to the middle.

The south and midwest are more similar to each other but have some differences.

Alaska is like a separate Arctic nation.

Hawaii is physically moving closer to Asia but in geological terms so it is slow.

But it's getting there.

The 60's ruined everything.

If someone does not get a handle on the colleges and universities, and their pseudo-intellectual lounge lizards who are brainwashing young minds with primitive thinking and unemployable diplomas, this country will descend into absolute chaos.

It will not remain whole by the 22nd century.

America will be easy pickings for whomever can move the fastest. 

China and Mexico will start picking the leftovers of California.

Mexico will claim ownership of Los Estados Perdidos -- The Lost States -- the American Southwest. 

Oregon and Washington might work out some arrangement with Canada, although it is also culturally on track for destruction.

Russia will form some kind of alliance with Alaska and then who knows.

The south and midwest might form an alliance with Texas as leader.

The northeast will crumble since it only survives on taxes and no brains.

And the crumbling DC will revert to its natural state of jungle habitat village of Swamp-Upon-Potomac for two-legged swamp rats and assorted vermin and parasites.

Much the way it is now.




newworldorder's picture

Much of what you have said is possible. As to when will it occur, - it will happen in stages based on the catalyst at hand.

In the major cities, it will be when money, food and energy are not available for a week or longer and dependent on the availability of police and justice services. When the police and National Guards see duty to their families vs duty to their state, anarchy will reign. There is little goodness and tolerance left in major cities. it will be the survival of the strongest and the most well armed.

rahrog's picture



The snowflakes will melt.


The federal government will collapse.


Libertarians will form new societies - just like the libertarians did in 1776!


brushhog's picture

Right now we are being divided because it benefits somebody to divide. If/when it benefits to unite they can do that too. Suddenly a scary outside enemy will appear that will make the snowflakes not look so bad, and the deplorables might actually seem rather handy to have around. This is just human nature, well studied and easily replicated.

It will take a major attack, something on the scale of 9/11 or worse. But we'll all stand together for mutual benefit and protection. The news will play into it everyday all day, showing young millenial 'snowflakes' in uniform going off to 'fight for freedom' and the older generation will soften. They are useless, lazy, tech obsessed "snowflakes" now, and they'll be "Heroes" tomorrow. What seems like an impossible divide now will vanish instantly in the face of a greater "other" and in-group preference will do its thing. Im just a shmuck on a computer in cyber-space with very little knowledge of history/psychology and even I could unite this country in 1 week if I had the reigns. Imagine what these high level psy-op intel, deep state fuckers can do? They can have you all holding hands and jerking each other off tomorrow if they wanted.

newworldorder's picture

I suspect that you are not old enought to know that this American divide may not be able to be closed. Betting on the lives of my family, I will say it cannot be closed.

You also need Plan accordingly.