Jared Kushner Complained About CNN's Trump Coverage In Meeting With Time Warner Execs

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As the war between the Trump administration and the "fake news" media rages on, after seemingly escalating in recent weeks, Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser, allegedly met with a senior Time Warner executive recently to express the administration’s deep concerns about CNN’s news coverage, according to anonymous sources cited by the Wall Street Journal

The meeting apparently involved Gary Ginsberg, executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications at CNN’s parent Time Warner, and revolved around Kushner's view that CNN's coverage was unfair and slanted against the president.  Kushner reportedly even took issue with specific CNN contributors including Van Jones, a Democrat who served in the Obama administration, and Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, who have each criticized Trump in harsh terms.

A White House official offered the following statement saying it's "no secret that the President and his team have been critical of CNN’s dishonest coverage."  

“It’s no secret that the President and his team have been critical of CNN’s dishonest coverage of the President both during the campaign and since his inauguration, and it’s obvious their ratings have suffered as a result. FOX on the other hand provides mostly fair, and more complete coverage of the Administration and their ratings have never been better.”

Meanwhile, CNN defended their ratings...

The CNN spokeswoman said, “Once again, the White House has their facts wrong. CNN’s ratings are up 50%.”


“Our journalism has never been stronger as we continue to hold the administration’s feet to the fire. Those are the facts,” said a CNN spokeswoman.

...and Ana Navarro decided to troll Kushner on twitter:

Of course, as you may recall, it was CNN's Ana Navarro who had a mini-meltdown early on election night when she predicted a Donald Trump loss while saying it would be "sweet, sweet justice if tonight it was the Latino vote that defeated Donald Trump." It did not.

Of course, adding to the complexity of Trump's strained relationship with CNN is that his administration will oversee the regulatory review of CNN's parent company's proposed sale to AT&T for $85 billion, a deal that he has publicly criticized in the past.

In the final stretch of the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump said he would block the agreement and singled out the news network in his statement. “AT&T is buying Time Warner, and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration,” he said. The deal will be reviewed by government agencies including the Justice Department.


Such rhetoric from a presidential then-candidate and meetings such as the one between Messrs. Kushner and Ginsberg are unusual, according to Mark Feldstein, journalism historian at the University of Maryland.


“Lord knows that every president has been angered by their news coverage, going back to George Washington,” said Mr. Feldstein. “But to engage in that kind of bare-knuckled tactics is extraordinary.”

Needless to say, the next four years will "entertaining", and in some good news for the ailing mainstream media, Nielsen ratings are set to soar every time Trump decides to attack the press on primetime TV.

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Intelligence_Insulter's picture

CNN is unadulterated ass.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

CNN will never recover from all this.

bigdumbnugly's picture

trump is actually giving CNN a lot more notoriety than they deserve with the constant references to this single news source.  By doing so, the others - equally bad - are going to be seen as legit and fair.

He should just stop talking with any of them, state why, and move on with different resources.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Anyone with more than 3 brain cells knows that MSM is bullshit.  Trump is not going to convince anyone of these less-than-3-brain-cell people otherwise.  He's just muddying the waters, and like you said, giving them spotlight.


Nemontel's picture

The only way to fight SJWs is to boycott them completely. Simply stop watching them. They are ideological cancer anyways.


froze25's picture

CNN is delusional, their rating have been going down now for the last 8 years, year over year. They had a brief up tick during the campaign season. Now back down in the shitter.

macholatte's picture


the complexity of Trump's strained relationship with CNN
the complexity of CNN’s strained relationship with Trump

an interesting choice of words

Jack.Lincoln's picture

You really sharpened your pencil, macholatte. Great observation.

I'll go to the low hanging fruit. The missing "be" in the closing sentence, ahead of "entertaining", is like a turn-over on 3rd &1.

No fucking-matter. ZeroHedge is shedding it's silly. Finely tuned algos combined with Russian intel gnawing on the flesh of the US deep state... Anti-American sentiment amidst a torrent of US media propaganda has a certain appeal. Even fake news, if framed as fake, can serve the cause.

There's nothing more need be said about US financial markets. No buttons left to push. Even inexplicable magic tricks become tedious after awhile.

If ZH continues to flirt with this recent quest for relevance and integrity, they're at risk of becoming another Condé Nast Publication. Fuck that Tyler, don't even think about it.

bigdumbnugly's picture

when the less than 3 brain-celled people make up near or over 50% of the population, you have to factor them in.

There's no IQ test at the ballot box.

spastic_colon's picture

i'm more worried about the 4 brain celled people that believe the phrase "anonymous sources"

Lone_Star's picture

That's the problem. I'm pretty sure all of the SJW leftists don't exactly measure up in the brain cell department.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

I agree - revoke their credentials and ignore them. If anyone asks him about CNN, just say "Who?". 

There is a guy in Oklahoma that keeps stealing my YouTube videos and selling them as his own. He puts up fake FaceBook accounts impersonating and attacking me, he opens fake YouTue accounts impersonating me, etc. After filing over a dozen copyright takedown complaints against him, I just started ignoring him. I realized that he had a deep seated inferiority complex and was obsessed with me. He was desperately trying to provoke some sort of public confrontation with me in order to get me to highlight him. 

Ignoring him put a stop to it. I simply quit worrying about it and moved forward. He can copy all the videos he wants. While he's busy living in my past, I've designed a custom skinning knife that will come to market in the next few weeks. He will always be behind me, and his view will never change.

skirmish's picture

That is a terrific policy for many things in life! 

Ghordius's picture

for both media and politicians there is only one Golden Rule:

it does not matter HOW you talk about me...
....as long as you DO talk about me

meanwhile... "Little Boy"? seriously? oh, my

chubbar's picture

You may have noticed that NBC has throttled back on the rhetoric lately. Don't know if it's related but interesting.

clade7's picture

Ana Navarro has a big fat butter face...I dont like her at all..not even as a pinata...She seems to always be mad about something...With Her, if it aint this, its that?  Not attractive at all, always butterface bitching 'bout something?...Plus the missing 'N' in Anna?  Where the hell did that go...? 


Good Luck on 'My Time' Ana...Maybe somebody will need a smart mouth braying Donkey like you for the Shrek remake?

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

It seems to me that anyone seeking fame and notoriety more often than not has altered the traditional spelling (e.g. add a letter(s), drop a letter(s)) of their given names.  There are millions of women named ANNA, but there's only one ANA so she must be special.

justdues's picture

There is only one PewDiePie ....Bitchez !

BabaLooey's picture

Well smote.

The chocha should be hawking churrachos con shitoles in a food truck to landscapers

Midas's picture

Why does she keep calling him little and boy?  Is that an age reference, height or maturity?  Is she body shaming?  He may not be overweight like miss Navarro, but I am sure he is taller.  Is the content on the rest of CNN grade-school name calling?  I feel like I am making the right decision by not watching. 

froze25's picture

It's what they do, they are mentally inferior so they resort to that.

JRobby's picture

Ginsberg would not dare betray his corporate overlords.

So THE BAZOOKA came out yesterday. Not like they did not try to come to a compromise?

FACT: There is no compromise possible with these dark globalists. This is a war.  War with Satan.

Proceed acordingly.

hxc's picture

Wasn't that tribe cunt going to fuck off to New Zealand?

Edit: oh wait, the other ginsburg. He can fuck off too

2rigged2fail's picture

You get some dumb fat latina that hates Trump, throw a bunch of fiat her way....she thinks she's important because she is on TV fake news, but just comes across a total ignoramus...bitch is unwatchable 

chubbar's picture

Well, she did say she is a "college educated latina". I guess there isn't that many of them around if she thinks it's worthy of bragging about. That is slightly above saying "I graduated from high school". I know that changed everything for me when she informed us of that.

sgt_doom's picture

Is Anderson Pooper the "only" one at CNN who "summered" (interned) at CIA HQ in Langley, VA. during his years at Yale University?

chubbar's picture

I heard he was in charge of the glory hole in the north wing.

Koba the Dread's picture

I would think that adulterated ass would be worse than "unaduterated" ass.

I woke up's picture

Starve CNN, have all airports change the channel from CNN to another one, airports have a captive audience, the less people watch it in an airport the greater the chance they won't watch it at home

JRobby's picture

Um.....Phones, Laptops and Tablets?

The only people I see watching it at airports are so far gone they will be in a camp by summer. WAR IS COMING!!!

max_leering's picture

fuck CNN... take the fat latin pig off the air... journalist?... Navarro??... you gotta be fucking kidding me!!!

Sword of Troy's picture

Kush needs to get in line for he pees on Very Fake News CNN.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I have to agree with the cry-baby characterization on this one.  Cable news is inherently biased, period.  Has been for at least two decades.  Anyone who watches and believes CNN is probably against Trump anyway.   No different than Fox, which was relentlessly anti-Obama for 8 years.  They have an audience to which they cater.

Philo Beddoe's picture

Agreed. However, Fox has had better looking bimbos for years now. 

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

If the skirts get any shorter they will have to move it to HBO.

jus_lite_reading's picture

I get all my news from Naked News. (Don't tell my wife)

You know why? Cause I love looking at naked bitches and I read ZH!


centerline's picture


What is new though, I think, is that people are starting to see the damage that it does to the truth.  People love a good story.  They love to pick a side and see the other side get clobbered.  But, they don't like being lied to.  And they definately don't like being manipulated.  In fact, the more stupid the person the more likely an intense reaction to lies and manipulation.

MSM is treading on thin ice now.  And Trump I think intends on giving all the impetus they desire to double down into a full blown "Riverdance" act right to the bottom... or they will get saavy and back off.   

Ghordius's picture

+1 but... on what do you base this?

"they don't like being lied to.  And they definately don't like being manipulated"

direct experience? like... here on ZH?

"In fact, the more stupid the person the more likely an intense reaction to lies and manipulation."

I would not single out the stupid. it's a terrible selection to make. but in my experience, the simpler a worldview is, the more... it sticks. regardless

Faith is built on such things. Strong partisan support for polical causes, too

generally speaking, an educator has to spend a lot of effort in keeping the educated mind supple enough to be able to change in front of fresh facts

that's my experience with people, and I hope I am wrong and you are right. but I do not think so

shovelhead's picture


Navarro sounds like she learned English working the back of a taco truck. Couldn't CNN find someone who didn't talk like a cholla?

NoPension's picture

She represents Hispanics. Give her a break....she's a minority. Triple banger, by my count...Hispanic, woman, fat and ugly. At least, that's how your supposed to treat her, she's special.

That mouthy little bitch makes me want to shoot my television when she's on.

Got The Wrong No's picture

After the third TV I've had to bury in the back yard, my wife took my guns away. 

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

The Communist Neocon Network's ratings are up 50%....really? Their viewership increased from 1000 people to 1500, or from 2 to 3?

Fake Trump's picture


YouJustMadeTheList's picture
YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) Fake Trump Feb 17, 2017 12:48 PM

No Jews is FAKE news

quesnay's picture

Her tweets, wow. Is this how 'professionals' behave? More like children.

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

CNN is comedy- Its hillarious

PirateOfBaltimore's picture

Seriously.  What the actual fuck is CNN smoking?  I want some.


“Our journalism has never been stronger as we continue to hold the administration’s feet to the fire. Those are the facts,” said a CNN spokeswoman.


More like "this adminisitrations feet to the fire" because they very obviously fawned over Obama.  The change in coverage is patently absurd.  THEY GAVE DONNA BRAZILE THE FUCKING DEBATE QUESTIONS!!!! Their reporters HAVE FUCKING DINNER WITH PODESTA!!!  No wonder they only hold Donalds feet to the fucking fire.  Blind, partisan hacks to the max.


Why has the Donald not come out and point blank asked a reporter, during the press conference, how Podesta's fucking dinners are?  Have the date and time of the event laid, and ask what other reporters in the room who were present at the dinner were wearing that night to make it abundantly clear that most of the MSM is in bed with the Democrats to an absurd degree.


And then ask what Hillary's dick tastes like.


Akzed's picture

It's all a movie and they're all actors.