Put Up Or Shut Up: Judicial Watch Sues FBI, NSA, CIA For Flynn Records

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As we noted previously, given the FBI has already 'cleared' Flynn, the only possible path for escalation from here by the deep state, is to leak the actual recorded calls to the press, thus "proving" Flynn lied, assuming of course, he did.

Furthermore, as Mike Krieger recently raged, the public should demand the Flynn transcripts

...How do we know what was really said without the transcript? The New York Times tells us...


"During the Christmas week conversation, he urged Mr. Kislyak to keep the Russian government from retaliating over the coming sanctions — it was an open secret in Washington that they were in the works — by telling him that whatever the Obama administration did could be undone, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified material. Federal officials who have read the transcript of the call were surprised by Mr. Flynn’s comments, since he would have known that American eavesdroppers closely monitor such calls. They were even more surprised that Mr. Trump’s team publicly denied that the topics of conversation included sanctions. Prosecutions in these types of cases are rare, and the law is murky, particularly around people involved in presidential transitions. The officials who had read the transcripts acknowledged that while the conversation warranted investigation, it was unlikely, by itself, to lead to charges against a sitting national security adviser."


I have so many issues with the above reporting it’s hard to know where to start. Everything mentioned above is given to us secondhand via “anonymous American officials.” Nowhere do I see any specific quotes from the transcript, despite the fact that the paper admits it talked with federal officials who read it. Why not? Why must we hear about the content of the transcripts secondhand from anonymous officials? This is the most significant red flag with this whole story. If the leakers were truly interested in transparency, and wanted the public to know the truth, why not leak the transcript to Wikileaks and let the public decide?


I’ll tell you why. They didn’t do this because transparency was never the goal here. They wanted to illegally use intelligence information to take a scalp from a Trump administration they hate, and they knew they could do this via mainstream media journalists. I know what you’re thinking, Edward Snowden didn’t leak everything to Wikileaks either. He likewise picked a few journalists and trusted them to responsibly report the information. How is this any different?


It’s different in two important respects. First, we are talking about a single transcript, or a few transcripts, as opposed to the enormous intelligence data-dump that Snowden provided. Secondly, The Intercept and others who reported on the Snowden material provided a huge amount of primary source documentation for the public to see so that it could come to its own conclusion.


They didn’t simply tell everyone what to think about leaked documents while refusing to share any actual content. Where are the specific, comprehensive quotes from the Flynn transcript? Why doesn’t the public have a right to see the entire thing? Instead, we are being told what happened and what to think via secondhand anonymous sources. Sorry, but this doesn’t cut it for me.


I have yet to see any excerpts from the transcript. All I’ve seen is what anonymous officials say was discussed. This is absurd. We the people should demand the content of the relevant transcripts so we can decide for ourselves just how bad Flynn’s actions were. In the absence of this, we’re essentially being manipulated on a massive scale by rogue intelligence agents and told what to think through the major newspapers. This doesn’t cut it for me. I want to see the content of these conversations so I can make up my own mind. Perhaps it’s even worse than we know. So be it. We should be treated as adults and allowed to see the actual conversation if it’s going to be made into a story of such huge national importance.

Today, absent any adults in the room, we learn that conservative watchdog Judicial Watch is planning to sue several government agencies if they do not hand over records related to the wiretapping of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The group filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the records weeks ago but are planning to sue by next week for the records if they do not receive anything by then.

Judicial Watch filed the requests with the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Treasury Department, according to the group’s Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell. Below is a tweet from Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the National Security Advisor scandal.

Additionally, Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research, had the following to say about the wire tapping of Flynn.

Furthermore, In an article titled “DOJ is also a target of President Trump’s probe into leaks” by the publication Circa, Chris Farrell was quoted saying,

"it would be a very narrow universe of persons who would have had access to that classified material. Even the number of persons who would have access should be definable. That sort of communication intelligence, or comment collection activity is very specific. The list of people is narrow."

Rest assured, Judicial Watch is committed to uncovering the truth and holding those individuals accountable who may have broken the law.

One way or another the 'leaking' intelligent officials need to 'put up or shut up' with their Flynn allegations - leak (or release to JW) the transcript or stop the fake news supposition.

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FreezeThese (not verified) Feb 17, 2017 12:42 PM

Haha seya in Court Donna

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I agree, lets see what happened here.

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Alan Parrish, 1969: [reads] JOOMANJI: a game for those who seek to find / a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token, doubles gets another turn, the first player to reach the end wins.

Judy Shepherd: [reads] Adventurers beware: do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game / will vanish only when a player has reached JOOMANJI and called out its name. 

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Three cheers for Tom Fintton and JW!

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Some assholes are obviously clicking his link Ave he's able to track you from ZH, OTHERWISE, HE WOULDN'T KEEP POSTING HIS SPAM HERE.


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Filed under the invisible "Trust US" NSA  "Russia Hacked the Elections" folder

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Right now, in downtown Seattle, in front of the Federal Courts Building, located most conveniently near both a Starbucks and McDonald's, a "protest" is underway, with nicely made up signs, mostly nicely dressed people (who evidently never have to work during the day, and three, private TV/filming vans, which must be relatively expensive.

Money is flowing into these protests, and I believe we know the usual culprits:  Soros, the Koch brothers and/or the Financial-Intelligence-Complex, which others refer to as the "Deep State."

When Tea Party Republicans and Dennis Kucinich (and myself) are on the same page, something is afoot!

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It's the same or similar group across the ocuntry protesting and in some cases, rioting. Highly paid most of them. Is anybody working on this? Or is the DOJ still chasing only climate change deniers, shipping guns to mesican gangs and harassing police departments.

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"Filed under the invisible "Trust US" NSA  "Russia Hacked the Elections" folder"

I didn't know we had a Department of Trustus.  Now I do!!

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"they should treat us like adults"

see, there's the first mistake. TPTB don't think of us as adults, they think of us as sheep to be exploited & slaughtered when the time is right. the sad part is, 53% or so of the country *likes it* that way. what to do? we could stop letting women vote, but I doubt they'd vote for THAT....


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I like this. I don't think you will after court. 

It's win/win either way. Thank Illery for that ;) 

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Squidbilly (not verified) Feb 17, 2017 12:47 PM
TRUMP PREPARES ARRESTS OF FAILED FAKE NEWS LEAKERS!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06xrzlfnsmc  
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Should be worth about five sirens on Drudge.

When I see the sirens, I'll give you credit.

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I'd like to sue them for fucking up the country.

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Give a little description of the links.

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 Its kinda hard to have an informed opinion without the actual information. Otherwise its just speculation.

 Just like pedogate.

MsCreant's picture

Very fair and balanced comment. Are you interested in a career in, uh, news reporting?

VWAndy's picture

 News reporting? What planet you got in mind?

Vageling's picture

Well yes. But isn't that kinda like... What they serve as news nowadays? They are more opinion pieces than news articles. But unnamed sources you know... Just like my unnamed sources, who told me stuff based on anonymity, say that MSM is having an mental implosion. 

Looks true. One hour you write an article and twist Trumps words to support the "narrative", next moment you use that same piece suddenly in context? 

That's the whole fucking point. They're as clueless as us and keep bringing speculations as news facts. Accept their theories suck, fucking amateurs.  

VWAndy's picture

 Thats why being well grounded matters. If you are lying to yourself its all to easy to be dupped.

NoWayJose's picture

If conversations between government officials and foreign dignitaries are 'classified' then. Itching can be released.

Or what was the fuss about if Flynn was considered a non-government Official?

Amicus Curiae's picture

thats whats  got me irked

he wasnt mil employee OR working for govt or Trump AT THE TIME

so i see it as a huge NON story re any guilt or issues


why isnt anyone raising Klintons visits n payment BY russia?

samsara's picture

Put the  Title and hyper link it so people will know where you are pointing to.

Few will hit a link that they do not know what it is about.

George Webb - Truth, Open Source Intelligence Will Bring Them Down

MsCreant's picture

You are correct.  The down side of ZH is that it is a bit like a VD orgy around here. Some of these links have fucked up my computer before.

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Flashlights and Roaches...

MsCreant's picture

You get a nice sizzle/popping sound with torches I have found...

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I know the people at Judicial Watch. They are really good people who care about the US and the rule of law, and they know what they are doing. Buy your popcorn, this should be good.

RagaMuffin's picture

Unfortunately, we may need flak jackets more than popcorn, the way this shitshow is going.....

centerline's picture

Tom Fitton and the JW crew in my opinion are heros.  They are doing what journalists are supposed to do.

Rock on JW.  We've got your six.

worbsid's picture

Send them some money to continue to do the work they do so well.  I send then a $100 whenever I can.  the only down side is they waste a lot of money sending me junk mail. 

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I AM 100% with you! these folks do not  PLAY,and my money is on JW.We will see the transcripts.Had Flynn even discussed sanctions AS A NOT YET sitting director,as a member of an new incoming POTUS team he STILL would not be liable.ONLY IF He lied to the FBI WOULD they have grounds to nail him.

This was going to be part of his JOB, he had 100% right to do this.

HE Screwed himself by misleading Pence and making him look STUPID.That alone was reason enough to ask for his resignation.

CRM114's picture

Here's a clue to the establishment.

Trust in politicians: zero

Trust in MSM: zero

Trust in "Government officials": zero also, now.

I trust my doctor, my mechanic, and the cute teller at my Credit Union.

I trust all of my relations and close friends to be honest, but only about half of them do I trust to be competent.

That's about it.

Zorba's idea's picture

quoting my immigrant italian grandfather..."in this world, its good to trust, better not to" 

MiddleLeg's picture

Grampa's original version was most likely

"fidarsi è bene, non fidarsi è meglio!"

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

I want to see the biggest scandal since Iran Contra.