Senator McCain Falls for Absurd Russian Prankster Pretending to be Ukrainian Prime Minister

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How fucking stupid are our leaders? Fucking John McCain fell for this ridiculous prank by a group of famous Russian phone-fags. McCain said, to whom he thought was the Prime Minister of the Ukraine, "I cannot predict what this President (Trump) will do."

Essentially, he's talking foreign policy with them about wanting harsher sanctions on Russia -- while those fuckheads are ringing bells in the background.

"We have pranked McCain, Lindsey Graham and the Republican Majority leader in Congress McConnell in the Congress Mitch McConnell on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions, however, we can not tell the details yet," Kuznetsov said.


I did not believe this until it was verified by Sputnik.

Jesus Christ.




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If this story is true why hasn't the MSM picked it up (Google turned up nothing)?

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Actually this isn't as bad as all those that fell for the con called the "Affordable Healthcare Act". All of the Dem leaders and a few of the duller Repulicrats fell for it.


I can't speak for others, but based on my own experience, Obumacare has caused my family far more real damage than any ISIS rag head has or ever will do.  Here we are spending trillions in the ME and not taking care of our real problems here at home.


The folks in D.C. ar very good at spending money on theorectical dangers while totally ignoring the real damages currently taking place.


In CA where I reside, the Dems want a billion dollar bullet train while not spending funds to maintain the present infrastructure.


Does anyone in a position of 'authority' have an actual grasp of reality? Can't voters see the endless con sold to them?

Blazing in BC's picture Blue Pill at a time McCain, if 4hrs is not enough double up your does

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CNN WON'T be reporting on this

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MAGA...Analeyes the past before betting on the future

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...and John checks his mailbox each day looking for the check he was to receive from the Nigerian prince.....

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What a maroon, what a rube.

Why can't Arizona get rid of this Keating 5 alumnus?

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Senility is so much easier to live with at an Arizona retirement community than in the hallls of power.  The old goat won't last out his term.

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I would do anything to see a video of Putin listening to this and laughing his ass off. Trump could literally hang him out to dry over this.

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 Sen. McCain takes Soros' cock out of his mouth long enough to spill state secrets to fake Ukraine Prime Minister.

News at 11

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Trump should be thankful that his enemies are such retards. 

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Get off my lawn!

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LMFAO!!!  McCain is running his own party.


So long as McCain goes along with the Trump senate vote, this fucking guy can go pick his nose in front of a camera for all his worth.


But McCain is the Nazi Pelosi "man of the day", that's for sure.



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america's most iconic stunt pilot...clear the deck!!!

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Yup, last in his class at the naval academy. Add this to Maxine Waters thinking Russia invaded Korea, Pelosi thinking Bush is still in office, and the other day when the democrat house leadership prattled on like dolts over a fake tweet sent from a prank General Flynn account, and you get a bracing picture of our senior leadership--clueless...senile...dumb. 

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President and charter member of the Jackass of the Month Club.  What a fool.

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McCain reminds me of what the insult comedian Don Rickles said about Congress in 1983. McCain needs to 'be put into a  'home', and stop bothering the American people!' He's past embarrassing and has feeble-mindedly wandered  into dangerous.

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there are a dozen of viable Location Devices for Dementia patients...surely his government HC would cover 100% of the expense.

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Gotta love ol John boy. He's the Manchurian (comedy gold) candidate... What a tool.

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I'm surprised a smart guy line McCain would fall for this.  After all, he wisely discerned who the "Moderate Rebels" were in  Syria. 

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Even took selfies with those fuckin fags.

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Duping this dismal old codger, along with other high value Progressives like Graham and McConnell would be dead simple as long as the caller has the voice down even reasonably well.  Freely passing confidential information along to their fellow Progressives is a given as their loyalty is more with globalist cause than national interests.  Very well done by the Russian entertainers.  The only aspect of this that is a head scratcher - why waste time on spoofing goofy, old Maxine Waters?  Unless of course that was a different crew of comedians who are like the B Team and have yet to earn their picking on that old duncellian is just a first step in the art of spoofing. 

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They pranked Maxine Waters last week. Her conversation can be found online. Scary how easy they fall for it.

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We are governed by Congressional morons, but they do speak eloquently to the constituent and racial groups that elected them.

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Wanna damage the "deep state"?

Get rid of McCain and introduce term limits.

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And who can forget him playing video poker during a Senate hearing on Syria

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 Its no shock to me. The feral will pretty much always take good bait. Mccain is about as feral as it gets.

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This guy becomes a US senator after his punk ass move "wet start" on the US Foresstal....killing 134 sailors.

How is that never discussed?

134 dead sailors.  Almost sunk a aircraft carrier.  Ya, he's got great judgement......fucker.



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Wet start? No, according to the training film we watched in the navy, the armed missle was set off by a huffer...basically a jet engine on a tow tractor they used to start aircraft engines back in the day that had its exhaust blowing on the missle. It was on the flight deck recordings....... But if you have different info, Id love to see it. We called that ship the Forrestfire.

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The one they did with Maxine Waters was even more funny making claims that Russian soldiers were occupying Lvov.

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Not really a supporter of McCain, but your "wet start" theory is bogus;

The tail of McCain's plane was pointed over the side of the carrier and away from other planes at the time, and the F4 Phantom fighter that fired the missile was facing McCain's plane from the opposite side of the deck, as shown in Caiella’s diagram, in other diagrams, and in Navy film of the fire.


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Well, the official report that exonerated the Admiral's kid must be taken as gospel.  Nothing suspicious at all.

Why would anyone suggest a coverup?  The stupid captain must have been seeing things. 





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Remember, his daddy, the admiral, edited the accident investigation after McCain was whisked off the carrier so he didn't testify.

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His mind remained in Sovjet-mode ever since 1989.

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And the fact that he cooperatd with his vietnamese captors. That never gets mentioned either. My belief is that (((media owners))) control him by controlling the truth about him.

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"..i'm not surprised, motherfuckers"

~ nathan diaz ~

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My God we are doomed.

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Ahahahahaha songbird johnny never misses an opportunity to bloviate incoherently

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All together now ......  Thank you Arizona.

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doesnt he have a fucking caller ID?



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Try to call any Congressional critter these days. You will get a recording, unless you are 'transferred through.'  Only the plebeians answer their own phones.

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Baba Boowie - Sounds like a 90's Howard Stern skit

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He is the collective middle finger from the people of Arizona to the rest of their fellow Americans.

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It is time McCain quietly retired somewhere safe, his judgement has repeatedly been shown to be suspect on almost every topic, he was raised with a Reds under the Bed philosophy and still exists in some kind of 1950's time warp. I suspect he has never even grasped the Internet, probably thinks it is simply a quicker way of sending letters.