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She'd seize Brexit to torture the people. A Neo-Axis of Blair/Bush ueber alles.

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The German National Socialists were, above all else, nationalists.  The EU is clearly a mechanism of globalist control over european nations and nationalism, a front for international zionist communism.  The Hakenkreuz inside of the EU stars makes no sense, except if one is trying to project the untold and nearly infinite crimes of jewish international marxism onto National Socialism.  

In other words, WB, it appears that you are blaming the German National Socialist movement for the crimes of the zionists and their useful idiot goyim fellow travellers. 

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German Nationalsozialisten were socialists .

Left idiots and nothing else. Same as snowflakes now worldwide.


I see the last defender of the Liberal World Order

is sporting her favorite rose colored glasses.....

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It's all fun and games till George tests the exoskeleton. 


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This cannot be Mürksel, because Mürksel is double fat at least.

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She's approaching her final form.

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I bet he is one of those Rhodes Scholars, or Chatham House associate, or belong to one of those international Relations Firms.

Do they have a club for Diplomats and Geopolitical Strategists where they dress up like girls and such.

I just can't remember the UK Organizations of Cecil Rhodes.

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Without Blair and Dubya there would be no Syrian crisis and no ISIS.

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Keep going back and you'll find that there would be no Syrian crisis and no ISIS without Muhammed.


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You think Blair blackmailed muha mett ?

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Yeah but we can still throttle W and Blair by the neck.

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What a patriot!

First, bomb the hell out of them and then invite several hundred thousand into the couuntry! Those Brits sure know how to pick them.

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Those rearloaders need some new asses from time too time.

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Morse Code translation >> "BOMB MOSLEM NATIONS TO SAVE THE EURO" ... I guess there was not enough space to put "-TRASH" on the end.

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I concur; nice hooters for a he-she...

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Evil global elites are bringing all the ghouls out of the closet!

Anti-christ evil pope is also on parade today spewing his one world propaganda against Americans.  Quite a new demonic sport these putred charactors have put on display!

WB, your gift of artistic clarity is spot on! 

Rumor has it that Obomber, OFA leader is planning a May Day parade in the US featuring his newly-trained activist goons, I wonder if Msss. Blair will have a float?  Seems like these very shady clowns are very motivated to have a big spring event and are previewing their exercises, lots of evidence appearing to support this rumor!

(My computer w/Mozilla now has a flashing multi-color troll under the search bar along with a statement; "Now is a good time not to read the comments".)   These turds need to know, I will NEVER SUBMIT!!!    Matthew 28:5-7 KJ


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Oh there's another parade entry today - "Sucksberger" telling everyone how wonderfully global we'll all be??  The NWO ghoul queens are florishing today, oops, Mr. FB forgot his VR hajib.

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What is this troll about?  What is going ON?

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IMHO, It's a cute little demonic reminder from your global IT owners that you are crossing the line and actually using your 1st Amendment Right of Speech.  The OECD controls the internet when Obomber signed it over last year and they play by the NWO elite rules not American rules.

The Firefox v51 home page has a little yellow troll emoji flashing purple, green, pink, blue
"Now seems like as good a time as any for an important reminder: Never read the comments." (this is a direct quote from the page)



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I reverted back to Firefox 45.7.0 ESR to get rid of all of Mozilla's new nanny restrictions.

Mozilla has become more like Google, et al (censor and control). Guess programmers tend to be Liberals.

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It's about time you guys switched to Vivaldi. I did in December and it's now my main browser both on windows and linux.


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using javascript?

nah.  that's asking for trouble.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I am going to give it a try.

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How many British boys have died because of this sick creep and his butt buddies?

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Nice to see you're still knocking it out of the ball park Banzai7.

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Please - not while I'm eating breakfast LOL..............................

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Old Tony Blair, the Bush Family puppet and WAR CRIMINAL. Who is going to bring these bastards to justice?

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Tony Blair ...

A FABIAN SOCIALIST who is an exact pattern of the person to come referred to the FALSE PROPHET who transitions to the ANTICHRIST.

This guy is EVIL!

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There is a small amount of justice in having Blair think he is still relevant.

But having Blair commit Sepuku (and selling tickets to be his second) would be the only true justice.

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Not a big fan of public executions, but I'd make an exception for a Blair headlopping - and pay good money for a front seat ticket.