Tony Blair Urges Brexit Opponents To "Rise Up" And Fight To Stay In The EU

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In a fiery speech delivered in London aimed to show U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May that she won’t get everything her own way, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Tony Blair urged opponents of Brexit to “rise up” and fight to change the British people’s minds about leaving the European Union. 

In his first major political intervention since the vote last June, Blair issued a rallying cry to opponents of Brexit, saying there was little clarity over what the vote meant when the referendum took place and that the government was set on "Brexit at any cost".  

"The people voted without knowledge of the terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do so," he said quoted by Reuters in a speech to pro-European group Open Britain. Blair spoke at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London, the same place where, in January 2013, former Prime Minister David Cameron announced his plan to call a referendum on EU membership, unwittingly setting Britain on course to leave.

“The debilitation of the Labour Party is the facilitator of Brexit," Blair said. Last week, May won a series of votes on the legislation to allow her to begin departure talks. Blair’s aim is to rally those who want to stay inside the EU and get them to work together to change the terms of the debate.


“Our challenge is to expose relentlessly the actual cost, to show how this decision was based on imperfect knowledge, which will now become informed knowledge,” Blair said. “I don’t know if we can succeed. But I do know we will suffer a rancorous verdict from future generations if we do not try.”

"This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair; but the time to rise up in defense of what we believe."

Blair acknowledged there is little room in the public debate for talk of staying inside the EU. He said he wanted to reframe the questions before it was too late.

“The ideologues know that they have to get Brexit first, then tell us this is the only future which works,” he said. “We need to strengthen the hand of the members of Parliament who are with us and let those who are against know they have serious opposition to Brexit at any cost.’

The former PM also questioned May’s claim that she wants Britain to be a bridge to the U.S. “How to begin this worthy undertaking?” he asked. “To get out of Europe, thus leaving us with no locus on the terrain where this bridge must be constructed.” He said the break-up of the U.K. “is now back on the table, but this time with a context much more credible for the independence case.”

He warned that May’s administration will be unable to focus on anything beyond EU matters. “This government has bandwidth for only one thing: Brexit,” he said. “It is the waking thought, the daily grind, the meditation before sleep and the stuff of its dreams -- or nightmares.”

He explicitly rejected May’s argument that her opponents are “citizens of nowhere.” “How hideously, in this debate, is the mantle of patriotism abused,” Blair said. “We do not argue for Britain in Europe because we are citizens of nowhere. We argue for it precisely because we are proud citizens of our country who believe that in the 21st century, we should maintain our partnership with the biggest political union and largest commercial market right on our doorstep.”

As Bloomberg adds, Blair, who ran the country from 1997 to 2007, explicitly set himself against May’s Conservative government, accusing it of being a “government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit.” Blair has criticized May and other members of the government, who had backed "remain" in the referendum campaign, for pledging to take Britain out of the single market for political reasons even after they had offered a staunch defense of its merits. "They're not driving this bus. They're being driven," he said.

It is unknown if Blair's remarks will have an impact: his reputation among the British public remains tarnished by the Iraq war, an issue which resurfaced last year when a long-awaited inquiry was critical of his role in the decision in join the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.  Still, he remains a loud voice in British politics and has sought to make targeted interventions in recent years: first to warn voters against electing Labour hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn and later to try and dissuade voters from backing Brexit. Neither intervention was successful.

While he retains the support of Labour Party moderates, he is reviled by many members who feel he betrayed the party's socialist roots, and his old party has shifted far away from the pro-business center ground he once championed.

Theresa May has vowed to trigger Article 50 and start the process of leaving the European Union next month, and has said she envisions a clean break from the bloc, including leaving the single market. She has also warned politicians against disrupting the process.

Blair said that among the risks of Brexit, the issue of the break-up of the UK was now "back on the table" and the circumstances for nationalists were now "much more credible" than they were three years ago.

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Proof that these turds should be euthanized within 24 hours of losing their last election...

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Fight for your be slaves.

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We would bet the ranch that Blair enjoys hot dogs and spirit cooking.

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There goes Tony Blair doing the Bush's bidding......shilling for the Carlyle Group.

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The asshole is practically calling for a Civil War in Britain, not a surprise from the co-fabricant of the mess in the Middle East

tonyw's picture

Tony B Liar's allegiance to the EU made him a multi-millionaire.

Do you think he's going to let poor scummy people destroy his taxpayer funded cash club?

Pity he did not listen to those that rose up against his illegal Iraq War, which he then profiteered from.

Politicians are always in favour of larger political establishments so that they can continue to live by different rules and plunder taxpayers.

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B'liar is Brexit's secret weapon - everytime he speaks it confirms we did the right thing last June.

What an utter tosser!

wildbad's picture

the cunt Blair is a perfect example of imperfect knowledge.

would someone ELSE please do another citizens arrest on his sorry bush licking ass?

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Good thing the globos grabbed all the guns from the citizens in the UK.  Can you imagine a similar call to action in Murrika?  Keep fingers close to triggers!!

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Speaking of which...

Is it just me, or does everything these globalist pigs do in the U.S. and abroad reek of them wanting civil war everywhere they do not get their way?

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Why has that sexually degenerate war crimminal not died from anal cancer yet, he stopped using his bum to poop over 2 decades ago.  


Fuk him and his Zionist cucks.


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Blair hasn't washed the piss off himself from the Bush Administration yet. Too busy mopping up jizz from the Bilderberger back rooms.


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More of the usual "We know better than they do" fuck these guys, they are blind as hell to the world around them.

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It´s the same thing as if your telling the passengers to climb back onto the tilting Titanic after they´ve already scrambled into the lifeboats.  Better to brave the potentially dangerous swells of the Atlantic Ocean than ending up thousands of feet underwater.

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Sorry but you are confusing him for gerbil loving Mandy.

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Note where it was held BLOOMBERG Europe.

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"Is it just me"

Is it just me, but does anyone see another color revolution going on?

We have our purple, sponsored by our very own Hildebeast in the US. What colour (Br. sp) revolutions is rising in GB? Is it also purple? 


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They don't care which direction the bullets are flying just as long as they fly.

slammin_dude's picture

Once they finally start flying in their direction en masse they will....

It isn't the 1800s where only the elite have imformation available,to them via their telex machines....ppl onow who these fuckers are now


Again...these guys still think,it's the 1950s, that people believe what they say, trust them and have no access to any real info....not hard to he "elite" when u controll 100% of the info...which they no longer do

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Someone somewhere has pix and sleazy info on Blair.

It should be tracked down and made public.

That would shut him up real fast.

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Someone needs to pop a cap in one of these fuckers.

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"Someone needs to pop a cap in one of these fuckers."

And the reason it doesn't happen is because all the cap popping is done by government intellegence agencies. They're the only ones with the logistics and man power to accomplish this and not get caught.

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purple.. couldn't they pick a better color? It makes priests look like pedos, makes hillary look fat. Every time i see a purple tie, I look away in revulsion

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Blair is such a friend of the people ... that's why he pays over $1.5 million/year to bodyguards for protection when he walks the streets. Same with Zuckerberger who pays over $2 million.


They will fight to protect their Billions and dubiously nefarious activites.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Someone should send Zuckerberg the same hi-tech exercise equipment that blinded Harry Reid in 1 eye.

fleur de lis's picture

Off topic but what really happened to Harry Reid?

The official story about him getting attacked by gym equipment makes no sense.

More like he ticked off some .gov mobster big time and they sent the gorillas.

But what was the reason?

There's a money trail somewhere.

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@Government needs...

You should know the machine doesn't always do the same thing. It might cut Zuckerberg's testicle off, for instance. Oh, does he have testicles?

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With dark insanity comes randomness

EddieLomax's picture

Looking at his face it looks similar to mine, I fell onto a tiled floor.  If mobsters had been involved it would have either had been controlled violence (nothing but the body), or he'd have had multiple injuries on show.  That just looks like he fell and hit the floor to me.

As for Blair, screw him.  He's a serial liar that still thinks that the public can be hoodwinked into carrying on in the EU to pay for him and his cronies to live it up at the taxpayers expense.

As he is so fond of foreign courts having supremacy over our own we should send him off to Iraq to be tried in their court for what he did to their country, and punished there too.

BarkingCat's picture

maybe unhappy Chinks because he did not deliver on that Nevada land deal for their solar farms.

kellys_eye's picture

Yeah right, like Bliar picks up that bill...... the poor sucker taxpayers are on the hook for that despite the fact that a couple of ounces of lead is so cheap these days.

You Only Live Twice's picture

They had to find one that hasn't already been used in a colour revolution?...

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Soros gave him orders to get more engaged and encourage riots, etc. Same with Soweto and Hillary in the USA using subversive and unAmerican activites to undermine the legitimate government. They routinely do it overseas overthrowing democratically elected governments so why not here in the UK and USA they figure.


They should be arrested and locked up for treason at best and sedition in the least. Inciting mayhem migth be another charge.

SoDamnMad's picture

Hey Tony. What did you do with all those boatloads of "weapons of mass destruction" you found in Iraq?  I'm sure was morally right to go in to a soverign country and totally screw it up killing tens of thousands of people year after year for no good reason.  And while we are at it what other Middle East countries were attacked for the good of BP?  

YouJustMadeTheList's picture
YouJustMadeTheList (not verified) SoDamnMad Feb 17, 2017 8:08 AM

The "Weapons of Mass Destruction" are there. They're called "Boots on the Ground".

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Thank God the queen's dogs have more credibility than Blair these days....

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Sure, Tony! While at it, let’s re-fight both World Wars and the American Colonies as well.

Looney   ;-)

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Not sure, Blair seems to be an accomplished ball licker. 

shovelhead's picture

But on the other hand Corgi's are trustworthy where Tony "the phony" Blair is not.

philipat's picture

Why would anyone care what a corrupt war criminal says?

CheapBastard's picture

I forget how many young British men and women did Tony send to the middle east to die in the Bush-Obama blood soaked soil there based on Bushes' lie?

Ghordius's picture

indeed, philipat, +1. but I have a question to you and to Brits here: who is the lead Remainer, in the UK? who is left arguing for the other side? Corbyn? Labour?

perhaps the LibDems, but they are still regrouping, aren't they?

imo it's a complete vacuum, imho, and it's sucking this... turd up from the prison toilet bowl where somebody ought to have flushed him down

seriously, seen from the other side of the Channel, it's... amazing. a riddle wrapped in an enigma

I know only one thing for sure: we will be blamed. whatever happens, regardless of the deal offered to the UK, it won't be enough, and the continental european countries will be blamed... while regardless of the deal offered, Brexiters will complain that there is a deal at all

this is the real dilemma that we are facing. a treaty? Brexiters will hate it. no treaty? former Leavers will hate it

come on, Brits. regardless of your stance on this thing (mine is the UK to leave, if it wants), what the heck are we supposed to do or not?

EuroPox's picture

Lead Remainer??  What on Earth for - the vote was last year!  It is already decided, we are leaving; what is the point of anyone arguing to remain??

As for 'blaming continentals' ... for what?  It is the Evil Union we abhor we are not trying to get away from 'continentals'; we will still visit for our holidays.  We just want our country (including our fish!) back!!!

From what I see, there are quite a few 'continentals' thinking the same way - and the number keeps getting bigger.  VIVE LE PEN!!

Ghordius's picture

that's exactly what the average continental does not understand, me (and even Ireland) included

in our polities, there would be somebody and some party still fighting for the other side. we never made up our political minds that clearly about anything

I'm not alone in finding this a mistery wrapped in an enigma, (and this after a vote that close as this). no opposition at all except for... Blair? seriously?

btw, it's a trade treaty I am talking about. for all purposes, being in the EU is the equivalent of a free trade treaty. I don't know if you noticed, but the whole thing about those "Brexit talks" is about if and what kind of treaty is going to replace that... or not. and that includes fishing quota/areas, doesn't it?

(btw, it's continentals, not "continentals")

EuroPox's picture

I am sure there are some Germans who still want to argue about the 1966 World Cup - but that is over too, England won 4:2.  The UK does not need any opposition to Brexit, it is just a pointless waste of effort.  We simply need to get on with getting out - which is where your trade deal comes in.

tbh I don't know what the fuss is about here either, we buy FAR more from the EU than we sell to it - what is the EU going to do??  Tax exports to the UK?  I know which side of the table I want to be on!  All the: "Make them pay!" crap from Hollande etc is just hot air (which is what you would expect from a French socialist!).

If a deal can't be done and we have to use WTO rules, who do you think will suffer most: the EU or the UK?  The UK is the #1 world market for German cars - ask them how badly the want (actually need) a deal.  QED.

Ghordius's picture

so you say that no deal at all would be fine? noted