The Washington Post Actually Takes Russian Government Money (Unlike The Websites It Helped Slander)

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson interviewed the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple and brought up the fact that the paper regularly receives money from the Russian government to publish propaganda known as “native advertising” within the contents of the newspaper. This was news to me.

Here’s the clip.

As you heard, the paid Russian propaganda sections are known as “Russia: Beyond the Headlines.” The earliest article I found about it was published in Slate back in 2007 in the piece, Hail to the Return of Motherland-Protecting Propaganda! 

Here are a few excerpts:

Soviet propaganda hit the skids during the Gorbachev era, and as the empire broke up, its propaganda essentially vanished. But the heavy-handed purveyors of party-line orthodoxy and nationalist cant have returned with the rise of President Vladimir Putin, and a demonstration of this lost art’s resurgence can be found in a 10-page advertising supplement to today’s (Aug. 30) Washington Post, titled “Russia: Beyond the Headlines.” (It can also be viewed on the newspaper’s Web site.)


Produced by Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the official Russian government newspaper, the section mimics the look and feel of a hometown paper, with news, an op-edsection, a sports feature (Maria Sharapova), two business pages, an entertainment page, and even a recipe for “Salad Oliver.” But beneath the shattered syntax of these laughable pieces beats the bloody red heart of the tone-deaf Soviet propagandist.


On the opinion page, we learn in “Dog-Walking - a Gateway to Wisdom” that Vladimir Putin likes Labradors and takes Connie, his Lab, with him to televised events. “Russia’s citizens like Putin, and that’s probably why there are a fair number of Labradors on my neighborhood streets,” the writer states. All glory to Labrador-loving Comrade Putin and his patriotic walking-dog, Connie!

Now check out the following excerpts from a 2015 article on the topic from The Daily Caller titled, China, Russia Pay Washington Post To Publish Their Propaganda:

Chinese and Russian propaganda supplements are regularly included in The Washington Post, but the widely read newspaper won’t say how much money it gets on the deals.


China Watch – a China Daily publication – and Russia Beyond The Headlines – a Rossiyskaya Gazeta publication – have both appeared in the Post for years as paid advertising supplements. Both foreign periodicals are owned and operated by their respective governments.


The Russia Beyond The Headlines material has appeared in other major news papers, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

I find all of this extremely interesting, as well as disturbingly dishonest and hypocritical, considering that The Washington Post itself played a major role in falsely claiming that 200 websites (including this one), were somehow doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

As I discussed in last year’s post, Liberty Blitzkrieg Included on Washington Post Highlighted Hit List of “Russian Propaganda” Websites:

What’s particularly interesting about this list, isn’t the fact that a bunch of anonymous whiners decided to demonize successful critics of insane, inhumane and ethically indefensible U.S. government policy, but rather the fact that the Washington Post decided to craft an entire article around such a laughably ridiculous list. This just further proves a point that is rapidly becoming common knowledge amongst U.S. citizens with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together. The mainstream media is the real “fake news.”


Let’s take Liberty Blitzkrieg for example. Despite the fact that my site is mentioned on “the list,” nobody from PropOrNot bothered to contact me while doing their “research.” They could’ve asked very simple questions about how the site is run, who owns it, and who makes decisions about editorial content. Furthermore, I doubt they did any such research with regard to any of the mentioned sites before slandering them.


Since they failed to do any real work, let me answer several of these questions. I, Michael Krieger, am the 100% owner of Liberty Blitzkrieg. I am the only person who makes decisions on what to publish and when. I have absolutely no connections, financial or otherwise, to the Russian government, Russian interests, or the interests of any other government or government related group. Moreover, there is simply nobody on planet earth who has any influence on what I write or what I publish. I left a very successful and financially lucrative job to do what I do now because my passions and ethical grounding pushed me in this direction. If I was interested in making enormous sums of money, I could’ve easily stayed on Wall Street.


Moreover, I rarely write about Russia, with the exception of trying to prevent insane neocons and neoliberals in our government from actively seeking a military confrontation, because I — like most normal human beings — would prefer not to contribute to the manifestation of World War 3. Likewise, I try to prevent war breaking out in all circumstances where I think it can and should be avoided. I intentionally almost never use RT as a source, and I’ve never quoted anything from Sputnik. Unlike The Washington Post, I try to be extremely diligent about not publishing fake news, but I am a very strong critic of U.S. government policy, because much of U.S. government policy is certifiably insane and unethical. You can disagree with my opinion on that all you’d like, but I challenge anyone to find anything that could reasonably be considered pro-Russia propaganda on my website. If Liberty Blitzkrieg really is a Russian propaganda site, this should be easy to do since I’ve published thousands of articles over the years.

The fact that The Washington Post would give credibility to a obviously ridiculous organization with an entirely invented list of “Russian propaganda websites,” knowing all the while that they themselves were the ones taking Russian government money is the height of hypocrisy, dishonesty and deceitful journalism. Once again proving the obvious point: The mainstream media is the real fake news. 

Finally, if you want to help us in the struggle between real, independent media and fake, billionaire-owned mainstream propaganda press, consider visiting our Support Page.

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nmewn's picture

Hypocrisy thy name is WaPo.

Son of Loki's picture

wapo now has a bunch of DNC-paid political hacks working there.

Sad to see it turned into poop over the last few years. Not worth reading anymore.

mind reset's picture
mind reset (not verified) xythras Feb 18, 2017 5:20 AM

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New_Meat's picture

you guys ever wonder who gives this crap the single greenie?  Pretty smart for an eleven-day-old shill.

nmewn's picture

Isn't it fascinating to notice how the mainstream media always used to root for the little guy, the underdog?

The one with the impossible odds to overcome by virtue of status, the one with absolutely zero chance. If nothing else it makes for the always great come-from-behind story of the weak winning against the strong & powerful...truly riveting TeeeVeee...yes?

In the case of Trump they didn't. 

So we sat there and watched as the election results roll in, the underdog was in fact...winning! Yet the press' mood was darkening with every new state that was called, becoming ever more dour, some might say, showing a real sense of some foreboding apocalyptic event was happening.

Because the Establishment Candidate was in the act of losing!!!...OMG!!!

Now, how odd is this new behavior and what does it say about the mainstream medias allegiance to the little guy? ;-)

Nobodys Home's picture

The Emperor has no clothes!

mind reset's picture
mind reset (not verified) Nobodys Home Feb 18, 2017 5:03 PM

I'm making over $7k a month working part time. I kept hearing other people tell me how much money they can make online so I decided to look into it. Well, it was all true and has totally changed my life. This is what I do...

Gilnut's picture

It's not sad when you understand that the Intelligence Apparatus of all major countries work in tandem for the same people.  Flags mean nothing to the REAL Deep State.  At the beginning of WWII, German armored vehicles were made by Ford.....lots of other examples of the Fascist nature of GovCo.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

The fist of the Private Central bankers is the hand that feeds us.  Without it we die.  The Masters of the Universe pimp out all the world.

farragut's picture

Speaking of hypocracy, still no mention of the CIA "meddling" in French 2012 presidential elections on WaPo's website (or CNN, et al). Anyone surprised?

Edit: it has now shown up *buried* in the ( section and it has also shown up on the ABC News site under the International section (


SoDamnMad's picture

I am surprised that anyone with a half a brain would go on with Tucker Carlson (in this case I can look at the source and understand why, how) in a debate.  He has a lot of facts and is ready to pounce of a subject where his invitee in totally unprepared for the onslaught that will ensue.

Keep it up Tucker.

Lynx Dogood's picture

To funny! Actually taught my kids to watch WaPo articles for the propaganda, it's so bad it's funny. Yet millions of Amerikans buy the Krap daily!


Hail to the Mother Land! What ever one you think will save you, if you can't save yourself.


Free tip: If your mother land would rather kill you to save itself, than have you around. That is an elected or non-elected politician or government bureaucrat. Study history, not the government approved versions.


 Thanks nmewn!


Grandad Grumps's picture

I see no problem with the WaPo taking money from foreign governments for advertising pieces. This is nothing like Hillary taking multimillions of dollars from Uranium One, owned by Russia, to approve the sale of 20% of the US uranium reserves to Russia.

MsCreant's picture

Should they then call other outlets fronts for Russian propoganda when they do it? 

They spot it because they got it, they are projecting.

Orly's picture

Interesting perspective.


nmewn's picture

No nothing wrong with it at all.

Until they accuse others or report others saying another is, who aren't and never fact check anything to see before reporting on it.


And I want to expand on is Fake Nuuuz when the ENTIRE story isn't told because there are many ways to write a story, for instance...

"Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi have been promoting the unsubstantiated rumor that Donald Trump..."

...instead of...

"Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi called on Donald Trump to release his tax returns..."

Bigly difference ;-)

Nobodys Home's picture

Nmewn and his mask as well as Nobodys Home and his bag are not to be trusted. They hide themselves from facial ID and any normal attempt to be identified. %They are ABnormal. They must be apprehended at all costs! Our society cannot allow these people to walk freely among us!

nmewn's picture

That is the essence of it really and they strain to make the many of the deceptive things they do and say.

It is abnormal for a nation to not enforce & protect its own borders.

It is abnormal for a nation to spend more than it takes in.

It is abnormal to burn cars in the middle of the street the night before one goes to a manmade global warming demonstration in the morning or in the case of the monied/political class, hop in your jet & fly halfway around the world to eat caviar at a conference paid for by someone else.

It is abnormal to say you have evidence of some crime having been committed by your opponent and never present it.

It is abnormal to have anyone on a No Fly List yet allow them to drive or purchase gasoline or cutlery or even walk around among us.

It is abnormal to treat your own currency with contempt or suspect anyone who has it of being a criminal.

It is abnormal for a sitting congresscritter to say an island can tip over or Putin has invaded the Korean peninsula.

It is abnormal to create laws that inflict pain & suffering (mental, physical or monetary) on people for not having health insurance.

It is abnormal for old line media outlets to hide behind behind the First Amendment while attempting to destroy or modify all the other amendments.

It is abnormal to accuse a gay white man (who also happens to have a black boyfriend) of being a racist the case of Milo.

All the above (and more) they have done and said while attempting to setup some continually shifting false reality/narrative but I would hope any rational person can look at the above and see it for what it is, they created the mess yet now complain their creation has them trapped, unable to move in any meaningful direction so it needs to "change" to something different yet again. 

I say no, the building is now fully engulfed in flames and we've got them all locked inside, I'm not really seeing a problem with it ;-)

New_Meat's picture

nmewn, why, one could almost do a search-and-replace with your post.  For your term "abnormal" replace it with "unconstitutional."

  • "speedy trial"
  • "confront your accuser"
  • "unusual punishments"
  • "the Constitution is not a suicice pact."

Them old dead guys, yep mostly white Protestants, knew a thing or two about tyrany and how to provide for protections against it.  They were able to build a fnce around the space to provide for liberty from the King and all of similar ilk.  They also had domestic antagonists to their vision, some even family measures.  So they also had to deal with antagonists 'inside the wire.'

Soundin' familiar.

- Ned

{there is nothing unconstitutional about insanity, thank the gods.  Hank and I are grateful for this}

nmewn's picture

Yes, I suppose we the part about the Constitution & BoR's not being a suicide pact, as I have zero intention of killing myself because of them. 

As far as my "other intentions"...well, thats all in due course & a completely different pact ;-)

monad's picture

Chicom indoctrination teaches that the Dalai Lama is a bad guy. When American students including tens of millions of aliens despise the Dalai Lama, you can see where the rabbit hole goes.

land_of_the_few's picture

Well, it would have helped his independent image somewhat, if he hadn't hadn't taken millions of US State dollars over the years.....  well let's be thankful for smal! mercies, at least they didn't pay him to do modern art or atonal orchestral music...!

By the way, what makes you think he is a good guy? Is he in favour of things like banning modern slavery, establishing open government, a reasonable tax system, a fair society? Would he make Tibet a better more civilsed example than Nepal, then? He seems not too forthcoming on those issues.


monad's picture

The chicoms invaded Tibet for strategic miltary purposes and forcibly bred the Tibetans out. The chicom lugenpresse accuses their victims of said attrocities whilst chicom invaders perpetrate them. Sound familiar? Dali Lama supports a large Tibetan exile community in India. Millions of dollars? Wake up. Vet your "facts". Always remember where you get every "on which fact" you manufacture your personal reality. You also saw talikng horses and ducks, and martians there...

nmewn's picture

It is an interesting false paradigm they have going on there in their lives, leftwing yoootz driving around in exhaust belching early model Honda's & Volvo's with Free Tibet & Coexist bumper stickers splattered across the backs of their cars...while furiously texting on their Apple i-phones (made in about what the dirty filthy Christians might be thinking or saying.

Coexist!!!...Free Tibet!...lmao!!!

land_of_the_few's picture

Well all those things just prove they are easily influenced and at this point in time they may as well declare themselves as naive neocon globalist handmaidens.

nmewn's picture

I remember I was once young, ready to engage in the world and prove that all my elders were wrong because, of course...the young have all that depth of worldly experience & knowledge to draw upon!

Its a damned shame really, if I had a nickel for all the times I was wrong then I'd be retired now ;-)

soyungato's picture

You got 3 down votes so early - what you said must have hurt ! 

nightwish's picture

Good part of story - Russia is taking PR efforts to improve an image destroyed by western agitprop

Bad- WaPo is a fucking who're for revs and has zero integrity, but no surprise there. 

One person's 'propaganda' is anothers side of the story, and the word is so abused these days that it's lost its value

Amicus Curiae's picture

about what i was thinking

so an item on Vladimir walking his dog is agitprop?

but the bummers mutt or even the bush ones prior was not?

how dare theose nasty russians dare be normal people!

they print recipies?



the carlson clip was a hoot;-)

watch the dudes eyes start to spin when he realises what hes been asked...and how he was wanting prior notice of wht he would be asked..


MuffDiver69's picture

Bezos has a 600 million, that we know of, contract with CIA as well...Its all a big scam and if you watch that complete Tucker interview, the guy is a dimwit extraordinaire...

skinwalker's picture

Can you elaborate or provide more information?

cheech_wizard's picture

Standard Disclaimer: Good enough for you? I read about that contract a while back...

It was even an article of note here as well:


captain-nemo's picture

"The mainstream media is the real fake news"


Just to clarify. They have recently been downgraded to "VERY fake news".

monad's picture

If its not banned on Google its fake.

Note: Appears that if Google detects a banned site in your browser history or cookies they will include it in your search results. Otherwise they don't. DuckDuckGo!!! 

Dildocks's picture

Founder/CEO of Duck Duck Go, Gabriell Weinberg, is a left-wing globalist asshole. Try StartPage.

Mahatma Coat's picture

Slander is defamation in spoken words or gestures.  Libel is defamation in printed words or pictures.

WaPo's crime here is libel, not slander.



Apeon's picture

Sounds like Slanderous Libel to me.

WTFUD's picture

Do as i say not as i do!

Neochrome's picture

Irony is, Russia doesn't even have to pay WaPo to work against democratically elected POTUS Trump, thus undermining the very core of US - democracy, they are all too happy to do it for free. I guess in this instance joke is on the Russians...

Orly's picture

From what I read, the Russians and Chinese pay for "happy" stories about their countries, not trashing the president.

TheLastTrump's picture

You recall that ex FOX reporter that revealed that govts around the world including the US govt were paying for stories to be run or SPIKED? Couple years back maybe.


Couple this with editorializing along the lines of owner policy and you've got a propaganda machine unlike any other.

hooligan2009's picture

i don't get it...the MSM is all over Russia as a bad actor on the world stage and Putin is a murderer of countless civilians... and yet the WaPo takes "blood money" from the Russian government?

trump doesn't need to build a wall on the border, he just needs to shift the wall of hypocrisy of the MSM across the Rio Grande!!

New_Meat's picture

What don't you get here?  Bezos will do anything for money.  Marty Barron will do anything to "deconstruct" America.  They attract similarly inclined shills.

The end justifies the means.  They will take advantage of "fellow travelers."

skinwalker's picture

I used to love amazon. I hate going to the store. I got most of my stuff from there. I've been a model customer.

Today I emailed them telling them in no uncertain terms to delete my account.

Bezzos shoulda stuck to selling things on the internet and not gone into the propaganda business.

Adrian Monk's picture

FUck Amazon is right. Losing money is the only thing these oligarchs understand.

Fuck Bezos!