Who Really Rules The United States?

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Submitted by Matthew Continetti via FreeBeacon.com,

How bureaucrats are fighting the voters for control of our country

Donald Trump was elected president last November by winning 306 electoral votes. He pledged to "drain the swamp" in Washington, D.C., to overturn the system of politics that had left the nation's capital and major financial and tech centers flourishing but large swaths of the country mired in stagnation and decay. "What truly matters," he said in his Inaugural Address, "is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people."

Is it? By any historical and constitutional standard, "the people" elected Donald Trump and endorsed his program of nation-state populist reform. Yet over the last few weeks America has been in the throes of an unprecedented revolt. Not of the people against the government—that happened last year—but of the government against the people. What this says about the state of American democracy, and what it portends for the future, is incredibly disturbing.

There is, of course, the case of Michael Flynn. He made a lot of enemies inside the government during his career, suffice it to say. And when he exposed himself as vulnerable those enemies pounced. But consider the means: anonymous and possibly illegal leaks of private conversations. Yes, the conversation in question was with a foreign national. And no one doubts we spy on ambassadors. But we aren't supposed to spy on Americans without probable cause. And we most certainly are not supposed to disclose the results of our spying in the pages of the Washington Post because it suits a partisan or personal agenda.

Here was a case of current and former national security officials using their position, their sources, and their methods to crush a political enemy. And no one but supporters of the president seems to be disturbed. Why? Because we are meant to believe that the mysterious, elusive, nefarious, and to date unproven connection between Donald Trump and the Kremlin is more important than the norms of intelligence and the decisions of the voters.

But why should we believe that? And who elected these officials to make this judgment for us?

Nor is Flynn the only example of nameless bureaucrats working to undermine and ultimately overturn the results of last year's election. According to the New York Times, civil servants at the EPA are lobbying Congress to reject Donald Trump's nominee to run the agency. Is it because Scott Pruitt lacks qualifications? No. Is it because he is ethically compromised? Sorry. The reason for the opposition is that Pruitt is a critic of the way the EPA was run during the presidency of Barack Obama. He has a policy difference with the men and women who are soon to be his employees. Up until, oh, this month, the normal course of action was for civil servants to follow the direction of the political appointees who serve as proxies for the elected president.

How quaint. These days an architect of the overreaching and antidemocratic Waters of the U.S. regulation worries that her work will be overturned so she undertakes extraordinary means to defeat her potential boss. But a change in policy is a risk of democratic politics. Nowhere does it say in the Constitution that the decisions of government employees are to be unquestioned and preserved forever. Yet that is precisely the implication of this unprecedented protest. "I can't think of any other time when people in the bureaucracy have done this," a professor of government tells the paper. That sentence does not leave me feeling reassured.

Opposition to this president takes many forms. Senate Democrats have slowed confirmations to the most sluggish pace since George Washington. Much of the New York and Beltway media does really function as a sort of opposition party, to the degree that reporters celebrated the sacking of Flynn as a partisan victory for journalism. Discontent manifests itself in direct actions such as the Women's March.

But here's the difference. Legislative roadblocks, adversarial journalists, and public marches are typical of a constitutional democracy. They are spelled out in our founding documents: the Senate and its rules, and the rights to speech, a free press, and assembly. Where in those documents is it written that regulators have the right not to be questioned, opposed, overturned, or indeed fired, that intelligence analysts can just call up David Ignatius and spill the beans whenever they feel like it?

The last few weeks have confirmed that there are two systems of government in the United States.

The first is the system of government outlined in the U.S. Constitution—its checks, its balances, its dispersion of power, its protection of individual rights. Donald Trump was elected to serve four years as the chief executive of this system. Whether you like it or not.


The second system is comprised of those elements not expressly addressed by the Founders. This is the permanent government, the so-called administrative state of bureaucracies, agencies, quasi-public organizations, and regulatory bodies and commissions, of rule-writers and the byzantine network of administrative law courts. This is the government of unelected judges with lifetime appointments who, far from comprising the "least dangerous branch," now presume to think they know more about America's national security interests than the man elected as commander in chief.

For some time, especially during Democratic presidencies, the second system of government was able to live with the first one. But that time has ended. The two systems are now in competition. And the contest is all the more vicious and frightening because more than offices are at stake. This fight is not about policy. It is about wealth, status, the privileges of an exclusive class.

"In our time, as in [Andrew] Jackson's, the ruling classes claim a monopoly not just on the economy and society but also on the legitimate authority to regulate and restrain it, and even on the language in which such matters are discussed," writes Christopher Caldwell in a brilliant essay in the Winter 2016/17 Claremont Review of Books.

Elites have full-spectrum dominance of a whole semiotic system. What has just happened in American politics is outside the system of meanings elites usually rely upon. Mike Pence's neighbors on Tennyson street not only cannot accept their election loss; they cannot fathom it. They are reaching for their old prerogatives in much the way that recent amputees are said to feel an urge to scratch itches on limbs that are no longer there. Their instincts tell them to disbelieve what they rationally know. Their arguments have focused not on the new administration's policies or its competence but on its very legitimacy.

Donald Trump did not cause the divergence between government of, by, and for the people and government, of, by, and for the residents of Cleveland Park and Arlington and Montgomery and Fairfax counties. But he did exacerbate it. He forced the winners of the global economy and the members of the D.C. establishment to reckon with the fact that they are resented, envied, opposed, and despised by about half the country. But this recognition did not humble the entrenched incumbents of the administrative state. It radicalized them to the point where they are readily accepting, even cheering on, the existence of a "deep state" beyond the control of the people and elected officials.

Who rules the United States? The simple and terrible answer is we do not know. But we are about to find out.

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Il Dottore (not verified) xythras Feb 17, 2017 10:38 PM


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Down voting you means they disaprove of the message, not the messanger. 

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what's that you say?




Trumpus Maximus Rules !


Go Donny !

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I dunno what it has to do with this convo, but that's a kickass song that a lotta people probably never heard.  Good onya'!

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Squidbilly (not verified) Jam Feb 18, 2017 7:15 AM
Joe Bonamassa - Just Got Paid


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JoeBo is the man that killed the music 'industry' as we knew it. I applaud, but I feel un-requited 'cuz Joe don't care- fucker kinda looks like Tarantino.


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Your solitary role as mouthpiece and prototer of a single [crappy] website has been a big negative for every article's comments on ZH.

Well past the time for you to move along. 

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I finally took a moment to read one of your offerings, but I rather wish I hadn't. You are either writing to confirm the beliefs of not-very-bright, died-in-the-wool Trump fans, or you are a not-very-bright, died-in-the-wool Trump fan. Either way, if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, at least consider that there might be an opposing view. As it stands, dreadful tosh. Oh, and pay for advertising - give Tyler some money you cheap thief.



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I think 'droppings' would be a more accurate descriptor.

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Simple answer: Deep state controls the US.

Who or what is the deep state?

Start researching the octopus, dany casolaro, gary webb, geroge webb and in the rabbit hole you fill found out.


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NDAA of 2013 allowed for the first time domestic propaganda.

The news media we see now is a result of that, domestic propaganda.


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Squidbilly (not verified) xythras Feb 18, 2017 10:53 AM


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Hope so. Better him than international pederasts of satan. 

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I'd like to know who the top people in the intelligence communities are. Likely J heavy. One things for sure, the liberals serve their agenda. Spies in govt everywhere, trump has his work cut out for him.

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I'd like to know who the top people in the intelligence communities are. Likely J heavy.







Everything sits in plain sight.



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Squidbilly (not verified) Tallest Skil Feb 17, 2017 10:36 PM


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How dare you slander the chosen people! This type of rhetoric is becoming main stream.



Thank You.

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Squidbilly (not verified) Lorca's Novena Feb 18, 2017 6:48 AM



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in fairness, your rant is akin to condemning Hitler's Nazi movement by chanting:


Jews or Zionists? or both? just curious.

religiously, Jewish adherents can be anyone. ethnically, Jews are native Judeans while Zionists primarily arise originally from southeast Turkey/northern Syria region and have hijacked Biblical texts to reassert themselves as Judeans belonging to the lands now known as Israel. i strongly suspect Zionists motives include occupying the lands where according to Zecharia Sitchen, beneath Mount Moriah lies advanced extraterrestrial technologies, remnants of the Annunaki's (Nephilim) presence on this planet, especially considering Abram's (Abraham) father was an Annunaki oracle, interpreter of the gods' words to mankind and possibly a human-Annunaki hybrid. Once Muslims have been evicted from the temple mount in Jerusalem, the command control center technology beneath the "rock" will be accessible and can be utilized to once again serve as landing beacons to guide the Annunaki to Earth when Nibiru returns on its 3600-year orbit cycle. i also suspect war with Egypt will follow to capture the remainder of the Sinai peninsula, where Mt. St. Katherine served as the eastern geographical marker opposite the western landmark, the Great Pyramid, in perfect alignment with Mt Ararat at the apex and Jerusalem perfectly located in the centerline. 

prehistory anyone? (:

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far out. Add to that the stuff in Antartica that every head of state and acolytes are visiting and also the pope and Archbishop Krill from Russia...even John Kerry whizzed down there. More pyramids, well at least one very Big one , and under ice streams and volcanoes and hot.. Nature magazine published that in 2015.                                                     Lots of UFO stuff was released by Wikileaks too.

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is that the same Sleepy Hollow head Ichabod Crane encountered clutched by the Headless Horseman?

in 2017, have you ever seen the dark side of the moon? we've all heard it. Pink Floyd's version and Apollo 10's.




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Nobody takes that shit seriously because they can't wrap their heads around it. For anyone interested in actual facts. Go research operation "Highjump". Admiral Byrd, probably should ring a bell with some of you from history class, led a group of 13 ships, destroyers and such, to antartica in 1945 for a year long operation to rout out the suspected Nazi bases that were built there during WW2. These bases were discovered from documents uncovered when Berlin fell, IIRC.

That operation ended prematurely after 4 months, with Byrd returning with several ships missing. Byrd was documented, as were other participants, as saying that this task force was attacked by flying saucers that came out of the ocean in Antartica, destroying the ships and killing sailors. Now, you have to dig a bit to get a hold of those records but they still exist.

Does anyone remember being taught any of this in school? Is this not a curious enough example of rewritten history to get folks off their ass and perhaps start researching what is going on in this world? Didn't think so. It's much easier to dismiss folks that point out these incongruities as being nutjobs. Shit is changing folks, and a lot of people around the world are figuring out that we have been lied to for decades if not centuries. The deep state is hiding many secrets because they want control of our world and don't want us to participate.

There is a movie coming out in April, "unacknowledged", by Dr Stephen Greer. It's a sequel (kind of) to "Sirius", which you can view on Netfllix. It will explain how the deep state came about through UFO research in the late 40's and 50's. It will update you and what the deep state has been developing these past decades among other issues discussed.

For those of you who have watched Sirius or are going to, one addendum, the Stanford Geneticist did not give a definitive statement about the gene makeup of that 7" alien he tested on that movie (you need to see this thing so watch the movie). He has told Greer and in fact has told several groups during subsequent speeches he's given, that he was threatened through phone calls just a few weeks before the movie wrapped up and so he was ambiguous about the conclusions of his genetic research on this alien in the film. He has stated since that it is not "human" but does share some common dna/genes with humans. I don't know if this statement will be included in the next movie. I was told this in person by Dr Greer, not sure if this is something that is also documented on tape somewhere. I hope some of you will take the time to watch Sirius and Unacknowledged, it will open your eyes to other possibilities on the reality of our world.

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i agree totally... there is much more to the human story as told by TPTB.

thanks for the heads-up on Unacknowledged. i'll watch for it.

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unless critical respondents have read the complete 7-volume The Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin they know not of which they speak. i just smile and allow their ignorance to shine forth. (:

for those unfamiliar, as a lifelong scholar of ancient Mesopotamia and pre-dynastic Egypt, Sitchin translates ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts directly into English. no BS. serious research by a serious man. and he reveals much more than you'll ever learn in traditional programming courses offered by TPTB to maintain control of "humans evolving from Simian ancestors".

check it out... then we'll talk.

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Squidbilly (not verified) fbazzrea Feb 18, 2017 7:36 AM



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Careful,  spewing your hatred. You think you are anonymous, hiding behind your keyboard, safe in some insignificant  backwater.  That's what you think. Careful. 


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Your threats don't work anymore, moishe. No one gives a shit about you or your storytelling anymore. When the full truth is made public, how quickly do you think you'll stop existing? It'll be a glorious day. Deus Vult, christkiller. We're coming for you.

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I'm surprised they let him live this long.

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Spy vs Spy, doc. He has his deep state allies too.

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yep.  i gotta believe there are more decent people there versus the kiddie-rapists in the Klinton-Bush Crime Families  - although they have had nearly 50 years to infilitrate every nook and cranny they contaminate.


Like AJ says, we have NO FUTURE if we don't defeat these sickos.


Be Alert and ready to tell everyone you meet these days WHY the President of the United States has declared all the corporate fakestream outlets as our enemy.  

Because they are PROTECTING the Murderers and Vile Perpetrators of every Ill you can think of. 

Can YOU Remember that ?


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I do, in my spare time.


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I read somewhere that all these additional agencies, other than the ones outlined in the Constitution, many of which are the result of New Deal and like programs and the appointed heads of same are unconstitutional because the president cannot delegate his own constitutional responsibilities especially if these appointments result in the creation in rules, laws and regulations, which they always do, that are not duly delegated constitutional powers. These delegations, the bureaus, their employeees and heads are, one and all, unconstitional for amongst other reasons the president has no authority to delegate his own powers.

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There's a patch of land in Southeast Oklahoma where I am master and commander.  I may be usurped some day but it won't matter to me when that happens, cause I won't need it any longer.

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Last chance to overthrow socialist fascists.

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dead men who we can ignore

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Time for Trump to sign an executive order to halt pay to all federal heads and politicians until work resumes.

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Game of thrones ain't got nothin on Trumps presidency. BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As it was meant to be.....


Wait for the ratings on the first season finale in Jerusalem.



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The left can revolt all they want.

Trump and Republicans are now on the same page (see video), and you progressives are about to take it up the ass in a big way, bigly.  Progressives, don't watch this if you have suicidal tendencies: