Pence Vows "Unwavering Support" For NATO, Pledges To Hold Russia "Accountable"

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One day after John McCain made a questionable diplomatic outburst when as part of a US diplomatic tour meant to reassure Europe, and NATO, of Trump's support, the Senator told participants at a Security Conference in Munich that the Trump administration is in "disarray", on Saturday morning Vice President Mike Pence did his best to return to conventional foreign policy after he vowed that the United States will "hold Russia accountable." In an address to the Munich Security Conference, Pence assured European allies that the U.S. "strongly supports" NATO and will be "unwavering" in its commitment to trans-Atlantic institutions like NATO.

Pence also said the U.S. would demand that Russia honor a 2015 peace deal agreed upon in Minsk, Belarus, to end violence in eastern Ukraine between government forces and Russia-backed separatists.

"Know this: The United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground which as you know President Trump believes can be found," Pence said.

To reinforce his message, he also tweeted the following:

We must hold Russia accountable and demand that they honor the Minsk Agreements, beginning by de-escalating the violence in eastern Ukraine.


Know this: The US will continue to hold Russia accountable, even as we search for new common ground, which @POTUS believes can be found.


Under @POTUS, the US will remain committed to ensuring Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon capable of threatening our countries or allies.


As @POTUS has made clear, the US will fight tirelessly to crush these enemies & consign them to the ash-heap of history, where they belong.

In Munich, the American allies were searching for clues from Pence as to how the Trump administration plans to deal with Russia in the aftermath of Flynn's departure, U.S. inquiries into Russia's involvement in the presidential election and Trump's past praise for Putin.

As previewed yesterday, in his first overseas trip as vice president, Pence sought to calm nervous European allies who remain concerned about Russia - and have made their "nerves" rather visible by sending major military reinforcements to Eastern European nations - and have been alarmed by Trump's positive statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The address to foreign diplomats and security officials also sought to "reassure international partners who worry that Trump may pursue isolationist tendencies", the AP reported.

After his speech, Pence met with the symbolic leader of the European establishment, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who addressed the conference prior to the vice president. Merkel reiterated a recurring message and stressed the need to maintain international alliances and told the audience, with Pence seated a few feet away, that NATO is "in the American interest."

Merkel sent another shot across the bow of the U.S. drive toward protectionism with a call for broad multilateral cooperation, saying that no nation can resolve the world’s crises on its own, and argued for improving the international institutions that have underpinned the global order to safeguard them. “No nation can resolve the world’s problems alone,” Merkel said in a speech to the Munich Security Conference. “These great global crises can only be resolved together.”

“We all feel a sense of unbelievable challenges, that something is really at stake - whether we’ll all act together, or step back from our individual roles,” Merkel said. “I call on all of us - and I hope that we can find a common position - let’s make the world better together, then it will be better for all of us.”

* * *

Pence also scheduled meetings Saturday with the leaders of the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko — countries that have been most vocal about their fears of future Russian incursion. Pence also planned to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

As AP notes, "European countries along Russia's border are rattled by the prospect of deeper U.S.-Russia ties after Trump suggested sanctions imposed after Russia's annexation of Crimea could be eased in exchange for a nuclear weapons deal, and after the president referred to NATO as "obsolete" in an interview before his inauguration. Trump has since tempered his language, stressing the importance of the NATO alliance during his telephone conversations with foreign leaders."

Of course, an alternative view of events is that the Ukraine fallout was the result of a CIA-sponsored violent presidential coup, meant to provide a legitimate basis for further NATO deployment along Russia's border. That narrative, however, has been largely designated to the "fake news" trash heap by the mainstream media and establishment powers.

To be sure, Europe was glad to receive Pence's "reassuring" message: "The vice president has sent reassuring messages through his own
engagement but that hasn't been enough to dispel the concerns that you
see in many parts of Europe," says Jeff Rathke, a senior fellow with the
Center for Strategic and International Studies. "There are such grave
challenges that the U.S. and Europe faces that it only heightens the
desire for additional clarity from Washington."

However, despite Pence's attempt to clear the air, the vice president did confirm that one of NATO's bigger fears remains on the table: Trump's demand that alliance members satsify their spending obligations. In his remarks, Pence reaffirmed what Jim Mattis said earlier in the week, when he reinforced the Trump administration's message that NATO members must spend more on defense.

NATO's 28-member countries committed in 2014 to spending 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense within a decade. But only the U.S. and four other members of the post-World War II military coalition are meeting the standard, Pence said.

Failure to meet the commitment, he said, "erodes the very foundation of our alliance."

"Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more," Pence said.

Pence is also expected to meet with the leaders of Iraq and Afghanistan, where the U.S. is embroiled in two separate wars. Trump has made clear his intention to defeat the Islamic State group. But he also said the U.S. may get a second chance to take Iraqi oil as compensation for its efforts in the war-torn country, a notion rebuffed by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who will be meeting with the vice president.

Wha, if any, is the summary assessment? As some, such as King's College Alexander Clarkson have pointed out, there appear to be two distinct foreign policy axes emerging in the Trump administration - there is a Pence/Mattis/Haley foreign policy and a Trump/Bannon/Miller foreign policy.

It will be up to Rex Tillerson to provide the tiebreaker, even though so far the new US Secretary of State has yet to provide a concrete stance on any particular diplomatic topic.

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IridiumRebel's picture

Must. Demonize. Russia.

07564111's picture

yeah, but this fucktard ain't got the balls to come try to make Russia do anything.

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Know this: The CIA overthrew the democractically elected regime in Kiev and the Jew Victoria Nuland (of Kagan War Family fame), saw the efforrt through for her Zionist bosses. Fuck you Pence, Trump dump him.

07564111's picture

We already knows this ;) but the joke is that there was no "New Land" for them bolsheviks, they were foiled again :D :D

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Must Read ... Greece Falling Apart ...

This once prosperous Greek builder is now living in a shack as his country’s economy collapses under the weight of German diktats and a never ending tide of migrants, says SUE REID

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Must try: put a quarter in John's mouth and you get to pick the next song! He's Juke Box Johnny and he's playing your tune!

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By accountable we mean account all Trump related Russian profitssss ... while we run a train wreck in Washington mothertrucker

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One would think Mikey would be Vlad's bF since Russia doen not allow gay marriage.

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So Trump's words mean nothing? It's still neocon in control?

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xythras (not verified) ne-tiger Feb 18, 2017 9:58 AM

And no one in Trump's administration talks about China. Such amateurs !

They are taking over the world in silent while we're bickering with Russia

WIKILEAKS: Chinese Government Requested SECRET Meeting with Top Clinton Campaign Aides During Campaign


PS. Pence needs to be put in place by the way. Has to learn that Vice President = ZERO and shut the hell up and go only to broads marches. Because of him we lost Flynn

auricle's picture

Trump says he has a fine tuned machine running, Sounds more like a car trying to go in drive and reverse at the same time. Pence remarks show clear division and offers no support to the president. Trump needs to bench him for awhile until he gets with the program. 

BullyBearish's picture

As long as "The Bankers' Boy" pence is in there, trump should sleep with one eye open...

One World Mafia's picture

Don Juan picked him.  Don ran on an anti TPP platform, knew Pence was for TPP but defended him when questoned about the dichotomy. His cabinet overfloweth with banksters and neocon warmongers from the old guard.  The one who showed some integrity before the election, Flynn who ratted out the CIA; is now on a skewer and Don barely spoke up for him...didn't fight for him at all.

Whoa Dammit's picture

I've started calling him Ponce (British slang). He was wearing lip gloss on one of the TeeVee news shows a few days back. And he definately acted like a cheesed off fag in what he did to Flynn.

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Pence is pumped up since he got Flynn canned who was dropping the dime on Pence's friend who is a pedo...   Send Pence to Qatar and have him crash land to an RPG so we can nuke Qatar and replace Pence



Scuba Steve's picture

No, it sounds like a normally fine running machine with people purposely pouring water in the gas tank.

earleflorida's picture

good digging about china, but old news (irrevalant!)! unless to get less knowledgable readers on ZH to understand how the deep-state propagandist blend truth with false`ities

totally wrong on pence vp

what gives with your day old post that seem to be suspicious in origin as if your a tool of spook-speak?

always top (u) post lately,... as wtf--- where did you come from[?] accept as a paid-shill for disinformation...!

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what about china? why can't we mind our fucking own business and use trillions military waste on our own people?

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Pence is a stupid fuck trying to please his military masters.

Russian threat? See here and decide for yourself who is the agressor:

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So tired of these neocon pieces of shit


just so tired...

auricle's picture

I'm very glad to see NATO spending less on their MIC. Trump needs to STFU on this issue. How about spending 2% rebuilding the middle east that they destroyed. 

Yukon Cornholius's picture

I wonder how much of that defence spending is on the F-35 program. It will have the equivalent effect in the next big war as the me262 had in the last one.

Giant Meteor's picture

Neocons are in control, yes. On the other hand I would not worry too much about this good cop bad cop routine. Every President, just like comics, needs a good straight man to dial it back in..

Neocons will cease to be in control, when it is revealed to be common knowlege that the math doesn't add, or nuclear armageddon, whichever comes first. Maybe both, all at once.

The thing is, and indeed it may all be "show," the loudest critics, most corrupt neocons, neoliberals etc. (and God knows what they're really planning) are verbally challenging, and attempting sabotage of Trump, at every available opportunity.

Yes, the battlegound is confused, but overall, i see this as a positive development.

As with the rest of the goings on, we shall see how things really shake out, in time.

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mind reset (not verified) Giant Meteor Feb 18, 2017 10:21 AM

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Yeah, I know what you do, lol

Post shit like this, then upvote yourself. Times are hard eh?

edit; On a bright note the crocuses are looking especially spectacular this year.

X- x3's picture

"On the other hand I would not worry too much about this good cop bad cop routine.....".

I do worry as with any normal human being would.

Did you ever hear of  *Schizophrenia* ?

Most folks believe it is a split or mutiple personality.

Well, it ain't but sure as hell is a fucked-up way of conducting foreign policy.

Schizoid can get ya' killed real quick.

Fuck the 2-cop spiel....Be A Fuckin' Man!

Trump, are you a man or a nut?



Giant Meteor's picture

Do I really need to spell this out for you?

First and foremost, neither you, nor I, nor any of our varied scriblings on here are going to impact much in this "game." Probably little to nothing at all. You, me, we, are not in charge. Sure, like you, I boarded the flight. The plane had already left the ground. Probably a bad time to "worry" whether or not the pilot and/or co-pilot are sober.

Second, there is no question the neo-cons are "in charge" if one wants to call it that, in charge. In charge of what you may ask. The inmates are runnin the asylum pal, this ain't a new development.

What, you thought that was going to change with an election? How quaint.

Now then, if I appear to be playing fast and loose with the idea of nuclear annilation, forgive me, my poor taste in "gallows humor.' The truth is neither you, nor I, nor anyone else has a crystal ball on this shit. On the other hand, only a non thinking idiot could look at these goings on and infer much other than this "thing" this "uncivil war" is going to create certain casualties. And as per usual, the first casualty of any war, this one included, is truth.

Said it before, will say it again, no fan of the don, for many reasons, but I am grateful to him, if for NO other reason, than him exposing this rotten game in Denmark, like no other has, certainly not in my lifetime, if not ever.

Hold on bud, its gonna get a bit bumpy from here on out ..

X- x3's picture

A well thought-out answer G_M_.

Thank You.

The thing is, I live only 5 minutes flight-time from an assorted array of stationary russian nukes.

The 'theater of nuclear war', perhaps started with a false-flag nuke is a very real scenario for me.

And for my kids and grandkids.

As Trump would say, "Not Good...Not Good at All."

Havin' Nutandyahoo as his best friend ain't good either.

Whatever he does, he better clean house quick or it's curtains for all of us 'normal people'.

Cheers X-


Giant Meteor's picture

Upvote, I have Grand Kids as well. I also live in the immediate kill zone. Good luck to us all my friend.

swamp's picture

Pence is trouble.

Pence there is NO NEED to voice your view that opposses your boss's view EXCEPT to create dissent and discord.

Trump --dump Pence.

Trump. You lost Flynn because of Pence

Pence is undermining Trump.

Cloud9.5's picture

Pence is to Trump what Johnson was to Kennedy.  We are coming up on the ides of March. Be careful Mr. President.  Keep your people close.  The fate of the Republic hangs by a thread. 

dark pools of soros's picture

Well, it does set the stage for Flynn to retaliate on Pence.. not that good fiction should become true or anything

Troy Ounce's picture


George Friedman (founder Stratfor) wrote about the new next war with Russia in his book "The Next Hundred Years".

So.We.Must.Follow.This.Direction.As.We.Can.Not.Think. For.Ourselves

strannick's picture

Bannon needs to smack Pence with the smart stick

small axe's picture

excellent article, thanks

thunderchief's picture

Lets be honest,  his is Trump's "little boy"..

Even if he became more than that, he could never aspire to more than Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter. 

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

"Trump dump him."

My prediction is he won't.  He will just hide behind him and send confusing mixed signals. 

musimann's picture

Pence is like Johnson, just waiting in the wings to carry the ball when they get rid of Trump. Hope he stays out of the open top limos.

Blankone's picture

If Trump does not come out and counter what Pence said then Trump gave his approval for the message.

In that message Russia is blamed for the violence in EUke and the Trump admin does not mention the attacks being initiated by WUke.  Trump has made it clear his admin view Crimea as having been "taken" by Russia from it's rightful owners.  Trump mentions other NATO countries chipping in more money but is now making it clear his admin fully backs NATO and the US role within it.  Almost sounds like Trumnp intends to increase NATO activity and wants some of the increased costs to be shouldered by europe.  Trump has called for decreased domestic spending but has made it clear he is exempting the military from any reductions (only modifying where some dollars are spent).  Trump has labeled Iran a sponsor of terrorism.

How is Trump a  change? 

Russia/Putin failed to look longer or even medium term and simply wanted to make or protect some profits.  EUke could have been protected easily by Russia, or the EUke's could have destroyed a very large portion of the WUke military if Putin had not forced them to stop.  Syria could have been quickly saved with a no-fly zone.  Instead the WUke's are restarting war once again (with renewed US support), the US is probing Syria for where to place official troops on the ground (maybe to stage for Iran) and the US is starting the propoganda for initial actions (proxy or not) against Iran.

dark pools of soros's picture

Everyone just keep emailing anyone left in the Trump circle that isn't a neocon (are there any?) just keep hitting them on the head to end ISIS which will end CIA/Mossad/Saudi by association


Laddie's picture

Pence is a typical Republican, sold out to the tribe and has no allegiance to the Whites who built this land and made it the greatest nation to ever exist on the planet.

Trump is naive. A decent man but does not as of yet KNOW who his real enemies and that is also the enemy of REAL AMERICA is, but he will find out.

Toward the end of this broadcast they discuss Trump's Jewish Son-in-law who owns a new york city newspaper THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, it is VERY interesting to say the least.

Deep State War on Trump (AUDIO)

George Lincoln Rockwell, Brown University 1965 He was a decorated, WWII & KOREA US NAVAL COMMANDER, he was assassinated in 1967 (AUDIO)

HRClinton's picture

You so-called Conservatives and Traditionalists in the GOP, have only yourselves to blame for this. 

It was Bush who elevated the role of the VP to a Co-President. Think back to Reagan & Bush or Bush & Cheney. The real action was going on behind the scenes of a very distracting front man, the President. 

So it is and will be with Trump & Pence. Trump will be another Great Communicator, while Pence and Mattis go around expanding the MIC influence. Heck, thanks to Thump Trump, they will get NATO to spend even more! Brilliant psychology. 

Classic Good Cop, Bad Cop routine.

You know who's almost sick of Winning? Globalist CEOs, the MIC, and the banks behind the Fed veil. And everyone who's making over $200K per year, by any means that works for them. Whose wallet are you in?

Scuba Steve's picture

Go lick the smegma from HRC's sandpaper knob.

DuckDog's picture

Trump has to ditch Pence ASAP he going to start WWIII behind Trump's back, Trump was right in his press conference two days ago, he is the only one that wants real actual PEACE, everyone wants war to steal US taxpayer's dollars...

Mean while the US needs $1 trillion in infrastructure spending to repair 30 years of neglect, it ain't going to happen.

And the American public is going to wonder why the US is a 3rd world country within 10-15 years

DuckDog's picture

Trump has to ditch Pence ASAP he going to start WWIII behind Trump's back, Trump was right in his press conference two days ago, he is the only one that wants real actual PEACE, everyone wants war to steal US taxpayer's dollars...

Mean while the US needs $1 trillion in infrastructure spending to repair 30 years of neglect, it ain't going to happen.

And the American public is going to wonder why the US is a 3rd world country within 10-15 years

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

Yeah yeah Jews Jews Jews....!!!


What do Obama & Trump have in common?

Two Jesuit Catholic's sitting as VP's in the backset driving the Pope's agenda


It's never the Throne to watch.


It's the power beside the Throne that tells the sistuation at hand.



inosent's picture

cite your source. cui almost universally jew zio centric, israhell, greater israhell etc etc etc. the roman catholic religion is a separate freak show. but if you have credible sources to show the vatican has the jew on their leash, I'll take a look.

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

 Cui bono? Latinam possum dicere. Legatus quis legioni praefuit? Pence.


Pence has walked back his catholic connections to steer the ship, but he's as bona fide as it comes.


As for Biden:


As for "the jew" on the leash?


Can you rephrase the question..what are you asking to see?

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

After rereading your post a few times I get what your asking now I think...who benefits from taking the US taking a hardline stance and attacking Russia?

The same who gains taking a hardline stance against Greece.

Jesuit Rome has no greater sworn enemy then Russian Orthodox Church and to a second lesser more neutered enemy the Greek Orthodox......I thought this to be common knowledge?


If not here a well known open source


As to Israel? Go there and see.

Zionist make up the small but politically power-filled minority.

Up until the 1980's Israeli society thought of its self as Hebrew ...only with the recent rise of hard line rabbinical/zionist rhetoric did the term "jewish state" take hold.

It is common knowledge the House of Roth are kings of the jewish state...they own all the political power. It is farther common knowledge they are the keepers to the Vatican Treasure and kiss the ring.


There are bloodlines entering war against "time".


My grandfather owed his life to an American Marine from extension so do I. Its sad to see the US become this ignorant of its own struggle and fight with the Vatican's Army.

Blindly believing the roman rhetoric will lead to the fall of 76.

Karma's a motherfucker




chindit13's picture

Well, aren't you an ignorant fucking moron! And you've got company, too. Look at those upvotes! You're a modern day hero to the woefully forlorn!

Vicky Nuland? Geoff Pyatt? If they beat Putin, then little Vlad is pretty weak. If Puti thought you actually knew anything about Nuland and Pyatt, rather than you being just so goddam stupid you believe what you read on the internet, then he'd Anna Politkovskaya you. Lucky for you you're a moron moonbat.

Nuland was a bureaucrat with next to no power, and Pyatt only ended up in Kiev because he's a career FSO and no 'friend of the President' wanted a place like that. FotPs prefer cushy places like the UK, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo. Guys like Pyatt get choices like Kano, N'Djamena or Kiev.

Sorry there, Billy, the internet is about 99% Fake News, though a magnet for those of your challenged intellect.