Visualizing The Stunning Truth About How Students Are Spending Loan Cash

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Over the last 15 years the starting salary for recent college grads has declined about $4000. Unfortunately, as details, the amount of student loan debt most students are graduating with has skyrocketed. You can now expect to graduate into a worse job market and with more debt than just a decade ago, which is leading to a serious financial crisis- the average debt load upon graduation is $37,000, and many people can’t even make their minimum payments.

Nearly 60% of student borrowers have no idea when their student loans will be paid off. Over half of borrowers have no idea what their monthly payments will be when they graduate. When you combine these facts with declining wages and rising housing rates, many people will find they just can’t make ends meet.

There are a few things students can do before graduation to ensure they aren’t set up for failure. Find out what your total costs will be and only take out the amount you need- financing a pizza every Friday night for four years can easily turn an expense of $1800 into $2291 when you have to pay interest over time. Try to seek out alternative ways to cover at least a portion of your expenses- a work-study program or part-time job can be a big help!


Student loans can never be bankrupted, so it’s important to pay them off as quickly as possible. Make payments while you are still in school on order to minimize your debt load upon graduation, and once you graduate try to make additional principal payments whenever possible to help accelerate your payoff schedule. Stay on top of payments and set up automatic payments if necessary so you never miss a payment- penalties can keep you on the hook much longer than you need to be. Learn more about lightening the student loan burden from this infographic!

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Adderall if you can find it.

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left out hookers and blow bitchez

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The Simpsons -

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Everything is cheaper with a student loan.

That you have no intention of repaying.

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Student loans are the only loans that are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy court. The only "escape" is to deliberately under-earn for 20 years, or 10 in certain government jobs.

Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts. It will be cut off soon enough, because this particular carousel can't go on forever.

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That's one option.  The other option is to buy a house, refinance/repackage all of your loans into one single payment.  Then declare bankruptcy.  House is gone and so is your student loan debt . . . and your credit.

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Blood from a turnip.  If you never have a career or steady employment, they can't get money that you don't have and they don't know about.

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Now kiddies, listen to your "guidance counselors" in the government run skools. You must assume the debt to be given your four year college degree by tenured sycophantic progs overseen & administered by overpaid failed private entrepreneurs & corrupt politicians in order to get that coveted job at Applebee's or Starbucks! 

You simply must listen to reason and your elders on this, its really for their own good ;-)

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The baby boomers are retiring soon! A degree is a ticket to a high paying job with full bennies.

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Well it depends on what your definition of "full" is I suppose ...

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Yeah well, maybe, in some cases. 

Of course Obama II could always come in and tax those bennies as "in-kind" wages, imputed income/value or whatever the hell some other degreed Princeton economist employed by his state desires to fill a budget hole with.

Its not as easy as it seems but good quality engineers are always as needed as much as backhoe opertors & cooks so your point is well taken.

Some people appreciate being told where and how to construct/dig and take no responsibility for their actions pointing to the engineer. Others, like to tell them where to and how to construct/dig and enjoy the responsibility and authority that comes with it. Still others enjoy them both eating together congratulating the cook for a job well done in preparing the meal in his brand new buildings kitchen.

It all kinda works together, sometimes, but you will notice the Princeton economist had nothing to do with it ;-) 

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My degree in gender studies isn't quite working out as a ticket anywhere.

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i failed gender studies when i got married 30 years ago.

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That's been the story for a decade now. (baby boomers retiring soon)

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Got a small Pell grant many decades ago. 
Spent zero on school. Not one dime.  

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An article that was published before the election looked into how originality the idea was that a student should be able to get a loan to help pay for university tuition, books, and basic living expenses. It seems, however, that many students are borrowing against their future at an almost unimaginable pace and using the money for things other than education.

I personally have witnessed several of these students rent an apartment, fail at school, and then be forced to move back in with parents when the money ran out. Sadly, like the gifts from pawnbrokers and payday loan sharks, many of the borrowers will live to regret taking this easy money. More on this important subject in the article below.

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Fuck all those who can't do simple math.

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How dare u said somethin bad bout Commin.......Comeon......Common Core.

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I was pleasantly surprised.  I thought they would be spending it all on spraytan and abortions.  These kids are more wholesome than I thought.  If they are working at all that drug budget isn't really that out of control. 

The biggest problem of all is that school is damn expensive and the jobs are disappearing. 


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I know a chick in Seattle.  She was living off student loans for a few years.  Rent, booze, food..  you name it.  When I asked her about paying it back she said Obama was going to forgive all student loan debt.   Made me sick.

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Can I get her #?  I'm looking for a woman to ruin my happy life.

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Ramen noodles forever...

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Christ, a new national anthem right there ..

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 under the pasta and anything diet.

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There is no escape.
The debt is being made huge on purpsose to enslave americans of european decent.

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Underated Post x 10,000 fiastkys.

Stepping back and watching whats really going on can open ones eyes.

The reason for immigration is to continue the ponzi serfdom strategic enslavement scheme, because the WASPS have wised up to the game, therefore they want us dead.

But (((who))) really wins?

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Student loan should never be a problem.  It became a problem when college fee goes up dramatically in the economy that has been flat or going down. 

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Thats only half the farce that is college. Ask a college professor about the students work they turn in, if they turn any in. Or go take a college course and see the students for yourself. half or more shouldn't be in college, they can't put together a sentence if they tried. They never should have gotten out of high school if there were any minimum standards. The dems have succeeeded in creating a generation of idiots. They only are in college because the govt is providing them money, which they spend on anything but education.

 College IS A SCAM. Most people on ZH know that already.

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Everyone knows you should always put your 4 years at college on credit cards.

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Then you can default on your debt.

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Beer budget is $3.33 a day? Not even close...

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Beer budget is $3.33 a day? Not even close...

conyngry's picture

Beer budget is $3.33 a day? Not even close...

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Sorry, stuttering again.


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24 oz Hurricane or Ice or Steel reserve out to around 3-4 bucks for a six pack of 8% alcohol. Doesn't taste that good though.

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Ferget that for now...LOOK at how the al-CIA-duh are spending YOUR TAX DOLLARS on fake-stream media!

Amazon, ‘The Washington Post’ and That $600 MIllion CIA Contract:

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Man, I really am odd. I spent my education loans on . . . my education! Gee gats!

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No one is that stupid any more lol. 

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Fuck it. I'd tell you about my shit paying for my own nursing school...but who cares?
I could have garnered multi thousands from you all but I didn't. I paid my way. I owe nothing. I didn't ask any of you for anything. I took nothing from you. Now I take care of your family. I'm worth a lot.

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Dems are all uptight about DeVos being Sec of Ed.  Really?  How is that last model we've been using for the last 20 years working? 

Let's hope she turns the model on it's head.  We need to try something different.  It's insane to continue on this path.  College is a waste for MOST people.   The job market is gutted too.

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Yes, Erik Prince's sister will know what to do. I know, I'm smart!

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MAGA...end all student loans now

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Feb 19, 2017 10:39 PM

99.9% of college students are never really, really taught about money/interest/finance in their lives.  For most, their parents were not taught nor did they have family/generational wealth, thus, like me, they have no real clue about money, get into debt/ruin their credit, and also like me do not realize what money is until they are in their forties and fifties.  A day late and a dollar short.

Anarchyteez's picture

Wisdom learned.

Now given that wisdom achieved at half a decade what / how would humanity evolve (dramatically morph I imagine) if we added only fifty years to our life expectancies?

By a factor of 100?

Anarchyteez's picture

As if this domed generation of lazy idiots has control of their impulses. Lmfao.

Spend fucktards spend.

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For most, college is all about parties and getting laid.  That's the first lesson students and parents should learn about finance. The hard truth is a college degree isn't worth what it costs today.

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I moved to a college town just to drink cheap beer and I was walking down the street and a car passed by honking and I was being mooned. Parents, this is the kind of stuff you are spending your money on. You should be proud!

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Those were probably engineering students. 

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Degrees outside of the physical sciences are generally worthless or at least worth less than their cost.
Even in law and accounting degrees, only the top third of graduates go on to either make it to a law firm or accounting firm. The rest either dabble on the edges of private practice or sell insurance etc.

Even more true, is that most of those who get government student loans, lack the intellect for an academic pursuit. Employers are not interested in hiring low intellect people shoved through affirmative action colleges with student non merit loans and no worth ethic.

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Only 2.5% for drugs and alcohol? Bullshit.