Which Nation Do Americans See As Their Greatest Enemy (Spoiler Alert: It's Not Russia)

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Back to work 'deep state', neocons, and Clinton apologists, because America is not buying the narrative that Russia is their greatest enemy.

Americans have consistently identified ISIS as the biggest threat to their nation across multiple polls. Traditional foes, such as the countries making up George W. Bush's infamous "Axis Of Evil", have been pushed into the background by the rise of non-state actors like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. In recent years however, Statista's Niall McCarthy notes that the threat presented by some of America's traditional enemies has started to manifest itself once again. Russia's annexation of Crimea came as a reality check to the Obama administration while as recently as last Saturday, North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test.

YouGov conducted a poll to find out which countries Americans perceive as their nation's biggest enemies. North Korea has continued to make headlines even after that missile launch with news emerging earlier this week that Kim-Jong-un's half brother was allegedly poisoned in an airport in Malaysia. Both incidents have illustrated the unpredictability of the nuclear-armed regime in Pyongyang and it comes as little surprise that 57 percent of Americans consider North Korea their enemy.

Some of the entries on the upper portion of the infographic below are surprising. Iraq and Afghanistan were considered U.S. enemies by 29 and 23 percent of respondents respectively, despite their governments being key U.S. allies in the fight against Islamic extremism. Iran was labelled an enemy by 41 percent of Americans, even though a deal was signed last year to prevent Tehran developing nuclear weapons.

This chart shows the percentage of American adults considering these countries an enemy of the U.S.

Infographic: Who Americans Consider Their Greatest Enemies  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Finally, we note that 'Media' did not make it on the list (yet).

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Where's Israel? 

sushi's picture

If you did a media survey and then ranked states by the number of negative mentions of each state I suspect you would arrive at the exact same ranking. 


sushi's picture

If Donald Trump were a state and were ranked with the other states above he would likely place ahead of North Korea.

No rational reason for that placement other than the mind pollution caused by the MSM.


TruxtonSpangler's picture

China doesnt even rank? BS

RAT005's picture

Interesting that Russsia can be that high while China is not on the list.

tmosley's picture

Suspect this list was made by (((globalists))), and so excluded their favorite trading partners and places of residence.

apadictionary's picture

meanwhile in another story, rest of the world says america is consistently their worst enemy and most hypocratic nation in the world

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moishe to binyamin (rubbing hands gleefully) "well done, well done..."

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TRUMP is smarter that those jew traitors: he uses two phones

He got bugged (like with Mexico president talk) only when he used the "oficial" line

Democratic Rep. Calls for Official Probe into Trump’s Unsecured Phone


Gazooks's picture

yeah, exactly,..


..it's the US government that's the greatest threat to America


didn't see them on the list, ..likely just meaningless oversight

ufos8mycow's picture

Where's Canada? Any list that doesn't include those sneaky bastards isn't real.

Escrava Isaura's picture

America has no threats.

Now, the biggest threat to Americans are the Americans.

By the way, this article just prove of how totalitarian a society becomes by accepting the totalitarian doctrine fed to them without questioning. Palestine a threat to America? C’mon.

If I go to Brazil and tell them that Palestine is a threat to Americans, I can’t do that, because I will kill 220 million Brazilians of laughing so hard.



gladih8r's picture

Yeah, and why the hell is Yemen on that list or Libya for that matter?  That's just ridiculous. 

Libya is a failed state thanks to Hillary and Obama.  It's just a pile of sand and rubble with ISIS and other militants strugling to dominate what's left of the oil fields.  Libya couldn't even organize a spelling bee competition now or in the near future.

Manthong's picture

The greatest enemy of the American people is not a nation, it is a district…

The District of Colombia.

wareco's picture

Hmmm, what have those Colombians ever done to you?  Now, those Columbians, that's a different matter.

Loanman26's picture

This poll was conducted by the Deep State.

Russia  hahahahahah. 

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Some years past my closest friend had a private ATM business in N CA. When he wanted to take a break I would go to his bank, get 100k or so every few days and do his route filling them. It was a full time activity at most places I would never go otherwise.

A significant number of his accounts were convience stores owned by Palestinians. At the check out counters I observed, more often than not, photographs of the baby in a suicide vest

Google: baby in suicide vest

and other ME persons with AK-47s and headbands prominently displayed.

Palestine specifically - not likely, however the attitude of some of these Palestinians in the US gave me pause and concern.

Next time you are in Brazil drop in a few and check them out - let us know what you observe.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Palestine is too poor to be a threat to the US. A nation to be a threat to another nation that nation has to be rich and powerful.

Another metric of military powerfulness: Boots on the ground.

Palestine Population: 4.5 million

Louisiana Population: 4.6 million

But our personal observations still interesting. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, The state that I was born in Brazil has the biggest community of Pommersch /Pomeranian speakers in the world. They live on the mountains. About 1 hour away driving distance from the coast.

About 70% of the population of my state are Italians descents. I am a mix of Italian and German. The vast majorities of these Italians descents live on the coast.

Brazil has the highest population of Lebaneses in the world. There are more Lebaneses in Brazil than in Lebanon. And the highest population of Japanese in the world, if you are not counting Japan………..And I could go on, after all, Brazil is slightly bigger than the “Lower 48” states.



PacOps's picture

Yeah. I would have to guess that a good % of the persons responding to the survey were mixing their perception of the people of the country with the country government itself.

Makes more sense to me that way.

Only takes one or two nut cakes with a gun, truck or pressure cooker bomb to get that established in the collective consciousness.

Which is the point I'm making.

Secret Weapon's picture

I wonder how the survey would have turned out if they put Washington D.C. on the list?

Escrava Isaura's picture

Noam Chomsky: “Remember the worst terrorist campaign in the world by far is the one that’s being orchestrated in Washington. That’s the global assassination campaign. There’s never been a terrorist campaign of that scale.”



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Isn't that called California? 

Offthebeach's picture

1.2 billion Canadians, hiding under glaciers.....seething with hate, warped to madness with their Pine Tree cult.   Sending spy moose into the states.  Networks of spy hockey players.  Evil, your name is Canada!  Really, we should first stike while we can, or, at least shut off porn brodcasts.

Filthy people. Stink of pasties and beer.  Go ahead, ask them about their nefarious plans.  Each and everyone will Academy Award denigh it.  


They want us as their slaves.  To groom their machine trails, and our wives and daughters satiate their beaver on meth unspeakable desires. 


Americans, to arms!  Scout your bridges and overpasses so that not if, but when the northern horde decend, you can delay them!  Teach your 3 year old to shoot through the  curved snowmobile plexy.  Scan the skys for float planes and parachutes, the beaches for kyacks.  

Pay no attentions to Canadian lovers amongst us!


Act now, it is, already, late!




mickeyman's picture

Clean my zamboni, yankee!

CurveBall's picture

Had to login to up vote!

How ever, I must ask you how you've found out about our top secret plans? Was it office Bob? Did he tell you about our messenger Geese? What about our secret plot to use maple syrup as a delivery system for our mind control serum? And or plan to smuggle our forces in on Tim Hortans transport trucks??? Oh my, how quickly office Bob has let the cat out of the bag! We will have to retreat to our igloos and come up with new invasion plans, quickly Canadians, mount your moose we must rally with the polar bears!!!

; )

Offthebeach's picture

I have relations amongst you! 

Naturally the situation is at a critcal moment, but various invasion metrics give your perfiderious schemes away, such as new machine tracks,  2 stroke satellite spy packs on spy moose,  road wheel kits for Zambonnis, Newfoundlanders loitering amongst strategic liquor stores, micro dot communications hidden in sprinkles on donuts, spy otters in our harbors.  

But, like the Belgians in  that 1914 summer, we know!

Certain authorities have to me personally, covertly, told me I am all so correct, but have asked that I not reveal confidences until Canadian spy cells and their greedy traitors can be fully found out and delt with.( I personnaly will take out McPhee cell across the street when the baloon goes up)


Hahaha.  Canada, you are exposed!  Hahaha!  Your 1.1 billion plaid shirted, Sorel shod hords will fall like maple leaves in October! 

Hahaha!  So much for your savage lustful dark plans! Your insane plans! All your sick, night time skating rallies like so many hate orgy Nurembergs!  Your North Korean pilots won't help you.  Your rocket powered toboggans will be your caskets.  The bottom of the Gulf of Maine will be covered with your 50' turbo, supercharged lobsta attack boats!  

Hahaha.  Pray to your druid gods you pagan heathens!  Your end is nigh!





MegaOlmecanManiac's picture

Top notch. Post(s) of the year.

Alas, if you could have only outed Geddy Lee.

CurveBall's picture

Canadians, the time is now, dawn your Canadian tuxedos and mount your moose. Saddle your moose with hockey sticks and pucks, we're in this for the long haul. We've rallied with the polar bears and grizzlys they've agreed to help is on our crusade to stop the ruthless Americans at all costs, the geese have agreed to fly in mass, so we may fight in the shade. Remember to bring your maple leafs as proof of where your loyalties lie. Offthebeach has informed us of traitors in our midst, and they will be treated to Canadian torture method of maple syrup boarding to get all pertinent information out of them. Now ride south, no mercy, no prisoners, unless they use their manners!!!


Offthebeach's picture

Bring it on Labatt breath!  Send your billion  ungodly  pale horde, diabetic crazed from a day past their birth from a sole  diet of real maple syrup,( the meth of the north), donuts and beer.  Slash  your billion hockey sticks you would so foully use to hook the aluminum walkers out from under our elderly.  Those will be fuel for your dead at their funeral pyres!

 We will meet each stuck with bat, each goose with pigeon.  Our pitbulls will swarm your spy mooses.  We will scorch  the earth, burn every Ducan Donuts,  every Honey Dew,  scratch every lotto card, and empty with burning thirst evey liquor store.  The wind will be sewn with loose tobacco.   Your. Troops. Will. Starve, and jones.  

You will find nothing, nothing, nothing but ruins, desolation, a Mad Max hell for kilometers, and a occasional health food co-op.

The tanning beds you lust for? Gone.

Crew cab GMC's?  Gone!  Filled with expanding pour foam and floated in water,  the better to rip the floats off your twin otters and spill Mounties, drowning them in  soaked tunics, the pages of their ticket books littering the shores as so many  white badges of  victory!

 Popeyes Chicken and Cracker Barrels? Gone!  All disassemble and shipped south of the Mason Dixon. 


Your beach heads infiltration  in Florida? Hunted down like seal pups in a parking lot by patriotic, albeit elderly, jew militia and cubans!


 Oh and how inevitably with God on our side will we revenge upon you Canadians and your waddleing Inuit allies!  Cold cereal, high fructose corn syrup and Budweiser will rule!      Quebecouis  will be appointed to all offices of importance as our very good stooges.You will be made to drive Renaults!

 Your glacial redoubts will be cut up and sold to Japanese.  Canadian Club will become American Club.  Canadian baccon becomes Quebec bacon.   Ketchup will be American sauce.  


( Hockey can stay.  Don Cherry goes to Spandow )




FreeNewEnergy's picture

Greetings, comrades Offthebeach and CurveBall, from upstate New York where our brothers stand ready (hiding behind maple trees) for blitzkreig raids on Tim Hortons. We are armed to the gnarly teeth with hockey sticks and will lure the unsuspecint invaders with bacon and friendly-looking pop-up holograms of Mike Myers and the evil Alex TrebeK (rhymes with Quebec... we are not so easily decieved, eh?).

When they come for our beaver pelts, they will have to take them from our cold dead hands, the hosers! We spit on your flaccid maple leaf. Canada will be reduced to a disintegrating tobacco juice stain.

Thanks for making my Sunday morning somewhat hilarious.

MAGA, blood on the ice floes, my brothers.

Offthebeach's picture

Without giving away small unit tactical com net details......just...keep ....a ....old ....tv on your community access channel.   Preferably analog antenna.  YOU WILL know the jig is up brodcast. Being upstate, you may encounter some preliminary warnings.  Low flying float planes. Moose that make and hold eye contact or express sexual desires.  240 Volvo station wagons with Canadian plates and "lost hunters".  They will hang around VFW's, drink beer and ask about cops on the local roads and other intimate security details.

Stand firm brother, now is not the time for sunshine patriots!

Bwana's picture

The Canadians will never win. They think if they get a tan they can slip in the US unnoticed. What they don't realize is they stick out like a sore thumb!

Just ask an American to spell Canada. We spell it C-A-N-A-D-A they always spell it C-eh,-N-eh,-D-eh, and they have been programmed since birth to spell it that way.

leavelawbehind's picture

Offthebeach, whatever you have taken, it looks like powerful stuff

CCanuck's picture

I'm very sorry we didn't make the list, I hope you were not offended.
Again, Sorry!


nicatime's picture

I think you guys missed the biggest threat, it's not a nation or a government it's the FED.

buttmint's picture


I was looking for "US Govvie" as well on the list. Biggest Crime Syndicate housing the Bush/Clinton/Gambino Crime Families, etc.

JohninMK's picture

Hopefully the second phone is a non smart phone on a Pay as you go contract that is dumped every week.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) xythras Feb 18, 2017 7:12 PM

What did I say about this coming eclipse?

It is in Pisces, water, water pourer, dams, leaks, secrets and film.

Note the color purple which is the Pisces color.

People are saying this is John Podesta torturing a boy in a shower.

I had to turn the sound off it was so horrific.

This came from Weiners laptop, the cops must be leaking now.

Life insurance file.


Silverlok's picture

(praphrase:)' millionaires don't use (sic) the esoteric, billionaires do'...

I noticed the interesting pre-election bits about DJT but I seem to have missed...

"What did I say about this coming eclipse?

...this. You seemed to have a knack for extremely concise focus in this type of, otherwise, noisy 'extrapolation' , in that light would you define 'eclipse'? please

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Silverlok Feb 19, 2017 6:06 AM

Look at this on Google earth.

It is near Bohemian Grove

"John Podesta Pizza Mansion"


It's a solar eclipse on Feb 27th 8* Pisces

John Podesta I said back in the primary is going to be in a lot of trouble.

That time is now. Sun/Pluto Capricorn square Neptune.

Nothing important happens without an eclipse which triggers the slow moving transits.

Father shower torture movie.

I said Hillary "there is a movie with all these Pisces signatures" this is that movie.

The town is Truth Home, near Goat Rock.

Doesn't get any clearer.

I found Goat Hill Pizza in San Francisco linked to this, weird Halloween pics on their website.

The Goat is Capricorn...Satan=Saturn ruler of Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn now.

I told you guys when Pluto hits 15* Capricorn the elites are going to be unmasked, mocked, paraded naked in public square, then destroyed.

The universe or God speaks to us in pictures, he screams "I AM YOUR FATHER!" to the child.This is Saturn authority/rulers. The child is us, those ruled by them.

The tables got flipped with Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.

Vote up!

Vote down!

0 Chris Dakota falconer Aug 20, 2016 11:25 AM

John Podesta Jan 8, 1949

Pluto closes in on Podesta, conjunct this Sun/Jupiter in Capricorn and square to Neptune Libra (hidden partnerships)

His moon is in Aries, maybe Uranus conjunct it now plus Pluto square.

He won't survive this, he must have known. Don't any of these idiots use this ancient art?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Chris Dakota Feb 19, 2017 8:07 AM

So many leaks too many to plug.

The dam in Oroville

Total media blackout on the dam and was right from the beginning, and its raining right now. Monday is the huge rain.

Young man working on dam was fired for posting this pic of the spillway on his facebook.



the spillway is so damaged they are slowing down the outflow of water while the lake is rising, because they can't!

Oroville dam access road collapsed yesterday https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C49HuRlUEAAtci-.jpg

Shasta only has 15 more feet to rise before all the water starts going over the dam.

They are stealing money Pelosi, Waters, Feinstien in kickbacks from the contractors awarded the bids.

that's how you get the $700 toilet seat.

Heard money was allocated to fix this spillway, but it was used for something else.

They know the dam is going to fail, but they want it to fail slowly. They are not ordering people out, they want to save Sacramento. If you are there get the hell out now! If you don't have gas, hitchhike. Show up on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento and demand Jerry Brown take you in.

Flodding is going on and if it hits I-5 which is the food highway the entire country is in trouble. Trucks run up and down that highway 24/7 packed with food. 12-14 more inches of rain to come in the next 5 days.

Taxpayers pay to tear down this apartment building in Pacifica CA, the owner Millard Tong owes 17 million to creidtors and filed for bankruptcy. City says he failed to maintain this building.



Gavin Newsom was the mayor of San Francisco when the leaning tower was built, and they said political favors were given to sign off on a 600 ft tower anchored to sand not bedrock, it is also the heaviest building because it is built of concrete not steel. He is now the Lt. Governor favored to win Gov of CA. Liberal retards in this state keep voting for these criminal perverts.

Pisces would be castles built on sand, all the liars are fucked.

It's judgement day.

detached.amusement's picture
Oroville Dam Maximum Capacity 900' DATE/TIME SURFACE |    STORAGE |    OUT |    IN |    RIV REL |    RAIN |    BAT VOL   (PST) FEET   AF   CFS   CFS   CFS   INCHES   VOLTS  


02/18/2017 –6:00pm

853.92   2861276   54928   42850   62297   37.24   13.4  


02/18/2017 –7:00pm

853.83   2860054   54939   43122   61810   37.24   13.4  


02/18/2017 –8:00pm

853.76   2859103   54973   41273   60077   37.24   13.4  


02/18/2017 –9:00pm

853.68   2858016   54999   42325   59811   37.24   13.4  


02/18/2017 –10:00pm

853.49   2855437   54967   33031   59355   37.24   13.4   02/18/2017 –11:00pm 853.39   2854080   55142   31455   59866   37.24   13.4   02/19/2017 –12:00am 853.29   2852724   55054   38926   58958   37.24   13.4


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) detached.amusement Feb 19, 2017 8:44 AM

They have the military police up there now for the second evacuation.

Woman asks "How far will the water go?" Military guy "Merced"

WTF that is 182 miles!

Yuba City gone

Sacramento gone

Stockton gone

1-5 food highway gone



And facebook has banned this video.


FreeNewEnergy's picture

Somehow, your post is making me pine for the Fifth Dimension and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and a reenactment of the musical "Hair."

Other than that, totally normal, move along, nothing to see here.

jcaz's picture

Yemen- lol....

Where is Switzerland?  Follow the money....