America Is No Longer Top Dog: Chinese Military "Reaching Near-Parity" With The West

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The United States military is without a doubt the most technologically advanced force on the planet, and has been since at least World War II. Most Western nations are likewise, heavily dependent on advanced technology. When the West wins wars, it’s not because of moxy or numbers or cunning. It’s because we can detonate our enemies from miles away on a whim.

In response, our rivals have spent decades trying to compensate with those aforementioned traits. They’re the ones who rely on fighting spirit, cannon fodder, and clever underhanded tactics. They, which includes Russia, China, and lord knows how many insurgents and terrorists, have mastered the domain of unconventional warfare. And they’ve done so by necessity. We’re a wealthy nation with an unbelievably massive military budget. They could never conduct enough scientific research or build enough advanced war machines to compete with us in a conventional war.

Or could they?

It appears that China might be able to. Or at least that’s what the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) thinks. They’re a British think tank that’s been around since 1958, and they have countless members who formerly worked for the British and American governments. The IISS specializes in researching geopolitical issues, and every year they publish the Military Balance report, which examines the military capabilities of the world’s nations. Their latest issue should give the American defense establishment pause.

“Western military technological superiority, once taken for granted, is increasingly challenged,” Dr. John Chipman, Director-General and Chief Executive of IISS, said in a statement.


“We now judge that in some capability areas, particularly in the air domain, China appears to be reaching near-parity with the West.”


Instead of its usual practice of working on systems that imitate Soviet and Russian technology, China has shifted its efforts (and budget) to domestic research and development. Its Navy is currently working on three new advanced cruisers, 13 destroyers, and outfitting other ships with better radar.

Most shocking were the claims that China is making fast gains in the air war domain. This is an arena that Western nations have dominated since World War II. It could be argued that the United States hasn’t won any war since the 1940’s without that advantage. Now they’re catching up, partly with their own domestic military research, and partly with research that they’ve stolen from us.

So the question is, what happens if a nation that has already mastered unconventional warfare also reaches parity with the United States when it comes to conventional warfare? Let’s just say that the results won’t be pretty for us should we come to blows with China. Perhaps the Trump and his administration should tread lightly in East Asia, if they want to avoid a rather embarrassing conflict in that region.

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DontGive's picture

More Chins than you can count, just look in the phone book.

nmewn's picture

Code Pink should form a conga line and protest in front of the Chi-Com embassy immediately!

Da da da da dotah! Da da da da dotah! Da da da da dotah! ;-)

knukles's picture

Chinese soldier is a hunk of meat attached to the butt of an AK.  Problem is thar's a whole bunch the little buggers.

nmewn's picture

Well, I guess I go long Chinese troop transport ships with a hedge of US MIRV's!

Winning! ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

Wait a minute, last night I was told that was North Korea and Palestine. Now, China too?

Does eliminating two nations for every nation that try to parity America power apply here? 


eforce's picture

US only has to play waiting game, Chinese economy is FUBAR.

gatorengineer's picture

that Army is going to be very busy suppressing its own people....  on the fucked scale we are a 8, Europe is a 9 and they are a 10.....  Canada is a 10.5 though I do want to give them the appropriate deference.

Zero Point's picture

The PLA has always had one purpose: To suppresse Chinese people. It's attempts to do more than this have historically been disasterous. They failed in Vietnam even worse than the US military did. They're probably just far too brutal for their own good. Need to learn a few lessons from the Japs.

philipat's picture

The Russians and Chinese have some quite fancy kit, including jet fighters that can knock anything the US has out of the sky; especially the F-35, which is of course why it hasn't been deployed anywhere (But the MIC has already been paid, so who cares?). They have "Unknown" offensive electronics systems which can shut down all US electronic sytems, which explains why ALL the US carriers and others have been back in the US for "Re-fits" to replace copper wiring with fiber.  They also have Million-men plus armed forces which are highly motivated, unquestionaingly loyal and don't use drugs. And the South China sea is a long way from home, especially for dinosaur a=carriers which might as well have targets painted on their sides for the hypersonic missiles which can't be stopped?

So, yeah, enjoy the fight, unless of course you want to go nuclear, to which there will be retaliation and two thirds of the population of the globe will be gone. Which is what the Globalist elites want anyway isn't it? Enjoy the time you still have to live....

Déjà view's picture

Next...a Chinese military base coming to a theater near you!

Lebensphilosoph's picture

including jet fighters that can knock anything the US has out of the sky; especially the F-35


Bull shit.

mkkby's picture

Very skeery indeed. Millions of troops swimming over to our shores. Don't even have to close their eyes to keep out the salt water.

I hear ISIS is taking swimming lessons too. We are doomed.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

They're more united than you are, take a look around you, near as fuck civil war. As for your economy, LOL. The point here is that US wealth is really only what it steals from the rest of the world using asswipe dollars and military force. Not long to go now cunts.

Chris88's picture

Probably the most undercapitalized banking system in the world.

thecondor's picture

I came straight to the comments. 

philipat's picture

China has massive debt but it is all domestic. And it still has over $3 Trillion in forex reserves, EXCLUDING its Gold reserves, which for sure are much larger than admitted. So all China Inc has to do is cancel all the debt amongst PBOC and State -owned Companies and, poof, all gone and back to square one. And all that infrastructure will one day be used (Empty Apartments etc), a much better investment than financial engineered debt owed to the Banking system? IMHO.

Nexus789's picture

Not very different to the US then. 

Mr. Magoo's picture

And the U.S economy is?

nmewn's picture

North Koreans are really good at charging into machine gun fire and dying by the thousands and Palestinians (whatever the hell that winds up meaning) are really good at individually spontaneously combusting inside crowded pizza parlors & buses when they are not showing their renowned artistic flair by building statues of rockets in the middle of Gaza City...

...I'm-jus-sayin ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

North Korea: 24 million

South Korea: 50 million

North Korea is just barking so they won’t be invaded. If North Korea start a war, which they won’t, North Korea elites will be killed in matter of minutes.


nmewn's picture

Invaded...for what? is nothing in North Korea anyone wants. I guess besides Putin tho...cuz Maxine Waters says he's about halfway down the damned peninsula now and she's been a congresscritter for like 5,000yrs so she would know!

A very intelligent woman ;-)

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Who, Maxine Waters?! This old cunt left fascist communist racist bitch would love to see white people splattered or vaporized in bunches by millions.

The old cunt is a neocon warmonger on the Clinton's team and Soros payroll.


nmewn's picture

Well, admittedly my last comment was a little misdirection on my part, the progs are very good at taking the bait these days.

Very hungry...for anything...bigly ;-)

Normalcy Bias's picture

The BOOGIE MAN nearly has guns as BAD ASS as you!

NOW, for ONLY $$$ 19.95 TRILLION $$$, we can once again achieve a technology gap.*

(The occurrence of more Greedy White Trash occupying the White House and transferring advanced missile technology to the highest bidder not included.)

Escrava Isaura's picture

Pentagon is, for a large extent, employment for high tech jobs as Obamacare is for low tech jobs, such as nurses and scanners operators.

Anyway, we’re talking trillions of dollars every year. A great gig, if you can be part of it.



Croesus's picture

Right here, is another reason why the Clintons belong behind bars (or worse). Slick Willy was handing over access to military technology, and bases, in between putting stains on intern dresses.

techpriest's picture

I teach English to Chinese kids, and one of the words I taught today was "sellout." I should throw a pic of the Clintons on that slide.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) nmewn Feb 19, 2017 7:52 PM

The Chinese can only fight in China and N. Korea since they have nothing to transport troops by sea.

Start mass producing those water cooled machine guns again.

Escrava Isaura's picture

China doesn’t need ships. Wondering why?

About 75 per cent of the world's people live in Eurasia, and most of the world's physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world's known energy resources." 


Akzed's picture

30M Chinee live in caves.

localsavage's picture

Conventional war works great against stone age countries but isn't really relevant when comparing nuclear nations.

monk27's picture

You're about 50 years behind your time, when it comes to assessing their military skills. Oh well, I guess you could have been worse... :)

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Problem is thar's a whole bunch the little buggers."

Its not just the numbers, unlike Americans which are essentially anarchistic, the chinese have esprit de corps. They will be willing to die in large numbers like in North Korea and Vietnam. Are Americans willing to do that?

And there is the Iron Crotch Kung Fu training

nmewn's picture

Well actually no we're not willing to do that, because its fucking stupid. The object is to make the other poor bastard die. My great-great grand daddy was at Cold Harbor the last time it was tried on American soil by some idiot general named Grant.

And I can tell you before & after that battle their esprit de corps was never higher because they knew they would win that day, Grant, idiot-butchering-of-his-own-soldiers-drunkard-fucktard that he was, only thought he could ;-)

Volkodav's picture

Grant was a War Criminal

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Mustafa Kemal Feb 19, 2017 8:08 PM

That's America's specialty.  Making the other guy die for his country.


DFCtomm's picture

We're going to draft code pink. Obama cleared the way for that.

nmewn's picture

Now see! Thats the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that has made America great!

And I really think Oprah and Madonna would look absolutely stunning in the Major & Captain's summer campaign uniforms I've noticed in Code Pinks new spring catalog as well!!!

Luc X. Ifer's picture

History tells us there are only two ways to deal with the Chinese horde - trade or war.

847328_3527's picture


But Soweeto The Kenyan said USA peeples are "exceptional."

There's that, right?

sgt_doom's picture

Well, under the Obama Administration (with neocon Gates as SecDef) the Chinese military hackers hacked into the Pentagon and assorted defense contractors and stole the plans to all major US weapons systems, plus hacked into OPM, copying over 25 million personnel records, then back in the Bush Administration they were allowed to purchase the precision ball bearings plant to advance their sub warfare and tank warfare capabilities, and then further back the Clinton Administration GAVE the Chinese military the over-the-horizon missile targeting technology, killing the 25-year lead the US had over them.

That pretty much sums it up, I believe . . . .

Overdrawn's picture


FORMER CONGRESSMAN Bob Barr : CLINTONS SOLD MILITARY SECRETS TO CHINA Selling arms to China can make you a ton of money

monk27's picture

A simple math question: if "top dog" USA is almost on parity with China, what would be its position when compared to a combined enemy represented by China + Russia ? For ease of calculation let's ignore the small change: NATO "allies", Iran, the 2 Koreas , etc... :)

P.S. a hint for those who might not "agree" with the result: