The Death Of Venture Capital?

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Few business communities swing from boom to bust as reliably as Silicon Valley, but detecting shifts in this opaque world can be challenging. To help illuminate the field, Bloomberg created the U.S. Startups Barometer, a new weekly indicator that tracks the overall health of the business environment for private technology companies based in the U.S.

So how 'healthy' is the American Venture Capital business?

The short answer is - not very!

Despite the still-low-rates, record small business optimism, and Trump-promised tax-cuts, deals, deal amounts, initial financings, and exits are down hard...


Still we are sure the exceptional cash-burning abilities of Snap Inc. will reinvigorate the start-up business any day now.

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Those charts look pretty healthy to me.

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I encourage you to watch this the change is soon.

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edit - Starts off on real issues, then he goes off his fucking rocker.

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Yes, I watched that earlier today. From minute 55 on is a huge truth bomb.

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Well, I thought recessions created a lot of startups. When you ypur job and there are none around, why not take the risk.


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I live and work in San Francisco delivering food on my scooter. Maybe it's just winter, but there is a lot shops going out of business, empty shops, for rent signs in many windows for residential units, and the youth are scared. Everyone knows it. There isn't much optimism.

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Secession will hold a great new Zimbabwean Horizon

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The one hunert trillion dollar California note

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Better put a stake through its fucking heart to ensure it doesn;t rise again. Fucking vultures.

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With zero interest rates I would call it: The Death Of Capital

Sandmann's picture

Real Existing Socialism 

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$40B and counting dropped into Uber - an app that coordinates drivers and passengers.  This used to be call the "travel together cork board" at university.


Uber's biggest cost??  Hiring lawyers to fight with goobermints in order for their app to be legal.


There's a new reality show out there called, "where's my fucking yield?" and another called, "I ain't got no fucking yield".


And velocity tanks even more.

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What? A lack of candy crush games to roll over into "public offerings" I hate it when that happens.