Meanwhile, Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden

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It would appear the mainstream media (along with several celebrities and Swedish politicians) is going to be apologizing to President Trump once again.

Having spent the entire new cycle trying to ignore the immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, both Dagbladet and Expressen reports riots breaking out in the highly immigrant concentrated Stockholdm borough of Rinkeby, Sweden with police firing warning shots as 100s of young people throw stones and burn cars.

During the evening hundreds of young people gathered in the center of Rinkeby, well known for its high concentration of immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry.

In June 2010, Rinkeby was the scene of riots and attacks against the local police station and Rinkeby is the region in which the '60 Minutes' crew were attacked in 2016.

The problems Sweden faces integrating large numbers of Muslim immigrants is a subject on which Nordstjernan columnist Ulf Nilson has written many times. His warnings of increasing radicalization among Sweden’s Muslims – warnings he started to broadcast a decade ago – now seem eerily prophetic in light of an Associated Press investigation that found Stockholm to be a breeding ground for jihadists among Swedish Somalis.


According to the AP report, which first ran Jan. 24, an al-Qaida-linked group is busy recruiting anti-government fighters among Somali youths living in Rinkeby. A suburb of Stockholm, Rinkeby has earned the nickname of “Little Mogadishu” because of the number of Somalis living there. Rinkeby is also the center of the recruiting efforts of al-Shabab, a group with ties to al-Qaida.

Rinkeby is a known problem area in Stockholm. It was here NRK journalist Anders Magnus was attacked with stones last spring, and here the police never go in the evenings without reinforcements from other patrols according to Dabladet. A freelancer the newspaper spoke to, described the situation as serious.

"I've been in some turmoil, but this is something extra. It looks like a war zone here", he was quoted as saying .

Freelance Photographer Janne Åkesson has also been at the site Monday night and early Tuesday. "They threw stones at police and police fired warning shots. I got out when it was at its worst" he said to Dagbladet. He added that there were many youths with hoods and hats on.

"It was very chaotic. I have seen much in Rinkeby: they burn cars all the time - unfortunately this was beyond the ordinary."

* * *

As Expressen reports (via Google Translate):

The alarm came to the police at 20:18 on Monday evening. A police patrol should then have been in the area for disposing of a wanted person.



In connection with this began several people at the subway throwing stones at police.

There appeared a number of young people threw stones at the police patrol. I do not know how many it concerned, but there will be several people anyway, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police, told Expressen TV.

Police patrol on the site must have felt so constricted that they were forced to fire warning shots in connection with the stoning. The police will then have withdrawn from the location.

Photos of the site, one can see how many cars are on fire, and emergency services are on site to extinguish them.

7-8 cars have been burned in the area. We move back and forth, it never stands still at such incidents but we have good resources in place, says Lars Bystrom.

According to information are about the emergency services have requested reinforcements from Sollentuna and Brännkyrka.

At 22:20 the police attacked a second time by the youth gang. It was about a planned, concerted attack where the young people rushed towards the police and threw stones.

A police officer was hit by a stone on his arm, but it is unclear how seriously injured he was. Police headlining the event as assaulting a police officer and rioting. No person should even have been arrested in connection with the stoning.

Police EMS Units have been blocked from entering...

*  *  *


How long before Schumer starts crying for the poor immigrants of "little Mogadishu"? And how long before CNN manages to blame Trump for tonight's riots?

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Shemp 4 Victory's picture

But Sooper Seekrit Agent chindit13 said Trump was wrong about this.

And he knows!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

All of the people who disagreed with President TRUMP's observations concerning the success of Sweden's immigration program are now eating HUMBLE PIE!



Deathrips's picture

But a snowflake told me this was not even worth discussion as it is a ludicrous idea that immigrants cause problems.


Was he lying to himself....yes. He also told me that trumps raaaacis....



This is the near future of Canada.


Motasaurus's picture

It took me the better part of a year to finally understand how Scandinavia ended up being a place that was happy to see their ancestral heritage genocided. But it finally struck me thatas all that was left in Scandinavia were the cowards who never went viking.

All the braves went to England, Normandy and then out to the United States.

NoDecaf's picture

Remember "Swede" from Heartbreak Ridge?

where is he now, or did he ever even exist?

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) bigkahuna Feb 20, 2017 7:21 PM


Must be TRUMP's fault. He tweeted about sweden, and now THIS happened.

I bet Soros has a lot of Lackeys in Swedenistan

BREAKING – George Soros groups Officially under Investigation


knukles's picture

EXACTLY!  It's Trunp's Fault!

Come on, I dare ya', I double fuckin' dare ya' newsies, say it, say it on national television, that the riots today were incited by Trump yesterday.

DO IT!  We want to reach Peak Madness NOW!



archon's picture

... and the headlines will read, "Trump Causes Riots in Sweden!"

MarkD's picture

Nothing about this riot. Even Fox News has nothing.

Are you sure this isn't a recycled story?

nmewn's picture

It takes a while to photoshop all those faces to be something they're not, frame-by-frame, to make them Trump supporting, international nazi skin-heads shipped in from Alabama. Like what tenured professor and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says they

Its time consuming laborious work ya know, you really gotta cut em some slack, they'll get to it ;-)

The_Juggernaut's picture

Wow.  Looks like the Swedes are a bunch of fucking pussies.

Raymond K Hessel's picture


- Hillary Clinton

Manthong's picture

Just ship them all down to Congo, Eritrea and/or Ethiopia and pay the rulers or warlords there $1000.00/ head to take care of them.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I've repeated this story often enough on ZH for most to have seen it, but for those of you who haven't:

A few months ago I was doing a deal and had to meet a team of Swedish attorneys representing the banks for a Swedish sub in Hamburg.   There were five of them, plus our German team and then the UK and US teams were there as well.  It was before the election and politics was getting discussed over dinner.  

The partner there at the Swedish firm was an older guy, mid 50s or so.  

When the topic of finance and immigration came up (a very scary thing to think about if you are in France, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Belgium or the Netherlands) he said very directly and "matter-of-factly" 

"The next Holocaust happens in Sweden."  

The table fell quit, and someone asked him to repeat it, so he did.  

"The next Holocaust happens in Sweden."  

Some idiot US attorney, shocked asked "How can this be"

To which the old guy responded:

"When the next finance crisis arrives and the average Swede's quality of life is reduce to just north of surviving, they are going to want someone to blame.  At the same time, the social services which keep these immigrants from starving to death will become insolvent.  They will begin to riot and the average Swede will have their scape goat.  Those who don't leave on their own accord will get extermination.  The next holocaust happens in Sweden."

The other Swedish attorneys at the table agreed completely.

Sweden is going to boil over.  

Like most of Northern Europe, we're just waiting for the next financial crisis to "get this party started."


Giant Meteor's picture

No, I had missed this somehow, thank you for reposting it. Profound really, even if it never came to pass, (which at this point I certainly would not rule the possibility out), just the fact that it was so openly stated, speaks volumes.

As an aside, I learned once again, "I'm an old guy .."

Damn ;)

HillaryOdor's picture

You must not have heard. These countries are examples of the amazing success of democratic socialism. They will never go broke being so rich from big government. They have healthcare for free!

I'm gonna go take a democratic shit. I hope I don't have democratic diarrhea. Mr stomach has been bothering me lately. I'm getting old. Might be democratic cancer.

X- x3's picture

This just in, POLICE Report After Rinkeby Riot: "We Shot at the Stone-Throwers" /

"Polisen efter Rinkeby-upploppen: ”Vi sköt mot stenkastarna”".

"The Stockholm suburb Rinkeby was rocked on Monday by a violent riot. The perpetrators threw stones at police, set fire to cars and looted shops. Police responded with gunfire.

-The police officers shot at stone-throwers but missed, says Tony Lagerkrantz at Solna police......."

To Bad they missed!!!

I have the whole story translated, at this moment page #3 of the comments>>>


PopTheBear's picture

I'm a Swede and this sounds all too plausible. There is a lot of talk about how Swedes are being "pussified" for allowing this but if you look at voting records the SD (far-right anti immigration party) voters are the biggest party among male voters, and even bigger among the young male crowd. The women want "cultural enrichment" but the men sure as fuck don't any more. When they decide they have really had enough it won't be pretty. You'll all see what the organized angry male Swedish crowd can do and I promise you you will remember our heritage again.

HillaryOdor's picture

Americans talk shit but they didn't do anything while Obama was destroying America either because they didn't want to be called racist. Humanity is powerless against government. The only alternative is bloody revolution and it has to come at the right time to have a chance at success. People are still delusionally optimistic that the world can be fixed through the political process because people are still delusional about democracy. Democracy is a joke.

root superuser's picture

Our social systems depend on perpetual growth or else they collapse and end in war. Nothing can grow forever, this collapse was baked in the cake long time ago. Invaders and their enablers serve this exact purpose: scape goats for collapse. It wont happen in Sweden only, but in whole western world at the same time. Instead of another murderous war among Europeans we will unite against common enemy. We will accept the necesity and support the authoritarian regime to perform this task. Task of this leader however is not only to expell invaders, but also to rebuild our social & economic systems to function without growth with stable population and prosperous homogeneous societies - NWO if you will.

chiquita's picture

I had not seen you post this before, but now reading it, I can't say I'm surprised.  My mixed Swedish/American couple friends lived over in Sweden for about 10 years while starting their family.  For her, it was just a matter of going home, but for him, it was no picnic.  The Swedes gave him a rough time in the workplace mostly about why was he in Sweden taking their jobs.  He finally went to work for himself because it was so oppressive.   This is a white male descended from Europeans--not some third worlder.  There's a real attitude against outsiders in Sweden that seems to be pretty passive aggressive.  This whole immigration thing there has puzzled me from the start based on the little I do know about them.  They may be socialist, but they are fiercely protective of it for their own.  It isn't socialism for the world, it's socialism for Swedes period.  I don't blame them--they pay huge portions of their incomes for what they want out of it and they don't want every Tom, Dick, and Mohammad to come reap the benefit from it.  I'm not sure how the rest of the world would accept Sweden initiating another holocaust, but better them doing it than us, eh?  Sure would grab the attention of those socialist snowflakes, wouldn't it?

TeraByte's picture

Why to inflate the price. They would fix the problem much more cheaper.

ReZn8r's picture

grind them up for animal food, hopefully pig slop.

Giant Meteor's picture

Thanks for that nmewn! Reposting something here, and also wishing to say a special thanks to Shemp, who inspired it. Hope that is ok.

So anyway, just got in, looking over all of today's headlines. Of course I heard a bit about the "Sweden" dust up, talikng points, announcements from Sweden. "The POTUS scolded, should "check facts etc." 

So naturally, I end here at the top story, see the first post from (Shemp), and speed read, check the newsey pictures, then get the general idea, the gist, which way the wind is blowing, like a weather vane, shit is going bad, etc  , not that I had not known the "general conditions" with the "refugee" trouble there, but still, its good to catch up on developments quickly, and also to find the bread crumbs leading to deeper insights, often with, limited time.

It is after all, a bliztkreig of information, and much to sort through, daily.

Point is, I cannot tell you ZH, how much I appreciate this place, have appreciated it over many years, and also the many folks here, that get right down to it. Some may believe I am being sarcastic at times, when I mention "cliff notes, crib sheets" etc.,

Not at all, but greatly appreciated. Again, many thanks to all of you!

IndyPat's picture

This Swedish news broadcast says the riots are fake news and everything is wonderful...

Cruel Joke's picture

Nope, just watched SVT2 (swedish state television) news at 12:00 and they reported the incident. They also confirmed that the police fired once "at target." No mention that this is refugees/migrants, but it is Rinkeby so everyone here knows that this is an Al Quaeda recruitment area.

Akzed's picture

Tucker's kicking the ass of the former US ambassador to Svenska now.

PopTheBear's picture

Svenska = Swedish (the language). The word you're looking for is "Sverige", which is Sweden in Swedish.

neutrino3's picture

Well, you pushed me young again. Pre teen. My first porn cartoon. I can't say was she Svenska, Danska or Norska, cuz she was naked/flag-less, but I still remember a beautiful girlska jumping-on "Hardare hardare ... djupare djupare". Sigh for the youth.

FreedomGuy's picture

It is hard to know. I ditched cable last year.

There are lots of pseudo-fakes. Often the photos or videos are real but happened at a different time or place. They get mis-attributed and that sets up someone for inadvertantly becominga fake-news purveyor.

I'd like to see some sort of comprehensive European report adding up the incidents, crime rates, no-go neighborhoods, etc. I'd like the stone cold data but from non-government or leftist media approved sources.

DollarMenu's picture

And just what would those sources be, can you name names?

Freddie's picture

Vladimir Putin defending Christianity and family values during 2016 Christmas speech.

America run by Satanic shits with the exception of maybe Trump and Sessions.  Do not trust NeoCon Bushie NWO shit Pence.


Giant Meteor's picture

meh, probably just a few bad apples, you know, spoiling the whole bunch.

tirds in punch bowls etc ..

batshit crazy comes to mind ...

Man_of_red_earth's picture

It's real, and there is a cover up here

Yukon Cornholius's picture

What are all these bitch-ass faggots rioting over anyway? 

NoPension's picture

Swedish fish. Not enough to go around.

Now you boys know, if a gal is walking down the street, and she's not wearing a 10 mil black Hefty bag.....she's asking for it. Practically begging to get gang banged.

Are there any Men remaining in Sweden? Why the fuck the general population is not genociding these filthy motherfuckers is beyond me.

They must want it too.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

40 Years of ABBA. 20 years of Ace of Base. Nuff said.

Joe Mama 3's picture

Thank God you left Roxette outta this, or there'd have been a Pussy Riot !!!!!!!

Yukon Cornholius's picture

What in the world could make a brown-skinned boy go blue?

BarkingCat's picture

"40 Years of ABBA. ...."

So you're telling us that Sweden is full of dancing queens??

Phil Sheo's picture

Pretty sure they'd get thrown off of buildings.

Antifaschistische's picture

I still just can't do the mental math.

Who in all of Sweden wakes up and says...

"what we need is ______, so let's import a bunch of Somali's to make Sweden _______"

a) Diversity, great again

b) a shit hole country of our own, more like Somalia

Giant Meteor's picture

The dark lord, and a host of neo liberal technocrats ... you know, the folks running the world ..

I'll let others name them, then do more research!