The NY Times Asks "How Can We Get Rid Of Trump?"

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The always 'fair and balanced' New York Times' Nicholas Kristof (author of such 'real news' as "Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month?", "What Did Trump Know, and When Did He Know It?" and "Donald Trump: The Russian Poodle") has outdone himself with this week's 'opinion' piece, asking "We’re just a month into the Trump presidency, and already so many are wondering: How can we end it?"

While thousands turn out to Trump's rallies, and several polls suggest the America that voted for Trump is still supportive of Trump and his actions, Kristoff points out that one poll from Public Policy Polling found that as many Americans — 46 percent — favor impeachment of President Trump as oppose it. Ladbrokes, the betting website, offers even odds that Trump will resign or leave office through impeachment before his term ends.

Sky Bet, another site, is taking wagers on whether Trump will be out of office by July.

There have been more than 1,000 references to “Watergate” in the news media in the last week, according to the Nexis archival site, with even some conservatives calling for Trump’s resignation or warning that he could be pushed out. Dan Rather, the former CBS News anchor who covered Watergate, says that Trump’s Russia scandal isn’t now at the level of Watergate but could become at least as big.

Maybe things will settle down. But what is striking about Trump is not just the dysfunction of his administration but also the — vigorously denied — allegations that Trump’s team may have cooperated with Vladimir Putin to steal the election. What’s also different is the broad concern that Trump is both: A) unfit for office, and B) dangerously unstable. One pro-American leader in a foreign country called me up the other day and skipped the preliminaries, starting with: “What the [expletive] is wrong with your country?”

So let’s investigate: Is there any way out?

Trump still has significant political support, so the obstacles are gargantuan. But the cleanest and quickest way to remove a president involves Section 4 of the 25th Amendment and has never been attempted. It provides that the cabinet can, by a simple majority vote, strip the president of his powers and immediately hand power to the vice president. The catch is that the ousted president can object, and in that case Congress must approve the ouster by a two-thirds vote in each chamber, or the president regains office.

The 25th Amendment route is to be used when a president is “unable” to carry out his duties. I asked Laurence Tribe, the Harvard professor of constitutional law, whether that could mean not just physical incapacity, but also mental instability. Or, say, the taint of having secretly colluded with Russia to steal an election?

Tribe said that he believed Section 4 could be used in such a situation.

“In the unlikely event that Pence and a majority of Trump’s bizarre cabinet were to grow the spine needed to do the right thing with the process set up by that provision, we would surely be in a situation where a very large majority of the public, including a very substantial percentage of Trump’s supporters, would back if not insist upon such a move,” Tribe said.


“In that circumstance, I can’t imagine Trump and his lawyers succeeding in getting the federal courts to interfere.”The better known route is impeachment. But for now it’s hard to imagine a majority of the House voting to impeach, and even less conceivable that two-thirds of the Senate would vote to convict so that Trump would be removed. Moreover, impeachment and trial in the Senate would drag on for months, paralyzing America and leaving Trump in office with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

My take is that unless things get much worse, removal may be a liberal fantasy. Progressives thought that Trump would never win the nomination or the election. He survived the “Access Hollywood” tape and countless crises that pundits thought would doom him, so it’s not clear why Republicans would desert him now that he’s president.

Some people believe that the 2018 midterm elections will be so catastrophic for the G.O.P. that everyone will be ready to get rid of him. I’m skeptical. In the Senate, the map is disastrous for Democrats in 2018: The Republicans will be defending only eight Senate seats, while Democrats will in effect be defending 25.

So while Democrats can gnash their teeth, it’ll be up to Republicans to decide whether to force Trump out. And that won’t happen unless they see him as ruining their party as well as the nation.

“The only incentive for Republicans to act — with or without the cabinet — is the same incentive Republicans had in 1974 to insist on Nixon’s resignation,” Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia told me. “The incentive is survival.”

Trump does have one weakness, and it’s parallel to Nixon’s. Republicans in Congress were willing to oust Nixon partly because they vastly preferred his vice president, Gerald Ford — just as congressional Republicans prefer Mike Pence today.

If I were betting, I’d say we’re stuck with Trump for four years. But as Sabato says: “Lots of things about Donald Trump’s election and early presidency have been shocking. Why should it stop now?”

And what does it say about a presidency that, just one month into it, we’re already discussing whether it can be ended early?

Source: NY Times

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Dear Old Grey Lady, 


Fuck Off

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with extreme predjudice

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FreezeThese (not verified) tedstr Feb 20, 2017 9:17 AM

No coverage for Bowling Green or Sweden - how typical

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How can you end the Trump presidency? Easy, Kristof (and the rest of you NYTimes Marxist maggots), shut down your Fake News rag & leave the country. Then for you, it's over. For us, there will be celebration

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How can we get rid of the NY Times?

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They should ask Bagdad Bob how well fake news worked out for his Career

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"How can we get rid of the New York Times?"

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Sure there is;

Kill yourselves.

That will show us.......

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Well, the good news is that we will likely be rid of the NYT first as their dwindling readership becomes more and more enlightened and abandons that worthless democrat shill operation.

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The proper way to present/title this publisher is: The (Failing) New York Times 

or, as an acronym: (F)NYT

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The arrogance.  It is not their place to say this. Elections are how it is done, simpletons.

Or --are you advocating violence/overthrow? Yes?  Hang every single commie NYT (((fucker))).  Well, maybe not their janitors...

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Stop trying to convince me I have buyer's remorse. This guy is doing exactly what I expected him to do, what he said he would do, despite the Bolshevik Media's best efforts. And let's be clear, these are your best efforts to destroy him, and you suck at it. Go fuck yourselves with a crooked wooden stick before it becomes clear you deserve the Gaddafi Treatment. (Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle)

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The largeat paper in this State, every election cycle, goes through the same "gathering of candidate facts and views", analyzes them, and then puts thier "stamp of approval" on one of the Presidential Candidates...It's ALWAYS the Democrat...The ass fucks went against Reagon twice and of course Hillary "had the best resume" this time around...Trump won this state by 10 points...THE SAME STATE OBAMA WON don't give me that fucking bullshit about racism, myowhateverthefuckism, or any other EXCUSE for Hillary's loss.

"journalism" has been reduced to lying, group think, and a complete disconnect from reality...whenver you think "what everyone else thinks", it's time to at least spend a little time "rethinking" what you think...if you can't do that, then you're probably a "Journalist".

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trump is not a person.  it's a movement.  a continuation of the ron paul movement

we the sheep are mad as hell and not...

skype nyc news propaganda has failed and it won't get back up.  nyt, you have no shot

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It's actually worse than arrogance with the NYT; it is hubris.

 hubris noun [ U ] us ? /?hju·br?s/ an extreme and unreasonable feeling of pride and confidence in yourself:



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Clearly, they are indeed "advocating violence/overthrow.

What has historically been considered a leading American newspaper is refusing to accept a legally elected President and is asking how to unseat him.

Is this, the refusal to accept the will of the American people, a legitimate objective?

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I don't read that trash rag but does anybody know if they ran a story on how the Piece of Shit Mayor is looking to use the City Pension funds as leverage against banks to pull out of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

If they have a problem with Trump and the imaginary problems and failures but not with this obscene abuse of office, well then they should really go fuck themselves, the Mayor and his dip-shit supporters.

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The New York Slime Fake Newsters were one of the main reasons Trump won.

He is our democratically elected president so if you keep rioting in the streets and beating up innocent people, you must accept the consequences.

The good news is more and more people are switching to trump as they get turned off by the violence and Fake news from the left.

But police really need to start arresting these people and hold them in jail for min 6 months to await trial. No bail. These are subversive terrorists, not protesters.

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Shhh...they are the main reasons he will continue to win ;-)

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73% of Republicans do not trust the Media...understandable.

46% of DEMOCRATS do not Trust the Media! Holy Fuck...what a disaster that is for the Media!

...and this is why the Media was unable to get Hillary elected:

62% of "lesser of Evils" voters do not trust the media!

these are ~2014 numbers...I suspect the picture is even worse for "The Media" today.

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This crap is just the NY Times desperate attempt to hang onto the few subscribers they have left.

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NY TIMES : "....that worthless democrat shill operation.

As an improvement, add:  "....that worthless democrat and CIA shill operation.


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Democrat??? Surely you jest.................try Russian influence and American Communist party influence.....the NYT is dirtier than dirt.

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All they have to do is sacrifice themselves to their lord Moloch in public via the brazen bull. The number required for this to work is unknown, so all liberals should show up, and just keep piling in until Trump is gone.

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Startt swimming to  Israel mofos

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Open up the window, check out the view, and jump you fuckers

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Baghdad Bob really sums it up and puts it in the right perspective. Maybe that will be what makes the MSM listen. What they are saying is they don't want Trump in the White House because he calls them out on their bullshit news about major and minor issues. Even worse he has enough independent news sources that are capable of telling the truth that the public knows they are liars.

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Don't worry, 

The NYT is getting rid of itself every day, a thousand cuts.

They are just so bad, they seem to  be  starting at the toe nails and work their way up to the throat. 

Lets all have a bit of patience with them.

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Anyone in Congress who voted for Trump's ouster would be voting for the end of their political career....and perhaps their life. This is pure fantasy on the part of a few deranged retards.

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What this stuff is really about is causing turmoil in the foreign media and foreign loss of confidence in the Trump Administration.  IOW, this is not just for domestic consumption.  NYT has overseas distribution.

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Break up the media empires and make them small businesses again.  Make them EARN seats in the press corp!

garcam123's picture

Break up the media empires and make them small businesses again.  Make them EARN seats in the press corp!

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Maybe the NYT remaining customers are actually skipping the political content and going to the other sections of the paper, which remain interesting. Who knows? The anti-Trump, anti-Russian mania is becoming boring through repetitive hyperbole. Trump the politician began as a buffoon with no chance of winning the presidency. Then he became a threat to blacks, hispanics, LGBTQs, women, immigrants, and humanity in general. Then Trump turned into a Putin lover. Next he was diagnosed as mentally ill due to advanced syphilis. Today, Trump is a drug addict. The bottom of the barrel has be reached. It was a fun ride, but now, like an old Merry-Go-Round; boring.

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My thoughts, exactly. 1,000 upvotes.


Citizen in 1984's picture

Can I upvote this 1000x? Please, Please..........and throw the WAPO in too.....

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The rest of the people ask: How can we get rid of the MSM?




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I'm so close it hurts. Our gigabit line has been run to the house, now just waiting for them to hook it up and bye bye TV.  Going to be nothing but net from now on!


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I have not had ANY cable or local subscription in over 10 years and boy am I glad.  No facebook or twitter (still trying to convince the misses to ditch those services).  After the "Dear White People" Netflix program, I'm cancelling my subscription. 

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15 years here.
Just think, in no time your mental health will improve and youll end with a charming sparkly personality-like me!

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pods- downside risk.....
You will be sickened when people you know want to talk about something they saw on the toobe - perhaps even enough you wont want to even talk to them anymore-its so pervasive. Visiting other people in their homes will become maddening as the tube is always on. When youve gone a while without hearing commercials , they will be like bamboo under your fingernails.Restaurants? Fuggeddabouddit screens every fucking where.
Even pumping gas.
My head is about to blow.

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Our local cable tv provider offered a new cable package in december.  Stripped down of a bunch of crap that no one watched.  Kept the regional sports station that showed the local baseball team and fox news.  No cnn, cnbc, msnbc, HLN.  Changed my mind and kept me from cutting the cord.

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Boycott their advertizers is at all possible. Start websites and/or petitions to boycott places like Starbucks, kellogg, Nordstroms, etc.


if the radical soros-paid shills can do it, so can others.


New York Times - solve the problem instantly.

Climb to the top of the Empire State Building. 

 Then, jump, you fuckers !!!!!

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"Elections have consequences, time for you to get in the back seat, sit down, and shut up"

Barry Soetoro