The Conflictual Relationship Between Donald Trump And The US "Deep State" - Part 1

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Submitted by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In just two weeks as president of the United States, Donald Trump has given indications of how he intends to tackle various international political situations. So far we have observed the controversy over Iran, the events related to NATO, rapprochement with Russia, escalation in Ukraine, silence on Syria, the US special-forces operation in Yemen, verbal clashes with the EU, and the absence of further criticism of China. This first article will focus on the he US deep state’s possible sabotage attempts of the Trump presidency.

Tensions continue to rise unabated in the first two weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, as more decisions come across Trump’s table. While we have seen many executive orders and pieces of legislation, most regard domestic politics, which is a core focus of the Trump presidency. On the other hand, in foreign policy, Trump seems to be using the common tactic of many politicians, which involves much talk and little action. Since US foreign policy has been a mess for quite some time, militating against common sense, taking little action can actually be a positive thing, the best thing a US president has been able to do in almost thirty years! If there is one thing that is clear to everyone about Trump’s way of doing things following two weeks in office, it is that it is completely different from his predecessor, especially in relation to the press and his willingness to engage with it.

The use of executive orders looks more and more like a weapon to flood the press and news agencies with talking points concerning domestic policies, leaving little room for particular pressure on foreign policy from the media establishment. It almost looks like a tactic of guerrilla warfare to overwhelm the mainstream media. It could and probably is also a PR stunt to show the American people he is doing what he promised. Stunt or not, acknowledging the power of the media in creating a pretext for war, and therefore putting a stop to the drums of war, is one of the first key marks of his success.

The main problem continues to be the ongoing war with the US deep state, something that will not be going away anytime soon, and a campaign that may have entered a new stage against the Trump presidency.

Sabotage or Incompetence?

The first two weeks of the new presidency have already provided a few significant events. The operation that took place in Yemen, conducted by the American special forces and directed against Al Qaeda, has reprised the previous administration. Being a complex operation that required thorough preparation, the new administration thereby had to necessarily represent a continuation of the old one. Details are still vague, but looking at the outcome, the mission failed as a result of incompetence. The American special forces were spotted before arriving at al Qaeda’s supposed base. This resulted in the shooting of anything that moved, causing more than 25 civilian deaths.

The media that had been silent during the Obama administration was rightfully quick to condemn the killing of innocent people, and harsh criticism was directed at the administration for this operation. It is entirely possible that the operation was set up to fail, intended to delegitimize the operational capabilities of the new Trump team. Given the links between al Qaeda, the Saudis and the neoconservatives, something historically proven, it is not unthinkable that the failure of the operation was a consequence of an initial attempt at sabotaging Trump on a key aspect of his presidency, namely the successful execution of counter-terrorist efforts against Islamist terrorism.

Another structural component in the attempts to undermine the Trump administration concern the deployment of NATO and US troops on the western border of the Russian Federation. This attempt is obvious and is one of the strategies aimed at preventing a rapprochement between Washington and Moscow. The EU persists in its self-defeating policy, focusing its attention on foreign policy instead of gaining strategic independence thanks to the new presidency. It is now even more clear that European Union leaders, and in particular the current political representatives in Germany and France, have every intention of continuing in the direction set by the Obama presidency, seeking a futile confrontation with the Russian Federation instead of a sensible rapprochement.

Europe continues to insist on failed economic and social policies that will lead to bankruptcy, using foreign-policy issues as diversions and excuses. The consequences of these wrongheaded efforts will inevitably favor the election of nationalist and populist parties, as seen in the United States and other countries, which will end in the destruction of the EU. For the US deep state and their long-term objectives, this tactic has a dual effect: it prevents the proper functioning of the EU as well as significantly halts any rapprochement between the EU and the Russian Federation. The latter strategy looks more and more irreversible given the current European Union elites. In this sense, the UK, thanks to Brexit, seems to have broken free and started to slowly restructure its foreign- policy priorities, in close alignment to Trump’s isolationism.

Finally the most obvious attempt to sabotage the administration can be seen in the events in Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, Senators Graham and McCain, two of the deep state’s top emissaries, visited Ukraine at the beginning of the year, prompting Ukrainian troops to resume their destructive offensive against the Donbass. The intentions are clear and assorted. First is the constant attempt to sabotage any rapprochement between Moscow and Washington, hoping to engulf Trump in an American/NATO escalation of events in Ukraine. Second, given the critical situation in Europe, is the effort to push Berlin to assume the burden of economically supporting the failing administration in Kiev. Third is the increasing pressure applied to Russia and Putin, as was already seen in 2014, in an effort to actively involve the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian conflict so as to justify NATO’s direct involvement or even that of the United States. The latter situation would be the dream of the neoconservatives, setting Trump and Putin on a direct collision course.

The new American administration has thus far suffered at least three sabotage attempts, and it is the attitude Trump intends to have with the rest of the world that has spurred them. In an interview with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, Trump reiterated that his primary focus is not governed by the doctrine of American exceptionalism, a concept he does not subscribe to anyhow. The religion driving democratic evangelization looks more likely to be replaced with a pragmatic, realist geopolitical stance.

This is how one could sum up Trump’s words to Bill O’Reilly:

«There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers», Trump said. «Well, you think our country is so innocent?»

What the deep state refuses to accept is that they have lost the leading role in educating the rest of the world on humanitarian issues related to the concept of democracy. The main actors of the deep state clearly understand the negative implications for them personally in economic and financial terms associated with the abandonment of the pursuit of global hegemony. For over a hundred years, no US president has ever placed their country on a par with others, has ever abandoned the concept of a nation (the US) «chosen by God».

In an article a few weeks ago, I tried to lay the foundations for a future US administration, placing a strong focus on foreign policy and revealing a possible shift in US historic foreign relations. In a passage I wrote:

«Donald Trump has emerged with in mind a precise foreign policy strategy, forged by various political thinkers of the realist world such as Waltz and Mearsheimer, trashing all recent neoconservative and neoliberal policies of foreign intervention (R2P - Right to Protect) and soft power campaigns in favor of human rights. No more UN resolutions, subtly used to bomb nations (Libya). Trump doesn’t believe in the central role of the UN and reaffirmed this repeatedly.


In general, the Trump administration intends to end the policy of regime change, interference in foreign governments, Arab springs and color revolutions. They just don’t work. They cost too much in terms of political credibility, in Ukraine the US are allied with supporters of Bandera (historical figure who collaborated with the Nazis) and in Middle East they finance or indirectly support al Qaeda and al Nusra front».

The recent meeting in Washington with Theresa May, the first official encounter with a prominent US ally, revealed, among other things, a possible dramatic change in US policy. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom expressed her desire to follow a new policy of non-intervention, in line with the isolationist strategy Trump has spoken about since running for office. In a joint press conference with the American president, May said: «The era of military intervention is over. London and Washington will not return to the failed policy in the past that has led to intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya».

During the election campaign, Trump made his intentions clear in different contexts, but always coming from the standpoint of non-interventionism inspired by the concept of isolationism. It is becoming apparent that these intentions are being put into action, though the rhetoric regarding Iran has become alarming. In typical Trump fashion (which contrasts with the Iran issue), the situation in Syria is normalizing and the initial threats directed at China appear to have been put aside. The case of Iran is a different and complex story, requiring a deeper analysis that deserves a separate article. What will gradually be important, as the Presidency progresses, is understanding the necessity to distinguish between words and actions, separating provocations from intentions.

Conclusions and future questions

There is a whole list of Trump statements that are seen as threats to other countries, primarily Iran. The next article will further explain the possible strategy to be employed by Donald Trump to fight these attempts to sabotage his administration, a strategy that seems to be based on silences, bluffs and admissions to counter the perpetual attempts to influence his presidency. If one wants to place weight on his words during the election campaign, it should be taken into consideration that Trump won the election thanks to the clear objectives of wanting to avoid a further spending spree on destructive wars. This priority was made clear and expressed in every possible way with the adoption of an America First policy, especially regarding domestic policy.

The bottom line is always that Trump has the ability and willingness to be resilient to the pressures of the deep state, focusing on the needs of the average American citizen, rather than caving in to the interests of the deep state such as intelligence agencies, neocons, Israel lobby, Saudi lobby, the military-industrial complex, and many more. It is only in the next few months that we will come to understand if Trump will be willing to continue the fight against war or bend the knee and pay the price.

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wee-weed up's picture

Trump just needs to issue a lot of "You're Fired!" orders in the deep state agencies and then things will be better.

jcaz's picture

The people who own MSM are different (and fewer) than those who did 10 yrs ago-  this needs more critical exposure, and if so, would go a long way to shut up the libtards who have blindly bought into the bullshit.

Mr. Universe's picture

The exposure of the Deep State is a delicate operation. The MSM covers every attempt with it's blatant lies. This was Donald's first step, and now their credibility is doubted more than ever before. To continue he has a minefield to contend with in every attempt to sink the SS Trump.  While he could expose the corporations behind the MSM, could he afford to expose the Bankers and Zionists behind them? When you take the red pill, you learn just how deep the rabbit hole is. Comet Pizza for 1/3 of the swamp, is Donald going to pick up that tab?

Croesus's picture

All Trump's gotta do, is fully-disclose what truths are known about Pedogate, and the Deep State's finished. Even their defenders will look bad, trying to clean-up the image of a bunch of shitty pedophiles.

vato poco's picture

Sunlight, disinfectant, cockroaches.......

Burn it all down

jeff montanye's picture

don't for a second think that 9-11 is not also a critical pressure point for the deep state.  far more than is likely in whatever misdeeds are included in pizzagate or pedogate, this mother of all false flag attacks was and is the primary justification for the  u.s. starting and losing the five wars in afghanistan, iraq, libya, syria and ukraine and clearly indicates the location of such subversion in the neocon/israeli world and its attempt to take over the u.s. government.

petar's picture

"Since US foreign policy has been a mess for quite some time."


Nope. Obama united the world around his vision. He took Ukraine and Sirya from the Russians (atleast partially). 

With Trump, even the Mexican president doesn't pick up his calls. He is unable to unite no one on the international front.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) petar Feb 22, 2017 4:40 AM

There is no Deep State, IS actually DEEP CORP. Every agency is an instrument for a cartel of big businesses to mantain their grip on their market.

And here is how they control some recalcitrant subjects:

REPORT: Massive Advertising Platform bans Popular Website over Support of Donald Trump


At the idiot above: TRUMP doesn't call people.. people CALL TRUMP and ask favors and they did for the last 30 yrs or so.

Wait and see The White Europe Unite by the end of his 1st 4 years.

And btw, who the fuck cares about Mexico and other 3rd world shitholes? He could nuke all 3rd world out of existence and still win in 2020.

mind reset's picture
mind reset (not verified) xythras Feb 22, 2017 8:02 AM

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UnclePhester's picture
UnclePhester (not verified) mind reset Feb 22, 2017 8:27 AM




Is there a COMMON DENOMINATOR amongst members/agents of the "Deep State"?



It seems that exposing that, WOULD BE the REAL NEWS!

new game's picture

the mother of the deep corp is the fed. funding! life line! debt piled on taxpayers! profits taken off  by the handlers of this ponzi!

the deep state is a loosely aligned cabal of like minded sociopathes marching towards the same goals that ARE NOT aligned with trumps election platform. or better put; not aligned with the majorities pusuit of liberty. the swamp will never be drained because draining the swamp would become the night of the living dead. they exist and have always existed. all that can be done is to back the inhabitants of the swamp off by either exposing them or removing them from power or death. best outcome would iceland type coop, or french revolution by an uprising! but remember one thing, most people are mostly clueless and brainwashed by years of media conditioning, but at least getting a clue something bigtyme is wrong. they are helpless as what to do IMO


sarz's picture

This is a sharper sword than 9/11. They could give immunity to the seductive pedophiles to nail the satanic ones. That would get right to the heart of the talmudic New World Order. 

jeff montanye's picture

they are hardly mutually exclusive.  giving immunity to the lower ranking perps is how conspiracies are broken.  

where is the overarching documentation on this pedogate that is near the quality of chris bollyn's solving 9-11, the deception that changed the world?

what i have seen (, especially in john podesta's emails, seems suspicious.  what netanyahu has and may release seems vaguely related and certainly should be investigated, but not at the expense of 9-11, again they are not mutually exclusive.

the fact that netanyahu used it as a threat against obama for not vetoing the u.n. settler condemnation, and yet it seems to involve ashkenazi jews, makes it that much more . . . hmmm?

sarz's picture

The body of the Netanyahu article does not sustain the scope of the title. There seems to be some confusion. 

There is nothing re Pizzagate to match Bollyn’s documentation of 9/11, but it might not make strategic sense to open 9/11 at this point. 

Anarchyteez's picture

Antitrust the MSM into a million pieces. Problem solved.

ZD1's picture

It's shareholders who own the six MSM corporations but they have little control over CEO's, news anchors, and reporters who are overwhelmingly leftists, Tribe members and Democrats.

michelp's picture

"It's shareholders who own the six MSM corporations but they have little control over CEO's, news anchors, and reporters who are overwhelmingly leftists, Tribe members and Democrats."

Well, that's easy: Sell, sell, sell!


Memedada's picture

The ”trumpards, libtards” and just ”US-tards” in general are so dumbed down that they can only glimpse down the Rabbit-whole - and that already gives them 'cognitive dissonance'-fatigue/nausea.

The “Deep State” is not “singular”. It is not “one institution/organization” and/or group of people. The “deep state” is simply the term used for the power behind the official/visible theatre of “government by and for the people”.  It has always been “government by and for the owners”. The deep state is comprised by many actors: the MIC, the FIRE-sector, old money, Tech-money/new money, productive capital/transport/energy/mining etc.

The deep state knows US is in its death throws. US as an empire are already done. It has lost it “moral high ground” (the absolute majority around the world has seen through US corporate propaganda and sees US for what it is - a plutocracy), it loses its wars (if you believe in the official rationale behind them), it’s by all relevant measures bankrupt/insolvent, its population is uneducated, unhealthy and unskilled etc. The decline of US empire will result in the deep state fighting itself over the scraps – and go along, Trumpards, cheerlead your part of the deep state.

And yes, the deep state also financed/supports Trump (otherwise he wouldn't be here anymore). Google Robert Mercer or his "Renaissance Technologies"-hedge fund. You don’t get more “deep state” than that. He “runs” a multibillion hedge fund with an average profitability of 70% +. Yep, nothing to see here. Move along Trumpards.

And yes, Trump might think he is an independent man. But like the man in chains, it is only if he moves outside the length of his chains that they’ll be constraining. I don’t see any of Trumps policies challenging the status quo in any positive way. Only if you believe “immigration” or “terrorism” are the greatest challenges of our time does Trump have relevance (and, in my opinion to the worse). If you think monetary policy (the legal Ponzi scheme sold as a monetary system), money in politics (the legal corruption/plutocracy falsely termed “a democracy”), independent medias (a prerequisite for democracy) and so on are the only areas of policy that can challenge the deep state then Trump is (as the “liberal” candidates – Obama and Hillery) irrelevant.

Trump does, however, challenge the part of the deep state run by the MIC. And that is a powerful entity (with a very dark track record of assassinations, torture, kidnaping, blackmailing – well, think the mafia). It is a battle within the deep state and I just hope they all lose.

Memedada's picture

"The “New, New World Order” may be said to represent the mavericks of the international deep state, eager to dispense with the regulations of the old insiders. But they are still part of the nexus of uncontrolled big money, even if drawn more from the under-reported shady underside of that superclass.

As I write after just one week of Trump in office, it already seems clear that we can expect a “Trump revolution,” one that will almost certainly attempt to reflect and repeat the major features (deregulation, anti-abortion measures, a defense spending buildup, tax cuts for the rich, and deficit financing) of the Reagan revolution before it. And it should not be too surprising if the Trump revolution, just like the Reagan revolution before it, turns out to have been not just financed, but partly plotted, at the levels of the American and the international deep state".

- Peter Dale Scott, author of “The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy”. And many-many other books on “deep power/events/institutions”.

And more from the same author:

"When the uninitiated think of the “Deep State,” they tend to imagine a group of men getting together in a room, smoking cigars and plotting world domination. But the Deep State is not one coordinated network of people controlling the government from the shadows.

Instead, it refers to individuals and groups that have the resources to shape the direction of the world to their benefit and don’t hesitate to make use of them. At times, the interests of different factions of the Deep State collide. That often happens when the direction of the world is rapidly changing, as is the case now after the election of Donald Trump".

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Who can you TRUST when you are the LEADER of a country that has been so corrupted by bad policies and hiring practices for the last 20+ years? The JUDICIAL arm is corrupt and America has a lot of carerr politicians who are in it for themselves.

Trust takes time.

wee-weed up's picture



No time for "trust" when it comes to the corrupt Swamp...

If you're suspect - "You're Fired!"

Drastic times require drastic measures.

FIAT CON's picture

"corrupted by bad policies and hiring practices for the last 20+ years?"

You left out bad corrupt people.

SidSays's picture

A start...perhaps... but...


Mike Cernovich , of DeploraBall fame, knows a lot more about that than I.

Herodotus's picture

Plus, he needs to impound a good portion of their funds.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Ez "conflictual" nu actualmugo wordimatude?


doctor10's picture

The CIA originated from the OSS during and after WW II. The organization was originally run by descendants of the founding fathers of the USA. Their families benefitted from the reconstruction of Europe and Japan etc. Over time they morphed into corporations during the 60-70's and in the 80's and 90's those American Corporations were gradually sold to mutli-national corporations-with their valuations being contigent upon their "unique" relations with the "deep state spook system" and US military

The multinats have all hi-jacked this to their globalist ends leaving the American people and their interests and concerns at the mercy of the tools and systems we used to dominate the close of the 20th century. Their intent is to dominate the world on the basis of those assets.

TeamDepends's picture

How does it feel to live in fear, Deep State?

Mr. Universe's picture

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

gunzeon's picture

no stoppin what can't be stopped, no killin what can't be killed !

rather ...

There's a new king in the streets. This is a message he has for your people: "you are history!" Fucking history.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"What the deep state refuses to accept is that they have lost the leading role in educating the rest of the world on humanitarian issues related to the concept of democracy."

This was a strange article, but after reading the above quote I had to laugh and could not find the gumption to continue reading. 

Who could write something like that?

Anarchyteez's picture

That threw me too. But I kept going...It got better, but that still bugs me. Wtf? Over.

MuffDiver69's picture

It was a poor way of saying that we have used code words like spread of democracy to feed the MIC .....

Trumps: Stability,not democracy is a better way of saying it. I could picture Linda Graham and McCain boil when he said it....

yogibear's picture

Trump needs to clean house. Trying to win people like McCain and Graham is like trying to rehab Jack the ripper. You never know when your going to get stabbed in the back.

jeff montanye's picture

so i hope kellyanne conway is being given the resources she or her designees need to plan for and carry out the 2018 election preparations including a goodly number of primary challenges.

European American's picture

We'll be lucky if we see the Deep State removed from its throne in our lifetime. It's EVERYWHERE.

WTFUD's picture

A tad disappointing that McInsane & Graham haven't been found deaded by nailgun. This would send the right message.

A statement from Tillerson reading that the Oil Majors have signed numerous multi-billion Energy deals with Russia would END the chicanery and send the Neocon's packing.

jeff montanye's picture

imo the first paragraph is overreach that could blow back, even given a weight of sarc.

the second won't be enough.

9-11 is the neocon jugular/carotid.  

use it.

perhaps like netanyahu offering up data on old child crimes as punishment for obama's minor misbehavior, the twin crimes of 9-11 and child trafficking/molestation could be used to break each other.  

worth a try.

yogibear's picture

Time to deep six the deep state,

BarnacleBill's picture

The Deep State ought to have beaten Trump already - one way or another...! But somebody with brains has realised that it's not just Trump. It's the political movement that he heads***. Even if they killed DT tomorrow (and it's certain to have been on their agenda), the Trumpista Party would survive: it's too active and too popular to disappear. So the establishment pretty much has to wrap up the entire movement. They have left things dangerously late, from their point of view.

*** I know he didn't start it; it's the old Pat Buchanan + Ron Paul gang, but Donald is twice as cunning as those chaps. I really don't think he'll win his war with the bad guys - the War Party - but his influence will be quite long-lasting. And of course he is our last hope to roll back the spectre of "1984".

jeff montanye's picture

and, if truth be told, the spectre, as we have come to know it, of 1948 (birth of israel).

T-NUTZ's picture


--> Trumpster fucks them Bitchez up. 

-->  The Donald takes it up the ass.

VWAndy's picture

 That civil grand jury thing and let the chip fall.

hopefulbutwary's picture

While a lot of criticism can be hurled at this very long clip, including messing up the photography at first, and an inappropriate or misleading title--the information about the deep state was eye opening to me.

RightLineBacker's picture

This is a very good article and a very accurate assessment of our enemies.

I am pretty sure Trump is a few steps ahead of his Deep State enemies and is in the process of slowly but surely castrating them.

Trump's most powerful advantage is that his enemies totally underestimate him. I don't think his enemies will fully understand this until he has cut off their arms and legs (think Monty Python's Black Knight).

The do nothing and stupid Senate and House leadership will come back with a totally different attitude after the recess - Their political lives depend on the outcomes of the mid-terms.

Trump is winning (for us).


FEDbuster's picture

Steve Bannon is the key player in this battle against the Deep State, without him Trump would be lost.  That is why they are trying so hard to get rid of him.

Ms No's picture

I am not sure we needed another name for this group.  It goes by so many already: Communism, Marxism, Neoliberalism, Neoconservativism, Oligarchy, Nazi, Globalism, NWO, Bankfuckery, Corporatocracy, Zionism and now Deep Taintism.  It's all the same people. 

conraddobler's picture

Bolshevicks is what they are.

They have never tried to take down the main lion of the pride which is what they tried to do in the USA, and they are finding out that it's got more fight in it than they bargained for.

Not saying they won't prevail but they are in a fight for their lives now and they are now defensive which is something they've really not had to deal with since the 1950's.

In the 1960's they took over and so they've had over 50 years of ruling us, constantly whacking away at every pillar of this old gray repbulic and they still have yet to fully put it down.

God damn it's a beautiful thing!

When you view it that way you start to see the beauty of what this nation really is warts and all.  

We going to let them win?

Are we going to let all that is still good go under their lash?

I know what my answer would be.