Selling Of French Bonds Accelerates As Le Pen Extends Lead, Macron Tumbles In Latest Poll

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Another day, another headache for owners of French bonds. In the latest French presidential poll, conducted by Elabe for TV broadcaster BFMTV, Marine Le Pen extended her lead by another 2-3 points, while support for her primary centrist challenger Emmanuel Macron, tumbled by 5 points in the last week.

The poll, released today, showed that Le Pen's lead rose by either 1.5 points to 27% or by 2 points to 28%, depending whether centrist candidate Francois Bayrou would take part in the election...

... or withdraw.

The most surprising result, however, is the plunge in Macron's odds, who lost five points in the first round voting intentions compared to the same poll conducted two weeks ago. Macron, who is the former French economy minister and who is running on a pro-EU platform, fell to third place behind right-wing candidate Francois Fillon, whom he eclipsed earlier in the month after a major embezzlement scandal erupted in which Fillon was accused of using public funds to pay for his family's wages. Fillon gained 3 points in both variations of the poll.

But more concerning for her opponents, was the notable gains Le Pen made in the second round, where while still trailing behind both Fillon and Macron, she has seen a 4 points gain in the past week, shrinking the difference between Macron in the runoff round to 59-41. Until several weeks ago, she was firmly in the 20% range.

Meanwhile, as we have observed virtually every single day in the past three weeks, the better Le Pen does the polls, the higher French yields rise, and the greater the spread to German bunds....

... over fears that a Le Pen victory would be the last nail in the coffin for the Eurozone. Le Pen's FN party has warned it would take France out of the Eurozone, return to the French franc, and would redenominate billions in French debt, a step which leading economists and rating agencies last week declared would to "massive sovereign default" and global financial chaos.

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Merkle will demand she wears a headscarf when she goes to Germany.

UndergroundPost's picture

And just like with Brexit and Trump, the Frenchies will flood the media with reports of fear and terror, forecasting market mayhem. But then after she's elected - another dagger in the heart of Globalist lies, deception and revolution

spastic_colon's picture

and another giant BTFD (if any) moment just like brexit and trump....................easy money

Antifaschistische's picture

anyone know an online site where we can contribute to Le Pen?  I'd like to interfere with the French elections.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If only the riots continue and the muzzies continue to muzzie then she might have a shot. 

new game's picture

calling george, we need some help stirring the pot...

wildbad's picture money is on Marine!

new game's picture

hey there fellow freedom luvers, do you see a pattern here? fuking funny how dumb these globalists are...

deluded in their own denial...

junction's picture

Don't count out yet Rothschild-backed Macron.  The Rothschilds have a lot of dirty tricks they have yet to carry out to get their stooge in.

aliens is here's picture

Adolf Merkle is preparing her German army for another invasion of France. This time Moozies will lead the attack.

French Bloke's picture

I like that. German goat fuckers vs French goat fuckers. Has a "win - win" feel to it...

Publicus's picture

Le Pen is the female President we've been promised.

Zeej's picture

Le Pen aka Joan of Arc

NoPension's picture

All she needs now is for CNN to come out, and say she has NO chance of winning.

    " I could go on and on"

   John King

That one still makes me chuckle.

French Bloke's picture

I think I'll have a bet on Le Pen winning. The polls are still too low IMO. They are probably not asking real French citizens who they'd vote for...

Manipulism's picture

Macron, the Rothschild Banker against Le Pen.


SQP's picture

Micron isn't existing (politically). He has no party, no base (only bankers) and never faced an election.

It's just an inflated media bubble.

Squilliam Fancyson's picture

Check Macron's protegé and you'll know why you have to take him very serious.

Temple of Truth's picture

I'm starting to think she can actually pull this one off.

chosen's picture

The French usually vote with their wallets, which is why their country is so fucked up.  Maybe this time is different.   Brexit, Trump, LePen. 

booboo's picture

Yea because the average frog have been making like bandits since the EU Banker Cabal took control.

small axe's picture

"massive sovereign default" and global financial chaos

that's a given with or without a Le Pen victory. In fact, the longer the dysfunctional EU is allowed to exist the worse the crisis will be when the EU finally does hit the brick wall of unpayable sovereign debt. Also, Le Pen would be far less likely to bail out the corporate parasites at taxpayer expense than any of the other candidates.

French Bloke's picture

If Le Pen wins and the French go back to the Franc, 80% of all national debt can be denominated in Francs. They can either default or inflate it away. That may protect their economy. If she loses everyone loses as bail ins and austerity will become the norm. Everyone, that is, except the banksters...

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Wow, just look at all those racist French.  tsk, tsk.  /s

Dragon HAwk's picture

Wow a Poll. true facts I'm convinced.....   /s

homonohumanus's picture

The lead of Marine LE pen in the first ound of the election is imho greatly under-estimated. I don't think tshe can win the second turn but in a sunny sunday, a win in the first round could happen, the odds are really really low though...

misalkin's picture

Let's hope she wins and she will have balls Huge enough to pop global debt bubble.So we can sooner build new gold back world.


spastic_colon's picture

gee its weird how 2 of the biggest oxymorons in the world "leading economists and rating agencies" would harp against this idea......

MuffDiver69's picture

It would be interesting to have someone from the Trump perspective who is versed in French politics give an analysis of what's really going on...Who the fuck would trust a poll and we hear the same refrain about the second round that is similiar to the democrat blue wall...The blue wall was horseshit and I made a nice chunk of change betting that enough of it would fall, considering Trumps Reagan democrat/Perot appeal....

Either way, FUCK the French and the EU

hound dog vigilante's picture


I may fit that description...


Same story as w/ Brexit, Trump, etc.  Le Pen's chances/polls are understated by the FR globalist media apparatus.  Le Pen/FN is leading, and getting stronger.  French politics have a wide spectrum, and yes LePen/FN have a very real chance of winning.  

Outsiders tend to forget/underestimate the many islamic-terrorist attacks/killings that have occurred in FR, but the French people haven't forgotten.  FR is a very RURAL nation. Old, white, rural France will indeed vote/react much like old, white rural Brits & flyover country here in the US .... very similar dynamic.

hohenzollern's picture

Big part of the french left is highly busy to decide between Mélenchon (crypto-marxist, freemason, go figure…) and Hamon, same profile but younger and absolutely non-existent politically and intellectualy. Fact is neither will be in second round, which promises to create a huge shock and awe effect on the proglodytes, when they're gonna have to make a choice and vote Fillon or Macron, thats a hell of a matter of conscience… Tempted to say: Marine has a chance. Oh, another historical loser is entering the ring tomo, Bayrou, impossible to describe, total void, but what a laugh.

Mike Masr's picture

Vive Le Pen!!!

She's going up against hardline commies!!

And they (MSM) said Trump would lose big!

And that the Brexit vote would fail....

quax's picture

Le Pens program is Nationalistic and Socialistic. She is s big welfare proponent. So you either don't know her program or what the term "commie" means.

Mike Masr's picture

Yes Quax you are probably correct. I took her for a nationalist and Bernie Sanders type socialist. Aren't her opponents hard core Marxist's, the type Lenin would be proud of?   

quax's picture

Hard core Marxist are opponents to everything that doesn't fit their narrow ideology, what's your point?

IridiumRebel's picture

Le Pen wins or in 10 years you'll see four to five names with Muhammad on that list.

nevertheless's picture

If La Pen wins, it will be over the Zionist machine that is trying to destroy Europe. Macron is a Soros shill, coming from his time at the Bank of Rothschild...Seems his past has caught up on him.


Stop spreading the Muslim hate, they are subject to the same evil that inflicts US. Far far more Muslims have been killed than the west. For what, ask George Soros and Henry Kissinger, divide and conquer...


The Christians fight the Muslims, while the Jews cheer each side on, making money and blood from each. 

Hongcha's picture

Well said nevertheless.  The Muslim rancor is the chink in the Trump party's armor, and ZH's, in my humble opinion.  People are being conditioned to accept a clear-cut, "foreign" enemy who dresses and talks funny.  Meanwhile their children's futures are drained and their pockets are picked.

IridiumRebel's picture

I don't deny that, but France is being overrun.

buzzsaw99's picture

why are all the deplorable misogynist trump people supporting Le Pen?


quax's picture

Because Le Pen has balls?

And that's about the only nice thing that I can say about her. 

nevertheless's picture

That says more about YOU than it does about La Pan, and none of it good sorry to say...

Albertarocks's picture

How do I give you more than one upvote?  It seems ZH will only let me give you one.

Nobody For President's picture

Hey Buzz, you forgot the racist and homophobic part. Let' give credit to our full range of deplorable.

nevertheless's picture

Le Pen schooling Zionist CNN about what actually happened in Kiev/Ukraine.

The CNN reporter when corrected does not even admit she is wrong, she just moves onto the next lie...

Killdo's picture

bbc does the same trick always. Especially that ugly she-male from the Newsnight I think

like all pathological psychopaths they never admit they are wrong. Their royal family does the same. 

I am so glad I put my dick into the Queen E's hat when I used to work for her hat-maker years ago