Is A Trump-Putin Detente Dead?

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Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via,

Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that he read the nation and the world better than his rivals.

He saw the surging power of American nationalism at home, and of ethnonationalism in Europe. And he embraced Brexit.

While our bipartisan establishment worships diversity, Trump saw Middle America recoiling from the demographic change brought about by Third World invasions. And he promised to curb them.

While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, responded.

And while Bush II and President Obama plunged us into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Trump saw that his countrymen wanted to be rid of the endless wars, and start putting America first.

He offered a new foreign policy. Mitt Romney notwithstanding, said Trump, Putin’s Russia is not “our number one geopolitical foe.”

Moreover, that 67-year-old NATO alliance that commits us to go to war to defend two dozen nations, not one of whom contributes the same share of GDP as do we to national defense, is “obsolete.”

Many of these folks are freeloaders, said Trump. He hopes to work with Russia against our real enemies, al-Qaida and ISIS.

This was the agenda Americans voted for. But what raises doubt about whether Trump can follow through on his commitments is the size and virulence of the anti-Trump forces in this city.

Consider his plan to pursue a rapprochement with Russia such as Ike, JFK at American University, Nixon and Reagan all pursued in a Cold War with a far more menacing Soviet Empire.

America’s elites still praise FDR for partnering with one of the great mass murderers of human history, Stalin, to defeat Hitler. They still applaud Nixon for going to China to achieve a rapprochement with the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, Mao Zedong.

Yet Trump is not to be allowed to achieve a partnership with Putin, whose great crime was a bloodless retrieval of a Crimea that had belonged to Russia since the 18th century.

The anti-Putin paranoia here is astonishing.

That he is a killer, a KGB thug, a murderer, is part of the daily rant of John McCain. At the Munich Security Conference this last weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham promised, “2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress.” How’s that for statesmanship.

But how does a president negotiate a modus vivendi with a rival great power when the leaders of his own party are sabotaging him and his efforts?

As for the mainstream media, they appear bent upon the ruin of Trump, and the stick with which they mean to beat him to death is this narrative:

Trump is the Siberian Candidate, the creature of Putin and the Kremlin. His ties to the Russians are old and deep. It was to help Trump that Russia hacked the DNC and the computer of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, and saw to it WikiLeaks got the emails out to the American people during the campaign. Trump’s people secretly collaborated with Russian agents.

Believing Putin robbed Hillary Clinton of the presidency, Democrats are bent on revenge — on Putin and Trump.

And the epidemic of Russophobia makes it almost impossible to pursue normal relations. Indeed, in reaction to the constant attacks on them as poodles of Putin, the White House seems to be toughening up toward Russia.

Thus we see U.S. troops headed for Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, NATO troops being sent into the Baltic States, and new tough rhetoric from the White House about Russia having to restore Crimea to Ukraine. We read of Russian spy ships off the coast, Russian planes buzzing U.S. warships in the Black Sea, Russians deploying missiles outlawed by the arms control agreement of 1987.

An Ohio-class U.S. sub just test-fired four Trident missiles, which carry thermonuclear warheads, off the Pacific coast.

Any hope of cutting a deal for a truce in east Ukraine, a lifting of sanctions, and bringing Russia back into Europe seems to be fading.

Where Russians saw hope with Trump’s election, they are now apparently yielding to disillusionment and despair.

The question arises: If not toward better relations with Russia, where are we going with this bellicosity?

Russia is not going to give up Crimea. Not only would Putin not do it, the Russian people would abandon him if he did.

What then is the end goal of this bristling Beltway hostility to Putin and Russia, and the U.S.-NATO buildup in the Baltic and Black Sea regions? Is a Cold War II with Russia now an accepted and acceptable reality?

Where are the voices among Trump’s advisers who will tell him to hold firm against the Russophobic tide and work out a deal with the Russian president?

For a second cold war with Russia, its back up against a wall, may not end quite so happily as the first.

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Belrev's picture

Yes. Checks and balances in USA is devouring its own Democracy while money bags keep bending it in their favor with help of Congresswomen like Lindsey Graham who "wants to kick Russia in the ass"

BullyBearish's picture

Please prove he is not trumpanyahoo...

The_Juggernaut's picture

Putin and Russia are neither friends nor enemies of the US.  Obama/Clinton neocon idiocy shouldn't have put us in such an adversarial position, but there's no reason we need to be sucking up to them either.


I don't give two shits for a friendship with Russia, as long as we're not doing stupid crap like massing troops on their border, and we'd never do something that stupid, right?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Send Lindsey Graham and John McCain to the front line and then ask them when they would like the shooting to begin.

Hell, send Hillary with them.  The Russians will be terrified, I am sure.

FreezeThese's picture

Twinkle twinkle little czar


Putin put you where you are

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

So it is Putin's fault that Hillary chose John Podesta as her 'campaign manager'?  And the Pedosta, err, Podesta is obsessed with 'cheese pizza'?


MalteseFalcon's picture

This entire Russian "issue" is completely fake.

Nothing to it.

So now Trump is just rope a doping the neocons and the media to make the issue go away.

Which, of course, it will.

There isn't going to be a new cold war with Russia.

NATO troops will be departing the Russian border over the next 4 years as Trump gets the neocons in line.

When Russia and the USA have mutual interests, we will deal.

When we don't we won't.

When we have real disagreements, we'll not necessarily use the military as the first option.

Free Spirit's picture

"This entire Russian "issue" is completely fake. Nothing to it."

Then why are russian ambassadors in the most important hotspots (Turkey, Greece, India and UN) dropping dead at a rate of two per month ?

Seems there IS another "cold war" but it´s getting hot and most likely we will see a major war break out within the next few monts.  Trump is a powerless clown AND/OR in alliance with the US warhawks.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

FU and btw, I had an aunt who once lived in western Penn for a number of years and that's the closest I've ever been culturally to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

But I want to say thank you thank you {those four states} from the bottom of my heart!!!


Minack's picture

You've lost control of this country and, apparently, your mental faculties as well. The democrats are now branded the non-white party and you played your hand too soon before amnesty would have allowed millions of new parasites on the voter rolls. You lost and will continue to lose because America will not abide traitors.

MalteseFalcon's picture

As soon as Trump puts in Voter ID and English only, it's all over for the Democratic party.


kliguy38's picture

so is lindsey graham and "ass kicker" or an ass licker.....i cant decide

Joe Trader's picture

Zapad 2009, 2013, 2017.

It takes two, to get along.

wildbad's picture

Fuck that shit.

Respect Mr. B but Trump NEEDS to put the neuvo Russophobes in their little box by reaching out to Putin often and early. No capitulation to the fake canard of "The Russians are Coming"

Disregard falshood in all of its forms, Make them base their accusations on fact rather than rhetoric.

Then demons and the neocons LOST!

Remind them of their sad place in history and be bold. Connect with Putin and find common ground against the global elite.

chunga's picture

Hey Vlad, Trump here. Listen, give me a chance to drain this swamp and then let's talk. This gov I inherited is full of pedophiles, perverts, and criminals. Don't listen to the (((fake news))), just give me a chance to clear this thing out, then we can discuss what we're gonna do.

Anasteus's picture

Actually, it's dead and alive at the same time, like Schroedinger's cat. It depends on when and who is watching.

new game's picture

what if trump boarded a special envoy to russia to extend an olive branch to diplomacy and ignored this disco chit chat from the neocon warmongering idiots? what if? lol, sort a...

francis scott falseflag's picture


That's exactly what Trump has to do.


Go meet Putin in a third country and NOT TELL



Have very vague news conferences upon

return and gauge the approval by his suporters

contrasted to the neocon-anti-Trump-MSM-dems 

Freddie's picture

Putin standing up for Christianity, western civilization and family values.

The vast majority of US govt employees and politicians are demoic pizzagaters shitbags. 

Tens of trillions stolen in Neo/Zio-Con ears.

brianshell's picture

Trump hears the  zio piper's tune and professes to follow it over the cliff. On the other hand, he also procliams his objection of globalism. These are ironic. But he listens to Putin and here is a repeat of Putin's shared support for the sovereign stae and cultural cohesion.

GRDguy's picture

The Great Red Dragon (Money Kings) finances both the U.S. and Russia.

They must fight each other in order to lie and steal from their own citizens to feed the dragon.

Sometimes The Dragon Wins.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Speaking of Dragons, the real dragon (Code name Planet-X or Nibiru) is due to arrive at our solar system later this year (2017) with its tail of debris expected to arrive 3+ years later.

[Rev 12:3-4 NKJV] 3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars (meorites) of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman (VIRGO) who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child (JUPITER) as soon as it was born.

Get some pop corn and pull up a seat. The show is expected to begin during Sep'17.

Minack's picture

Take your mentally deranged heresy somewhere else.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Ad hominem attacks do not add anything to your character, conversation or conduct.

Let me ask you a question.

With the moon only capable of producing a solar eclipse lasting 7.5 minutes, what caused the 3 hour solar eclipse and the widespread earthquakes during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Clearly something had to cover up the sun for 3 hours and cause the widespread earthquakes. Below is the verse from Luke 23:44 that documents the event.

[Luk 23:44 NKJV] 44 Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.

I look forward to your response,

Akzed's picture

What does "shortly" mean in Rev. 1:1?

BeepBeepRichie's picture

If you were an electric universe (God) that is eternal, what would shortly mean to you?

new game's picture

shortly in universe time could be a million light

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Interesting question ... but let my question define "shortly" for both of us.

Here is my question for you.

With the moon only capable of producing a solar eclipse lasting 7.5 minutes,  what caused the 3 hour solar eclipse and the widespread earthquakes during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Clearly something had to cover up the sun for 3 hours and cause the widespread earthquakes. Below is the verse from Luke 23:44 that documents the event.

[Luk 23:44 NKJV] 44 Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.

I look forward to your response "shortly".

francis scott falseflag's picture


Translated through how many languages from Aramaic to English?


The author didn't say 'shortly'.  He said 'swizzledick'

stant's picture

If deep state wants a pony,it gets its fuking pony

FreedomWriter's picture

If you want to keep your cold war, you can keep your cold war....

KuriousKat's picture

I don't think so at all.. After Trump cleans house..not easy after so many years of neglect..things will normalize

No one can afford another great war..

silverer's picture

No, we can't afford another war. It will be the thousand years of darkness Ronald Reagan warned us about.

rejected's picture

"And the epidemic of Russophobia makes it almost impossible to pursue normal relations."

Depends on whether your a leader or a follower.  We'll soon see what we have...

BritBob's picture

Ruskies can't be trusted.


RUSSIA has told Britain it should "clean its conscience" and give back Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands before it criticises them over their involvement in Ukraine. Moscow's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin made the shocking remarks when responding to his British counterpart Matthew Rycroft at a UN security council meeting in New York. (Daily Express 4 Feb 2017)

Do the Spanish have a claim to the Rock? Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:

Perhaps not.

Funny thing to say when Argentina has never legally owned the Falklands. So how can they 'be returned' ?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:

Ignatius's picture

And what are we to make of your "special relationship" with Ireland, you f#ckhead?

The last thing you'll do is ask the Irish, as Russia did with Crimea.

joeyman9's picture

Absolutely do not care about legal process; fact is, these territories are outside Britian's Sphere of Influence.  Period.

new game's picture

so i can trust the americans? fucken-eh go fuck your self. stupid doush bag...

francis scott falseflag's picture


By the mid 19th century, Britain thought it owned the world.  What a shock it must be to

them to find themselves near the beginning of the 21st century nothing more than a

douche bag's douche bag.  A used up and discarded condom in the mud.


Go sell your opium to your worthless peers.

BarkingCat's picture

Amazing that BritBoob has enough free time between trying to diddle little boys. 

HowdyDoody's picture

There are not many boys on the Falklands. But there are loads of fresh young sheep.

silverer's picture

Just for a great gag, Trump should announce that the will of the mainstream media and the righteous left will be followed, and that an all out nuclear attack on Russia is in the planning stages, and to start digging your fallout shelter while the US prepares "the right thing to do" within the next month or so.

rejected's picture

A former Mossad? agent says Trump will be impeached in a few months for treason.

rejected's picture

Hey,,, I'm just the messenger here! LOL.

francis scott falseflag's picture


former Mossad or former CIA, the object of this tactic is circulating as much negativity 'that's fit to print'

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"DETENTE" between Russia and the U.S. WILL ONLY BE DEAD if treasonous assholes like this motherfucker ( are allowed to hijack a government's foreign policy when they feel they are aren't getting what they want!

Kill Edward Price and EVERYONE ELSE for that matter at Langley that continues to violate their sworn duties to the Commander-in-Chief and the U.S. Constitution or THE PROBLEM ONLY GETS MUCH WORSE!


Atomizer's picture

It happened a few days back. Then Kims brother was assassinated. All to trigger a war. North Korea or Russia. Imagine Israel will make another statement about Iran. Plan C. 

Back to basics, round up the fucker's in Washington, DC. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

They need more than a handful of bar room brawls in Estonia to start the "beginning of the end"...

scv's picture

russis has some great non-gmo food that we can import as a sign of good relations.