Iran Warns US: "The Enemy Will Receive A Strong Slap In The Face"

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This past Saturday, two weeks after the White House unveiled new sanctions on two dozen Iranian entities in retaliation for a recent ballistic missile test, Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard announced it was set to conduct military drills this week despite warnings from the United States not to engage in such activity. General Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the force's ground units, told a news conference that "the manoeuvres called 'Grand Prophet 11' will start Monday and last three days." and warned that "rockets would be used" without specifying which kind.

Head of Iran's Revolutionary guards ground forces Mohammad Pakpour (C) attends a funeral ceremony

Several days later, as Tehran concluded the previously announced war games, Iran retaliated in the ongoing escalation of sabre rattling, when the abovementioned General Mohammad Pakpour again took to the airwave, and said quoted by Reuters that the United States should expect a "strong slap in the face" if it underestimates Iran's defensive capabilities, as Tehran concluded war games.

On Wednesday, the Revolutionary Guards concluded three days of exercises with rockets, artillery, tanks and helicopters, weeks after Trump warned that he had put Tehran "on notice" over the missile launch. "The message of these exercises ... for world arrogance is not to do anything stupid," said Pakpour, quoted by the semi-official news agency Tasnim.

"The enemy should not be mistaken in its assessments, and it will receive a strong slap in the face if it does make such a mistake," said General Mohammad Pakpour, head of the Guards’ ground forces, quoted by the Guards' website Sepahnews.

"Everyone could see today what power we have on the ground." The Guards said they test-fired "advanced rockets" and used drones in the three-day exercises which were held in central and eastern Iran.

Meanwhile, as tensions also mount with Israel, a military analyst at Tasnim said that Iran-allied Hezbollah could use Iranian made Fateh 110 missiles to attack the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona from inside Lebanon. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said last Thursday that his group, which played a major role in ending Israel's occupation of Lebanon, could strike Dimona.

"Since Lebanon's Hezbollah is one of the chief holders of the Fateh 110, this missile is one of main alternatives for targeting the Dimona installations," Hossein Dalirian said in a commentary carried by Tasnim.

In recent weeks, having been forced to concede geopolitically to China by dropping his demand to negotiate "One China", Trump has pledged to get tough with Iran, warning the Islamic Republic after its ballistic missile test on Jan. 29 that it was playing with fire and all U.S. options were on the table. Just like China, which as reported earlier today has once again poked Trump by building SAM batteries on disputed islands in the South China Sea to see how far it can push the administration before retaliation, Iran is now engaging in exactly the same exercise, trying to gauge how much of Trump's bluster will transform into actual actions. So far, Iran's escalating actions have generated an eerie silence from the White House.

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The Fall of Rome happened when the Romans welcomed the invading armies because the Roman government was running amuck.

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No it's not.

Saudi Arabia: $20.8 billion

Russia: $17.2 billion

Angola: $15.9 billion

Oman: $14 billion

Iraq: $12.7 billion

Iran: $10.7 billion

Kuwait: $5.7 billion

Brazil: $5.3 billion

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) sinbad2 Feb 22, 2017 10:18 AM

Iran is not Iraq.  Iran is in the mountains, nearly all of it.  Iraq is in a desert valley.  Iran does not have a majority of people being indifferent to their government being forcefully removed.  Iran has twice the people of Iraq and 3 times the land.  Iran has a very deep hatred of the United States for overthrowing their democracy, subjecting them to 25 years of the Shah's dictatorship, subjecting them to chemical weapons in the Iran/Iraq war, and now endless sanctions from the hypocritical enforcement of the Shah signed NPT.

So, in summary: not with my tax dollars, fucktards!

xavi1951's picture

Stainless Steel -  Wrong!  Iran has a deep hatred of the U.S. because we are infidels.  Iran never had a democracy idiot.  The Koran does NOT allow for any kind of democracy because the Koran IS the social and ruling (govt) law.

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xythras (not verified) xavi1951 Feb 22, 2017 10:32 AM

Iran has some mighty wet dreams nowadays. Who can blame them? Saudi Arabia has them also, not to mention Israel.

Highest Global Sales of Military Weaponry Since the End of the Cold War

The_Juggernaut's picture

They're going to bring their slapping hand to a gunfight?  lmfao.  Good luck with that one.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Before anyone laughs, they might want to read up on Millennium Challenge 2002.

svayambhu108's picture

They will be the slapping hand at a gunfight, the big guns will be China and Russia.

Given the involvment Russia had with Syria, want to bet thge will not stand for Iran.

And China will be in this because it is important, strait of hromuz etc

kralizec's picture

Slap?  Heh!  That's all bitches can do...  LOL!

sinbad2's picture

It has nothing to do with religion.

Iran hates the US because the US has persecuted them for over 60 years.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

" Iran never had a democracy"

You might try reading some history some time. It will help with cognitive dissonance

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

LOL, YOU, a complete fucktard calling someone an idiot!

How do you explain the hatred felt for the US among informed persons of any religion? It has nothing to do with religion, the fact is that the US government is a criminal/terrorist organisation. Fuck off and die, and soon please. Cunts.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Stainless, you forgot one thing that rarely gets mentioned; as a price to be paid for getting their country and oil back, they have had to live under a theocracy, instead of a democracy.

How many here wouldnt resent that?

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If they want to die for Iranian "freedom," they can send their kids. Not with my tax $ nor kids is RIGHT.

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The - general - the hat says controlled by Switzerland

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They welcomed invading armies, really? Hmm, had Hillary been elected can't say I would have tried to kick Putin out had he come. 

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Report shit to a .gov site and to google?

You fucking NSA dickhead.  Go the fuck away.  We can browse past the spam ourselves you pile of shit.

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You have to put in  Your list rednecks, racist and Trump lovers ohhh & to explain why trump loves so much Putin ?...

tilon's picture

You have to put in  Your list rednecks, racist and Trump lovers ohhh & to explain why trump loves so much Putin ?...

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Two hits:  me hitting you, you hitting the floor.  Anytime you're ready, pal.

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Sure thing, Toots. We'll break our foot off in your ass.

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"We'll break our foot off in your ass"


Iran understands this reality.  Why the hell would they provoke the U.S.  It's a gaurantee for death.  Past precident says so.   That's why I don't believe this story.  It's bullshit ladies & gentleman.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

What if China and Russia have their back...?

sinbad2's picture

When the US pressured Russia, not to sell air defense missiles to Iran, China stepped in and sold them guidance components.

So they have a modified version of the Chinese S300 system.

So yes in a way Russia and China does have their back.

Chupacabra-322's picture

And, those ICBM Missle Tech / guidance components like MERV, Boost, Entry & Re Entry were sold to them during the Clinton Administration.

Funny how things have a way of all tying in together once one connects all the dots.

ejmoosa's picture

Without this rhetoric, no one would be speaking about Iran.

it's their way to feel like they are still relevent, even when they are not.

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) General Decline Feb 22, 2017 10:25 AM

Iran knows the American government cant do shit thats why. The public's attitude towards war is abysmmal right now and on top of that the cost of the war could literally break our currency.  When faced with the decision of handing the presidency back to the democrats in 4 years or taking the high road and leaving Iran alone while maintaining power, Trump will choose maintaining power. The only way the public goes for a war in Iran is an event on par with 9/11 thats blamed on them, in the absense of said event then America wont do shit. Goat fuckers in the mountains were able to put the finishing touches on the Soviet Unions fiscal situation, there is no reason to believe this time would be any different. War bankrupts countries, and America will be no different.


At this point it is all politics, Iranian government gets political points with their people for shit like this and thats all they want. Trump knows the atmosphere isnt right to do anything so he talks a big game to them. Its plain as day whats going on here. 

Blankone's picture

There is a story on RT from today or yesterday that the US is ramping up sending troops into Syria, that there are already 500 special forces there (those are just the number admitted to), and that the special forces are now taking an active role in the fighting.

So we have gone from denial, to yes there are a few troops acting as advisors but not near any fighting, to there are 500 troops and there are fighting, to we are going to officially send in US troops to take ground in Syria.

I remember the bluster before Iraq was taken down.  All the talk about their large military, tanks and missiles.  About how Russia would not allow it.  And of course the "Mother of all battles" bs from Iraq.  Right now Iran is at the "mother of all battles" bs, they started early though.  They even are going to realease a film showing them defeat the US - now that is some scary stuff, lol. 

Putin did not even have the balls to declare a no-fly zone in Syria, he will do even less for Iran. 

Mustafa Kemal's picture

General, they are willing to die, by the millions if necessary,  and Americans are not and they know it.

Moreover, have you noticed China and Russia lately? Have you noticed the looming death of the Petrodollar? Have you seen the F35 and the Zumwalt? 

TAALR Swift's picture

But you can call him Mo. Mo Pak to his American friends. 

general ambivalent's picture

When was the last time America won a war?

rocknrollinhoneybadger's picture

"Irans Revolutionary Guard"


Is that their version of "Saddam's Republican Guard?"

sinbad2's picture

Comparing Iraq to Iran, is like comparing the US to Mexico.

alangreedspank's picture

Iran is still a third world country, the General has no other choice than saying what he says, but frankly whatever you think of US foreign policy, they can pretty much steam roll over any army they wish to do so.

IReallyDontCare's picture

Lol,another arm chair general. Is that the same way the US steam rolled in afghanistan? 

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"hey can pretty much steam roll over any army they wish to do so."

How well have they steamrolled over ISIS lately? 

How is the battle of Mosul going?

Talion's picture

Apparently you think American military is "all in" on these engagements. Even in Nam we weren't "all in". We haven't been since WW2.  

When the kid gloves come off and the politically correct hearts and minds COIN ROE gets thrown out the window, you'll understand who the heavy hitters are.


dogismycopilot's picture

Iran could roll up Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and knock on the door of Hause of Saud if they wanted to.

Only people capable of taking on Iran is Israel and that would be a nuclear conflict.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Creating enemies is the job of government. Without enemies the people have little use for government.

TheLastTrump's picture

yeah that's just another feel good bullshit saying


of course people have use for govt without making up enemies


and of course enemies can exist without govt making them up for us


the clown car is full today



Bill of Rights's picture

Do it then...lets see what you've got...shit talkers.

General Decline's picture

Does anyone really beleive Iran wants war with the U.S.?  It's suicide.   

sinbad2's picture

Do you think the US would nuke them?

If the US did use nukes, it's quite possible that the Russians might do the same, if the US attacked Russia.

If the US does not use nukes, the Iranians would seriously hurt the US, they aren't the towelheads with only AK's the US is used to fighting, these guys can shoot back.

General Decline's picture

No, I do not think they would nuke them.  Nukes are outdated.  With precision guided missles, nukes are no longer necessary.

sinbad2's picture

But what if Iran shot down the American missiles?

The US still uses Tomahawk missiles, which are slow, and easy to take out.

The US might use B2 bombers, but what if the Iranians also took them out?

If the US tried and failed, it would be game over for the empire.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Do you think the US would nuke them?"

I doubt it, but thats not the problem.

IMO; if we hit Iran, they will hit SA and Israel, and although many would cheer it, the fireworks may then begin in earnest.

TheLastTrump's picture

That always cracks me up about Iran. Senior military generals with a 2 day stubble on their faces. Professionals.

sinbad2's picture

And they actually go into battle with their troops, can you imagine western generals actually getting in harms way?