Liberal Ad Agency Drops Infowars, 1st Amendment Assault On Conservative Media Heating Up

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Most websites survive on advertising revenue, product sales, or a combination of both. Ads are placed on websites by digital advertising agencies - which are overwhelmingly run by liberals (90% of the industry by one ad exec's estimation).

To that end, conservative media outlet Infowars has just been axed by San Francisco advertising agency AdRoll - a major source of revenue for the Alex Jones owned Trump-friendly website, the day after Jones did an interview with the (failing) New York Times.


Jones just said in a Reddit AMA that Adroll's decision is going to cost him $5 Million in 2017. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the San Francisco based ad agency is overwhelmingly liberal? Several high level employees have donated money to democratic causes over the past few elections, and their hippie lookin' senior management needs a damn haircut (except for the bald guy whose sloppy goatee has boundary issues). CEO Aaron Bell is a huge Bill Gates groupie, having grown up in liberal Washington and worked at Microsoft, where he stalked the Billionaire at their annual employee barbecue.

Now that you know who we're dealing with, here's the Infowars breakup letter:

Note the term "retargeting." This is where the same ad follows you from site to site like in Minority Report - which is pretty much AdRoll's bread and butter. Lo and behold, the guy in charge of retargeting, Peter Clark, contributed to the "Democratic Hope Fund" in 2015:

I sure hope Peter didn't advocate pulling the plug on Infowars simply because he and the rest of the team at AdRoll disagree politically...  Is hitting conservative news outlets in their wallet a new trend?

Forbes contributor and founder of ad agency Ideasicle, Will Burns, posed this very question in November of 2016 after Trump won the election:

The election of Donald Trump has changed everything. What was once regulating our behavior via an understated yet potent social force we called "political correctness" is now no longer "understated" and no longer "correctness" but a form of absolute-ism.

I have personally noticed that my liberal-leaning advertising friends (which is nearly all of them) have become unhinged since Trump won. The vitriol with which they post their distaste for any Trump supporter and the speed with which they brand Trump supporters as automatic racists, misogynists, and xenophobes, has been alarming.

In closing out the article, Burns re-poses his opening question. His answer reveals his belief that 90% of ad agencies are liberal:

I honestly don't know the answer and I'm sorry for that. And you should know that if the advertising industry were 90% conservative I'd be asking this same question in reverse. -Forbes

InfoWars is now the second conservative outlet to suffer from politically motivated advertising hits, after was axed last November by AppNexus - one of the largest digital ad agencies in the worldWhile this appears to be yet another case of liberal intolerance against conservatives, It would seem that the door is now wide open for right-leaning digital ad agencies to flourish and take the place of their bigoted peers.

Peter Thiel, what say you?

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The first time I ever had an advertisement retargeted, after going to an unrelated website, was the last. I loaded AdBlock and have never seen an advertisement since. If advertisements are forced on me, I won't go to that site again.

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Where are the wealthy Trump supporters? Why don't they use some of their wealth to invest in these people so they can create a real and independent Trump TV channel.   


If someone doesn't soon show up, Trump will lose his only visible support.

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It isn't just the Libbies that have become unhinged by Captn' Trump.

The spooks have gotten spookier if that stupid shit is even possible.

Let's hear from one of Chindit's contemporaries, shall we?

Highly recommended ** Dune Certified ** - Non Fake Newz -

~~~~~~ { A Recovering CIA Officer Not An Agent Of Chaos } ~~~~~~

On CTM - 2/21/2017 Interview with Kevin Shipp and John B Wells =


Live Hard, The Agency Spooks Don't Work For US Us No More,....If They Ever Did, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Bloodstock's picture

Just sell more products, fuck the advertising.

Razor Burn'd Capitalist's picture

Good! Jones is a rippoff cointel phat loud mouth anyway...

Stole everything for Bill Cooper then shits on his grave.

Karma's a motherfucker 

Victory_Garden's picture

Every day, moar and more we see the sides of the war on evil showing the true place they are coming from.

One side is evil satanic/luciferic horsewash,a nd the other is the side of God, and all things good.

Take notes well to see who is truly, the enemies of mankind as they show their evil.

The Truth of the Light is ever there, as God guides the intrepid info-warriors one day at a time.

Are you breathing and taking in some Vit B-Complex?


inosent's picture

classic. AJ gets snake bit by the jew A Bell, but AJ never talks about the destructive influence of the jew. Maybe a non jew real American company can take their place.



Sanity Bear's picture

These guys look like they like pizza a lot.

Duc888's picture



Marine and Ex CIA guy (good guy) Robert Steele is all over this.

For the short version, go here:

if you really want to get scared....(different guy)


Zh's should go to youtube and search for Robert Steele and listen to everything he had to say in the last 5 days....

Joke Heros's picture

Much thanks for the links, I've watched them plus a few others. I'm going to trail this guys information feed for a while, good stuff.

WarPony's picture

Funny.. if only they knew AJ is controlled opposition who is only going to give you 80% of the information, because "whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him" (Albert Pike), perhaps they would continue their support for the duplicitous zionista-lover.  Just remember that AJ the pied piper is there to lead you astray at a moment of their choosing.  Hear me now, believe me later.

Duc888's picture



Well, what if the 80% was accurate?  Does that make him a bad guy?   You can actually get the other 20% if you look for 10 minutes. 

Joke Heros's picture

My impression is that those surrounding AJ are sincere about their mission, but I'm not sure about AJ himself. Sometime around the Trump election victory the whole group seemed on target but I got the impression AJ was going back into the 'nutty' zone which seemed odd considering they were on a roll. Also, I laughed when AJ's face froze and his eyeballs almost popped out of his head when Piecznik (or however his name is spelled) briefly mentioned 9/11 and Mossad/Israel's involvement. Almost like AJ's face was saying "oh shit!".

Anyways I hope someone else steps in advertising wise. I am loving watching these liberal TWATS meltdown.

opport.knocks's picture

Time to roll out the Anti-trust folks on Alphabet (Google),

It is no accident that it happened in the EU and not the USA...

Scuba Steve's picture

You watch what happens over the next few years ... "You want to play with fire scarecrow?"

Look for conservative alt-media to start rolling out lists of folks like AdRoll and offer alternatives.

I think this will be a mini civil war that takes place. jmo

shimmy's picture

Lefty tolerance at work!

Hopefully it ends up hurting all these cult fucks more than it does the conservative leaning websites. 

Spectre's picture

Yes, Donald needs to talk in total privacy when possible, like more walks in the park etc.

nonclaim's picture

Liberals don't want our money and that is good news.

Oldwood's picture

Oh, they most definitely want your money, they just don't want to earn it. It only works for them if it is forcibly taken.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Robert David Steale claims Adroll is stooge for Google Schmit.

Says time to take off the gloves and Trump should dig deeper and get the hell out of bugged White House.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Indeed. I actually pray I never see this human filth on the street... I don't know if I'll be able to contain myself.

ZeroPointNow's picture

I just noticed that Trump advisor Peter Thiel is a key investor (added to bottom of article). I wonder how he feels about this trend?

TeethVillage88s's picture

Well speaking off the cuff...

- I've been passive investor and done very well with dollar monthly averaging type investing
- I've been the control of my nest egg and made shit mistakes
- Peter Thiel is on top level, but the process is the same... 'you get what you get'... Perfect Information costs infinite dollars... no one can afford perfect info or perfect data!

ACP's picture

FUCK these assholes. Time to fill the vacuum.

stacking12321's picture

hey, zeropoint:

it was a *fail* on your part to call it a first amendment issue.

first amendment has to do with the government not censoring speech (good luck with that, but that's a story for another day).

when a private company decides they don't want to do business with Ds, Rs, or any other type of person, that's their right.

Future Jim's picture

The government is not to blame?

You have been played.

1. It is so obvious that government is the reason we have censorship in the workplace. Employees can sue companies for political incorrectness because of government, and government will deny contracts to companies for political incorrectness. Government also gives preference to minority and woman owned companies. This government interference means that over time only politically correct politicians can rise to the top of American companies.

2. If a private entity censors, then we can still judge whether that entity supports Freedom of Speech (which is an absolute) as they will inevitably claim they do.

There are not really any private entities anymore. We do not have a free market.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Hmm, I think I have to concede there. Was thinking along the lines of corporate personhood and 14th amendment but that's different. My mistake. 

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GOOGLE just dumped  So when is ZH's turn