Martin Schultz Wants To Give Refugees The Right To Vote In German Election

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via,


To win the election in Germany, the SPD & Greens want to move to change the law regarding voting rights. Essentially, they want to give the refugees a right to vote. They need not be an EU citizen nor do they need to pay taxes. The mere right to vote is you happen to be there at the time. Meanwhile, the SPD has now taken the lead in polls from Merkel.  Martin Schulz, the German Social Democrats’ candidate for federal elections in September, is the very person who in the EU wants to federalize Europe and this scheme is intended to use anyone other than Germans to win the election.

The Social Democrats are 63.7% in favor of letting the refugees vote. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) poll shows 96.9% against Schulz’s idea. Can you imagine letting everyone from Mexico come into the USA and then vote if the United States should petition Mexico to join them? It seems the left is just totally insane. They will do absolutely anything to win and that means they will allow all of the Middle East to enter Germany and then outnumber the Germans in their own election?! Where is the logic here?

Spiegel, the German magazine reported:

In 1990, all of Germany celebrated the reunification of a country divided since World War II. But the optimism was naively misplaced. The real German division sees the North pitted against the South.”

As Spiegel went on:

“What happens when a blonde moves from Berlin to Bavaria? The collective IQs of both places go up — at least according to a favorite joke told in the German capital. And the Bavarians? They just call everybody not from their easy-going part of Germany Sau Preussen, or “pig Prussians.” In other words, not a lot of love is lost between the North and the South in Germany.”

Seven Weeks’ War, also called Austro-Prussian War, (1866), war between Prussia on the one side and Austria, Bavaria, Saxony, Hanover, and certain minor German states on the other. It ended in a Prussian victory, which meant the exclusion of Austria from Germany. This was the unification of Germany. Bismarck had maintained that he orchestrated the conflict in order to bring about the North German Confederation, the Franco-Prussian War and the ultimate unification of Germany.

Of course, the concept of Germany as a nation or distinct region within central Europe can be traced to Julius Caesar. It was Caesar who referred to the unconquered area east of the Rhine as Germania. Indeed, Germanicus was the name given to the great-nephew of Augustus, Caesar’s heir.

It was in 962 AD, when Otto I became the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, thereby establishing the medieval German state. Interestingly enough, if we square 31.4 we arrive at 985.96 years. Add that to 962 we come to 1947. Just on 51.6 year wave of the ECM thereafter brings us to the start of the Euro in 1999.

The likelihood of Germany dividing North v South is extremely high. This entire refugee issue was bad enough. For the SPD to try to give them votes to take control will set off an internal German civil war.

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Tribe has finally taken over germany. 

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not sure... it's possible that they decided to go full retard while they're at it.

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I'm reading the article thinking.... ok... all right....  And then this sentence:

"Interestingly enough, if we square 31.4 we arrive at 985.96 years. Add that to 962 we come to 1947. Just on 51.6 year wave of the ECM thereafter brings us to the start of the Euro in 1999."


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Martin Schultz Wants To Give Refugees The Right To Vote


Howsa bout.......screw you!

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) VinceFostersGhost Feb 22, 2017 10:36 AM

You lost your women, Germany.  You can't protect them, so you don't deserve them.  German women, I am speaking to you: come visit America and you and I together can cuck your ineffective effete worthless husbands with a brand new baby.

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This is beyond suicidal.  We need the economy to implode.  Destroying our quality of life is the only thing that will distract the people from the "bread and circus" in order to save our civilization. 

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We need the economy to implode.

And globalists to swing from streetlamps.

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UnclePhester (not verified) HopefulCynical Feb 22, 2017 10:58 AM

Dear german Cucks




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What happens when a blonde moves from LA to DC? Same answer as above. In fact, it seems that when the big California cities migrate anywhere, because they can't afford California taxes on retirement, they destroy everywhere they go. From Bend, Oregon, to Boulder, Colorado, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Migrant Californians often bring the same policies with them when they leave Little Argentina, I mean California.

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That F**’k needs to be taken out with extreme prejudice.

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Desperate to get in any single vote possible to maintain TPTB

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he is a total deuche.  He should save his fellow countrymen some marks and just cut his own damn head off...why wait for the Satanic cultists of Mohammad?

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It´s a show. He is a Brusssels man. He will run to Mutti with his votes. Fellow Germans, don´t fall for that bullshit.

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I was thinking: brain, meet bullet

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Shit, this is almost as bad as California....except they don't have Donald to set them straight.

Yeah, Germany is slowly becoming an appendix in history books.  Sad to see it go.

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Aaaaaaannnnndddd he's Jewish.

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A very short appendix.... Germany as a country has only been around since 1871.  Prior to that is was just a loose collection of states led by various princes.

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Holocaust revenge. They (that ubiquitous they) won't stop till the last German is buried. Meanwhile, they keep up with their expansionist, ethnic chauvinist, pro-wall mentality in Israel. BTW, more Iraqi Christians have been deported out of Germany than any other demographic combined. And if anyone publicly talks about it, they sick the anti-defamation league on ya.

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the jews financed the wars...therefore they started the wars. revenge because someof their people got killed. the jewish leaders dont care about dead jews any more thanobama cared about dead americans..

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This does work both ways - if you ask nicely, I will happily nip over to Germany and vote psychopathic-right for you. It's the least I can do. I imagine that lots of brown people will be rushing over from France to vote leftist, but do you think Mme. Le Pen would organise a few bus-loads of fascist Frogs for you? The implications of this are astounding - Germany could have a voter turnout of 1000% or more! Long Airbus,, and water cannon.

There is no way anyone will be able to complain about losing the "popular vote" if this goes through. Outstanding political thought. Who said the Germans were dull? And no sense of humour???!!!

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interesting concept. Right over the border to the east Poland has about 40 million people. Probably 75% are of voting age. 

Due South East there are the countries of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with a total population of about 25 million. 


That gives them about 49 million of voting age adults.

Maybe if about 10 million take a trip to Germany and vote for AfD that would save not only Germany but the rest of Europe.



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Only the new registered doctor, lawyer, engineer arrivals would get to vote.

But it would be an interesting legal challenge.  Could any EU citizen who lived in German for a few weeks or months be granted the vote in any German election.

If a person with no citizenship or any fake documents can register to vote after a few days in Germany, why not anyone from the EU living in Germany?






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Couldn't agree more better economy to implod than sufer this tumultous never ending worthning

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how dare you call this mess a fucking civilization.  are fucking drunk or on meds or something ?

have you never turned on the television to see what it is broadcasted since 20 years ?

the whole world is at its very limits and only a few have the feeling that something is imminent.

the only fact i am sure of, it is it will be messy, and violent, extremly violent.

WitchCharmerrr's picture

For some of us though, the end will be quick.... Nuclear annihilation will turn us to dust in a flash and we won't even know what happened..

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Won't happen Haus. They're going full retard. I'm prepared for it. We'll win. That's a problem for them, no? 

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That's exactly my thinking. The entire Eurosystem and more needs to collapse with a bang before the mosleems breed enough to overcome the 'democratic elections' with their Left allies. Believe it or not, this is exactly why I, as a Greek, consider GREXIT a useful, albeit double-edged, sword.

Rest assured, the EU-backed political cliques in Greece are so corrupt that GREXIT is INEVITABLE, and the consequences this entails for the EU and its 'common currency'. Do not believe A WORD about the so-called success of the 'rescue' program. All Tsipras does is create more jobs for leftist civil servants and increase the taxes for everyone else. The bomb is begging to explode. May the rest of the swamp burn away with it.

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Following the DNC playbook? That should end well...........

They should go "full retard" and adopt the Wasserman - Schultz lifesyle as well: Hard liquor mixed with Big Pharma products so you look like a washed out dish rag that has been disgarded at a truck stop.

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German women are hot.

and like the Swedish babes... they are all in the extintion path of the Kalergi plan...

Vageling's picture

Which they seem fine with. Like always... When shit hits the fan they realize but nobody will give them as much as a look. They're done for. By own choice. Nobody will protect them. Why?

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No no no no, germany is cuckville BECAUSE of its women.  Bringing them here will just put us over the next edge.
Let those worthless cowardly Germans die fighting for their country.  They'll last a week.

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German women, German beer, and German cars. The only three things worth saving from the once-great land of the Visigoths.

If only enough men (rather than males) remembered who they were, and found their balls, this matter could be resolved quickly.

But alas, the Big War (refuse to call it "Great," as the globalists like to refer to it as) parts I and II were designed to kill off most of the world's Alpha males, setting the stage for what we have now.

New World Order has been here since 1941:

US and England were already dividing up the world, in spite of being in the middle of a "desperate struggle" against "implacable enemies." Yeah, sure.

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i'm all for that as long as he accepts the caveat that his party and the CDU are banned from any and all elections

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First vote under the new system: Should we gas or behead all the Jews?

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Gas then behead them, its the only way to be sure.....

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UnclePhester (not verified) tmosley Feb 22, 2017 10:59 AM


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"Tribe has finally taken over germany."

Um... they took it over in May of 1945.  The question is, when will the Germans RE-TAKE their country back. 

Hey, Schultz... prove your sincerity by promoting opening Israel's borders to ALL races and then insist that they each be given the right to vote.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Hey, Schultz... prove your sincerity by promoting opening Israel's borders to ALL races and then insist that they each be given the right to vote.

I think the video is called: divörsity

you are going to love it

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Why would a German Amish say such a thing?

)))They(((( seem to be getting more brazen and outrageous by the month. 

What to do? What to do? There has got to be a solution.

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Haha exactly! None of it makes sense.

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Ya, I got nothing. Armstrong makes some good points about world events, but then he goes and throws something like that in there. Strange. Like some of th people on here obsessed with numbers.

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Armstrongs super secret computer model that all the worlds powers seek, this is the answer to everything and why he spent years in solitary confinment in a federal pound me in the ass prison. It's guarded by flaming swords and cannibal midget wrestlers.

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You are obviously unware of Martin Armstrongs ECM based on PI.

Go to his website he produces some very interesting and credible writings.

bh2's picture

Unfortunately, this article assumes familiarity with "Pi Dates", which most of Armstrong's readers are. Those comments should have probably been stricken for purposes of this ZH posting.

To get an understanding of his forecasting methods, you'll have to read Armstrong's discovery of pi dates, which he developed back when he was the most highly paid private economist in the world (his claim, never disputed to my knowledge).

I suggest you pack a lunch. It isn't difficult to understand, but requires some reading time. He uses Roman monetary history as a framework for explaining basic concepts, which itself is some pretty interesting reading.

He also wrote "The Greatest Bull Market in History" for the Reagan commission. I believe it's now been formally republished but there used to be a few locations where it was available on the internet. It's a great example of what history looks like when directly supported by contemporary documents and commentaries of people then living. It also pretty much skewers the Keynsian fiction of what happened, when, and why.

Armstrong also published a good deal of specific evidence about ethics of Mr. Comey when he was US Attorney, before the date he was appointed as FBI chief.

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Same reaction...article humming right along, then BAM...tomfoolery slap! 

WTF is this?

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said the same thing...Elliot wave theory folks love to try and make their "numbers" fit into their narrative, even if they have to multiply, divide, square, cube, square root....see wave analysis could have predicted this.

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What do you think Pi is?  If you understand Elliot wave or ANY cycle theory, your understanding should be a bit more sophisticated than elementary geometry or trigonometry.  But the Greeks were right, the circle is the perfect shape, just ask the demons responsible for corporate sovereignty in the Nation-State era.