The New Wave Of Violent Protests Is Exactly What The Elite Want - Here's Why

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Submitted by Chase Rachels via The Free Thought Project,

Over the past 18 months, there has been a significant increase in the frequency and severity of riots conducted by the extreme left.  Their ranks are comprised of self-described anti-fascists,  anarcho-communists, radical 3rd wave feminists, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other social justice warriors (SJWs).  They have attained great notoriety through their willingness to employ violence/intimidation, vandalize/loot private property, and engage in the very same behavior they accuse their ideological opponents of perpetrating.  Tragically, innocent and non-interested bystanders often get caught in the cross hairs whilst they throw their violent temper tantrums.  To add further cause for concern, these otherwise marginal groups are coalescing under the banner of “intersectionality” thereby effecting a swelling of their ranks, temerity, and menace.

However, as Professor Matthew Feinberg of the University of Toronto recently published a study confirming “extreme protest tactics reduce popular support for social movements.” Violent and destructive protests render peaceful protestors inept and guilty by association. The following summarizes the results of the study in greater detail:

“Social movements are critical agents of change that vary greatly in both tactics and popular support. Prior work shows that extreme protest tactics – actions that are highly counter-normative, disruptive, or harmful to others, including inflammatory rhetoric, blocking traffic, and damaging property – are effective for gaining publicity. However, we find across three experiments that extreme protest tactics decreased popular support for a given cause because they reduced feelings of identification with the movement. Though this effect obtained in tests of popular responses to extreme tactics used by animal rights, Black Lives Matter, and anti-Trump protests (Studies 1-3), we found that self-identified political activists were willing to use extreme tactics because they believed them to be effective for recruiting popular support (Studies 4a & 4b). The activist’s dilemma – wherein tactics that raise awareness also tend to reduce popular support – highlights a key challenge faced by social movements struggling to affect progressive change.”

To further illustrate the nature of such protests/riots a brief outline and analysis of the more notable examples will be provided in the following sections.

Berkeley Students Racist Barricade

In late October of 2016, a number of angry Berkeley SJWs barricaded a key bridge on campus to physically bar any white people from crossing.   The objective of the protest was to secure more segregated spaces for people of color a.k.a. “spaces of color”.  Any white person who attempted to breach the barricade was violently denied.  The group also saw fit to post faux eviction notices on a private bookstore with the threat that “community action will continue to escalate” lest they cede the location to the student protesters for the purpose of transforming it into a “space of color.”  Though obvious, it is worth explicitly recognizing the utter hypocrisy of this allegedly “anti-racist” group employing violence and threats against others based merely on the color of their skin for the sake of securing racially segregated spaces.

Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot

Riots erupted on February 1st, 2017 at the University of California at Berkeley over the arrival of the conservative celebrity and self-described “dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos. So-called anti-fascists and other SJWs were inciting mass violence, vandalism, and hysteria in order to prevent the gay interracial loving Jewish foreigner from peacefully expressing a political opinion that differs from their own. They firebombed the location where Milo’s event was to take place, pepper sprayed a female while being interviewed (and who was ironically offering words of respect to the non-violent protestors who showed up), burned Milo effigies, beat Milo supporters unconscious, and even violated neutral yet curious bystanders. It has repeatedly been made clear that as soon as a person of color, queer, woman, or Muslim expresses non-leftist/non-egalitarian views, the left will treat him/her with the same or even greater level of disdain and prejudice they accuse “right leaning” bogeymen of.

Yes, Yiannopoulos is a troll and says things to rile up the masses, but meeting free speech with violence only serves to empower your opposition.

Free speech was stomped on by the radical left at the birthplace of the free speech movement. The poorly named “anti-fascists” (a.k.a antifas) were the ones leading the violent charge to silence and censor the gay Jew. If the irony weren’t thick enough, the topic of Milo’s discussion was a critical examination of “cultural appropriation,” yet it seems the antifas took no issue with culturally appropriating the tactics of fascists and Nazis.

Presidential Inauguration Riots

On January 20, 2017, in Washington D.C. several hundred antifas, anarcho-communists, and other radical leftists came together to protest the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.  To the dismay of peaceful protestors and Trump supporters alike, the radical leftist rioters quickly resorted to tactics of violence and vandalism.  Many were caught throwing bricks and blocks of concrete, breaking the windows of private businesses, violently clashing with and intimidating Trump supporters, setting cars on fire, and harassing defenseless trash cans. Before the day was done, over 200 rioters would be arrested.  One may rest assured that engaging in such public, juvenile, and violent behavior is the surest way to secure a second term for the controversial commander in chief.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) Riots

While most Black Lives Matter protests across the country remain entirely peaceful the majority of the time, some of them, often with the help of outside instigators devolve into utter chaos. Examples of this chaos happened in August and September of 2016, when violent BLM protests devolved and riots broke out in Milwaukee, WI and Charlotte, NC respectively. In Milwaukee, BLM rioters set fires to gas stations, auto parts stores, banks, and several other businesses.  There were also reports of rioters firing off guns, hurling bricks, and looting local grocery stores.

In Charlotte, BLM chaos erupted after a black police officer shot a black man. Rioters responded by shutting down an interstate and setting it ablaze, looting several private businesses, throwing rocks at random motorists, and even targeting white people for beat downs simply for being white. It’s fairly safe to say that if your cause is to diminish the ill effects that racism has on society and your community, then it’s probably best not to burn down local productive enterprises, hinder your community’s ability to travel safely, and beat down any white person you can find with extreme prejudice.

Women’s March

On January 21st, 2017 more than 2.5 million protestors participated in the worldwide “Women’s March” whose aim was to promote human, civil, and reproductive rights.  Unlike the other examples, this protest was largely absent the more injurious elements of violence and intimidation. However, many of the same themes were promoted and other off-putting tactics used thus a brief examination is warranted.

Perhaps the most paradoxical feature of the protest was the ubiquitous presence of both vagina attire (ranging from subtle vagina shaped/colored headwear to ostentatious full bodied vagina costumes) and anti-“islamophobia” themes.

It’s amusing to consider how the average Muslim, in his capacity as a Muslim, would be absolutely mortified upon encountering a woman dressed as a giant pubic hair infested vagina.  Such a costume must be the antithesis of the hijab.

Beyond this, of course, the majority of the march’s themes were anti-libertarian as they included support for anti-discrimination laws, tax-funded healthcare, and the subsidization of both contraceptives and abortion.  It should go without saying that all such measures entail both theft and private property violations.  Thus, to say this was a march for liberty would be a gross misnomer.  It was instead a march for entitlements funded at liberty’s expense.


If one is sincerely opposed to racism, sexism, and fascism then it may be best for him to refrain from engaging in racist, sexist, and fascist means to support his cause.  The fact these radical leftist factions utilize such means indicates a more sinister and subtle objective than the purported one of “social justice.” And unfortunately, any legitimate peaceful protests to stop injustice will be deemed illegitimate and the cause ignored as it will be immediately associated with violence. Aside from the societal damage created by such violence and intolerance, this divisive and obstinate environment plays right into the hands of those who want to keep you under control.

When objectively assessed, these violent protests are revealed as being among the most bigoted, hateful, and dangerous threats to the cause of liberty.

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PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Feb 22, 2017 9:25 PM

Can they do this for 4 years, or is this just another Occupy Wall Street (lol)?

TeamDepends's picture

This is going to be a hot summer, perhaps the hottest. As Charlie Daniels said, "there will be blood" if progfascists do something stupid around patriot/nationalists. Is it what the elites want? Who cares, we have very definite plans for them.

TrajanOptimus's picture

These butthurt kids are going to find out that pushing the wrong "side" that happens to be armed to the tip of the tallest hair on their head will end badly.

The cops have proven they are more than willing to just stand there and not get involved, what will they do when the hunters become the hunted and vigilante justice is served on the street?

TeamDepends's picture

When the pizza/pedogate Satanist perp walks begin, and they will, it is going to be real interesting to see who STILL supports their goals and vision for the future (communism).

Cheka_Mate's picture

The first stage of this summer of riots will seem to be nothing more than the Los Angeles

riot of '92 multiplied by most major cities. In this stage, it will still be possible to end that the 

crisis is manageable and temporary like Phase 3 riots. The riots will then shift into a 

decided military mode. Street gangs and minority militias will set up barricades, lay siege

to police stations, take over television stations, capture entire cities, raise revolutionary 

flags, and demand negotiations with the federal government for financial relief of the cities,

and redress of "racist injustices."

Civil War II The Coming Break Up of America, Thomas W Chittum 


BLOTTO's picture

Time to draw the line in the sand and make theStand.
Us vs them.
Brainwashed minds fighting brainwashed minds.
Its not about what colour your skin is or what country your from...its where your head is at.

NidStyles's picture

Bullshit, the citizenry will take the streets and kill the all if that happens.


That's what the second is for, to push off invasions. Only idiot leftists think they have a chance of doing anything other than catching a bullet in the forehead.

Cheka_Mate's picture

Read the whole book in detail.

The author describes that the military power of gun carrying white America is the best chance to stem the tide of financial slavery that has been plotted against us by the elite.

He describes "sooner rather than later" while the strength in numbers is enough to survive.

He also predicts that urban liberal whites will get culled off quickly towards the early stages, which sounds accurate 

BLOTTO's picture

The fucken problem i think is that the masses will embrace the NWO with open arms.
'For they not know not what they do.'
The massess are generally sick in the noodle.

ChangeSeeker's picture

This has nothing to do with communism.  Communism in an utopia.  This has all to do with fascism - the power of the elite.

El Vaquero's picture

Depends on where.  The cops in my area hate the protesters.  Back in December, one of them was bitching to me about how George Soros sponsored protesters had come in from out of town at protest of the Trump rally here that got out of hand. 

East Indian's picture

If the cop on the beat is aware that Soros is sponsoring the rioters, then Soros is running out of time.

DontGive's picture

He's a lizard spawn that will live forever. You can't take 'em out even with a 2x4 if you wanted to.

ersatz007's picture

"...and harassing defenseless trash cans"

The best line in the article

Katos's picture

I think with a limited amount of research you'd find that all these groups are funded by George Soros!

Krungle's picture

And with a little more research you can figure out who funds George Soros. He just spends and spends on these protests that seemingly have no return, and he never runs out of money does he? 

And for like the hundred millionth time can we stop calling them "the extreme left?" Can we just call them pro-globalist warmongering tranny pedo enablers or something? They kind of got off the economic justice bandwagon a long time ago, pretty much when they started taking money from Soros and his handlers.

OverTheHedge's picture

Allegedly Soros has 25 billion. I don't know what his debts are, but who cares at this level? According to Forbes, he spent $500 million on "refugees" in 2016. That's $2 million a day.Assuming he gets no income, he can do that every year for the next 50 years. Does he even need external funding? You could buy a LOT of rioting activists for $2 million a day, especially if you call them refugees, and get tax breaks on all of this. It wouldn't surprise me if all of Soros's activism funding is purely for tax purposes, and actually has no net cost to him. In other words, we the tax payers are actually the funders. To quote some film: "How do you like THEM apples?"

stant's picture

Don't know why the elites want this, it just shows how bat shit crazy these people are to the average . Unless its for news feed and external consumption . Even that dosent make sence the rest of the world in deep shit too

gatorengineer's picture

Well at the end of the day the elites want anothing open world two class society.  This is a means to that end...  that is why Soros is the figurehead of the funding. For BLM etc.  Obama carried the ball to the ten yard line and Hillary was supposed to punch it over as the last US president by likely starting Ww3.

Son of Loki's picture

If Obama had 4 more years in office, or if Hillary got elected, my guess is whites would have been banned from voting at all anymore. And the 9th Circus Court of Communism would have upheld it as Constitutional!

TrajanOptimus's picture

There would have been a civil war.


I was thinking that was averted when Trump won but now it seems that is still in the cards.


At least our side wont be fighting the government, these ferrals should be easy enough to eliminate.


Buh bye Democrat party.

El Vaquero's picture

The only thing that matters when it comes to who is in office regarding some massive civil unrest event is the timing of it.  Too many people have been promised too much shit that they're not going to get, and they're going to be pissed.  

Citizen in 1984's picture

Keep everything dry, keep it close and stack it high.................Stay Frosty Patriots!

ChangeSeeker's picture

Obama?  Communist?  You must be kidding...  Obama is a neoliberal fascist - the opposite of dremer communists.  Communism is an utopia for poets.  Fascism is the power of the elite, and is real.

flaunt's picture

"This is war."

Reminds me of the muzzies - always telling us exactly what they're doing.

The leftist scum are doing the exact same thing, telling us they are at war with us.

They're fighting a war against us and they're never going to stop until we start fighting a literal war against them.

Soros and his ilk must be destroyed, erased from the face of the planet.

At the same time, their tools on the ground must be rounded up and imprisoned for life at a minimum.

Cut off the head of the snake and stomp on the tail.

Then we win the war.

BabaLooey's picture a foot/march/mob kind of war.............

You need opposing ground forces...........

In this "war" - these fucks pick targets............usually always peaceful targets............

..................they STILL...............don't get it.

In MANY ways...............

Dane Bramage's picture

Which war was it that was won by dissaffected metrosexuals marching with signs?  WWII?  Call me a conscientious objector... or just someone with a job.

nmewn's picture

So the dumpster burning, glass breaking leftist special snowflakes are just doing their masters bidding?


VWAndy's picture

 Its a bunch of cults merging into a psycotic critical mass. Scary stuff for sure.

  Whats needed is a big helping of reality and a nice main course of accountability. That and fifty foot of rope.

SidSays's picture

Please stop calling them "elite".

There is nothing elite about them and it only encourages more of their psychopathy and sociopathy.


Dusty Rhodes' Muffler's picture

That's why I keep saying: Keep up the bullshit, chilluns...pretty soon NO ONE will like you, and will loathe your antics...

dogismycopilot's picture

The Progressive Left have made an alliance with the Jihadis.

They both hate Jesus Christ.

They both hate free speach.

They both hate America.

They both hate freedom.

The Progressive Left thinks they will 'figure something out' with the Islamists after the revolution.

847328_3527's picture

Islam is not compatible with Western cultures that are based on Christianity. It's that simple.

El Vaquero's picture

You can find Buddhists who call for violence against Islam.  Any religion that is militant enough to get Buddhists wanting to kill them needs to slow its roll.  

Ignatius's picture

Islam acknowledges Christ as a great prophet.

There's a right wing Republican congressman who dogged on Islam post 9/11 till he read the Qur'an and realized how many positive citations there were on Christ.

People react to the gross misrepresentations of Islam, not Islam itself which has been called Christianity in motion.

skinwalker's picture

That is true.

It is also true that Islam and western civilization are inherently incompatible.

East is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet, till earth and sky stand before gods great judgement seat.

Some smart white guy wrote that back in the day.

Ignatius's picture

When we bomb 'em constantly and take their sh#t there's gonna be problems.

Modern exploitive capitalism fueled with zionism is a more likely culprit in the break.

MuffDiver69's picture

Jesus is an infidel...He happens to be in the Koran and they don't believe he is the son of god for Christ sake...He is actually taught as the anti-Christ as they believe he will be used again to deceive Christians for Islams gain...

How the hell anyone can buy the bullshit a religion that intends to submit all others to their will respects Christ is fucking bizarre..

Ignatius's picture

The scholar Alan Watt said that "Son" derives from the Greek word syntarusus (sp) which means "of the nature of," i.e., not the literal son of a literal God.

I'm not trying to sell you on Islam, just that there's no inherent religious reason we can't get along.

IridiumRebel's picture

One of my groomsmen is a Muslim and close friend. My wife's best friend from college is Muslim. Muslims are great people when they treat the religion as it is....a moral code. Problem is that there are a swathe of shitheads that have taken that and molested it into a perverted ethos that sees murder and mayhem as justified.

Ignatius's picture

Agree, so who benefits from spreading that cancer and strife? 

risk.averse's picture


Islam is more than a religion. Islam *if* practised faithfully is a cradle-to-grave, 24/7, socio-political way of life. Christianity is mean't to stand separate from the State...Bible commands: "render therefore unto Caesar those things which be Caesar's, and unto God which be God's". Islam has no such division from the State. This is where Islam and Western-style democracy come into conflict.

As the more migrants flood into the West from the Middle-east the demographics will shift. If not in the first generation then certainly by the second and third as Muslim women often bear more children than the more-liberated Western women. What compounds this problem is that second generation Muslims living in the "godless" West are often more fundamentalist than their parents and grandparents. For example, many of the men flocking to the MEast to fight for ISIL/ISIS are the children of migrants living in the West. These kids have been brainwashed by their parents who have been disgusted by their hedonistic non-Muslim neighbours. As they've lazily sat around their cafes lamenting their fates at being "forced" to live in the Christian West and live off government welfare , these old folks have pumped their kids' heads with tales of past glories and past injustices. They've effectively created a mental apartheid for thier kids to live in. Woe the son who brings home a non-Muslim girl to meet his parents!!

I, too, know many terrific Muslim people. Not coincidentally, none is a fundamentalist or even all that fervent in their faith. Their faith -- like Christianity has for me -- has given them the moral code to live a happy and harmonious life. They will mix and become great citizens. Hopefully, they will vastly outnumber and shout down the braindead fundamentalist fanatics. If they don't then the next step will be demands for Sharia law. And these demands will be asked for at the ballot-box when Muslims are in a numeric superiority.

We have the example of what happened in Kosovo back in the 1990s when a sector of the populace -- the ethnic Albanians in this case -- go from being a large minority to a large majority in the space of a few decades. [the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo have currently the fastest rate of pop growth in Europe] This growth led to demands for autonomy...then the ethnic cleansing and bloodshed began as the ethnic Serbs (mostly Christian) reacted. Those who don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

East Indian's picture

How come this "virulent virus" of Islam was not spreading before 1980's?

It is the Saudi petrodollar that is fueling the mutated Islam. 


If that sort of money is pumped in, even flower children and Gandhians will become violent fanatics. 

Ignatius's picture

Precisely.  This "clash of civilizations" has been orchestrated.

max_leering's picture

unless Mika told you that on 'Morning Joe', consider it "fake news"


remember, we only get facts fed to us, by the talking heads... we have no free thought

vulcanraven's picture

Leftists have become the useful idiots of Islam... this won't end well

Al Bendova's picture

The same people that were horrified that Trump wouldn't agree to blindly accept the election results before the election.

skinwalker's picture

They wanted him to agree to accept the results so he couldn't fuss when they stole the election.

847328_3527's picture

The left wing soros-funded Hillary supporters are so full of hate they are blind to the fact that 100% of the violence has come from them. Maybe they know this and simply scream false claims against people who disagree with them just like those who scream “raycist” at others they disagree. They are empty claims and will be ignored or dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Not even one incident of a Trump supporter hitting anyone compared to the thousands of violent attacks by Hillary people including spitting on people, beating them up, bombing RNC offices, and so on.

The left calls trump supporters fascists when it is the left that are violent fascists.

I hope most police forces are not like the SF Pussy Patrol Police that stood by sipping coffee in the student union bldg at Berkley while they watched black masked Hillary thugs beat people. I am glad to report my neighborhood met with our local police force and they denounced the SF police and said they would use whatever legal means was necessary to protect the people of our community.