Chicago Public School Officials Promise To Obstruct The Enforcement Of Trump's Immigration Law

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

The Chicago public school system has decided to openly defy the president of the United States. More than 392,000 students attend public schools in Chicago, and on Tuesday a letter was sent home with each of those students telling their parents that Chicago schools will not “assist in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law”. In fact, the letter actually says that federal officials will not even be allowed “to access CPS facilities”. In essence, every Chicago public school has now officially been declared to be a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. If you would like to see the original document, you can do so right here. This is just another example of how deeply divided we are as a nation. The entire public school system of one of our largest cities is now in open rebellion against the president, and that is a very dangerous sign.

Of course Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had already established a precedent earlier this year when he pledged to defy Donald Trump and to continue to keep Chicago as a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants. The following comes from the Chicago Tribune

As President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to cut off some federal funding from sanctuary cities, Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed Chicago would remain one and continue to protect immigrants from deportation.


“We’re gonna stay a sanctuary city,” Emanuel said in a news conference after Wednesday’s City Council meeting. “There is no stranger among us. We welcome people, whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American Dream.”

Emanuel makes it sound like you are “anti-immigrant” if you are against sanctuary cities. But that is not accurate at all. The truth is that America was built by immigrants, but for years we have had an immigration policy that is completely upside down.

We have allowed millions upon millions of people to pour across our borders illegally, but meanwhile we have made legal immigration a complete nightmare. I am familiar with the process that someone has to go through to legally immigrate to this country, and it is exceedingly complex and very expensive.

So we are keeping out the hard working, law abiding people that we should want to come here, but we have been keeping the back door wide open for criminals, gang members and those that are seeking to take advantage of the system.

What kind of sense does that make?

And the truth is that the Trump administration does not even want to deport all illegal immigrants. At this point, they are only focusing on those that have done something wrong, and that is very similar to the approach that was implemented under the Obama administration. The following comes from the Los Angeles Times

Immigration officers were directed to focus first on deporting convicted criminals or those charged with crimes. But Kelly also freed them to conduct more raids in immigrant communities and detain people who don’t have criminal convictions.


In addition to deporting those convicted of crimes, immigration officials will also target:

  • people in the country illegally who have been charged with crimes not yet adjudicated.
  • those who have not been charged but are believed to have committed “acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.” That would include the 6 million people believed to have entered without passing through an official border crossing.
  • those who receive an improper welfare benefit.
  • those who committed minor infractions such as driving without a license.

Unfortunately, if you speak out against illegal immigration these days, it could cost you your job.

This is becoming one of the most hotly contested political issues in the nation, and as we have already seen there are a lot of leftists that are not afraid to openly defy the federal government.

Of course the truth is that it is already probably too late to try to turn things around. It has been estimated that there are well over 100,000 gang members in the city of Chicago alone, and a very large percentage of them are illegal immigrants.

Someday when things get really bad in this country, gang violence will help fuel tremendous civil unrest all across the United States. The coming civil unrest is one of the reasons why so many concerned Americans have been moving away from the big urban centers.

And it isn’t just leftists that are openly defying Trump. This week, it is being reported that Mexico “will vigorously fight U.S. mass deportations of undocumented immigrants”…

Mexico will vigorously fight U.S. mass deportations of undocumented immigrants back to Mexico and refuse to accept any non-Mexicans expelled across the border, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray vowed Wednesday.


A day after the Trump administration unveiled tough new guidelines for enforcing immigration laws, Videgaray said the treatment of Mexican migrants in the United States would top his country’s agenda when President Enrique Peña Nieto meets Thursday with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Relations between the United States and Mexico are already the worst that they have been in my entire lifetime, and they could potentially get a whole lot worse in the months ahead.

When it comes to immigration, Donald Trump is trying to do things very differently from how Barack Obama was doing them, and that is causing a lot of chaos, pain and confusion.

We always need to remember that every single person on this planet is of extraordinary value no matter what they look like or where they are from. And we will always need people to immigrate to this country. It is just that we need to make sure that everyone comes in through the front door instead of sneaking through a back door that has been purposely left wide open by careless politicians.

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Bill of Rights's picture

Time to hit these Lefty fuckers where it Hurts Mr President...

g'kar's picture

Yep, let's see how well they function on local taxes only and no federal funds

Manthong's picture

It is so much fun to watch the rotten CPS implode because of its own ignorance and greed.

tmosley's picture

Obstruction of justice is a crime, as is conspiracy. Get in there and arrest them.

Sanity Bear's picture

Even better, cut federal aid and watch their pension system implode.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Could just be them looking for a scapegoat for when their pension system inevitably implodes. Something along the lines of "This is all Trumps fault! We were solvent before that raycis fachiss diktator stopped our federal funds". Since its going to happen anyways, might as well try to pin the blame on someone other than themselves.

J S Bach's picture

This just goes to show us all how many illegal immigrants are actually in this country.  Their offspring probably account for half of those students in the Chicago public school system.  What a cluster-f*** our country has become.  But, this is what happens when you allow the eternal traitors to open your borders.

knukles's picture

HeY PLaYa,  Whayy Dem b da muthAfucKaS wUt DEayy Mean Bii $HowINNN Us Wut Iz DiGGGG 2222 run OPut O' otHa NigGAs'$ MONey

Son of Loki's picture

TOP Priority is shut the border to close off any new illegals.

Then work on the ones already here. These criminals at the school board should be fired and repleaced. However, given how widepsread the crime is, Trump may be forced to go slower and chomp at it bit by bit relentlessly. 80% of Americans support him on this so he should continue and keep the ball rolling. The MSM publicizes the one case here or there to garner sympathy...but they avoid the murders on innocent Americans by illegals.


Trump needs to publicize these normal criminal cases and not let the dishonest MSM out-media him.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Son of Loki Feb 23, 2017 1:25 PM

You CAN'T obstruct TRUMP. Some tee-pees in N Dakota are having a REALLY bad day just because they tried

LIVE: Riot Police & military Humvees enter DAPL Standing Rock Camp


Ms. Erable's picture

Just shoot the fuckers. After all, it's Chicago - at this point, what difference does it make?

jcaz's picture

Sounds to me like ALL the illegal families living across the USA should move to the welcoming arms of Chicago.....

Déjà view's picture

Si Señor...

Press UNO for Español...DOS for English...

GraciA$$ Gringos...

We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Viva Chi-cano!

Bumpo's picture

Ebonics. The New "English"

Canoe Driver's picture

Conspiracy is not a crime in itself. Conspiracy to commit a crime is merely an additive count.

Looney's picture


I betcha, Rahm Emanuel wants to provoke Trump, so he would cut off the Federal Dough.

Then, he can blame the collapse of Chicago’s finances, caused by the decades-long Libtard Policies, on Trump. I think?  ;-)


DontGive's picture

Wonder how much they spent on this mailing campaign. Willing to bet enough to hire a teacher or two..

Evil Peanut's picture

Easy solution - fire the bastards and fill their position with people who want to actually work!!!

BullyBearish's picture

Schools, already hurting badly will lose $Millions in per student funding as immigrants don't show up

Canoe Driver's picture

Exactly. There is ALWAYS a selfish motive when a large number of politicians form the same opinion. They clearly are not intent to defy the feds on purely altruistic grounds.

John Kerry-Heinz's picture

The Chicago Teachers union is almighty in Chicaga politcs.  They are complicit in the dumbing down of its citizenry and profit from its long term violence city wide.

new game's picture

federal funds in libtard mn are 5k/student. moar is better...

new game's picture

federal funds in libtard mn are 5k/student. moar is better...

Zorba's idea's picture

go ahead Rahm and flip off the'll lose another digit

larz's picture

We need to listen to and heed the CPS because they are sooo... successful. (Not most teachers the ridiculously bloated admin and union fucks) 

ipso_facto's picture

'We need to listen to and heed the CPS because they are sooo... successful. (Not most teachers the ridiculously bloated admin and union fucks) '

Imagine the results if you required teachers to read at a 10th grade level to keep their jobs.

Hal n back's picture

the school system is bk because the attendees are not a tax base.

At one point it was felt that Obama would bail out the pension plans.

Now everythign gets deeper in shit there because the leaders are totally ignorant, great degrees but ignorant


I saw a tape of a town hal meeting last noght, forgot where m when one lady got up and was very uset, she used to pay 460 a month for healthcare and now its only $1 buck a month. She was indignant about [possibly losing free healthcare. (and whatever else she is getting for free--eg highways, defense, parks schools,


I wanted to go shake up her brain:, my wife used to pay 460 a month and now its $950 a month. So this lady or someone like her gets a free ride.

Our system is FUBAR.

I know companies which have many undocumneted or illegal immigrants wroking. Th eowners story line is to help these peopl ebut hen it comes down to it they want cheap lablr.

I also know at least one company where 3 guy working there and their families share a townhouse-8 kid I think


A) thats not what I want a a neighbor, and b) teh schools are complaining about 1) class size, 2) education falling to the lowest common denominator, 3) needing to expand school size and 4) the ones paying for that wil be the taxpayers and a multitude of these families that do nt proportionately pay into the system disproportionately take from the system.


Thanks for letting me vent. when do the people in this country figure out this liberal view is breaking us financially.Yeah, by that time it wil be too late.







shocktherapy's picture

Shame ! This has nothing to do with immigrants or immigration. This is about dollars in the seats at school. 

Mr. Universe's picture

Exactly right, kids fill out those cards and have your parents sign them so we get the FEDERAL FUNDS.  I say fiddlesticks and have the Fed gov come in and take over another failing school system, CPS.

jmack's picture

why would local taxpayers pay into a school system that is actively trying to destroy their way of life?

chubbar's picture

Because the population of Chicago is by and large made up of libtards. These people have no link to reality and don't realize that their high taxes, overcrowding of schools and some of the crime is directly tied to these 3rd worlders illegally here in the US. They can't wrap their minds around the issue. The politicians are now positioning this as anti-trump, so the retards on the left see that as red meat and will all line up to thwart laws that act in their best interests.

44magnum's picture

Could be the same reason we all pay INCOME(slave) tax. The mob has to get a cut of your toil to take care of you. Well thats what they tell us and it must be true because "we the people" had a referendum and voted for them to extrort fmonies from our labor. Didn't we?

Carl Spackler's picture

Chicago has a local deficit of more than $20 billion.

Government employee benefits granted make up the majority of this obligation. It will continue to get worse over time.

Cut off federal funding, and let them self fund. Illinois didn't vote Trump, so the President has nothing to lose.

Chicago has no leverage, so their whining is purely academic.

Pun intended !

Carl Spackler's picture

Chicago has a local deficit of more than $20 billion.

Government employee benefits granted make up the majority of this obligation. It will continue to get worse over time.

Cut off federal funding, and let them self fund. Illinois didn't vote Trump, so the President has nothing to lose.

Chicago has no leverage, so their whining is purely academic.

Pun intended !

Buck Johnson's picture

Exactly, cut off federal funding to the CPS schools and see how fast they change their minds.  Most of their funding is federal to be honest with you and it's in many guises and ways that you don't notice right away.  And if Emmanuel keeps being like this tell him that federal school cuts aren't the only thing that may be cut and see how fast he folds.

The hispanics and others are running scared that they can be deported no matter if their poor or wealthy.  And as I've said before the police know exactly where the most illegals are and they arrest illegals or let them go all the time.   Another way to make sure local police are picking up illegals is give them federal overtime money to do so.  Watch how fast they ignore the politics of the city or cities they patrol and arrest and detain those illegals for processing.



Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"The hispanics and others are running scared that they can be deported no matter if their poor or wealthy."

If you are here without an invitation, you are not an "illegal alien" an "economic migrant" or an "undocumented worker."  You are a TRESPASSER.  You are on property that does not belong to you and without the invitation of the owner to whom it does belong. 

You do not have the right to someone else's property, except on terms to which you and THEY voluntarily agree. 

chubbar's picture

I say make an announcement on all local tv stations/radios and newspapers. All illegal aliens have 2 weeks to report to a local reporting station (set up several) and the ICE will work within a set timeframe to allow you to self-deport, with set procedures to make sure they actually leave. Anyone caught after this timeframe is immediately jailed and put on the first bus out of town, no time to move or claim belongings, no time to sell cars or houses, just put on a bus and sent out of the country.

Every student has 2 weeks to produce an original birth certificate or a copy of the request for an original birth certificate from the county born in. If foreign born, a copy of naturalization papers, green card or other immigration documents.

After 2 weeks start cracking down on undocumented students by either detaining them until parents report with proper paperwork or for deportation after a set claim period has expired.

Anyone caught coming back into the country, mandatory 5 years on a chain gang picking up trash and other necessary work. these types of programs would straighten this shit out but quick.

Oh, and jail every official obstructing federal immigration law with massive fines.


Buck Johnson's picture

That would scare the shit out of them big time.  That would work.



Chupacabra-322's picture

In the pocket. Cut the funding to ShitCago.

Ghost of Porky's picture

If you like your violent squalor you can keep your violent squalor.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Period....(forgot that part)


Unfortunately for most of us who don't like violence or squalor, we will also be forced to keep it.

The Wizard's picture

The best rep in Congress, Tom Massie, introduced a bill to get rid of the Dept. of Education and hand it back to the states and locals. This is a perfect reason to support his initiative. Let them wallow in their decisions.

g'kar's picture

Great news. State and local is where it belongs with no federal strings (funds) attached.

chubbar's picture

It is illegal to harbor, shelter or othewise assist illegal aliens according to the federal law. The Federal gov't has a decision to make here. If it allows some asshat school officials to dictate to the US gov't which laws it will follow and the US gov't does nothing other than withhold federal funds, it will have consequences for the US gov't for years to come. Send in Federal law enforcement officers and arrest the officials responsible for this policy. Keep arresting every official taking this stance until you get cooperation for the rule of law. No one gets to choose which laws they want to enforce and/or abide by.

micksavage2010's picture


another dillweed who forgot how the constitutional framework is supposed to function. and double argh - this moniker is "Bill of Rights".

it wasn't that long ago a bunch of sheriffs told the feds to fuck off when the feds wanted local sheriffs to enforce federal laws.

uh, was that states asserting their given powers against the effing fed octopus? if one looks at history the states had the power which was gradually usurped by the feds. and as goofy as some of the sheriffs have become (like that idiot in milwaukee - don't look at me and shake ur head!) they are the ONLY legally constitutional entity for dreck like this.

as always - we are doomed...

Cloud9.5's picture

Popular sovereignty is a natural right.  If the Chicago School System chooses not to follow federal law, then it and the people of Chicago should be severed from their federal relationship to include all federally funded programs.  That severance should exempt the people in Chicago paying federal income tax and should include a termination of all federal pensions.   Medicare and social security benefits for those who wish stay in Chicago should be terminated. EBT payments to all residents of Chicago should be ended as well.  All federal personnel should be transferred out of the city.


You are either with us or you are without us.

Buck Johnson's picture

Maybe a long time ago states where able to function without a central govt. and/or a central govt. that wasn't that big.  But now most if not all states need the federal/central govt. for funding and everythg else.  They can't function without being subsidized by the fed anymore.  The only way they can is to go though alot of pain at first and build up their state as a separate country entity.   Period.

Cloud9.5's picture

Buck, I understand full well your point.  Let them pull out and the city will depopulate in a matter of weeks.  After the FSA packs up and leaves, the city might recover.

Budnacho's picture

Well, it's now obvious they ain't there to teach reading and writing....just politics. 


Im paying taxes to teach kids, but not to teach them to hate America or ignore its rules when convenient. 


As a member of this failing state, let me be the first to stand in line to gut teachers pensions....cut them 100%. Fuck em. 

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"cut them 100%."

Not to worry.  Reality will take care of THAT problem all on its own.