Infrastructure Stocks Tumble On Report Trump May Delay Infrastructure Bill Until 2018

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Construction, engineering and materials stocks are underperforming the market on sudden concerns that in addition to tax reform and Obamacare repeal, another core aspect of Trump's fiscal stimulus, Infrastructure spending, may be delayed by at least two years.

As Height Securities wrote in a note "Time for Plan B?" this morning, while no decisions have been made, Axios reports that the Trump is considering pushing off its call for Congress to pass an infrastructure bill until 2018, given the full slate of other top-tier items on Congress’s plate this year including healthcare and tax reform, Supreme Court fight, and potential debt ceiling / government shutdown battles.

The idea would be to take up infrastructure in an election year and make it very difficult to oppose money for home-state roads, bridges and other projects that lawmakers can take credit for. It also would make sense procedurally given we expect the money to pay for infrastructure will largely come through tax reform and deemed repatriation of overseas earnings with a one-time tax.

Again the legislative strategy is still evolving and such a timeline would run counter to what GOP leaders laid out last month in their Philadelphia retreat, but the calendar is beginning to look crowded and infrastructure has always been less of a priority for Republican leaders on Capitol Hill than it has been for Trump.

Next Tuesday’s speech to Congress by Trump will hopefully address the issue and provide further clarity as to where infrastructure is in the food chain.                    

As a result of the report, the S15CSTE index of construction and engineering companies, which has rallied 21% since President Trump’s election Nov. 8, fell as much as 3.2% Companies down more than 3% include GVA, AEGN, ACM, DY, MYRG.

CAT is the biggest decliner in Dow Jones Industrial, down as much as 2.6%

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tbone10's picture

Hahahahaha, you poor bastards

Wulfkind's picture

Well.....along with tax cuts and the repeal / replace of Obamacare.....



BigFatUglyBubble's picture

This Trumphoria thing needs to end.  It's like the whole country is a drunken party and I'm the only one sober.  (There are some smart people on ZH though)

BaBaBouy's picture

Well ... TRUMP / Hilliry ???

What the Fuck Is The Difference ?????????????

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Less brown people??  I don't even think that is going to happen.  There is no difference, no difference at all.  If he was serious he would start with all the violent illegal immigrants in prisons, there's a slew of them.  Get them out, get them out today. If the president can't even execute something so important, lawful, and common sense; then everyone needs to just admit the Presidency is a puppet position, throw their TV out the window, and unbookmark FOX, Breitbart, Alex Jones, Drudge etc.  It's all crap.  Crap I say.

Life of Illusion's picture



Plan B..

WAR,, always was plan A

knukles's picture

Oh Fuck Me, Some People's Unreasonable Expectations Being Smashed?

Wulfkind's picture

<SOME>.....people ??


Like maybe 100,000,000 ?

barndoor's picture

"Construction, engineering and materials stocks are underperforming the market on sudden concerns that in addition to tax reform and Obamacare repeal, another core aspect of Trump's fiscal stimulus, Infrastructure spending, may be delayed by at least two years"

In his defence, he has been pretty busy golfing and chilling in Mar-a-Lago.

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xythras (not verified) barndoor Feb 23, 2017 12:59 PM

INFRASTRUCTURE building is going great. Except some tee-pees around Dakota, they are having a bad day

LIVE: Riot Police & military Humvees enter DAPL Standing Rock Camp

wren's picture

Fake. A long delay for Trump is 2 weeks, 2 years has got to be fake!

Wulfkind's picture

"Construction, engineering and materials stocks are underperforming the market on sudden concerns that in addition to tax reform and Obamacare repeal, another core aspect of Trump's fiscal stimulus, Infrastructure spending, may be delayed by at least two years"

In his defence, he has been pretty busy golfing and chilling in Mar-a-Lago.


Sounds kinda like what the Magic Negro did for 8 years.

deer_flasher's picture

OMG... I'm a mexican living IN mexico, and I approve of this, it's just a show for the masses that just can't grasp the reality of the situation.


Well Said!!!

general ambivalent's picture

Anyone remember Clint Eastwood speaking to a chair? That said it all. First as farce, then as tragedy.

Ignatius's picture

"What the Fuck Is The Difference ?????????????"

America under Trump is confronting the concept of "fake news" -- a net benefit, IMHO.

Wulfkind's picture

That kind of thinking is the equivalent of winning a box of Rice-A-Roni on Wheel of Fortune after you've lost.

Ignatius's picture

I disagree.  The breaking of taboos (that MSM news can be fake) sets the stage for new thinking and solutions.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

FOX and friends, Limbaugh, etc are also fake news, but he's praising them.  ZH might be called fake news one day soon...

Ignatius's picture

ZH is fake news.

Meaning, everything must be evaluated for its relevance and veracity.  Everything.

The thing one must keep in mind is that receiving news itself is an admission that one is removed from the event reported in both time and place (if you "were there" why would one need the news?).  A degree of trust is required and that takes a period of discernment, yet may still disappoint.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The left used to say question everything.   But then they infiltrated the institutions and made everything questionable.    This latest shit came from post modern "philosophy" /academic obfuscation of Marxist intent, meant to destroy the formerly robust western culture in all of its points  The last bastion should have been the clear original meaning of the Constitution, which was designed to systematically foil the human nature of our federal officeholders.   The leftists cant be held back by such relics and so interpret it out existence, claim it can no longer be understood by modern humans, so old it is.    Orwell saw this tendency of communists in action and where it would lead, to suppression of meaning, mangling of language, reversal of truth, in the worship of brutal government power, with an unnaccountable elite atop it, able to turn off their telescreens, skirt FOIA laws with impunity in the service of RiCOable and treasonous global activities, with impunity.  

Wulfkind's picture

As if the Communist Cabal of Financial Elites and Banksters worldwide are any better.

The root word in Communist is "COMMUNITY"

You're either going to get Communism of Government or Communism of a Fascist Cabal of Government and Bankster Elites.

Just stop it already with the whole Left / Right.....Capitalist / Communist Fake Paradigm

Wulfkind's picture

Truth is the only med I need and I'm dispensing if you would like some.

roadhazard's picture

That's not even a thing anymore. What is happening now is.

Urahara's picture

You want to see drunk, and going "full retard," check this vid out!

"Sweden to import camels for somali immigrants"

Make sure to turn subtitles on so you can understand the phone call in video.

knukles's picture

I been a Doubting Thomas since Day One.  Not because I don't believe, but Because People's Expectations Were Way Out in Another Solar System, as in Impossible to Fulfill as Quickly as Anticipated, Let Alone Having the Entire World try to Make Your Program Not Happen.
Meanwhile, the Propaganda Chatter remains.

This is getting bizarre. 
I can't wait for Peak Insanity!!!

Wulfkind's picture

Dude.....Peak Insanity is SOOOooooo  1913.

mkkby's picture

Trump is the first prez in our lifetimes NOT OWNED BY LOBBYISTS. But congress and the judiciary are. If you don't get this you don't understand gov AT ALL.

This is the lobbyists informing Trump who REALLY is in charge. They are -- and they love the status quo. They have trillions invested and they won't give up easily.

I always knew who was in charge. I voted Trump because having one honest branch of gov is a good start. To congress, there is always an election in 2 years and they are always begging for more money. It never ends. If they don't play ball, the money goes to the other team.

They owe their entire career to lobbyists and it's always payback time.

Wulfkind's picture



OH....that's TOO funny.    You kill really do. 


I REALLY said that while his administration is chock a block full of Goldmanites and DOD / MIC goons.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Each day i think we hit peak insanity until the next day comes. 

MFL5591's picture

Laughbale games by the Tribe in the media!

BaBaBouy's picture

Trump... Change... Over...

larz's picture

I think trump got into the budget and spending of .gov and thought mother of God this is a rats nest  reality has sunk in and he realizes to truly fix things will take an impossible effort

Wulfkind's picture

That overgrown little brat boy NEVER.....NEVER.....had a clue.

Just like his 100,000,000 voters.

MFL5591's picture

Never thought I would live to see a country happy if it fails.  

Countrybunkererd's picture

YES!  That sums up where we are!  +20Trillion (be warned it will only buy a loaf of bread soon)

larz's picture

A billionaire however dishonest or sociopathic definitely has a clue of some sort 

Wulfkind's picture

Trump was born into his millions and billions.

His father was born into his millions from his father's millions he made building hotels, bar ans whorehouses during the Gold and Silver Rushes out west and in the Yukon.


Soul Glow's picture

Anyone buying into the infrastrucutre plan put forth by none other than Hillary Clinton and adopted by Don J. Trump got sold up the river.  When it comes to finance Trump is pushing papers around.  There is nothing he can do to fix it.  He inherited a house build by Obama/Bush/Clinton on a foundation of sand.  He's screwed.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

After we build the wall let's demolish it and build it again, cus, it boosts the economy (and it has electrolytes: what plants crave)

Wulfkind's picture

No.....Lord High Maximus Orange Julius ( My His Name Be Praised Forever ) inherited a house built by YOU and ME and EVERYONE else in this country.

A government FOR the people, OF the people, BY the people.

Wulfkind's picture

I can see that my downvoters are a litlle Constitutionally challenged.  They believe in the "Government by Osmosis through a Galactic Membrane"


LOL.....I mean....that whole voting thing is simply an alien induced illusion.   You know.....REPTILIANS  !!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Countrybunkererd's picture

well that idea of "A government FOR the people, OF the people, BY the people" you speak of, that concept was great.  It has been gone for 100 years.  You can argue 200 and likely win it.  Here is a thought, if WE the people don't like our phone calls being recorded, every call, why does this government do it without probable cause?

Wulfkind's picture

I'm not disagreeing with you.  Only highlighting the futility in voting.

Because when you give corrupt and / or corruptable human beings ( as we ALL are ) the right to vote and enough freedom........they will hang themselves with that rope of their own making.

It's always been just a matter of time.


Countrybunkererd's picture

Like those betting on the infrastructure stocks that are now tumbling.  What ever happened to the bottom line and a sound balance sheet and, and, and...

I can hear it now "I took out a HELOC to buy infrastructure stocks and it is Trump's fault i lost my home"  No, they would be an idiot, and THAT is why they would lose their home.  This is a freakshow of epic proportions all across the world.


NugginFuts's picture

And yet the Dow just pogo-sticked it to 20.8K, Did they not get the message or don't they care?

LetThemEatRand's picture

They higher it goes, the more dramatic it will be when it crashes.  They aren't going to let it crash too soon.  They are already setting up Trump as the cause of the coming crash, and he's leading with the chin by taking credit for the "Trump bounce."  Funny how it was in a bubble when he was campaigning.  Kind of like how Goldman Sachs was the bad guy when he was campaigning.

We've been had, guys.