Soros-Linked Former Clinton Staffer Behind 'Organized' Townhall Protests

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Confirming the suspicions of Republican Chair of the House Committee on Oversight, Jason Chaffetz's comments last week, that protesters were an organized mob, FreeBeacon reports show that a group founded by a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer is behind 'The Townhall Project' and its parent company is located at the same address as an organization funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

As a reminder, two weeks ago we observed that according to Chaffetz, town-hall protests are far from spontaneous, organic events, and were in fact carefully orchestrated events, which saw protesters "bused" in from afar:

Chaffetz shot back, and told KSL that the raucous reception he received at Thursday evening's town hall meeting was "bullying and an attempt at intimidation" from a crowd opposed to President Donald Trump's election. More importantly, the republican accused paid interests (here the name of George Soros has been heard frequently in recent months) of orchestrating the rising protests and violence at Republican townhalls. Chaffets said the crowd that filled the auditorium at Brighton High School in Cottonwood Heights and spilled over into a protest outside, included people brought in from other states to disrupt the meeting.


"Absolutely. I know there were," he said, suggesting it was "more of a paid attempt to bully and intimidate" than a reflection of the feelings of his 3rd District constituents.


"You could see it online a couple days before, a concerted effort in part to just cause chaos," the Utah Republican said Friday.



"Democrats are in disbelief that they have nothing but flailing and screaming to deal with this."

Democrats have insisted that recent town hall outbursts against Republican politicians occurred organically, likening them to the Tea Party.

President Donald Trump yesterday tweeted that the "so-called angry crowds in home districts of some Republicans are actually, in numerous occasions, planned out by liberal activists. Sad!"

It is now clear that Trump is correct and this so-called 'Townhall Project' is organized and centralized, not organic...

FreeBeacon's Joe Schoffstall reports that a group serving as a central hub of information for congressional town halls was founded by a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and its parent company is located at the same address as an organization funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The Town Hall Project, a group that serves as a one-stop shop of information for town hall protests across the country, is connected to a former Clinton staffer and is also closely affiliated with a number of liberal groups.

The group, which has been referenced by media outlets on numerous occasions, bills itself as a "volunteer-powered, grassroots effort that empowers constituents across the country to have face-to-face conversations with their elected representatives."

Jimmy Dahman, a former field organizer for the Clinton campaign in Iowa, founded the Town Hall Project. Dahman claimed on CNN that the town hall events are "all organic and happening at the grassroots level."

Dahman's group is closely involved with, a major progressive activist group that recently launched a website, called, to encourage activists to attend town hall events.

The Town Hall Project's parent company is The Action Network, which was involved in demonstrations against Walmart and the protests in Ferguson.

Finally, we note the projects potential links to billionaire George Soros...

The Action Network is located at the same Washington, D.C., address as United We Dream, the "largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation." United We Dream has received funding from liberal billionaire George Soros. It began organizing "sanctuary campus" anti-Trump protests shortly after the election.


The Action Network also shares the same address as Change to Win, the labor organizing group.

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A prime, blind cuck - guaranteed.

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Nothing a good, swift kick in his pussy wouldn't fix.

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Soros has confessed to being a Nazi. The liberals are Nazis. Nazis.

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Hopefully he calls Sessions to investigate AND arrest these subversives. I am all for constructive discussion and peaceful protests but these have gone too far.

TwelveOhOne's picture

"Sanctuary campus?"  How about "sanctuary skull"?  That's the only place they're actually safe.

xavi1951's picture

Isn't it a criminal offense to plan to commit a crime?  Time to start arresting these "really deplorable" progressives and put their asses in jail where they will be well used without lubrication.  Mr. Soros, you are first!

bamawatson's picture

good thing we still have ample private prison space

rosiescenario's picture

They are denying other people the right to free speech, which is in violation of various state and federal laws so they should be the target of a citizen's arrest if the local cops are not willing to handle it. Their actions are most likely also actionable under a few of the civil rights laws and the people who are paying them to break the law are also guilty....which could lead right back to Soros. Under our legal system you are held responsible for the actions of your agent.

Can't some DA act on this? They'd sure get a lot of press for going after Soros...

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Billy the Poet Feb 23, 2017 5:27 PM

All of this from Occupy to Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Trump rally protests, womens march, not my president, town hall disrupters are SOROS!




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To a hockey game, perhaps? He could be the puck. And tommorrow we'll take him to the zoo.

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Or, "take care of him", Pulp Fiction-style.

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"But I'm trying real hard to be the shepard."  ;-)

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Take one hell of a "Cleaner" to get rid of the stench of Hillary.

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If you go to his twitter fukhead page here, he states:

Jimmy Dahman @JDahmanIII

Founder Fmr CuyCo Deputy Organizing Director for Ohio Together + organizer I enjoy baseball and taco pizza.

Fucking pedophile POS like the rest of the Soros murdering luciferian crew.




Sweet Chicken's picture

That little fuck is a pedophile, GUARANTEED

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Taco Pizza? Does that mean he likes mexican kids?

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Nice Catch.  Is he for more immigration from down south?  Hence the taco pizza?

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The cowardly left's new perversion is that it's ok to physically assualt anyone they call a Nazi. Odd that they disdain fellow Socialists but I digress.  Here we have Soros, a card carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. I think we should take them up on this one.  Georgie needs to go.

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Another anti-white white guy. Funny how obsessed they are with imitating the TEA party. WHich its funny because the tea party started out as an organic, grass roots type thing, which was quickly infiltrated and taken over by the big money and establishment types, and is pretty much gone nowadays. The dems are trying to start from the other end, beginning with big money establichment types, and hoping the grass roots thing comes later. Pretty funny, but I've never seen grass grow on top of astroturf....

wildbad's picture

it is their right to protest.

let it all be seen and known.

they are their own downfall

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Their right to protest; our right of freedom of association.

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Had this quoted at LRC seven years ago:


The Tea Party is not “an organization” as such despite the efforts of some people to co-opt the idea and infiltrate it from the top down. And it is just those people whom the media picks up on because it finds it impossible to report on the story without presenting it in a collectivist context. Neither the government nor the media has the ability to think in terms of individual actors (except as scapegoats). Each of us is invisible to them: they will never see “you” or “me,” they can only see “us” as members of one special interest group or another.


And that is why the media and scavenging politicians will never truly corrupt the Tea Party. The Tea Party only exists as a vehicle for individuals to voluntarily and temporarily associate in joint objection to government action. Any Tea Party faction that espouses specific candidates or proactive policies can only degrade and deteriorate as no individual politician or socialist cause (either welfare or warfare) can sustain the real passion of the Tea Party which is incumbent on standing up and shouting “No!”


No to taxation — no to tyranny — no to slavery.

Being Free's picture

A good quote Billy.  Thanks.  C'd&p'd

rosiescenario's picture

......not to mention Obummer's use of the IRS to go after tea party groups.....setting the precedent of using the IRS for political purposes.


These anit American folks really need to be exposed to some consequences of their far they have not.

TeamDepends's picture

Have someone at the door checking IDs. If you are not from the district you have no business being there.

TwelveOhOne's picture

That was my first thought which I rejected; instead, have a high-resolution camera at the door, and just have a greeter, shaking hands and saying his name, to get them to say their name, on camera.

Then, use an image-search algorithm to see if their image appears on social media, especially if they were instigators.  Shouldn't be a huge added expense (the org probably has a laptop, and a camera is under $50).

Billy the Poet's picture

Tail 'em to their holes. They rove in packs; it shouldn't be too difficult. Then use the names acquired along with social media and your photo records to identify the others. Patterns will emerge and organizations will be identified. You could do this unofficially just standing on the sidewalk outside an event with a camera and then following any vans or buses to their drop off points. Just keeping your ears open may garner enough information to get started.

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Always wanted to do a blood eagle...........

Billy the Poet's picture

Too kinky for me. I consider anything less than a blindfold and last cigarette to be in bad taste.

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Good idea.  You would see the same protesters showing up at different town halls across the country.  Shitheads for hire.

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If I were a Representative holding a Town Hall meeting, I would have a form at the door for questions.  Sign in required.  Explain that this is a "town" hall meeting for constituents, not a statewide forum, and certainly no out of state particpants allowed.

Write out your question, along with your contact info, and drop it in a big bowl or box.

Then, when the session starts, just draw the ballots to see who gets to ask their question.  No shouting or disturbing the process, one question at a time, equal opportunity for you have the names of concerned citizens in your district.

I would be very clear that I was there to face the public, but would not allow the rights of others to be trampled by a mob, and disorderly protesters would be removed.  The ones who disagreed with that would not be voting for you anyway, so toss them out of the meeting without worry if they caused problems.  Have plenty of security, and select your location carefully.  Pick a somewhat isolated building with parking not too close to the entrance.  You want a good field of vision to see who is coming in, what they are carrying, etc., and a lot of room to operate outside if there are problems.  Don't be a sucker.  Demand respect for others.  It's your meeting.  Maintain control.

wildbad's picture

THAT is an excellent suggestion. They don't answer email unless you're from their district-

Great idea!

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Gyorgy Schwartz is NOT a Nazi, he is a Jewish activist. He funds a Jewish lobby group in Washington DC that put on a vicious play about Christ and also had a Jewess Comedienne do a foul routine about Sarah Palin. It was RABID goy hate.

Soros is doing what the Tribe wants.

Professor Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Culture of Critique’ Reviewed This review, written in 1999, explains what the Tribe has done to the White nations.

It is often said that when the old immigration policy was scrapped in 1965, scarcely anyone knew, and no one predicted, that the new law would change the racial makeup of the country. Prof. MacDonald disputes this, arguing that this had been the objective of Jewish groups from the beginning.

"The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would feel more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian."
--Miriam Faine, editorial committee member of the Australian Jewish Democrat

And believe me, in the USSA, and every European homeland EXCEPT for Eastern Europe, and in Australia and New Zealand, the TRIBE gets what it wants.

They made South Africa what it is today, but you don't see NPR or the major media outlets in the US talking about this, now do you and you know WHO runs the mainstream media in the USA:

British Woman Murdered and Husband Left for Dead in South Africa After Being Tortured With a Blowtorch Photo at link

Billy the Poet's picture

Zionists and Nazis have historically worked together according to the good folks over at True Torah Jews.


Zionism was supported by the German SS and Gestapo.[3] [4] [5] [6] Hitler himself personally supported Zionism.[7] [8] During the 1930's, in cooperation with the German authorities, Zionist groups organized a network of some 40 camps throughout Germany where prospective settlers were trained for their new lives in Palestine. As late as 1942 Zionists operated at least one of these officially authorized "Kibbutz" training camps[9] over which flew the blue and white banner which would one day be adopted as the national flag of "Israel".[10]

The Transfer Agreement (which promoted the emigration of German Jews to Palestine) implemented in 1933 and abandoned at the beginning of WWII is an important example of the cooperation between Hitler's Germany and international Zionism. [11] Through this agreement, Hitler's Third Reich did more than any other government during the 1930's to support Jewish development in Palestine and further the Zionist goals.

Hitler and the Zionists had a common goal:Â to create a world Jewish Ghetto as a solution to the Jewish Question.


[3] Francis R. Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Palestine Question (1985), pp. 54-55.; Karl A. Schleunes, The Twisted Road to Auschwitz (Urbana: Univ. of Illinois, 1970, 1990) pp. 178-181

[4] Jacob Boas, "A Nazi Travels to Palestine," History Today (London), January, 1980, pp. 33-38.

[5] Facsimile reprint of front page of Das Schwarze Korp, May 15, 1935, in: Janusz Piekalkiewicz, Israels Langer Arm (Frankfurt: Goverts, 1975), pp. 66-67.

[6] Das Schwarze Korps, Sept. 26, 1935. Quoted in: F. Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Palestine Question (1985), pp. 56-57

[7] F. Nicosia, Third Reich (1985), pp. 141-144; On Hitler's critical view of Zionism in Mein Kapf, see. Esp. Vol. 1, Chap. 11. Quoted in: Robert Wistrich, Hitler's Apocalypse (London: 1985), p. 155.;Â

[8] W. Feilchenfeld, et al., Haavra-Transfer (1972). Entire text in: David Yisraeli, The Palestine Problem in German Politics 1889-1945 (Israel: 1974), pp. 132-136.

[9] Y. Arad, et al., eds., Documents On the Holocaust (1981), p. 155. (The training kibbutz was at Neuendorf, and may have functioned even after March 1942.)

[10] Lucy Dawidowicz, The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945 (New York: Bantam, pb., 1976), pp 253-254; Max Nussbaum, "Zionism Under Hitler," Congress Weekly (New York: American Jewish Congress), Sept. 11, 1942.; F. Nicosia, The Third Reich (1985), pp 58-60, 217.; Edwin Black, The Transfer Agreement (1984), p. 175.

[11] E. Black, The Transfer Agreement (1984), pp. 328, 337.

Laddie's picture

Yes that was Hitler's idea to move them to Palestine and get them out of White Christian homelands. So that is true, but that still doesn't make Soros aka Schwartz, a Nazi. Few people actually know about the Jewish Zionist idea that the NS pursued.

Billy the Poet's picture

And then there's this:


WW2 150,000 Jewish Soldiers Served Hitler and the Nazis

Laddie's picture

You really DO know much that the average person has NO IDEA of.
Good post. Hitler personally appointed a German of a Jewish background as a General. Hitler was NOT as the Tribe portrays him, of that we can rest assured.

SWRichmond's picture

Soros has confessed to being a Nazi. The liberals are Nazis. Nazis.

Punch a liberal?

WillyGroper's picture

i think it was a friend playing a joke on me.  wasn't his voice.

got a call today soliciting a pink genital hat for a mere fitty dollas.


knukles's picture

AG Sessions.  Calling AG Sessions.
Why, lookie heah ... a real Conspiracy to Overthrow (at a minimum) being cast into the light.

There ain't no such thing as all this shit being 100% spontaneous, grass root, self-funding, etc.  No way, not, nope, nuh uh, fugedaboudit.
Soros, MSM, etc. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Knukles,

We're absolutely, completely Lawless. And, absolutly nothing will come of it.

Pack a Gun & Pay Absolutely NO tax on 4/15/17 to the Criminal Fraud entity aka the UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. And, they're Fraudulent System of Debt, Bondage & Enslavement.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Unbelievable ... If I am not mistaken, this is treason and sedition violations under the US Codes.



Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Maybe this is what the newly re instituted private prisons are for?

TwelveOhOne's picture

Yours was exactly my reaction to "a day without immigrants", which wasn't even the issue -- it's illegal aliens that's the issue, not legal immigrants, but liberals like to confuse, themselves and others.