UMich Students Demand 'No-Whites-Allowed' Safe-Space To Plot "Social Justice" Activism

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A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with “a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work.”

The demand is one of several lodged by “Students4Justice,” who this month ratcheted up campus demonstrations to pressure administrators to cave, complaining in a newly launched petition that President Mark Schlissel has snubbed their demands.

The clamor for a segregated space for students of color to organize social justice efforts comes even as the public university builds a $10 million center for black students in the center of campus.

In their demands, students explain why the new black student center is not enough, “because we want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color.”

“We want documentation of past, current, and future student activism and this should be a permanent space that is staffed, and has resources for students to organize and share resources,” the demand letter states.

Leaders of “Students4Justice” did not respond to requests from The College Fix seeking comment. Campus spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told The Fix that at “this point, our colleagues in Student Life have been working with the Students4Justice leaders to better understand their concerns. This is our normal process.”

The demands caught the attention of the Michigan Review, an independent student news outlet which first reported on the issue — and criticized it.

“The same organization that criticizes the University for failing to create ‘an environment that engages in diversity, equity and inclusion,’ is calling upon the University to undermine these ideals by facilitating a sort of de facto segregation? One where space and resources are designated for students based solely on the color of their skin?” the Review wrote.


“To advocate for the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion, while simultaneously calling upon the University to sanction these spaces on campus is both unprincipled and laughably regressive,” it added.

The demands were first presented last fall, but an updated version was refiled with administrators in late January after a series of incidents deemed racist, according to the demand letter.

This list of demands also call for more support for “marginalized” students “when oppressive attacks occur,” increasing the affirmative action of “Black, Arab, and other PoC” in tenured faculty, more readily alerting students on campus of “bias incidents,” and offering more financial aid for those of lower socioeconomic status.

Students4Justice bemoan what they perceive as a lack of action from campus leadership to these demands. In addition to the petition, earlier this month they held a sit-in, as well as a silent protest when prospective students visited campus.

“Our president has blatantly ignored us and it is time for us to speak up. We have been told that our demands are ‘rude,’” the group states on Facebook in announcing its petition. “We are calling on someone to care about students’ concerns and to lead us with integrity and help us fight against the oppression and hateful acts that try to destroy us and our community.”

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You want a safe space?  Go home.

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Segregation being brought back on purpose by blacks.  Just let that sink in a minute.


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Isn't this what winning looks like?

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Still waiting for the "Black only" transgender bathrooms.......careful what you wish for folks, it's gonna get ugly.

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But but but... that's rhesus!

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monkey see.. monkey do..

And it’s about f*cking time.


Now we can get the “brownish-black/trannie” and “hetero white proud male and female bathrooms designated appropriately. real dig to my friends of the non-Caucasian persuasion, but you guys need to put a harness on all of your crazy vocal and violent Cultural Marxist associates… especially the white ones.


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You can thank Obozo for this crap!

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And several thousand commie professors who poison young minds with this crap. Anyone else forced to read A Peoples History of the Americas by Howard Zinn? This POS tome can be summed up in three words: White Man Bad.

The_Juggernaut's picture

My kid is going to have no trouble dominating these fucking losers.

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Yeah, anyone want to venture guesses on the majors and GPAs for these double-secret snowflakes? Oh wait, is "snowflake" assuming their race/gender/bathroom?!?!? 

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UnclePhester (not verified) The_Juggernaut Feb 23, 2017 3:59 PM



Your kids won't stand a chance with the MINORITY RECRUITMENT GOALS AND DIE-VERSITY MANDATES!

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At first, I thought this was just a bunch of idiots being rascist.  Then I noticed that they mentioned including only "people of color".  Well, technically, white is the reflection of all colors, while black is the absorption of all color frequencies.  So clearly, this is not rascist, but colorcist.  Not sure how I feel about people being colorcist.  Probably need a support group in a safe place to digest this new predjudice.

strannick's picture

Racist demands made to combat rascism?

Billy the Poet's picture

"We had to whip Toby in order to save him."  -- Some Democrat

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This is a war. Either you defeat your enemy or you are dead.

It is about time to round up all zionists and send them to Israel.

There are plenty "safe" places for Muslims in Muslim countries. The same goes for blacks.

This is the result when "education" and everything is "free" for too many low-life scumbags. 

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) caconhma Feb 23, 2017 7:11 PM

If I self-identify as black do I get to go into the special, no-whitey, space?

And what if I self-identify as a black, trans-gender, paraplegic? Will someone in the safe space complex give me money?

So many rules...

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

My dog identifies as a nigger eatin' pitbull...but I try my best to dissuade him of ill intent.

ZeroIntelligence's picture

Waiting for Frozen Nuts to post its standard troll comment..........  Can't wait to see whatever pretzel logic it has to cook up to defend this.

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Hat tip for most obscure reference:

The crab-eating macaque, also known as the long-tailed macaque, is a cercopithecine primate native to Southeast Asia. It is referred to as the cynomolgus monkey in laboratories. Wikipedia

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My safe space has gun ports.


HockeyFool's picture

I am all in favor of this. As long as there are 'Whites only' safe spaces on campus too.

UnclePhester's picture
UnclePhester (not verified) HockeyFool Feb 23, 2017 4:18 PM

There are, they are called STUDY HALLS, and the blax there at all

SafelyGraze's picture

dear umich -

give them what they want.

do it.

just go ahead.

do it.

swartze piet 

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1) STOP the child tax credit;

2) shut the freaking borders;

3) Lock her UP!

4) indict pedopodesta and soros;

5) cut EBT to bare minimum and pass work requirements;

6) cut fed funding to schools that practice this racism like UM.

knukles's picture

So how much Federal funding does the U of M lose for maintaining a segregated facility?

UnclePhester's picture
UnclePhester (not verified) knukles Feb 23, 2017 4:19 PM

yore raycessessist

PrometeyBezkrilov's picture

Sounds like a good plan. I didn't see anything for item 7) about the banksters though. And I did not mean "Hang the banksters". That would be an easy solution for them. I want them to get penniless as a result of the financial crisis they organized and  work hard on an oil rig up north somewhere to actually earn every fuck&n penny they get.

Son of Loki's picture

sorry, I forgot the goes....

7) hang the Banksters!


8) remove those raycist boxes from college applications scholarship grant apps and job applications.

Acceptance for all these should be ACHIEVEMENT based, not race based.

ultraticum's picture

Where's End the Fed

It is the one-stroke remedy that is 100% certain to cure all of the other issues on your list (except Killary-for-prison and Pizzagate).  But it is taboo which is why it wasn't on your list.

Instead of using government to fix problems created by government, end its very lifeblood:  The money printing warfare, welfare, and theft by debasement machine.

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Who the hell downvoted you ?


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Next thing they’ll demand is for the whites to sit in the back of the bus.

Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve been so-o-o proud of these fuckers! Not!!!  ;-)


Bush Baby's picture

No , they'll demand whites sit in the front of the bus so they can keep an eye on them


American Psycho's picture

Jim Crow endorses this measure.

Logan 5's picture

Jim BEAM, OTOH, doesn't give much of a fuck about black snowflakes.

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I had a Jim Beam Black with a little water on the side last night. It was excellent. What are you, a racist?

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Logan 5 (not verified) Verniercaliper Feb 23, 2017 2:50 PM

I, frankly, don't give a fuck.


If this is the type of world that these nitwits want to create for themselves by emoting on emoticons 24/7 because they think they actually have 2 marbles in their head, then let them do it...


I'm just glad I won't be around by that time to have to worry about it.

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Let this quote from Hitler sink in for a moment and then look around ...


“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

Adolf HitlerMein Kampf


Our children have been corrupted and the only way back from this ABYSS is GOD!!

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Call me crazy, but wasn't this what Martin Luther King fought against? Talk about going full retard....

Ignatius's picture

Yes... now about our demand for safe spaces in the NBA for white guys who can't jump so high.

And I'm tired of black guys hogging the finish line in the 100m dash.

knukles's picture

Safe spaces and counseling, teddy bears and coloring books for the white guys with smaller penises. 

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

"Going full retard"

Really may be something to that based on average IQ distribution for the race

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All the niggers want is a BSU, just like they had to have back in the 1970's; just so they can feel special again!

NoDebt's picture

Just so long as those "black only" spaces are accompanied by white-only spaces, too.  We can call it, oh, I dunno, how about "separate but equal".  <----- I just invented that term.