Baffled WaPo Still Arguing That Only Dumb, White Men 'Approve' Of Trump

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The Washington Post, still supremely perplexed by how President Trump managed to win the White House, is apparently even more confused now as to why his approval ratings stubbornly refuse to drop into the teens. Nevertheless, the disaffected mainstreamers at WaPo seem to derive some comfort from a handful of recent polls which all peg Trump's "approval rating" at under 50%, a statistic they victoriously used to declare the following:

"Most Americans don’t think that President Trump is doing a good job."

Of course, as Gallup pointed out last month, half of the Presidents that have held the White House since World War II failed to win the approval of a majority of Americans over the course of their terms, including WaPo's beloved President Obama who averaged just 47.9%...but we digress.



Still, dissatisfied with an approval rating anywhere north of 0%, the ever-skeptical WaPo figured there must be some nefarious explanation for why such a vile person like Trump could possibly avoid impeachment after a full month in the White House, nonetheless enjoy the 'approval' of 48% of the electorate (at least according to the Fox News poll).

So they set out on a mission to scour polling methodologies and demographics of respondents for a clue to the Trump approval enigma.  Fortunately they were able to quickly focus in on a pleasant "narrative" that Trump's sole support emanated from a consolidated group of white (a.k.a. "racist"), male (a.k.a. "sexist") voters without a college degree (a.k.a. "dumb").



Meanwhile, knowing that their efforts to diminish the President's approval rating would be harshly received by roughly half of the population, they decided to preemptively mock all you dumb, racist, sexist people out there.

I know, I know: You and your friends think he’s doing a great job, and this is more fake news. Or maybe: No one you know likes Trump at all. Or the classic: LOL all the polls were wrong last year, who cares what polls say. To which I’d quickly reply, in order: (1) That’s your bubble, (2) that’s your bubble and (3) actually, national polls were pretty accurate.

And, of course, these same dumb, racist, sexist people who are propping Trump's approval ratings today are the same ones that voted him into the White House in November.

Those of you who were paying close attention during the general election will recognize whites without college degrees as having always made up the core of Trump’s base of support. (We even wrote about it!) According to exit polling, about half of those who voted for Trump fell into the whites-without-a-college-degree category.


So far, it seems as though Trump’s strict adherence to the campaign promises he outlined for that group in the primary has not been successful at wooing many other people to his side. (Contrary to what White House chief of staff Reince Priebus might think, most people generally disapprove of what Trump’s done.) Trump won the primary with that core, powered through the general on the strength of that core of support and now enjoys it as one of the only groups to think he’s doing a good job.


That should be easy for anyone to accept — regardless of their bubble.



But, we're sure you're right WaPo...the national polls were spot on in November and dumb, sexist, racist people have suddenly overtaken the American electorate.  In fact, we suspect that if you keep pushing hard on this narrative you'll be right again in about 4 years.

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I didn't see the WaPo on Trump's list with the NYT and CNN.  I assumed they went out of business.

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They have,they just don't know it yet.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) bigkahuna Feb 24, 2017 8:13 PM

Bezos is draining his billions, dumping them into the WaPo.

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD Feb 24, 2017 9:01 PM

WaPo was considering eliminating their comments section. Then they decided to just seed them with CTR style commenters.

Their business is not news, it is propaganda.

NYT and WSJ have taken to similar tactics along with strategic use of comments (some articles allow it, some don't).

There has never been a press that was not largely co-opted by the ruling class, until the internet.

Success = establishment take over.

The best way to defeat opposition is to lead it. Lenin did not invent that concept. I am on the fence about what is going on at ZH.

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Bullshit Insider, I mean Business Insider, for quite awhile now when it comes to politics and the ME and Ukraine warmongering their screeds sound like they were written  by the Obama Whitehouse. In the comments plenty of people pointed out their lying bullshit. A few months back they eliminated the comments section. Wonder why. I never go there anymore.

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Most people refer to it as the WaPoop.

Because they are shit shovelers.

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what up with all this?

blindman's picture

to the down, red button, presser.  do you regularly

play the numbers, lotto? you will see and learn as life

itself, survival if nothing less, demands.   thank you

for your attention in this matter.

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I'm just lookin' for the bridge,
Has anyone seen the bridge?

Wanted to post some applicable links... but had too many cups. (41 Million in 2013) (40 Million, 28% increase 2010)

They Love Distraction and the people at the Top seem to use Front Men and Front Companies and Shell Companies.


You strike me as a Watchdog. Perhaps we watch the same stats and issues.

Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts

blindman's picture

i'm just a dog, watching and barking.

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Oh I get you; where's that confounded bridge?

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) TeethVillage88s Feb 24, 2017 9:14 PM

5 minutes of research revealed that is your typical controlled opposition propaganda site. Neocons, Catholics and other subversives using patriotic Americans values against them.

Complete with lots of "street cred" criticism from the other wing of the neofeudalist movement. In other words, leftist orgs all offer outrageous criticisms of cns.

Between allowing Catholics and Jews in the country, liberty never stood a chance.

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RBG had to encourage subscriptions, failing paper - SAD!

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Hey kewl, WaPo knows what "white" is, apparently "white" is not Latin, not someone with the skin tone of a Rubio or Cruz. Now, can we find out how many "non-whites" had a college degree and voted for Hillary...or is that too much to ask? ;-)


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The wapoo does not yet know that they know is a little embarassing actually - not just for them

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Go out of business already, filthy rag.



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PoasterToaster (not verified) Feb 24, 2017 7:48 PM

Let's have scorched earth election reform, with every ballot pinned to a driver's license.  Then we'll see how popular these fucking traitors really are.

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Who owns the MSM?

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about right... with the greatest POTUS at the bottom of the 'FAUX Totem Poll'

poor Harry S. Truman--- may he rest in Peace trying as he might, AND DONE DID HIS BEST, in the most difficult tymes in american history to perservere at impossible odds.

god bless you Harry S~ the TRU'man of our tyme  

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i like the state that shows how black and hispanic men and women had a big difference of opinion between the same race sexes compared to asian men and women

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We need to revive the word STUPID...We need to use it with a picture of Maxine Waters, or Adam Schiff.

We need a news program that rates the News Programs.....Oh, and why doe we need a Talking Head to SPEAK the news, when we can just READ it to ourselves? 

Like seriously, are you an investor? Can't you read the Tape? Why do you need CNBC to TALK to you? Augh, like I said.

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in the old days cnbc could move markets so you just about had to keep it on in the background if you were a serious trader. now there are no markets and cnbc couldn't move them even if there were any so yeah, no need anymore.

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Ummm, that might have been FNN.....

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Damn WaPo you're good.  You got me.  I'm dumb and white and I approve of Trump.  I'm also deplorable, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, anything else? 

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In reverse chronological order, and I'm sure I'm missing a few: deplorable; truther; conspiracy theorist; American.

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Why does the WaPo even exist. Their reporters are fucking delusion

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Because Jeff Bezos pays them to be his servants.

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if i avoid negros does that make me a racist? i don't belong to the kkk or anything like that but have been looking for a nice predominantly white town to move to. ;-) (oh, also, i didn't vote for trump so i'm thinking that pretty much proves i'm not a racist.)

Is-Be's picture

If your pants need patches, you're black, hillbilly.

Arnold's picture

Banff or Yellow Knife, buzz.

Big quiet small towns.

In a foreign country though.

buzzsaw99's picture

only 69%? i can do better than that around here.

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Once upon a very, very long time ago it was a fairly well respected newspaper.

Today it is an advertising and propaganda firm for Billionaire Oligarch Jeff Bezos and his various businesses interests.

He bought it for pocket change because it had failed as a newspaper and was broke and therefore less expensive than outright bribing elected officials.

Most Americans consider it to be trailer-trash and laugh at their juvenile efforts to please their owner.

Most everyone just ignores them.

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For laughs, shits and giggles, I occasionally go to WaaahPo, so I can read the comments and remind myself how stupid, ignorant, racist and hypocritical, the libflakes are.

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The Dichotomy of Modern Day Politicians

Are we the people so jaded by politicians that we are surprised when they keep their word? Over the past few weeks, a plethora of Americans have been appalled with the President for deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records. Mainstream media outlets are now speculating as to how far the deportations will go. It should be obvious. Before the 45th President’s Inauguration, he announced his plans to deport two to three million illegal immigrants with criminal records. The time has now come.

The genuine shock regarding the President’s actions indicates a deep seated issue in American politics. Halting illegal immigration was the central theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. Some people erroneously believed his rhetoric was crafted for show. Americans are so used to duplicitous politicians that it is the new status quo, but now President Trump is setting a new existing state of affairs.

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This is the same ((( rag ))) that just hired "Podesta the Molesta" as a columnist.

#pizzagate #pedogate

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M.Ed. And B.A.....yep just a dumb whitey. Fuck you Wapo.

TeethVillage88s's picture

What is "Word on the Street for Kojak?"

- MSM is warped, paid off, corrupted by Editors and Ad buyers
- Liberals want utopia, want unicorns, want to save all underdogs
- Democrats don't have corruption(false), but only good intentions of drug takers...
- but truth is both gop & dems are corrupt and support war and chaos in the ME!!
- GOP & DEMs are guilty of crimes against humanity... best case war crimes!

- USA has no rule of law... war criminals are protected by MSM

#msmprotchwarcrms - mainstream media protect war crimes

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the most effective response to this Bezo's guy is for all flyover nation to stop patronizing his flagship amazon.  My neighbors have a bounty for whoever shoots down the first drone jeff dispatches. 

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A degree in a non-scientific field is a very poor predictor of intelligence (in fact, it is likely negatively correlated). (Really, who can't get a degree in psychology or any social science? You just have to fog a mirror) A better measure for statistical purposes is mean IQ by race. Since whites have a mean IQ one standard deviation (15 points) above blacks and 10 points above Hispanics its clear Trump dominates the intelligent, analytical segment of the population. Trump supporters dominate the productive, taxpaying segment of the population too. I bet Killiary got 100% of the FSA vote! We know she got 100% of the illegal alien, felon, and dead vote.

By the way a full standard deviation in analytical intelligence as measured in IQ tests is an absolutely enormous gap in reasoning ability.

Smiddywesson's picture

Actually, IQ isn't really a very good indicator for intelligence (INSERT RACIST APPOLOGIST PROPAGANDA FOR HOW UNFAIR GENETICS CAN BE HERE).  They have tried for 100 years to talk their way out of these results, but they just won't go away, you can't talk your way out of your DNA.


"Think about how DUMB the average guy is, and then realize, half of them are even STUPIDER than that."  - George Carlin


Now if you make that "average guy" part of a group that is, on average 15 IQ points lower.  Just image what the stupider half of his group is like?  THAT's why 15 IQ points is such a big deal.  Half of that group are literally morons. 

Apeon's picture

The dumber side of the Curve is known as the LEFT.

TwelveOhOne's picture

Interesting, as when plotted on a bell curve, that's exactly where it falls!