MSM Touts New Poll Showing "Record" Obamacare Support; Ignores 14-Point Dem "Oversample"

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Throughout the day the mainstream media will undoubtedly be "informing" you about a new poll from the PewResearchCenter (PRC) that concludes that support for Obamacare has surged to new record highs in recent months just as Republicans in Congress get set to repeal and replace the legislation, how convenient.

We, on the other hand, would like to inform you that, in reality, there is no "news" to be reported as a result of PRC's latest work, but rather just another "rigged" poll that utilized an aggressive 14.4-point Democrat "oversample" to goal seek a desired result.  But don't take our word for it, here is the sampling data as presented by PRC:


Somehow we suspect that if Democrats really enjoyed a 14.4-point advantage among registered voters that Donald Trump would not be occupying the White House right now...but maybe the Russians are just that good.

But, if the sampling data above isn't quite egregious enough to convince you of it's "fakeness", below we present to you the survey methodology of PRC's previous Obamacare poll, conducted just two months prior to the current oneNotice that the sampling advantage for Democrat/Lean Dem pool in this poll was 4.7 points lower than the poll above.  And to our 'complete shock', this poll showed Obamacare's approval rating roughly 6-points below the poll above at 48%.  Shocking...less Dems equals less support for Democrat policies. 


So did the number of registered Democrats surge nearly 5 points in just over 2 months?  Somehow we sincerely doubt that...but it was a very nice try. 

And that's how you engineer trends like this where widely-held historical opinions suddenly 'shift' dramatically in a matter of weeks...except they didn't.



And, even though we find the data to be largely useless due to the obvious sampling bias, here is a quick review of the conclusions drawn by PRC which will frequently be drilled into your head by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC....throughout the day.

Apparently a  record-high 54% of voters now suddenly approve Obamacare even though PRC's own historical polling data shows that a plurality of voters have pretty much always disapproved of the legislation since it's passage in 2010.

Currently, 54% approve of the health care law passed seven years ago by Barack Obama and Congress, while 43% disapprove, according to a national Pew Research Center survey conducted Feb. 7-12 among 1,503 adults.


Throughout the law’s history, opinions about the Affordable Care Act have tended to be more negative than positive — or, less frequently, divided. As recently as December, about as many approved (48%) as disapproved (47%) of the law.


The new survey finds that when those who disapprove of the law are asked about what should happen to it now, more want GOP congressional leaders to focus their efforts on modifying the law than on getting rid of it. One-in-four adults want Republican leaders to modify the law, while 17% want them to get rid of it entirely.



Meanwhile, approval among "Independents" also surged in PRC's latest poll even though we prove above that the "surge" is easily explained by the "oversample" of "Independents" that "lean Democrat."  Nice try, but nobody's buying it.



Fake News!

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froze25's picture

LOL, yeah just like how people trust the MSM. They really think people still buy their bull shit?

In case you missed it.

JRobby's picture

Health Insurers not ready to swithch to methadone yet?

"They just love that nice pure GOVT H"

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Oh yeah......I've got cheap insurance......but the deductible is so high I can't use it.


Thanks Obama........thanks Boehner..........thanks Ryan!!!

TeamDepends's picture

Can't wait until going to the doctor is like visiting the DMV, because government makes the sun come up.

FireBrander's picture

It is a MISTAKE to waste time and political capital to "repeal and replace".

Remove the ACA's mandate and reinstate low price "catastrophe plan" options, but leave the ACA intact for now.



Then you can repeal everything and replace it with nothing because people will be able to afford it all on their own.



chunga's picture

Attacking waste, cronyism, and pure fraud is like the third rail for swamp creatures. There's just no going there.

There's picture

Busting monopolies is not in the best interest of the Billionaire Club.

JRobby's picture

Ummmmm, they paid for the poll and paid MSM to air it.

Try to keep up.

LawsofPhysics's picture

War is Peace

Ignorance is Strength

Freedom is Slavery

(and Big Brother knows that Knowledge is Power)

that is all.


chunga's picture

Who gives a fuck about fake polls? We know they're fake already.

What isn't fake is the Red Team frauds, who've got nothing and who absolutely suck. The only thing worse than the Red Team is the Blue Team, and from their deeds, it's very hard to tell them apart.

LawsofPhysics's picture

They are owned by the same families!!!  that's the fucking point.

chunga's picture

Hope for the maverick, non-politician who is gonna "make america great again" is fading fast. Instead of tweeting out about CNN and fake news he might try tweeting about fake politicians who supposedly on the same team who are sitting on their dicks, for example Jason "subpoenas are not suggestions" Chaffetz.

The very first thing out of Sessions yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with draining the swamp. These people are tone deaf to liberty, they don't care. They aren't going after Hillary and her life of crime, or Creamer, or Wasserman, or Lynch, or any of the DC cronies.

They are privatizing prisons for profit??? I'm just about done.

VWAndy's picture

 That so many cannot see that one clearly demonstraightable fact bends my noodle. Its like some magic trick they fall for every four years.

Rebel yell's picture

Why would Directv not want a very expensive satellite dish back when service is disconnected? I never purchased the satellite dish. I said that I wanted it removed from my house and they said that it is my property. They simply donated it to me. That is very poor economic policy to own a business and leave expensive equipment behind that could be used for another customer. There must be some financial gain for them. It is a spy device and can also be used as an electronic harassment device. It is blasting sounds into my house.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Simply remove it yourself fool.

froze25's picture

Those things are not expensive. Directional antennas are not much more that shaped metal and a coaxial wire.
Also this is totally irrelevant to this article. Trump rules.

Jim in MN's picture

Put all your gold, weed and ammo right next to it and wait 30 days.  If nothing happens, proceed about your business.

(no dammit tear it off and leave it in a shed or dump)

sodbuster's picture

I have a couple of old ones- mounted one on the doghouse. Keeps people guessing.

FireBrander's picture

The cost to send someone out, remove it, and bring it into inventory is more than the cost of a new of people cancel only to sign up again in a year or two after the deal they got from the cable people expires and they're eligible for "new customer" satellite pricing again.

Also, would you want a used dish installed on your house? Many people would complain.

PS> They drilled 3 big holes into your roof to fasten it...removing the dish would cause a leak and expose the fact that they damaged your roof (or siding) better for them to "kindly" let you keep the dish.

Rebel yell's picture

Lol! What do you suppose the cost of mining the metal, shipping, refining, smelting, molding, machining , shipping and manufacturing is?! It's more. Dah!

FireBrander's picture

if it was more, they wouldn't leave the dish behind.

VinceFostersGhost's picture


Why would Directv not want a very expensive satellite dish back when service is disconnected?


Plastic dish cheap.........labor costs to remove..........expensive.


See how simple?

Jim in MN's picture


"How To Lie With Statistics"


The image is of the edition that I have owned for 30 years or so.   Well worth the short, clear read.

NoWayJose's picture

Obamacare is a give-a-way program to subsidize healthcare for unemployed or under employed, low income individuals, with pre-existing conditions. It is paid for by higher prices for anyone else who has to buy insurance.

It is also a program to allow the government to define what a healthcare plan should contain and. Over.

drendebe10's picture

Fuk obamascare, fuk the corrupt elected political turds who passed it, fuk the corrupt elected political turds who wont repeal it ten times & fuk all the do nothing gubmint bureaucratic turds. Fukemall

FireBrander's picture


The people you list didn't write "ObamaCare" and they likely didn't spend a single penny lobbying in DC to "shape" and "Pass" the legislation.



The "Health Industry" had reached a wall:

1. People said "FUCK IT" and went without insurance.

2. People that needed insurance, couldn't afford to pay the price increases necessary to keep "Corporate Profits" rising.

So, CORPORATE AMERICA lobbies for, and gets passed, THE ACA which FORCES you to buy insurance...and if you truly can't pay, IT FORCES THE GOVERNMENT TO BUY IT FOR YOU!



Davidduke2000's picture

Eventually the US will have a universal healthcare system like it or not, the difference it will be run by private non profit interests to be well managed.

FireBrander's picture

Eventually, the US will have a non-functional Health Care System because it will collapse under it's own greed...then we'll have something else..."single payer", "free market", "whatever"...we'll see.

dlfield's picture

Obviously the oversample, but also Trump already did away with that oppressive mandate.  ?

small axe's picture

these days polls are designed to tell us what we should think, not what we do think.

Kayman's picture

MSM polls confim the MSM is a lying pack of propaganda shit. 

Any statistician knows if you ask the right question to the right group of people you will get the answer you are looking for.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Why should a healthy person be forced to pay for a sickly neighbor? 


End all these "insurance" schemes. 



Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Dems and liberals are dumb as fuck but what really worries me the most about obamacare is the rhinos and old establishment coming out defending it. 

Premiums skyrocket it fucks and taxes people mandatorily...but yet both parties support it and the media comes out with all these polls showing how everybody loves it.....hmmmm.....


gregga777's picture

Ho hum. Just more lies as usual from the failed CONporate Mainstream FAKE NEWS Media (CMSFNM). ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off).

Long memory man's picture

They have not failed yet,  many many months to go before this ends and President Trump may not win, I hope he does. This will be a true test of his metal, I think he has it, needs to keep cool and statesman like, the snowflakes will blow up in the end.



Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Or better yet....a true test of his mettle.

World-Gone-Mad's picture

Even if this were true - NOT - it is terrible legislation and unconstitutional. REPEAL & REPLACE.


It's probably an exit poll from the illegal aliens.

gregga777's picture

The Dimmo-Marxist and Repussican political parasites support Bucking Ofamacare because they get massive bribes from the pharmaceutical and sick-maintenance CCC (Criminal crony capitalists) CONporations.

hooligan2009's picture

this type of polling is sickening in its stupidity and crassness

the fundamental question being asked - and hidden in the stupid questioning - is to take a sample of those who are on benefits and ask them:

"do you agree that someone else should pay for your health care?"

much like a question that asks a poor person:

"if someone offered you one thousand dollars, would you take it?"

of course the last question could be qualified with "even if it meant the other person would not be able to feed or buy clothes for their children for three months"

we are beyond oversampling by political persuasion, the MSM is now oversampling by income bracket and asking beneficiaries of a corrupt system that benefits those sampled, to answer a question objectively.

watch out for more samples of this imcome demographic type - the samples are wholly biased to create the only possible ratinal answer from those benefitting from a handout from others.

Kido's picture

In case you missed it,, posted at 9:45am EST

Note: not in any point in the article mentions the sampling bias

RandomAnglican's picture

I don't call it the DemocRAT News Media for nothing.

tttan's picture

fakes news and faked polls go hand in hand

MrGalt's picture

Very, very, very fake news.

VWAndy's picture

 Can we do a poll using just employed folks and see how it sits with the ones paying for it?  Im thinkin those #s wont be as nice.

 Just guessing they took the poll during working hours. That might be why Ds were so well represented.

stant's picture

Keep digging that hole fake news. The bulldozers coming

Long memory man's picture

MSN ? what is that? anyone still take it seriously?

Barney08's picture

Liars figure but figures don't lie.