What in the world is Donald Trump?

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“Great men, even during their lifetime, are usually known to the public

only through a fictitious personality.” 

-Walter Lippmann

For many people, President Donald Trump presents an enigma.  

Our brains seek to put labels on other humans.  The labels we have readily available to us can come from nature (black, male, old, fertile, weak, etc.) and from nurture (liberal, Republican, foreign, racist, wealthy, ignorant, lazy, dangerous, etc.).  This labeling, categorizing, or naming, is part of the normal mental process of stereotyping, and is a valuable survival skill and evolutionary advantage, despite what you may have been taught.  


For some cognitive psychologists, stereotyping describes a value-neutral psychological mechanism that creates categories and enables people to manage the swirl of data presented to them from their environment.  This categorizing function was recognized in 1922 by Walter Lippmann, who first coined the term "stereotyping." For him, this was a necessary, useful, and efficient process, since "the attempt to see all things freshly and in detail, rather than as types and generalities, is exhausting, and among busy affairs practically out of the question."




When we do not have enough information to stereotype others, it can make us quite uncomfortable.  Is this person a threat to me?  A potential mate or friend?  Trustworthy?   So, our senses gather information to help our brains analyze the data to fill in the blank label.  We also work very hard at trying to fill in these blanks for other people, and even harder at changing them, especially the media, but that is a future topic.

Yesterday, I read an article on ZeroHedge describing how one of the world's most successful investors allegedly used a financial ratio to analyze the data and then label Trump.

On one hand, there was RenTec's chain-smoking billionaire founder (in 2015 alone he made $1.7 billion) Jim Simons, who had donated some $10 million to Hillary Clinton's campaign, second only to Saban Capital. In a June 2016 interview with CNBC, Jim Simons said that "if you compare the presidential candidates using the Sharpe ratio, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is 'not a good investment.'"




This caused me to remember that I, too, had labeled Trump just a few days earlier.  

hedgeless_horseman   Feb 16, 2017 2:33 PM


"I do know one thing.  Donald Trump is not a libertarian."


I asked myself, is that really true?  How did I come to that conclusion?  What is a libertarian?  This article is merely one attempt to answer those questions. 

I like to tell people that libertarian is the political label for someone that simply wants two things: 1) maximum freedom, and 2) minimum government, and who prioritizes those two over the other political values he or she may hold.  Years ago, I posted a much longer answer here on ZeroHedge in the form of the Libertarian Party Platform.  Unfortunately, the comments appear to have been lost in one of the many DNS/hacking battles fought by Sacrilege in defense of this good and valuable web site.  At the time of that post, I had learned of the The World's Smallest Political Quiz, and had posted the link in the comments, along with my score, and an invitation for readers to take the test.  

Today, I invite you, dear reader, to join me in taking the test on behalf of President Trump, in the hope of determining if he is, or is not, a libertarian.  I provide links, below, to a small number of pertinent items that I feel support my answers.

The World's Smallest Political Quiz


Government should not censor speech, press, media, or internet.

Based on Trump's comments about Snowden and Manning, I am going with DISAGREE.





Military service should be voluntary. There should be no draft.

Based on Trump's five draft deferments, one medical, I am chosing MAYBE.



There should be no laws regarding sex for consenting adults.

Considering Trump's actual statements and actions, I am picking AGREE for our POTUS.



Repeal laws prohibiting adult possession and use of drugs.

This seems to be a clear DISAGREE.



There should be no National ID card.

This also seems to be a clear DISAGREE.



End "corporate welfare." No government handouts to business.

This also seems to be a clear DISAGREE.



End government barriers to international free trade.

This also seems to be a clear DISAGREE.



Let people control their own retirement; privatize Social Security.

I am selecting DISAGREE for Trump, based on his campaign statements.



Replace government welfare with private charity.

It appears Trump would AGREE.



Cut taxes and government spending by 50% or more.

Any actual tax cuts will likley not come close to 50%, and Trump says he is going to spend bigly, so I clicked DISAGREE for the President.




Here is the result of my test.  Donald Trump is a Big Government Statist.

Statists want government to have a great deal of power over the economy and individual behavior. They frequently doubt whether economic liberty and individual freedom are practical options in today's world. Statists tend to distrust the free market, support high taxes and centralized planning of the economy, oppose diverse lifestyles, and question the importance of civil liberties.


Apparently, I had already done a similar analysis in my mind, because according to this test, Donald Trump is the polar opposite of a libertarian.  This label fits with the personal interactions I have had with Donald Trump, years ago, at his then private home in Florida and on vacation in Aspen.  

It should be interesting to learn, below, how your answers on behalf of Trump are different from mine, and why.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa this June...




Peace and prosperity,


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First off, Mrs. Horseman sounds absolutely awesome! I’m also a fan of Joel Salatin and would have loved to see him in Trump’s cabinet, as another commenter here on ZH suggested.


As for Trump, I would like to make an argument for why libertarians and conservatives should support him even if he doesn’t exactly fit into either category. The foremost reason is that Trump is a fighter. And we are in the fight of our lives. This last election was not a philosophical debate, it was a death match. There was no place for the civilities of Ron Paul, whom I think a lot of us would have preferred. We didn’t need a peacemaker. We needed a cage fighter. Because Trump won our nation lived to fight another day. If he betrays us we owe him nothing. But until then I think we at least owe him a chance.


The questions used to compile your political spectrum chart were rather arbitrary. Which do you honestly believe would bring us closer to liberty: a candidate who loves his country, who is putting his life and fortune on the line to try to save it and who just appointed a Constitutionalist judge to the Supreme Court… or one who believes pot should be legal and makes no comment on gays having sex?


The libertarian movement tends to attract individualists who pride themselves on their independence. But let us not forget that one of the first rules of our survival as a species is our ability to form cohesive units in pursuit of a common goal. Whether you’re evaluating someone as a potential business partner, friend, mate or a future president you’re never going to find someone you agree with 100%. You have to set your priorities. What are you willing to accept? What are your deal breakers and what are you willing to compromise on? Then place your bets. Last fall the American people bet on Trump. And I think people who now nit-pick and waiver in their support of him over every little bump in the road are merely weak-hearted. Trump just might be our knight in shining armor as long as we remember those knights of old probably had poor table manners, big egos, bad breath and lice. If you can look past all that there remains a magnificent sight to behold and one which I dare say is worthy of our loyalty as long as it is returned.


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Very worried: 

2/17/17 Federal Judges Rewrite the 2nd Amendment   http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2017/02/federal-judges-rewrite-the-...



and aye nahry a reply. 

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Good job here and with supporting links to authenticate. I seem to have been lazy in my analysis.

"Today, I invite you, dear reader, to join me in taking the test on behalf of President Trump, in the hope of determining if he is, or is not, a libertarian. I provide links, below, to a small number of pertinent items that I feel support my answers."

Great use of links, well thought out.

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Who is Trump?  He is a pirate.  Rather, he would have have been an admiral in the British Empire’s navy.  More precisely, he would have been a privateer.  He is in a sense, another Admiral Sir John Hawkins or another Vice Admiral Sir Francis Drake; men of skill, intelligence, daring, ambition and competence; largely attached to the law, but not subservient to it.  In short, a pirate under the auspices of legal writ, a privateer.

He’s a big man, a great man, if not necessarily a good man.


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I believe you omitted what I consider to be the most important personal characteristics of a libertarian worldview.

1)Personal Responsibility (or if you have a problem look first in the mirror)

2)Merit and ability are the only valid criteria for judging an individual.

3)Maximal Self-sufficiency (you must have the first two characteristics for this to apply)

I've found you can pretty well judge a person's worldview (liberty vs statism) by their talents and abilities. This, along with impulse control, define the your success in life. (see the Marshmellow test)

Note that the above characteristics are the opposite of the entitlement worldview of the FSA. Such people are always looking to others to solve and/or blame for their problems.

Now, as a libertarian who passes all your criteria easily as well as my above characteristics, why am I a strong Trump supporter? I believe him when he says he will put America First and that he loves this country and what it once stood for. Why is that central? Because there is an ongoing attempt by the left to denigrate and destroy Western culture the very civilization and set of accomplishments which made the emergence of liberatarian ideas possible. It was why Ayn Rand, the greatest libertarian thinker and philosopher of the 20th century choose this country to emigrate to. It is a cultural war and our existence as freedom loving people is at stake. And Trump is one tough SOB who plays the media like a Stadavarias. For that I can ignore my other issues such as Snowden, national ID etc. ( e.g. Snowden should be given a congressional medal of freedom, not exiled) But, as in all things, actions speak louder than words. But, Trump's actions so far bring a smile to my face and now it may be "morning in America" again.

What is it about these non-politician, non-lawyers like Reagan and Trump that makes them so effective? Oh, they're not politicians or lawyers and have no experience in government. Just "second rate actors" and "failed" businessmen-or so we are told by the affluent non-profit actors of the left and their propaganda engine, the MSM. But we know that's all BS and Trump keeps reminding us-ITS FAKE-just like the 9/11 "story" or man-made climate change.

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If Trump is a statist, just what the fuck was Obama? What exactly was his classification, born again Black Panther??

With all due respect, but all these pundits are missing the whole point of people voting for Trump.

People voted for Trump not because of what he is, but because of what he wasn't. He wasn't part of the system. And the system still hates him, and they keep howling about him, which incidentally tells people that they made the right choice.

Fuck the system. If Wall St. gets vaporized tomorrow, people will cheer. 

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Excellent point. All Institutions are political in the USA, and therefore = Corrupted.

- Obama is a politician and an Ideologist, Globalist, Socialist, Crony Capitalist, Neocon-Zionist, Arabist... he is a sellout to anyone with money and supports the Domestic and International Spying cabal/cartel.

- I like to call Obama, Obama Bin Ladin (OBL).

Populist Politicians are about Grass Roots... maybe they care about farmers and small businesses... maybe they care about social issues... maybe they care about jobs and middle class wealth & income

- President Donald Trump faces being black balled by congress or quid pro quo to congress... his power is in exposing congress and various govt leaders and their failures in job performance... and crimes of course... will Pres. Trump enforce the rule of law... or pretend we can never expose the crimes of the USA and our Leaders and cover up the crimes, failures, corruption, influence, blackmail?

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Community organizer, [localized] turned tool [globalists], working his way to patsy.

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When you label me, you negate me, bro...I am more (or less) of anything you are equipped to imagine, so why bother...


TrumpO the AssClown is merely a deranged effin' fucking PSYCHOPATH that plays both sides against the middle whilst he runs away with the effin' fucking loot, HH.


Stereotypes are for those that don't think.

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EXCLUSIVE: White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone


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Most human beans who pay close attention know that government is too big to make any serious net progress.  That includes the Trumpster no matter his intentions, campaign promises, or executive orders.

What Trump did was to eliminate for all time the possibility of hillary clinton, the most hated woman in america, an unindicted criminal, a choice of the top 1%'ers like Soros, and globalist, one world order with them at the top and everyone else on the bottom with no chance to ever move up. 

That is all I expected of him.  

Her humiliation is like a warm summer breeze sweeping over of the land, a fragrant aroma of her massive defeat wafting into the air all over the country. 

If he accomplished nothing else, this would be a legacy he can be extraodinarily proud of, and with him, all the voters in 40 states that threw the clintons to the wolves.


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If you wanted a libertarian, you needed to elect Ron Paul.  What you got instead was Obama, and then Trump.  We won't know for a few years what the Trump decision cost us.  What we know at this point, is the bank stocks all went up, and he filled 6 cabinet positions with ex Goldman Sachs executives.  He filled most of the environmental protection related positions with oil executives and lackeys from fossil fuel companies.  He has talked about putting tariffs on China, Mexico, and specific companies he doesn't seem to like.  And he has talked about currency manipulation by China, where we get most of our cheap imports.  He's stopping refugees from coming to the US and deporting illegal aliens.  Looking at his history, he has ripped a large number of people off, and he has gone bankrupt a couple of times.  Many of his businesses and business ventures ended very badly, and he made his fortune using extreme leverage and high risk real estate flips, and by starring in a reality TV show.  He spent several years claiming Obama's birth certificate would  prove Obama was not an American, then when Obama produced it, Trump blamed the  accusation on Hillary Clinton.  He is now controlling the press, but only the ones that disagree with him.

You definately didn't get a liberatarian, you got something else, and we won't know what he is until after he does his damage to us.   Real estate in my area has started turning down since the Donald took office, which was the same thing that happened when Bush 2 took office. Another non-productive asset besides bank stocks that has done well is gold, which usually does well in times of crisis.

Trump is a narcissist, which is obvious by his constant bragging, and he is paranoid, which is obvious by his treatment of the unfriendly press like CNN, and he is dishonest.  He MAY be insane, but its hard to tell.  It doesn't matter what label we give him, those characteristics in our president are unfortunate for the US of A.


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"Real estate in my area has started turning down since the Donald took office"

You live in CA or DC?

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It would be foolish to argue with your conclusion. As for those who cannot bring themselves to see Trump for what he does (Note that I did not make any assumptions on what he is), man is a not a rational animal, but a rationalizing one.

There is a caveat to this conclusion. On a daily basis, on matters of little consequence, I like to think I am flexible enough to be swayed by the evidence based opinions of the people I respect, from one end of the spectrum to the other as long as the core of my own personal ethos remains intact - My moral compass is founded on the catholic seven virtues and borrowed from the philosophers during the age of enlightenment. Add some quaker, eastern religious philosophers and science with a large dose of curiosity for the process of self-actualization and you may have a glimmer of the library of my untidy mind. I expect others to be equally complex and driven by the prevailing emotions of the day, so I expect Trump to be no less.

The Koreans have two adages that seem pertinent to this story of defining Trump, "In a decade, even the rivers and mountains change" and "To predict where you go on the road of life, one must first know one's origins". People change all the time. The person you knew a decade ago, tempered by time and experiences, is certainly not the person he is today. Trump as a child, surrounded by his father's businessmen, the strife of competition inherent in that arena, the paranoia and even perhaps the arrogance of being born into wealth will certainly have added to unresolved issues that plague us all into adulthood.

The thing about Trump is that he was not a professional politician tainted by years of wearing a political mask, an artificial facade to hide the man underneath with layers of smooth vanilla platitudes prepared for public speaking. He actually says what he feels and miraculously, it fired up enough people, some unsavoury types as well as the good, to take the presidential office. Call it ignorance or innocence but to me, he is still malleable. He still has the potential to do some good despite the fact that predictably, the neocon zionists have completely infiltrated his circle of influence. He is, ultimately, a business man. If he could apply half the business acumen he has shown in his life to the business of politics, he would come to the conclusion that the zionists who are surrounding him are sometimes working actively against him, to steer him to do their bidding and failing that, setting him up to be publicly vilified and ejected from office if he does not tow the neocon party line of more war, more chaos, more spending and more power to Israel. Pence and his neocons are conveniently waiting in the wings. The way the EO on the immigration ban and the MSM reporting of his overtures of peace with Russia were handled by his own staff for example, speak volumes about the deliberate sabotage to perpetuate the establishment narrative that he is unfit for office.

Is Trump a libertarian? How could he be when he is completely smothered on all sides by zionists constantly provoking hatred and division to divert everyone from their crimes? If he had the right staff, the right cabinet, the right advisors, that could change in a heartbeat. Maybe I'm projecting, but I believe that everyone, given the right stimulus, will advocate for individual freedom, for deep compassion for humanity, for peace and for a chance to live in prosperity.

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Anyone who recognizes parallels in history should recognize Steve Bannon as Leon Trotsky, his 'revolution against the administration' is purely leftist Bolshevism, not populism, and Trump, as a figurehead for the Goldmanim and Luciferian Pentagon is Joseph Stalin, in the form of a national police state. Trump personally is a showboating bunko artist new money royal like all the other Eurotrash, and Bannon's job at this point is Trotsky's perpetual revolution', until the Zeks have nothing left to loot. We are more broke than the whole world combined, and more broke than all human civilizations combined, having once been the greatest empire in history, looted away in just 20 years since 1999 Gramm-Leich-Bliley, WTC7, Yellow Cake, and QEn. Send in the Bolsheviks, don't bother they're here.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Ya man, we R all Leon Trotsky!


What the fuck man. You are totally paid for or agent.

- Yes, we are assembling a force of people like Trotsky, Lenin, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, Red Army in 1918, ... what the fuck are you talking about Dwezil?

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YHC-FTSE Good job here with fair treatment.

A man takes on new missions and objectives when he joins govt or anyway he certainly could.

- Clear problem with Neocons/PNAC 2.0 = Center for New American Security (CNAS) Kagen at the head
- Clear problem with MSM and their Ideological heads
- Clear problem with Corporate Globalists, and the STEM or Tech Giants/Transnationalists/Entities without a Country

President Trump will come out better than I could do. As you point out he has a chip in the game since he is president, but Neocons and Globalists and Money Trust want him to show submission, to submit.

I am glad that although President Trump is a negotiator... I don't see him submitting himself to Arabs, Zionists, Neocons, MSM, or Global Corporate Power.

- What do we do about Power Players that want our Populist President to Submit!!!??


What do we do about Power Players that want our Populist President to Submit!!!??

First step is to talk to your neighbours. When / if their arguements in defense of the IRS / Income Tax Act get rediculous, you laugh in their face, loudly so everyone hears you.

Then 'folks' will confront their Congresscritter.... lots of tax-paying voting Folks.

It will be epic.


What is Donald Trump? Donald Trump is a killer. He killed it in the election. Why did Trump pick Mike Pence? Pence is a TAX LAWYER.

"I KILLED THE IRS" - DJT's headstone.

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Donald's father was German, mother Scottish so The Donald knows.....Jews are fundamentally liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name.

He also knows what Henry Ford said about Jews..."Controlling the world's sources of news, Jews can always prepare the minds of people for their next move. The greatest exposure yet to be made is the way the news is manufactured and in the way the whole world is molded for a purpose. When at last the powerful Jews is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the world press. The real causes of persecution (which is the oppression of the people by the financial practices of Jews) are never given publicity." ~ Henry Ford Sr. May, 1920

The origin on Donald's war on fake news can found above.


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Trumps favorite daughter, Ivanka, is a Jew.  Trump only dislikes the news that disagrees with Trump.  He likes the pro-Trump news.  

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Nice job, HH! The test says I am strongly in the Libertarian camp and just yesterday was bemoaning the fact I feel outside of the political system with really no one who represents my views. Good to know there are others. Perhaps our day will come but it does not seem to be heading that way. Again, thanks!

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What is Donald Trump? Bloody brilliant, thats what. He's playing this game like a master. This is what genius looks like. Watch and learn.

This article is speculation about where he's going. Where is he going? He already told you. He even put it in writing during the campaign. Go look.

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Modern government can be thought of as a blackhole, in that it absorbs vast quantities of energy. 

Government is also the glue that holds society together, stalling mankinds development into an actual civilisation.

Government is merely a mirror of ourselves. Should we choose to develop our humanity, individually, then government will simply dissolve.

Society needs government. Government needs society. We follow this path to our own destruction or we choose not to.

It really is that simple. You can discover more here https://mindfulbeings.blogspot.co.uk 

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My opinions are like onions,  kind of puny, best left planted in the ground until around July, 6 months after POTUS 45 inaugurated.  

Whatever Radical Marijuana has in his pipe, I'd like a toke or two.  His understanding, binary or not, resonated with my thinking.

Whether a POTUS is some braggadocio blowhard  from Brooklyn or a slick talking ANUFFA from the South South side, we get chumped every four years, forced to chose the less of two weevils.  

Like Riddick says in the final fight scene---- Chronicles of Riddick  "Let's play that game; who's the better killer"  

Body counts matter in this Game of Thrones.  If the top chimp can stack bodies and fight behind the corpses, his tribe wins AND eats well.

I hate to say this, knowing how civilized I am, of course, but most of humanity is barely half a step ahead of Alpha Predators like lions, wolves, polar bears, chimps and wolverines.  When we big brained apes go feral nothing and no one  is safe.  

Did I say 'half a step ahead?'

Correction.    Half step behind.  

You won't see wolves selling out their packmates for a percentage.

The feral politicians, princes, pharoahs, prime ministers, premiers, presidents and poobahs are all in a race to climb up the tallest heap of human bodies.

It'll take a long slog to evolve into something that resembles our Better Angels.  A very long slog.

 Between then and now it's more likely this Fucklard race of over sized simians, thinking they're masters of this universe, will probably screw ourselves into extinction with some new gadget that soon outthinks us and goes Full Retard Skynet, decides we are some nasty protoplasmic virus that needs to be extirpated from the planet and does so in very short order. 

Whether Skynet or Matrix, the machines are likely to determine our fate in a nanosecond.  

If not Skynet, we're most likely to be discovered by some space faring member of the Cosmic Criminal Cartel Collective, maybe from one of the 7 planets circling that just-discovered yellow dwarf sun around 40 light years from our nieghborhood.  

We'll find ourselves facing the Gangster Borg-ias who regard Planet Earth as their newest franchise territory.

Nothing like being an  FTL race with little more than a yellow draft sun to warm their bones or jello that makes one go hunting  up better solar systems.   

 Betcha all the billionaires lining up to get a piece of the planetary rights will be the first to find themselves assimilated.  

The rest of us most likely will end up as a chapter in an alien bestseller called:

To Serve Man

It's a cook book

enough morbid bullshit for today.  We're off to find some new territory to conquer

Cheers to all


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I propose a new identity,Pragmatic. What has worked? What has failed? Power, money and/or influence corrupt as moral hazards. Man is in nature. What worked in the past may fail next, since man's world evolves or devolves. Socrates: I know is nothing. I learn by observation, experiment and listening.

A perfect world in Nature always dies. Nature survives with diversity and continual change.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Most criminals, killers, rapists, and thieves, consider themselves pragmatists.

This is essentially true, if The Law of the Land is the law of the jungle.

Consuelo's picture



 Not to pick nits HH, but as we all well know, nearly anything can be defined as 'criminal' behaviour from a .gov agency.    However, the remainder of the lot is fairly accurate...   Up to and including the fact that sociopathic tendencies are most closely associated with the form of 'pragmatism' you speak of.

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Hedgeless: You have spoken of another topic in the past, erroneously in my opinion, and I encouraged you to make a visit to Afghanistan and learn for yourself what is going on there. Yes, I refer to the oft-mentioned meme that the USG or an agency thereof is somehow connected to the narcotics trade.

Rather than simply have me point out reality, go to Afghanistan yourself. See for yourself. See that in 15+ years of a useless conflict the US and its Afghan allies have gained control of but a tiny portion of the country. The Taliban and other warlords control all of the poppy growing areas. They move their product out on various routes...some through Pakistan where it is refined, some through Iran, and some through that odd spit of land that connects to China (where elements of the PLA then move the drugs to foreign markets). No element of the USG has any control over it. They have enough trouble keeping the 'Green Zones' safe.

It always seemed odd to me that people on this site who constantly rail against the Fed and conjured money fail to understand that the budget for the military and IC is about as large as it needs to be. That is what monetization does, or what it is for. Silly memes about needing additional funds for so-called 'Black Ops' is pure Hollywood B-Fare fantasy. The entire IC budget is embedded in the DoD budget, and there are no covert ops save for those first authorized via a Presidential Finding. It has been that way since 1978, after the Church Commission. The drug story is the epitome of Fake News, but finds an audience predisposed to believing it.

Go to Afghanistan. See for yourself. The major poppy growing areas are in the Southwest, quite far from any areas ever under the control of either the US or the central government. That production often is moved out through Gwadar in Pakistan, a port now largely controlled by the Chinese. Perhaps a more accessible area is in the northeast, which is best reached via Pakistan from a city like Peshawar. Just remember to pack every single survival skill you possess, because you will need all of them. You can pick up some of the things you might want to have on hand in the local souk. Cash purchases only. Oh, and you might want to refrain from shaving for a while before you head off---and no hipster beard. Go hirsute or don't go. It's a fascinating land, but can be rather nasty.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Zerohedge this guy is a real character.

And you have him submitting copy now I guess.

"The Taliban and other warlords control all of the poppy growing areas. "

- Taliban had outlawed Poppy Growing, prior to US Invasion!!

Gebus!!!! WTF????

- It is like this meme that the British Empire was good, that British East India Company was Good, that bringing corporatism and Royal rule was good even if you killed off the population and pushed them off of valuable land and resources... Yeah, British brought Taxes, Outlawed Script, forced people to room & board them, ... oh and the British brought corruption of big money and central banking... yea!!

YHC-FTSE's picture

Give me a fucking break. Before the US invasion, Afghanistan supplied nearly 0% of the world's heroin. After the US invasion, Afghanistan supplies over 90% of the world's heroin. They have been doing this for a decade and a half, under the noses of US drones, bombers, jets and thousands of troops.

Why don't you read about it from the soldiers who have written accounts of their days guarding poppy fields whilst the press are sent on wild goose chases to film a few burning bales of opium to show how the USG deals with drugs? Or how about the fact that heroin is a processed product and in order to create it at its current volume to kill and ruin the lives of kids all over the West, hundreds of container loads of specialist chemicals have to be imported into Afghanistan under the noses of one of the most intensively surveilled landscapes in the world?

Stick to the fucking facts. It's an industrial process that relies on global supply chains, not a few bags that criminals can shove up their arses. Talking of arses, you must be smearing shit all over your keyboard in your efforts to post the crap that could only originate from your back passage. In all the years at ZH, you were always suspect.

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Your talking points are classic CIA disinformation, chindit13.

- The CIA doesn't run drugs. A) = Bullshit. Columbia, Panama and Mexico, I know about. ... Afghan I can guess matches the same game plan.

- The CIA didn't have a key roll in the 911 attack. A) = Bullshit. Pinal Airbase, Arab recruitment and visas and coordination with OBL (patsy) himself.

- The CIA never targets or kills US citizens on or off of US soil. A) = Horse manure. ... Want the list? .... It's a long one.

- The CIA never steals or extorts resources worldwide. A) = Hahaha! Now we are talking clown shitshow desperation lies.

- The CIA always follows National Security protocol and laws. .... A) = OMG! ... There are so many ways around 'Presidential Findings' with subcontractors and overseas 'trade an operation' plans with the Israelis and Brits, it's not even funny. ....... Hell, the CIA even uses the Russians. Maybe the Chinese too. .. The CIA was in the tech deals with corrupt Killary up to their eyeballs. .. Talk about throwing one of your own under the bus to save yourself! .. When the CIA turns on her, it's over. ...I don't care how powerful her Satanist witchy powers are. ......... Are you trying to tell us that any money made by CIA activities would be returned to the CIA coffers? If you believe that you are even stupider than you seem to think we are. ... If that's even possible.

- The CIA never blackmails, bribes or intimidates. ..... A) = Oh, geeze. Tell that to FBI Ass. Dir. McCabe and tell him to also return the $675,000.00 'donation' to his wife's campaign and RIP Michael Hastings, Gary Webb and Danny C.

- The CIA never lies. A) = Ok, your turn, chindit13 lets hear your explanation for all the above little 'CIA fibs and fabrications'. ..... You fucking lying arrogant jackass. ... Are you Anderson Gooper's girlfriend? ..... Did Andy tell you to get back here and try harder to convince the sleeple that the CIA are the 'good guys' because he senses that he might be losing the 'info war' on TV?

At least the CIA is getting that little nugget of intel right.

Live Hard, Face It, You Spooks Are Going To Need A New Game Plan And With Any Luck At All For 'We The People' A New Home Really Soon, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Hello Dune

Been reading this thread and the only conclusion i get is: Trump too late, not the Obangas 8 year but post-Reagen late (last president that took bullets from TPTB)

My grans pa/ma left a good world for my parents. My parents left me a shitty world.

I'm Strugling to left my son a better world but i don't see the way out.

I used to think Trump was Gods plan for this mess.

As a True God believer, the only way out of this now is God ability to find another "Moses" and another event like Santorini to cast the ten plagues again.!

We're gonna die in this repression :(

Hug from Portugal



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Chidit, perhaps you may want to check your world view a little closer to home...



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PoasterToaster (not verified) chindit13 Feb 25, 2017 11:16 AM

The why does the CIA own the drug trade in the US and elsewhere?  If it's not for money, then the reason must be much worse.

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The CIA benefits from the drug trade in a fully integrated way.

Production, transport, interdiction, policing, the courts and law firms, asset forfeiture, private prisons and rehab centers and government studies, agencies and hand-outs. .. Blackmail, don't forget blackmail too.

Illegal drugs are BIG business but not for the street level dealer. .. All that 'get rich dealing drugs' is pure CIA propaganda.

If you aren't Shorty Guzman cartel level connected to the CIA drug traffickers, drugs are all downside in life.

Not to mention they make you stupid and easy to control for the control freaks. ... They love legal and illegal drugs,.......for you.

Legalize it all and a lot of society's problems vanish.

Those that will succumb to drugs are going to succumb legal or not.

Live Hard, Pot Is A Little Different Matter But It Is Illegal Because Of All The Money Too, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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No hipster beard?  What about a communist beard?  Is that kosher?

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Per your usual analytical rational and thoughtful self...

The ultimate flaw in Donald Trump is "WHO" ultimately has his back with so many irrational whores in "velvet handcuffs" that live in Washington D.C.

To your point, he is a "walking"... "talking"... contradiction on every issue that he faces be it domestic or foreign.

And you WILL SEE his vision that he talked about in his inaugural address for America either dissipate or come to fruition based on the "ACTIONS" of his constituents that voted for him.

If the Trump faithful just like those that backed "Hope & Change" are inclined to sit back and DO NOTHING to ensure his success we will get Mike Pence as the President and Donald the "titular head" with continued mutiny and betrayal as the "status quo" till the likes of Russia, China and Iran MAKE IT CEASE!!!

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"What is a libertarian?"

Anyone who subscribes to the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP).

There is no ideological qualification beyond that.


Libertarianism is an ancient principle (e.g., Jefferson was surely a libertarian). One may lean left, right, or neither and be "libertarian". It's a principle, not an ideology. It does not imply pacifism.

Ayn Rand subscribed to the NAP (and formally named it) but it is in no way dependent on or derived from her philosophy of Objectivism, which surely is an ideology.


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PoasterToaster (not verified) bh2 Feb 25, 2017 11:21 AM

Good points.  It's hard for some people to understand the NAP isn't it?  The indoctrination has been so complete that they can't see how it would even work.  They can't analyze a situation without finding some outcome that would require initiating force- that's how far our minds have been bent over the years. 

And yet at the individual level it's coded into most human's DNA.  95% of us recoil at the thought of causing harm to someone else.  So what was the propaganda that was so effective at subverting human nature?  I guess they redefined "harm" so that people would accept Statism, and begin to practice it themselves.

Statism is a nasty, evil religion.

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"So what was the propaganda that was so effective at subverting human nature?"...


A New Pearl Harbor (http://www.ae911truth.org/)!

10 years ago I said Team Bush, Langley and DOD would all be brought before a war crimes tribunal and "hung" when the FOIAs hit the ceiling after the 9/11 Commission Report came out!...

But I guess I underestimated how vast the "ZIPPER HEAD" community/ratio actually is in the U.S. and EU!!!

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Hedgeless Horseman has always been left of center, and I am right of center.  I am a slave to a country that let's others say whatever they want, but that censors me.  I live in a country where people wantonly break the law, where my tax dollars are used to destroy my people and the people of other lands.  This ASSHAT is preaching about being a Libertarian and we don't even have the rule of law, we have a clusterfuck and we are being overrun by Islam.  HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO BE A LIBERTARIAN UNDER SHARIA LAW, ASSHAT?  


This is the most dishonest piece ZH has ever run.  Trump is a constitutional conservative.  It's woven into everyting he says.  He has to start somewhere to turn this ship around, because it DEFINITELY WASN'T PILOTED HERE BY LIBERTARIANS.   You want a libertarian society Hedgless?  NOW YOU HAVE TO EARN IT BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU PISSED IT AWAY.