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It has become religion to believe in global warming, excuse me climate change. In fact, apparently now it’s been shortened to just climate, as in “climate denier”. Uh sorry, but haven’t we always had climate? When did someone suddenly discover we have climate? The religion around “climate” is disconcerting enough, but the strident attitude towards anyone with an opposing view is frightening. There have been calls from “reputable” people to prosecute anyone with a different viewpoint. The “climate” scheme/racket has been built around fraud. In 2007, U.N. “scientists” warned we only have eight years left to deal with “global warming” – oops. (Back in 2007, global warming was the trendy term, now it’s climate change.) Also in 2007, U.N. “scientists” warned us that only carbon taxes will save us. Sound familiar. So they’re going to take totally fraudulent science, basically fake news, and cripple the world economy, just so the disgusting globalists can line their own pockets. And harm possibly billions of good, honest people in the process. While not warning of/researching a potential climate disaster awaiting us if the global cooling issue is the real problem.

The “science” promoted by the grotesque (in many ways) hypocrites who attend Davos, is generally being used to enrich themselves and their globalist elitist comrades. They could care less about climate change. But how they have gotten most scientists, universities, MSM, SJWs, and mainstream politicians in all countries to join in is beyond me. The ones who are doing it purely for the money is easy to understand (yet disgusting), but how about the others. Like those who are seeing zero cash flow from their zealotry. And what if the Earth is not actually warming at all? What if it’s actually beginning to cool – significantly? Is a new Maunder minimum staring right at us? Some villified and ridiculed (and brave and ethical) scientists believe so.  Professor Valentina Zharkova has done some troubling research which goes far beyond the normal 11 year solar cycle. She and her colleagues are quite concerned about another Maunder minimum, which itself was part of the Little Ice Age, fast approaching.

The current solar cycle #24 is the weakest in 100 years, and is still not expected to hit its’ minimum for several years. And we are already in the process of cooling significantly. As Dr. Sircus shows, even the scam artists at NOAA tried to hide the fact that there has been no warming on our Planet for 60 years. And there was actually some cooling into 1979, and then some warming into 2010, with sunspot activity. So as Professor Zharkova stated, we are now back on the downside since around 2012. And there are scientists who have proposed that it is not the CO2 increase which causes the warming, but the warming which causes the CO2 levels to rise. 

Russian solar physicist Habibullo Abdussamatov has some interesting observations about the hysteria over “climate”. He believes the current theories are a.. backwards. Meaning, they’re confusing cause and effect. The cyclic increase in sunspot activity into about 2012 caused the oceans to warm and then to release more CO2. So it wasn’t the increased CO2 causing the warming, but the warming caused the CO2 increase. Professor Abdussamatov believes it’s the sun, not the CO2, which should be the focus. How did we have all of the large warming periods on this planet before the burning of fossil fuels/modern man? The Professor’s studies with ice core samples shows the CO2 increases always follow the Earth’s warming cycles, i.e., never precede the warming. So are all of the regulations, carbon taxes, and beating up of climate “deniers” going to just make a difficult time period even worse? One thing is certain. Most of the “informed” capital is positioned for global warming. On a big time frame, it’s akin to the biggest speculative long position of all time. It makes more sense to contemplate the possibility of a different scenario. In a follow up post, investment opportunities will be discussed.

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... and no coincidence Satan is known as 'the prince of the power of the air' (Ephesians 2:2)


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I've worked in wilderness areas in Alaska and Canada for 30 years. There the evidence for warming is massive and easy to see. Vanishing glaciers, melting permafrost, dramatic shifts in fish runs, the rising water along the Bering Sea coast. The changes are even more dramatic in Siberia. As permafrost melts, methane gas is released in ever larger volumes. It can't simply be stopped like turning off a faucet. I understand why people deny it's happening. This is really scary shit because of the scale and because no one knows the long term consequences. We humans have flourished during a brief interglacial period, 12,000 years of so, when global climate has been generally quite benign. If warming, and consequent ice sheet melting, accelerates, the oceanic conveyor belt may simply stop. The next step will be large-scale glaciations and return to a world which supported less than 100 million people on the entire planet. The predicted ten billion humans will simply vanish.


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What really blew my mind is the report that the global temp went up .001 of a degree. Yet the margin of error is 10 times on that.  + or - .01. What a joke.

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 interpolation.  it takes precise measurements at micro degrees and large time scales. it takes a very expensive gages and algos to adjust for wind humidity dynamics  to read satellite SST  data with ground check gages etc...

it is likely as precise as it gets, considering snow ice and cloud cover. change of temp is within margin of error, or short BS. who called that number with given error margin is an idiot.

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the Human Induced Global Warming shore story, - when analyzed as a crime scene yields surprising results

It makes first strike use of nulcear weapons conscionable, as you can now tell the players that by pushing that RED BUTTON, they will be SAVING THE PLANET from GLOBAL WARMING due to the NUCLEAR INDUCED GLOBAL WINTER.

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The “climate” scheme/racket has been built around fraud.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization scheme/racket has been built around enforcing frauds for thousands of years. Humans blamed for climate change has become a hyper-complicated issue, not only because the climate itself is hyper-complicated, but also because that Civilization actually being controlled by backing up lies with violence has become the most hyper-complicated aspect ...

There is no doubt that greenhouse gas mechanisms are real, and therefore, serious concerns. However, as the article above pointed out, the changes in the magnetic fields of the Sun & Earth, which are happening, have previously tended to be deliberately ignored by the mainstream scientific modeling of climate. (Many others posting comments on this topic on Zero Hedge have mentioned that one of the better sources for information on space weather and climate is Suspicious0bservers. I again recommend anyone interested in the topic of space weather spend time to learn what Ben Davidson has to say on the topic.)

My view is that Globalized Neolithic Civilization has been directed to develop by its murder systems, which were most socially successful by becoming as deceitful and treacherous as possible. Upon that basis was built a political economy where public governments enforced frauds by private banks, and the big corporations that grew up around those big banks. Given those social facts, OF COURSE, the public debates regarding Earth's climate, and the effects of human activities upon that climate, necessarily manifest within the surrounding context that EVERYTHING GLOBALIZED NEOLITHIC CIVILIZATION DOES IS BASED UPON BEING ABLE TO ENFORCE FRAUDS.

Moreover, the prodigious progress in physical science and technology ends up being primarily channeled through sociopolitical systems who foundation was always being able to back up lies with violence, which never stops those lies from still being false. Therefore, the about exponential progress in technologies has resulted in Civilization becoming exponentially more fraudulent. There are NO public political debates that escape from the intensifying paradoxes of final failure from too much success based on more and more sophisticated and integrated systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which were ALWAYS the background in which public debates of any environmental issue figured.

IF human beings were to change to adapt to changing the climate, or climate change, whether they were somewhat causing that, or not, THEN the actually most important adaptations must be changes in the death control systems, especially because those back up the debt control systems. Any changes in Civilization must be changes in the combined murder/money systems. However, the existing entrenched systems are based on the maximum possible deceits and frauds, which nevertheless are publicly presented as not being those, because of the ways that Civilization is dominated by the biggest forms of organized crime, directed by the best organized gangs of criminals, which are now governments dominated by banksters.

The degree to which the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science have had the biggest bullies' bullshit-based world views built into them is far worse than any of the various tips of that immense iceberg, such as how the over-simplifications and distortions of climate science are riddled with frauds, serving various evil ulterior purposes. In my view, the essential political problem is that artificial selection systems were driven by natural selection pressures to become most successful by becoming as dishonest as possible, and furthermore, those are being enabled by advancing physical sciences to become exponentially more dishonest. Human intelligence resulted from the internalization of natural selection, which was then applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of human beings, which then drove the history of warfare, wherein successful warfare became based on becoming as deceitful and treacherous as possible. Then that became the basis of political economy wherein financial success was built upon being able to enforce frauds, which exponentially advancing technologies enabled to become exponentially more fraudulent.

The psychotic breakdowns of biased "climate science" are more of the tiny tips of the overall series of the psychotic breakdowns of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, due to the underlying issues that being able to enforce frauds never stops those from still being fraudulent, but rather, the more successfully that frauds can be enforced, then the more psychotic society as a whole becomes. In the post-modernizing context of globalized electronic "money" frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic weapons, Civilization as whole has become more psychotic and criminally insane than can be completely comprehended, while nobody can fully imagine the consequences of astronomically amplifying the abilities to back up Huge Lies with Lots Of Violence, since those Huge Lies are becoming more and more FALSE, at about an exponential rate.

After life exists, then the death controls direct the evolution of that life. That includes human ecology, the same as all other ecologies. Therefore, in order to have any better public debates regarding the relationships between human beings and their environment necessarily has the central core issue the death control systems, which have the murder systems as their most extreme forms. However, the human murder systems NECESSARILY developed according to the principles and methods of organized crime.

Warfare was organized crime on larger and larger scales, with militarism as the ideology of those murder systems, which developed extremely paradoxical sets of consistent contradictions, due to the most successful murder systems becoming those which were able to be the most dishonest about themselves. Thousands of years of that history of Neolithic Civilization developed through the previous few Centuries to become Globalized Neolithic Civilization dominated by the international bankers. The vicious spirals of the funding of the political processes enabled the profits from frauds to be reinvested in more frauds, which feedback loops have become greater and greater, at about an exponential rate. At the present time, Globalized Neolithic Civilization has become about 99% dominated by enforced frauds, which is the context inside which any so-called public "debates" regarding environmental issues takes place.

Humans blamed for climate change, by definition, is the relationship between natural selection and artificial selection, which is actually how artificial selection systems operate INSIDE natural selection systems. However, since human history has been driven by natural selection systems to develop artificial selection systems which have become as dishonest as was previously possible, and which therefore are endeavouring to keep those artificial selection systems going as exponentially increasing dishonesties, it is politically impossible to have any relatively rational public debates regarding the degrees to which human activities may be changing the climate, and even less possible to have any intelligible public debates about how to rationally respond to the conclusions.

The only realistic resolutions of the real problems would be to change the death controls that back up the debt controls, which are directing human activities. However, at the present time, it is politically impossible for the vast majority of people to face the facts regarding the combined murder/money systems, since the most socially successful manifestations of those systems have become the most deceitful and fraudulent.

While there is no doubt that there are some genuine science, and some valid scientific methods, it is politically impossible to apply those to anything regarding human beings and Civilization, due to the long history of successful warfare and economics based on deceits and frauds. Inside that overall context, it becomes quite hyper-complicated to attempt to sift through the layer after layer of biased distortions regarding climate "science" (which itself is inherently a hyper-complicated subject matter), to attempt to arrive as some better conclusions regarding what is really happening, and the degree to which human activities are really impacting upon what is really happening.

My current views are that greenhouse gas mechanisms are REAL, and REALLY SERIOUS, but that those are now being relatively cancelled out by the combined changes in the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth. However, while that may well transpire for several decades, those greenhouse gas mechanisms could return with a vengeance after those natural spirals spun through ...

Meanwhile, it is even more my current conclusion that the "Truth" regarding climate science is not going to be able to overcome the degree to which Civilization is almost totally dominated by Huge Lies, which are still automatically getting BIGGER ... After all, in order to actually adapt to whatever changes in the climate actually happen, more than anything else that will demand and drive changes in the death control systems.

It is NOT possible to have a more scientific society, unless it was possible to have more scientific death controls. However, throughout human history, Neolithic Civilization developed according to its supreme ideology, which was militarism, which then was what supported the development of the political economy of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, wherein the murder systems operate through the maximum possible deceits, in order to back up money systems based on the maximum possible frauds.

While it is theoretically possible to develop some better understandings of human beings and Civilization as manifestations of general energy systems, which are integrated into the surrounding environmental energy systems, doing so in any publicly significant ways would require enough people better understand the principles and methods of organized crime. At the present time, Civilization is publicly presented through uses of the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories, which have become the banksters' bullshit-based social stories. In those ways, everything that Civilization is actually doing has become based on deliberately ignoring the principle of the conservation of energy, as well as misunderstanding the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways, because that was necessary for Civilization to successfully continue to be based on enforcing frauds, such as how the public "money" supplies could be created out of nothing as debts by private banks, while public governments would enforce those frauds, since the public schools and mass media had been brainwashing the vast majority of people to believe in bullshit for generation after generation, so that enough of the masses of muppets would vote for political puppets, whose strings were pulled by the funding of the political processes, within the overall context whereby the international banksters were able to control the public "money" supplies.

Since there is now almost nothing but the central core of triumphant organized crime (bankster dominated governments), surrounded by layers of controlled "opposition" groups, which stay within the same frames of reference based upon deliberately ignoring and misunderstand the laws of nature as much as possible, whenever those attempt to be applied to human beings and Civilzation, there are NO relatively rational public debates regarding environmental issues.

The only connections between human laws and natural laws are the abilities to back up lies with violence. However, doing that has developed for thousands of years, to be publicly discussed through the use of the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals. Therefore, all of the "solutions" to problems, as presented by either those closer to the core of triumphant organized crime, or as presented by those further out in the layers of controlled "opposition" to that core, are always presented in ways which continue to be based upon taking for granted deliberately ignoring and/or misunderstanding human beings and Civilization in the most absurdly backward ways possible.

Of course, I REPEAT, that is intelligible, due to the ways that the most socially successful murder systems developed to direct Civilization to become as dishonest about Itself as possible, while the existing systems based upon being able to enforce frauds were operated by people who were the best available professional liars and immaculate hypocrites. Anyone who does NOT admit and address the facts regarding the combined murder/systems is a professional hypocrite. However, all of the most socially successful people have become so by becoming the best professional hypocrites that they could become.

The vicious spirals of the funding of the political processes have also permeated the funding of the scientific enterprises. Therefore, those "scientists" who were advancing the agenda of the biggest and best organized gangs of criminals, which already dominated Civilization, were those who were most approved of and funded by the established systems. Of course, that applied to climate "science." Therefore, the actual science regarding climate is far from "settled." Rather, climate science is as unsettled as the underlying issues regarding the combined murder/money systems are unsettled, due to those becoming based upon maximizing their deceitful and fraudulent functions.

What has actually been happening is the Grand Canyon Chasms between progress in physical science, WITHOUT progress in political science getting WIDER. In order to perhaps bridge those Chasms would take series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in political science in general, which applied to the combined murder/money systems in particular. However, for the foreseeable future, that continues to be politically impossible, since doing so would require using more UNITARY MECHANISMS, rather than the old-fashioned DUALITIES, such that it became possible for enough people to understand the principles and methods of organized crime, in order that they could understand how and why governments became the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangs of criminals. Furthermore, the consequences of going through those paradigm shifts tends to reverse the perception of all the various impossible ideals, which were originally developed by the central core of triumphant organized crime (now bankster dominated governments), as well as which are mostly parroted by the various controlled "opposition" groups.

It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which Civilization operates through taking for granted the biggest bullies' bullshit world views, which have INVERTED the public perception of everything, such that the various publicly proposed and promoted "solutions" to real problems are almost always based upon impossible ideals. Indeed, it is barely possible to express using the English language the degree to which Civilization has developed to publicly perceive everything in the most absurdly backward ways possible, such that the bogus "solutions" to problems tend to always backfire badly, and cause the opposite to happen in the real world, due to the attempts to actualize impossible ideals, which are based on taking for granted perceiving everything in the most absurdly backward ways possible. OF COURSE, those INVERSIONS are found throughout the bogus "solutions" which are most publicly proposed and promoted regarding the threat of climate changes, and how Civilization should adapt to those threats.

Of course, that manifests most significantly through the ways that the public "money" supplies are created out of nothing as debts, which is actually negative capital, which has annihilated free market capitalism, which is the system that most closely corresponds to human beings and Civilization living as toroidal vortices, engaged in entropic pumping of environmental energy flows. However, the publicly promoted theories regarding free market capitalism tended to disregard the ultimate free market, which was the free market in murder. Therefore, the alleged systems which were supposed to be based on free market capitalism were NOT able to prevent themselves being almost totally taken over by murder systems which backed up frauds, which were symbolic robberies.

It was the history of warfare which enabled political economy to become based on enforcing frauds, and therefore, for the public "money" supplies to end up being apparently created out of nothing, in ways which require people who adapt to successfully living inside those systems to deliberately ignore the principle of the conservation of energy, as well as misunderstand the concept of entropy in absurdly backward ways. Human beings have developed Civilization actually based upon the ways that they live as reproducing gangs of robbers, through developing public languages and philosophy of science which misrepresent themselves doing so as much as is humanly possible to do.

While progress in physical science, mostly enabled by series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in mathematical physics, has enabled technologies to advance at about an exponential rate, through the series of industrial revolutions, such that phenomena like globalized electronic communication, along with various weapons of mass destruction, compounded to become trillions of times more capable and powerful than ever before in human history, THERE HAS BEEN NO GENUINE PROGRESS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE, EXCEPT TO THE DEGREES THAT THOSE TECHNOLOGIES WERE APPLIED TO GET BETTER AT ENFORCING BIGGER FRAUDS.

Globalized Neolithic Civilization is destroying its own natural environment, while it currently appears to be politically impossible to do anything effective to either prevent or prepare for that happening, because of the ways that natural selection pressures have driven artificial selection systems to become most socially successful by becoming maximizing dishonesties, which manifest as sets of consistent contradictions, due to those becoming driven by natural laws in ways which deliberately ignored and misunderstood those natural laws as much as was humanly possible, in order to operate the existing combined murder/money systems in the most socially successful ways, because of the imperatives to become as deceitful and fraudulent as possible, which includes concealing doing that as much as possible, mostly by burying that deeper and deeper under layer after layer of bullshit (such that what many people mistakenly regard as "realities" are merely fossilized layers of bullshit.)

The article above stated views that I AGREED with, namely that:

The “science” promoted by the grotesque (in many ways) hypocrites who attend Davos, is generally being used to enrich themselves and their globalist elitist comrades. They could care less about climate change. But how they have gotten most scientists, universities, MSM, SJWs, and mainstream politicians in all countries to join in is beyond me.

My comments above were directed towards attempts to understand the deeper reasons regarding why the author of that article would say that doing so was "beyond me." Indeed, for several decades, I have been attempting to better understand how and why Globalized Neolithic Civilization was manifesting runaway criminal insanities, which were enforcing frauds, which were becoming exponentially more fraudulent. In my view, the tragic trajectory "we" are on are for more and more people to perceive the accumulating apparent anomalies due to exponentially increasing dishonesties, while there are NOT enough profound paradigm shifts made in order to change how those problems are publicly perceived.

Despite that prodigious progress in mathematical physics has actually occurred, as proven by the technologies which worked on that basis, practically none of that has been allowed to happen to political science, which continues to be a worse and worse oxymoron, in similar ways that scientific dictatorship has become an oxymoron, whereby Civilization based upon enforcing frauds is able and willing to apply science to become better at enforcing bigger frauds, but is NOT able and willing to become genuinely more scientific about Itself.

While so-called climate "science" has ended up riddled with fraudulence, and yet that fraudulence is presented by the mainstream media and politicians as NOT being fraudulent, that insight barely scratches the surface of the degree to which Globalized Neolithic Civilization has overall become astronomically amplified fraudulence. Actually, even the special theory of relativity, and quantum mechanics (which made atomic weapons and globalized electronic communications possible), are themselves only more tiny tips of the immense iceberg of possible profound paradigm shifts, which could and should be applied to political science.

Post-modernizing science has been re-converging with ancient mysticism. However, so far, that continues to be publicly presented in the most minimal, and still absurdly backward ways. Neolithic Civilization based upon being able to back up lies with violence has INVERTED, and so, utterly perverted, the public perceptions of everything. Genuine solutions to actual problems are theoretically possible, but continue to be politically impossible for the foreseeable future of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, since doing so would require enough human beings going through sufficiently profound paradigm shifts in the ways that they perceive themselves. Relatively speaking, the paradigm shifts required in political science, in order for Civilization to better understand the ways that artificial selection systems operate inside natural selection systems, are orders of magnitude more difficult to achieve than any previous paradigm shifts during the history of science.

Thomas Kuhn's book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, is exceedingly relevant to consider in the context of the politics which surrounds the threats expressed through the issues regarding the degree to which it may be validly done by "us" humans blamed for climate change. My efforts to do that have ended up making me feel like a dog chasing its own tail, due to discovering layer after layer of fraudulent "science" and the fraudulent political programs based upon, and/or driving that kind of fraudulent "science," while I was attempting to winnow out whatever might be the still valid and genuine science, within all that chafe of the surrounding fraudulent "science." Certainly, from the point of view of the public presentations of those issues by the mainstream mass media, the fraudulent "science" is overwhelmingly dominate, due to the overall ways that Globalized Neolithic Civilization is generally dominated in every possible way by enforced frauds ...

However, that overwhelming dominance of the mainstream mass media, along with the masses of muppets influenced to support the political puppets, appears to be somewhat breaking down, due to the degree to which the accumulations of apparent anomalies are becoming more painfully obvious. In that context, I continue to complain that most of those who notice the anomalies due to about exponentially increasing dishonesties still tend to NOT be willing and able to go through more profound paradigm shifts.

In the context of Zero Hedge content, I continue to regard that problem as manifesting in ways that cynicism is pushed to the point of stupidity. The degree to which there IS fraudulent climate "science" tends to rather routinely be over-generalized and over-simplified by those who discover that to have been the case. Almost never is there presented better analyses of the degree to which climate science is necessarily hyper-complicated, as well as made even more so by the hyper-complicated ways in which Civilization operated through thousands of years of feedback loops based upon being able to enforce frauds.

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Deployment of cheap, clean energy has been suppressed by fraud and murder.


No more!



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Back in 1963 a group of global elites looked around and realized it was actually possible World Peace might become a reality. This scared the hell out of them, because mostly their ill-gotten gains had come from providing weapons of war.

They met together in Iron Mountain, New York, and invited some of the best academic minds they could find. These Thinkers were asked the question: "What happens if peace breaks out?"

The Thinkers were agreed:  Without threat of large scale war, Earth's people would realize they have no use for Big Government and the tyranny that comes with it.

"Something must be done," said the Elite, "to maintain the illusion of the need for Big Government."  The question was posed, "What can we do?"

The Thinkers put their heads together and concluded Big Government could only be saved by replacing war with something that had the "moral equivalent" of war. A problem so big it could only be solved by Big Government and, even then, only by a lengthy ongoing process. A prospective list was made:

* War on Poverty, Space Research, Convincing the public we were being invaded by extra-terrestrial aliens, were among the ideas on the list.

Every item on the list was deemed insufficient or unworkable for various reasons, except one: 

"It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species. Poisoning of the air, and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power. But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation- and-a-half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution."

Thus were the seeds sewn for the Climate Change movement, the Vast Propaganda behind it, and the Carbon Tax infrastructure which will cement the idea forever in place.

The article by Larry Abraham (1990) which explains this in greater detail, is here: http://lawfulpath.com/ref/greening.shtml

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These elites are not thinkers, they are retards.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) PrivetHedge Feb 26, 2017 4:45 PM

I think they prefer to spell it "retart".

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Keep it simple stupid. There are facts no one can argue. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, and if you believe in gravity you should be convinced that a container with increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere is going to get hotter.

NASA has provided some guidance for the ignorant and useful idiots.


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Here on Zero Hedge they will argue anyway

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But NASA hasn't provided any 'guidance' for all the data pointing to a new ice age.... yes, melting ice shelves.. but couldn't that be due to all those underwater volcanoes they keep finding down there and all over the world? Yes, that's a different department and western science isn't supposed to share their findings... yes, I understand... even though the same science says the ice sheets over the land masses keeps increasing.. but we don't want to talk about such 'inconvenient facts' do we? No Nobel Prize for the truth, only the liars.... oh, and how about previous data showing that only 1 out of the last 5(or was it 6?) interglacials ended within our current timeframe? Sound familar? same type of data points to a simple fact that all fiat money systems collapse within a rather specific timeframe as well..... see? these patterns are all over the world in everything you see, feel and touch... the data is all there if you are willing to look, and NASA isn't... they've proven that over and over again.... Oh, I should say that they are willing to share with their 'friends' in the club, but not with the public, the herd... which they've been prepping for sacrifice.... same as all those movies... the public won't find out what's going on until they can see it in the skies... dark star crossing, later the comets et al...

Hot/cold data has been setup to fake the results, same as with most of our economic data,... same type of people involved... so you can see the same results everywhere they hold power... which is most everywhere here in Purgatory.

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It doesn't matter if climate change or whatever is real. We are polluting the living shit out of this planet, that is real, and the solution to both problems is the same: green energy. No green energy isn't perfect, but it is a fuck of a lot better than what we have now.

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Actually it does matter.... as recognizing when we are being BS'd is more important, as the tech is already known and available to clean this mess up and prevent any further damage, but it isn't allowed into the market, same with gas mileage etc... all the tech is there, but the will of the masses is ignored, the research destroyed or taken behind the curtain here in Oz.... the real test is recognizing WTF is going on.... one step at a time, and this is where we are today, one imperfect messenger after the next... all pointing to the same thing... the truth, hidden and exposed, and the PTB don't want it exposed, as it exposing all of their BS, all of their controls, manipulation, 'divide and conquer' in all of its forms... be it global warming farce or all the other fake sciences that promote one vaccine after the other, one bad analysis after the other.

So-called 'green' energy isn't so 'green' to start with, and still dependent upon the old caveman fuels leaking in and out of the earth. The PTB already have much more advanced tech to power things.... but again, the knowledge isn't shared so that they can maintain control of the herd. There's a much, much bigger 'game' going on here, and Global warming/now climate change is but one part of the puzzle.... and it points to the same process of change in the climate of the earth and the climate of our human civilization.... one reflects the other... the chaos is not just in our political fields, but in our science fields, mostly those parts hidden from the general public... such as the real climate change... Mother Nature approaching... affecting the sun's radiance/output...affecting the planets.... attracting agents, etc.

What we have in our public market is caveman fuels.... meant to keep the herd in its place... the real solution is breaking the chains that bind, and those are in the mind... seeing the BS presented to us all of our lives... our parents lives etc, etc.... like a zit rising to the surface.... it's gonna get ugly... but that's just part of the process of 'waking up'... even some science fields have had reports of this climate change in recent weeks, months... how it affected past civlizations, same as ours is being affected now... same pattern repeating itself... in cyclical fashion.... 'something wicked this way comes'... as it always does in its regular cycle.... this latest BS show is just another part of it.... as civilizations come and go, come and go... .and ours is going, going until it's soon gone.

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Agreed: Nuclear and depleted uranium render any climate issue completely irrelevant.

We have a dead Pacific Ocean since Fukushima, no amount of cycling and refusing to buy SUVs is going to cure that.

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http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf  Owning the Weather by 2025

HAARP in Alaska is in the current process of an ionospheric test (easy search) going to excite some electricity in the atmosphere?

In the last nine days; either a rocket w/payload or military missle has been launched daily around the globe.  What impact does that have on the atmosphere?

https://earth.nullschool.net/  this is cool tech...but its truth is frightening when cross-checked with NOAA satelitte images providing the visible fact that geoengineering is being conducted.

Now please tell me how cow farts matter in their Climate Hoax...maybe if our atmosphere was given healing time by the 1% climate fraud schemes, the planet would recoup naturally.  But check out the Georgia Guidestones (easy search, Bill Gates, Ted Turner & ZH's Safely Grazing admitted eugenics plan sponsers/proponents, written in 8 languages) and you'll see behind the climate ponzi scheme curtain...spoiler alert - Not Good for Humanity!



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According to FBI anon, global warming is real, but not man made. Something about tectonic plates shifting and CO2 being released from the earth's mantle.

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There is no warming.

There is also no way to tell if anything we do has any effect due to the variability of the clouds.

mrdenis's picture

A new study produced by a University of Wisconsin-Madison geoscientist and a Northwestern astrophysicist presents an explanation of the fluctuations pf the earth's temperatures that global warming alarmists are going to bury. ...http://news.wisc.edu/from-rocks-in-colorado-evidence-of-a-chaotic-solar-...

Hannibal's picture

“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think."---George Bernard Shaw


Ace006's picture

That was the guy who was all in for socialism and who thought that workers who don't pull their weight in the glorious socialist paradise could be executed. In a "kindly" fashion, of course.

northern vigor's picture

GBS called himself a "progressive". After I saw that film of him speaking about death panels, I determined progs were evil.

tommmyT's picture

These people don't care about the environment.  The environment is just another issue used to control people.   I believe talk is cheap and actions are telling.   

1.  These people opppose fracking which has produce clean natural gas.

2.  These people oppose nuclear power.

3. Anywhere the Left protest they leave a big mess.

4. Look at the pipeline protest.   They hualed away tons of garbage.  The encampment of the protesters was an environmental hazard.

5. They support unfetttered immigration into the Western World.   

6. Look at the lifestyes of their Leaders.  Most of them fly in private jets and have multiple homes.  

You will know them by their fruits.  Nobody takes these people seriously anymore.

Peon14's picture

Nuclear power is not clean just look at Fukushima.  Oh, I forgot we are not suppose to bring up Fukushima.  However overall your right.


Trader Scott's picture

Yeah TT but you should read some of the crap these morons have sent to me. They need their B12 shots ASAP.

Ledlak's picture

www.co2science.org has good, scientific research on benefits of CO2

Kat Daddy's picture

Global Warming created by Rockefellers "Club of Rome" at Bellagio on lovely Lake Cuomo.



nashville2's picture

Climate change is useful to find out which of your family/friends is a fool when you were hoping they were not. The garbage on the ocean floors is a reality the criminals behind this bullshit have no interest in addressing.

tommmyT's picture

Wow,  I am a criminal becuase I don't believe what you believe.  And you guys accuse people of being fascist.

Peon14's picture

I believe you have poor reading skills and like calling people fascists.

tommmyT's picture

There are 4 questions that need to be discussed when it comes to climate change:

1. Does it exist?

2. Is it manamade?

3. What is the impact?

4. WHat do we do about it?

Even if you believe the first 2 questions are settled, the last 2 questions are definitely up for debate.  Even if you believe it is happening, you can't legislate this away with regulations.  Many people of good will disagree with government solutions.  The policies you support will keep third world people in poverty and reduce the standard of living for many people in the Western world.   We do have a say in this.   

tommmyT's picture

Obama's annual vacation to Hawaii probably had a carbon footprint equivalent to the annual footprint of a small city.   I will believe in Climate Change when the people touting climate change start acting that way.   It is obvious climate change is more about controlling YOUR carbon footprint. If everybody who tells me they believe in Climate Change would start acting that way, we probably wouldn't need a carbon tax.  This is what is great about living in a free country.  You can follow your beliefs and try to PERSUADE people to do the same.  

CO2isLife's picture

If the SEC ever looked into the practices of the climate "scientists" they would all be wearing striped shirts. The only reason climate "science" has gotten as far as it has is because no one has ever actually looked behind the curtain. Once they did, the fraud would be obvious. Simply download the CO2 and temperature data for the past 60 years (when CO2 measurements began) and run a regression. The R-Squared is basically non-existant. The relationship doesn't exist. The following links go into greater detail.


Climate “Science” on Trial; The Criminal Case Against the Alarmists


How to Discuss Global Warming with a “Climate Alarmist.” Scientific Talking Points to Win the Debate.


Climate “Science” on Trial; Cherry Picking Locations to Manufacture Warming


Trader Scott's picture

Hey I replied to you at the current website - I might link to you at my new site. Good stuff.


tommmyT's picture

If these people really believed in Climate Change and wanted to save the planet they would be supporting Trump's immigration policies.   For years we have been told how citizens of the US use the most energy and produce the biggest climate impact.   Restricting immigration and getting rid of 10-30 million illegal aliens would have more of an impact on the climate than any paultry carbon tax.  As with most issues Liberals support, it is not about actually doing something about the issue, but it is just another means of control.   Look at how California is threatening to use environmental regulations to block the wall.   Any TRUE environmentalist would be appalled at using regulations for political purposes.

Lumberjack's picture

Something big is a cookin ;). Stay tuned and get yer 'shorts' ready.

ElTerco's picture

Google: "do alaskans believe in global warming"

Even Sarah Palin believes in global warming. She just doesn't necessarily believe it is man-made.

Sorry... it's not religion, it's fact. Invest in a trip to Alaska, and ask a random sample of people (the longer they have lived there, the better), if they have seen any evidence of warming in Alaska. I can't help you if it is your religion to ignore what the vast majority of Alaskans will tell you.

BTW roughly 2/3 of Alaskans historically vote Republican, roughly 1/3 Democrat, and every single one of them depend on oil revenue for a good chunk of yearly income; so if you tell me they are just a bunch of libtards, you are not only delusional, but also an idiot.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Even Sarah Palin believes in global warming. She just doesn't necessarily believe it is man-made.

Sorry... it's not religion, it's fact. "

Excuse, me what is fact? What Sarah Palin believes?( not that I understand why I should care what she believes) or that global warming exists? or that global warming exists and it is man made? 

Such assertions can rarely be attributed to as "fact" because they are inferences. Inference from historical data and modeling. 

However, it is well known in the science of inference that causality is a very difficult matter. When you add that tiny little difficulty, try to incorporate the "fact" that Climate Scientists have invested almost no energy into the "science of inference"  

It could be done, but for the last 25 years they have not found it to be relevant. As a consequence, it is very difficult for me to take their assertions as "fact". Its a shame actually, because my gut tells me that we should change many things in the energy landscape, such as reducing fossil fuel usage, nuclear fuel, and increasing solar, but these lies dont help.


Finally, your comment

". I can't help you if it is your religion to ignore what the vast majority of Alaskans will tell you."

What do Alaskans know about making such inferences that the rest of us dont know? What type of scientific reasoning are you using here? It is not one that I have ever seen before, except during the dark ages.

ElTerco's picture

"Excuse, me what is fact?"

It's fact that there has been a consistent warming trend over the last 40 to 60 years, irrespective of what is causing it. What really, really bugs me in the discussion about climate change is that the people who say there "isn't any" vehemently deny the warming trend even exists. The Alaskans know better.

PrivetHedge's picture

Alaska needs to believe in radiation poisoning - since Fukushima the number of Polar Bears and Seals with lesions and fur loss is alarming.

Google That.

tommmyT's picture

45% of all Americans believe astrology is scientific.  What's you point?   Should we start creating policy based on our horoscope.  Belief is not science.  

ElTerco's picture

I'm not talking about belief. I'm talking about physical evidence.