Despite Arrest Of Top Advisor And Bodyguard, New Poll Shows Le Pen Is Mightier Than Les Globalists

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French authorities have made yet another monumental error in judgment after arresting Marine Le Pen's chief of staff and bodyguard for questioning over alleged misuse of public funds to pay parliamentary assistants - the equivalent of a jaywalking ticket in terms of public opinion. By making le mountain out of le molehill, this latest debacle by French authorities is the most recent in a long list of backfired attempts to delegitimize the National Front candidate - including the refusal of French banks to lend money to Le Pen's campaign, and the MSM's ongoing hit-jobs (calling Le Pen "far-right" and "extreme" on a regular basis, for example).

These tactics seem to be working about as well as they did with Trump. Keep it up French establishment - you've effectively solidified Le Pen's underdog status. In case you hadn't noticed, your country is being burned to the ground by foreign invaders as France becomes one giant no-go zone. Instead of addressing the problem, you've doubled down on multiculturalism by continuing to welcome a hoard of migrants - 70% of which are "men of fighting age." 

Coincidentally, the latest French election poll has Le Pen ahead...

With her promise to return france to Economic sovereignty, it goes without saying that if Le Pen is elected in May, the European Union will be living on borrowed time. Frexit will happen and the ECB backstop will dissolve - considering Germany and France are it's largest contributors. Italy's solvency is #FakeNews with it's 133% debt/gdp ratio, and the rest of the PIIGS are vulnerable to the big bad wolf of defaults. I wonder if Italy's recent legislation of "extraordinary and temporary state support" of their largest bank was a canary in the coal mine of ECB death? The fact that Germany is pissed about it may be a clue.

What then? Euro hyperinflation as confidence erodes, or a Euro split to try and avoid it? A reversion to individual currencies as the entire EU experiment fails? The Netherlands is already considering dumping the at-risk currency. If any of these scenarios start to pan out, scared money will undoubtedly flock to the usual suspects; US Treasuries and other "safe" sovereign bonds, Dollars, precious metals, US real estate, and other safe havens. I'm sure you've been missing a little volatility in your life, right? 

Of course, the doom trade is never that simple, and most everyone got the Trump trade wrong. I'm sure the EU will find a way to cover up the carnage and pretend everything is fine, and we'll see Dow 30K before any of that happens - so keep partying until the music stops, but don't get caught without a chair (my most stupidest analogy to date).

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the euro will be a collectors item soon although if the eurozone just agreed to take care of the pigs welfare states the euro would be fine. not that it matters, the eurozone will become northern africa in a few years. it is the zionazis.

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Where's the Le Pen GO FUND ME?

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All politics are ... international???

Tip O'Neil said, never.  OTOH, Tip is dead.

slammin_dude's picture's awesome!

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EXCLUSIVE: White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes U.S. Senator Eavesdropped on Trump’s Classified Phone

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Hopefully the French will realize the globalist have an agenda to destroy the white Christian man and vote for the right person- Le Pen
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The wealthy know that money speaks to all religions, all ideologies, and all prejudices.

Globalist are pretty fearless.

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I think it is fucking great the French communists are so fucking scared of her they are grasping at straws and pushing Obama.


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Methinks that the French banks could have a few more problems when Miss Le Penn gets to be Top Cat.

They could always accomodate the rapefugees in the many various buildings presently used by by the moochers and their accolytes in the EU Commision.

After all, when the whole fucking lot implodes (and not before time) NOBODY in the present scam will have a job or an office to go to.

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It helps to always remind; Islam is not a religion, it is a multilevel marketed war on all that is "good."

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How ironic, that describes Zionism to the very last letter. It is both in spirit and in practise exactly that; an evil satanic war on the rest of us. I have faith that good will prevail in the end though, just look at Russia as an example.

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PS, LePen you may borrow my sword. Good luck in the coming two months. Prayers are with you.

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France is and has without a doubt been under a ZOG for quite some time now. It is perhaps even more tightly controlled than America is at the governmental, political, financial, educational, commercial, cultural, security/intel agency and MSM levels. The French press is a Zionist press, the French courts are Zionist courts prescribing Zionist law, the French law enforcement establishment is a Zionist directed entity which oppresses its own ethnic and religious kind in service to Zionist masters.

Le Pen is a true patriot who needs the support of her fellow White Christian brothers in America, in Russia, in the UK, in the EU and in the rest of the Western World.

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Voters are NOT stupid, as recent events in UK and USA have proven.

This move will be formidably counterproductive.

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- "It was prompted by concerns the ECB's ultra-low interest rates are hurting Dutch savers, especially pensioners, and doubts as to whether its bond purchasing programmes are legal, he said."
- "While most Dutch voters say they favour retaining the euro, the eurosceptic far-right party of Geert Wilders is expected to book large gains though it is unlikely to win enough votes to form a government."
- "The problems with the euro have not been solved," Omtzigt said. "This is a way for us to look at ways forward with no taboos."

Pragmatic to look at how to exit the Euro in Netherlands, but nice to see they have other complaints about the Central Bank.

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Very appropriate use of the article "Les" BTW. Thanks.

Reminds of de Gualle whom must have been a Nationalist and a Conservative. Charles de gaulle would have cracked down on the Press and other Liberals as far as I can guess.

- Amazing that so many come out so openly to oppose Msr Trump and Mdm Le Pen
- We can guess who these group get their marching order from and how many lemmings are following
- So for LGBT & the Media, US Empire and Foreign Covert Actions at Regime change are just as valuable as $4 - $6 Trillion spend on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
- NPR/PRI no longer cares what they could have done with the War investments for social work
- We can talk about the Soft Coups going on for 50 years in USA, but France, Germany, Sweden, and Europe in General has also fallen to Soft Coups

21st Century the Century of Soft Coups in the West, to Empire, to Bailouts of Corporations, to the Rise of Transnationals that command Tax Payer Money

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CdG would never join NATO, built up Force de Frappe, ...

There's a place in the world for arrogant, independent pricks.

Come to think about it ...

- Ned

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Not being a conspiracy theory customer, due to lack of enough imagination,

There's some serious push back going on.

Generally, cockroaches don't come out in the light of day.

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Suddenly it is clear that the leadership of Europe are all hard core progressives that support Globalism and the structure of the EU

- EU as a Technocracy set up by Bankers and Elites (Oligarchs)
- So it is no coincidence that European Leadership are Globalists of the Georgii Soros ilk
- The enslavement of the Press and Leadership to Wealthy Capitalist, Bankers, Royals, Central Bank System... is Bizarre when you consider these powers were socialist and communists and the birth of these ideologies came out of France

It is a Bizarre, upside down world that only corruption/politics can explain.

"Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right, Here I am"

- The Paradigms of Left and Right, seems to be just the Left whether in Europe, USA or the Anglo World (Globalism sits on the Left as with Socialism, Communism, Fascism)

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Yeah, I don't like to generalize. There are tough people in Europe too. Netherlands is Conservative. I see lots of tradition and rules in Europe.

People have screwed with me in Europe.

Ran into Neonazis in train station before and had one guy come back to think about fucking with me.

kind of pisses me off. Like this video

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"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..."  I always thought that should have been Trump's campaign song.

East Indian's picture

technocracy? Ain't no technocracy, it is the old style feudalism, what used to be there before 1789.

TeethVillage88s's picture

To define it as old style feudalism... is to possibly fail to inform yourself of EU style Government, Corruption, Money Trust, Power, Central Banking, and Globalism.

But sure it could be we are heading to neofeudalism.

Fascism seems like a good fit for crony capitalism as well. Plutocracy, Corporatism, Zaibatsu, Keretsu.

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@Arnold, that's what that conservative black sheriff Clark said awhile back. he said it's going to be a street fight every day for a while for Trump and he has to realize that and fight back and fight tough.

I'm guessing the same in Europe. The unelected leaders in brussells want so badly to destroy Europe with massive islamic rapefugees but some of the red-blooded citizens are fighting back.