CIA Funded Google and Facebook Shouldn't Persecute Alex Jones and

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Via The Daily Bell

Google isn't a state. It's not a service. It's a private company. They can censor whatever they want. Use a different company. If they want to cut off 1000's of people from their services, that's fine. They are free to do so ... This is capitalism, Google isn't a right. Facebook and Twitter are not free speech. They are private companies. - 4Chan

Google really isn't a private company. If it continues to attack alternative media like Alex Jones and, it may find lawsuits headed in its direction. The same may go for Facebook too.


By portraying itself as a private company, Google can do as it chooses, when attacking companies that don't live up to its standards from an advertising point of view.


It can help cut off companies that don't properly advertise according to the Google rule book. The rule book is general and vague. But Google is supposedly a private company so it really doesn't matter. Google can do pretty much as it wants. And so can Facebook.


Yet there is plenty to rebut this perspective. The best or most comprehensive article on Google along with the CIA and Pentagon is an Insurge Intelligence article entitled, How the CIA Made Google.


It shows that one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin virtually reported to the Pentagon/ CIA while developing the project that would eventually become Google. Interestingly, later in the article, people close to the CIA and Pentagon are quoted as denying a close relationship. So obviously there is a good deal of sensitivity around the topic.


When it comes to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was funded indirectly by the CIA via Peter Thiel. Thiel is a cofounder of PayPal with Elon Musk of Tesla fame.


Thiel invested $500,000 into Facebook but supposedly this was a CIA investment. Thiel is very close to the CIA. His company Palanitir, supposedly worth some $20 billion, runs secret algorithms for the CIA and other intel agencies. It was just the subject of a Daily Mail story  here. Thiel is supposedly a libertarian but we don't see how he can be.


Later, Thiel invested 12.7 million in Facebook. Companies that owe their existence and direction to public intelligence agencies are not private. They ought not to be run as they were.


Facebook has not yet launched an overwhelming assault on Alex Jones or Natural.News but with its determination to root out "fake" news it will surely be part of a large attack at some point. Google has not made a special attack on Alex Jones but it too is headed in that direction.


There are even large issues surrounding Facebook and Google and their determination to harass firms in alternative news community. Like all large companies, they have taken advantage of intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, central banking and regulations - the more the better.


Regulations are helpful to large companies because large companies can follow them more closely than smaller ones. Over time, regulations can put smaller companies out of business. Meanwhile, Central bank fiat money is available in copious quantities to large companies like Facebook and Google.


Corporate personhood blames the company rather than the executive for problems. Thus in the case of any difficulties the company can receive a fine, but the corporate executive may escape untouched.


Intellectual property rights are the final and perhaps most important area when it comes to court decisions that have artificially expanded the might and size of corporations. Both Google and Facebook are built on intellectual property rights paid for by others.


Intellectual property rights expanded drastically post civil war. Before the war there were very few corporations but after the war, the Supreme Court handed down decisions that buttressed both corporate personhood and intellectual property rights.


More recently the Court has attacked intellectual property rights, but the basics remain pretty much untouched. Inventors are given a right to "own" their products for a long fixed period of time. This is fundamental to the wealth creation of Google and Facebook.


It shouldn't be this way. Just because you have invented something doesn't mean you own it for 20 or 30 years. Or if you do own it, you should protect it with your own money, not with taxpayer dollars.


Additionally, if something is not produced but is an idea, that idea is shared immediately on publication. That's our perspective anyway. There's no reason why the Supreme Court should protect an idea. If someone else uses the idea, he has not directly damaged you. The idea has been made available.


Without various investments and relationships, and most importantly without intellectual property rights, corporate personhood, central banking and regulations, both Google and Facebook would be a shadow of what they are now. There would be many more such companies and a good deal more progress would have been made as well.


Conclusion: Corporations are fictitious entities created basically by Supreme Court decisions. They shouldn't exist as they do, and one day perhaps they won't.




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Farqued Up's picture

I am an idiot and pissed that I dont know how to retrieve YouTube presentation of SILVER THE ANTIDOTE and its narrative about the origins of the financial system, and I mean the whole system. It's included in the ones with Jim Willie's excellent interviews of this month. It is a wealth of info about everything needing tying together, Khazarian Mafia, Dragons Societies, Fed, and most of all the SCOTUS and the Bush clan. It makes the claim that Bush and John Roberts, with help from 3 more Justices, stole the $9 TRILLION. It is over an hour presentation but that option can be found between the 9-15 min mark. Infuckingcredible. It really does a great job of walking us through the 1871 switcheroo of the Constitutional USA for this corporate thieving POS USA that we have now.

Don't miss this, sorry I can't link it but one of you ZHers can. I will give 2 to 1 that 1 of the 3 other Justice conspirators is none other than the wormy little Trotskyite, the Prune. Please link this, it's that important. Thanks.

This article above is not really logical and could be a Gov troll. I dismiss it, not worth the worry, I ride with AJ until his wheels fall off, you should too.

SixIsNinE's picture

and if you'd like to save it to your disc - is wonderful for that purpose.


The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

Agree regards to corporations who get virtually unlimited protection for shareholders and executives for next to no cost.  They should be forced, not by any  government, but by market forces, to purchase that protection.  In a world of unlimited liability for owners and executives they would be forced to purchase the coverage through third party insurers and/or maintain far greater amounts of capital in the business.

I disagree on intellectual property, though I may agree that the enforcement is far to broad and stifles innovation.

CO2isLife's picture

If anyone should be prosecuted, it should be the climate "scientists." That is where the true fraud lies.

Climate “Science” on Trial; The Criminal Case Against the Alarmists

Climate “Science” on Trial; Clear-Cutting Forests to Save the Trees

Hannibal's picture

“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think."---George Bernard Shaw
“Vaccination is nothing short of attempted murder.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

SidSays's picture


Couldn't be...

"Conspiracy Theorists"...

The Secret History of Silicon Valley, ironically a Google Tech talk.

Reminds me of Abbey Road...  

Nothing new under the sun.


AlbertthePudding's picture

So haven't you ever wondered how these companies came from nowehere out of nothing and managed to secure amazing funding and then grew to leviathan size in a short period of time, just like GS4 and Serco KBR etc..They are surely all part of the deep state funded by 'funny money' deep state dollars and now they have been forced to show their hand. Eventually even the slowest of players works out that you are dealing from the bottom of the deck. So some time this year will be the google/facebook/linkedin backlash and that will be interesting.

My suggestion is for Jones and tweet more and post less unless its on your own blog or website.

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THe jews went after alex jones because he did two things recently, he hosted david duke, who tells the story of jews, and he made a crucial save of - - website by filling in a gap that was being used to try and shut down.  jimstone is the last investigative journalist with real deep storiies on line. 


joeyman9's picture

Jones slammed Duke in the interview again and again.  Jones said, this obsession with Jews as the cause of everything neglects the role of all other nationalities and that the few doing the controlling are themselves very few people.  He also described Duke as completely different during the breaks, I think he used the term "wolf like."

WarPony's picture

Duke recanted on the whole "Ashkenazi-aren't-Jews" theory he used to support, so what Duke is isn't exactly clear.  And, don't you find it interesting that Wikipedia doesn't mention AJ's wife, children or religion?  His wife and her family are all Jews and she is big with the Jew-controlled PETA.  That some 20-year old could be allowed to sneak in a camera, much less be allowed into a Bohemian Grove ceremony defies all logic, but it did give him most of his up-front street cred.  People must not understand what "controlled opposition" means?  I have been aware of AJ for over 20 years and I'm telling you, the guy is not all right.  Definitely, he is a patriot for profit who expanded his issue base depending on what the militias were already discussing as given fact.  He was very unoriginal during his first decade, maybe not to newbies, but the old dogs found him a little late, like an echo chamber.  Because he was consistently protecting the Jews, we always considered him to be a Fed-sponsored pied piper.

One of the big tells is his old buddy John Stadtmiller who got all the fed's militia-posers on shortwave radio back in the early '90s.  Once Columbiana County Ohio Militia "won" (no one died like at Waco) the Montana Freeman standoff and proved they could call up militias nationwide, EveryOne wanted to steal that thunder, including Stadtmiller who moved his show to New Philadelphia, Ohio.  This was a typical fed poser move at the time, like Jimmy Johnson - Ray Southwell's sidekick - who for a time tried to claim he was the leader of the  Columbiana County Militia.  I'm not saying AJ isn't 80% spot on, just consider the other 20 when he says it's time move on the authorities.  Lastly, you have to understand what it takes to be heard, much less prosper in the "infowar" game when it's controlled by the tribe and TPTB.  Think about it, if he was legit and posed a real threat, he would have been compromised - it's what They do.

Reaper's picture

Gilbert & Sullivan paraphrased: Things aren't what they seem, government masquerades as free enterprise. Trust is an opiate hawked by government and Google.

dogismycopilot's picture

You are seeing a wave of censorship right now. Not just Alex Jones and Natural News, but Breitart and soon I think, ZH. 

People give Alex Jones shit, but I've been freebasing him straight for a few years now and I have no fucking idea how he keeps doing what he does without going psychotic. Sometimes I have to turn him off for weeks at a stretch. His batting average has been pretty fucking good the past 12 months. 

But AJ is going to fuck up the MSM. He has a good business model selling supplements and water filters. His supplements rock. I love waking up, going to the gym, and listening to his show for an hour while I work out. 

Remember how people used to make fun of Alex Jones for peddling water filters? They aren't fucking laughing at him in Flint, Michigan are they?

joeyman9's picture

I like the pro pur water filters the best.  Takes my horrible chemically tasting city water and turns it into pure spring water.  Removes all the horrible taste and the flouride and glychophate too.  You do have the clean the filters though, I recommend leaving them in place rather than taking them out as you are less likely to damage them that way.

dunroamin's picture

"if they want to cut off 1000's of people from their services, that's fine"

That's not fine. If a family-run bakery does not want to make a gay wedding cake, they get punished for it. Why are the rules different for google & FB?

missionshk's picture


I often maintain that Trump must Nationalize google and facebook, just like the snail mail...  because its become the infratructure of communications

JTimchenko's picture

What is the author of this article smoking? His opinions are not based upon rational observations of fact or deductions from those observations. For just one example, if Thiel is a front for the CIA, why would he have given millions in support to President Donald Trump, given that Obama's CIA director was so opposed to him? In short, this author is off-his-rocker. His reasoning is not based upon reality but upon a dreamworld of his own creation.

That having been said, Facebook, Google and Twitter etc. are NOT simply private companies free to discriminate in any way they want as claimed by the Daily Caller. In truth, they have monopoly level control and power over their respective sections of the new media. There is no legitimate alternative to Facebook and Twitter in social media, and no effective substitute for Google in search. These companies and others are run by politically correct people, who have been fully indoctrinated by ivory tower Marxists at our Universities, and are tied to the big banks on Wall Street. That is why they do the things they do.

LibertyVibe is correct. The anti-trust laws need to be enforced and, if I had my way, reinforced by stronger laws. These new media companies should not be allowed to discriminate against people based on disagreement with their views.

OCnStiggs's picture

Could be, the Deep State wanted a Republican at the wheel when the country went over the cliff. Nearly everyone who is paying attention on ZH agrees the elite have engineered every financial calimity since the Great Depression as an opportunity to vastly increase their wealth. Brennan was an muslim-convert operative of the Saudis who funded the Obama run, along with others who sought to crash the US, like Soros. The elites saw destabilization as a way to trip the US in a financial calmity they have been engineering since the 70's.

This I know with "absolute certainty": Google and Facebook were incorporated into the national intelligence gathering system over a decade ago. Period. Dot. It may have been under the guise of "national security" but we all know how information gets used. Just look at the leaks on Trump's calls to foreign heads of state that ended up secreted to the liberal media... Knowledge is POWER. And power is CONTROL. The CIA is operating for the benifit of the elites, not the US taxpayer.

We know the abandonment of the gold standard was a mechanism to enrich the "money lenders" by putting everyone into debt. I think this whole plan was engineered from the beginning to crash the USD and then put us back on a new gold standard the elites have created, AFTER the elites had bought up most of the boullion available. Why the constant manipulation of metals prices? They have not only made a bundle off manipulation, they have soured the metals market, running off small investors, thus lowering the price even more. That lets them buy in at even lower prices. These prices will not last much longer.

As Greenspan and others are hinting now, the return to a gold-backed currency is the only avenue we can take and still end up near the top of the heap. That announcement will be made after market close and gold will open $5000 higher -based on current apportionment of debt to the estimated supply of metals at Ft Knox.. IF there is any left. The less there is in Fed custody, the higher the price of gold as apportioned to the national debt.  And don't think China will complain. They have more gold than we do and that difference will likely erase the bad debt lost on their US Treasury debt that goes bad. And neither will any other nationality complain as long as they have some gold in their vaults.

See how this works?

This will be the biggest scam in human history, legally transferring more wealth into the hands of the elites in one single day than ever in history.


WarPony's picture

Re: AJ: “whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him” (Albert Pike).

Victory_Garden's picture

Evil knows no bounds...until is is bounded.

One can certainly bet that these injustices will not go unnoticed, or undreckoned with.

One day at a time..the truth shall endeavor to purcievier.

Little by little...inch by inch...the goodness in mankind shall overcome.

NSA and CIA is the enemy of the people:

Got seeds?

LibertyVibe's picture

The solution is so simple: Trump needs to enforce anti-trust laws, and remind these private companies that paybacks are a bitch.

LOL123's picture

It became crystal clear that google/alphebet inc. Is an instrument of the Government. When you as a so called private entity ( corporation seen as a person with separate rights through government regulations yet work in conjunction with the government it no longer is "separate"except on legal terms.Schmidt practically had a bed in the White House in the Obama administration and certainly his ear. A little to close for comfort to be considered a "private entity" unless you consider it contract hire. But interfering in election processes by programing only sites showing positive light to such a corrupt "entity " as the Clinton foundation and therfore the Clnton campaign is most certainly a breach of ethics if not some regulations. To prevent such "nepotism" in the work place, Jones needs to work on his own stuff and fight regulations which allow such endevours, not whine about censorship on a "fake" private company.... Kinda like the Federal Reserve as an " entity of the Government thing.



Peterman333's picture

Personally I use Ask Jeeves, a real hum dinger of a search engine.

BarkingCat's picture

did not Google buy them?  (after they changed their name to Ask).


I recall reading that Google bought up pretty much all the old guard search engines from the 1990s.



webmatex's picture

Berty Whooster would be proud.

Putins choice, good for film and tv streams too.


lakecity55's picture

Don't use FB or Googl.


AlbertthePudding's picture

So haven't you ever wondered how these companies came from nowehere out of nothing and managed to secure amazing funding and then grew to leviathan size in a short period of time, just like GS4 and Serco KBR etc..They are surely all part of the deep state funded by 'funny money' deep state dollars and now they have been forced to show their hand. Eventually even the slowest of players works out that you are dealing from the bottom of the deck. So some time this year will be the google/facebook/linkedin backlash and that will be interesting.

My suggestion is for Jones and tweet more and post less unless its on your own blog or website.

BarkingCat's picture

Google's  growth was in large part thanks to Yahoo.

Back in the 1990s, Yahoo was one of the biggest companies on the web.

They morphed from a search engine into a portal - a term that was quite common back then and meaning a web page that would be people's default web page and contained news headlines and links to most things people needed, including internet search.

When Yahoo went from search engine to portal, they decided to outsource the search to someone else.

At one point the engine behind their search results was Inktomi and later switched to Google.

I seriously doubt that without the revenue stream from the Yahoo contract that Google would be around today.

East Indian's picture

So true; I cracked my head for long, how some companies can grow from zero to infinity in a short while; then I found that after these companies reach a critical stage, a mysterious force appears, it acquires necessary patents and companies for them, sweeps away any potential competitors and voila! you have a giga winner! 


Now I am cracking my head how these angelic mysterious forces chooses winners from among a group of start-ups - although the first hints are already there; it helps a lot if you follow strict diet laws...

SixIsNinE's picture

snapchat $20 billion -    what is that about ?  payday for a lot of people .  Remember Skankles promoting it -  you bet she's lickin' her chops on that IPO.   addicted to the FRNs.


Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Feb 25, 2017 9:52 PM

Alex Jones is the controlled opposition backstop to catch all of the ones who get passed the MSM propaganda and then misdirect them.

Dakota Kid's picture

If Jones is controlled opposition, why are they trying so hard to run him out of business?  Why has he backed Trump almost from the start and is still backing him?  Why has he exposed the crimes of the Clintons and the government for years?  Why is he so pro-American.  Why is the alphabet media continuously making fun of him?

If he is controlled opposition, someone must be paying him one hell of a lot of money to put up with all of the abuse he takes on a daily basis.

peddling-fiction's picture

This world is but a stage.

It is theatre. Just about everything, or you get Breitbarted for going off script.

And the U.S. has front row seats.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Key Master or Gate Keeper ... either way... sounds like Rick Morantis Film.

- Ghost Busters
- Little Shop of Horrors

SixIsNinE's picture

yeah - but he's OUR Gate Keeper !  

and we're gonna keep him - cause we like him ! 

without AJ i don't think Trump would have won.  


Look - there has been nobody else that has gone after the poisons in our environment and at least attacking real threats -  

i've seen pretty much all other organizations just shut up and go with whatever flow that comes their way.  

being of age that i was awake at the bush/gore selection and afterwards,  we saw a lot of voices / groups get action after the Iraq fiasco -  then with the Obama selection, we watched many of these become hypocrits and partisan politicking/bickering/bullshitting.  

Alex Jones runs a business.   He gets up and does it day after day.  He has spawned and encouraged tons of small bloggers and bigger outfits.   The guy is a class act.  

He takes abuse from the real clowns of talk radio not to mention the presstitutes.   it was a downer to hear Melissa Dykes of truthstream (wife of Aaron who worked for AJ) go off on the "alt-right" the other day and trashing Trumpers - she was blasting that OUR VOTE doesn't matter at all.  

Now I really love Melissa's work and it's sad to see her and others (younger folk) who may be smart, but let's be honest - if you're not 50 yet and think you've got a good grasp on the way things work - sorry - every year is a mountain of growth for real TruthSeekers and Wisdom Activists.   they think that if Trump has GS & CFR people that he's a sellout.  

She is right though about herding folk back into R/D camps.   However, those of us who are with Trump are definitely not necessarily with the Repugnicants.  

As for the system,  well i must congratulate them for a job well done in once again eliminating any competition from Team R & D.   

For this past election I said F it - i am not on the fence with this one.  NO WAY the HildaSkankBeast would be Prezzy with ScuzzyBill by her side.   

   maybe Comet's got a thin-crust VX-sausage pizza special for the Skankles next time she's in her predator mode.

peddling-fiction's picture

Does he talk about the Juice or secret societies?

Do you know what a Tyler is?

peddling-fiction's picture

Google's breadth and services need to be looked at as a strategic utility.

They should not be able to continue to hide behind the veil of a company.

That also applies to Facebook.


Common_Law's picture

Here is a great explanation of what Google is capable of.

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME) and Its Unparalleled Power To Influence How We Think.

From Stanford:

Full version:

(This guy ueses the phrase "mind control" at Stanford referring to Google!)

Shorter version:

Harlequin001's picture

So this guy is basically saying that we invent stuff, spend our time, effort and money developing it and China and the like can just copy it because it hasn't done us any harm?

He's a fucking idiot.