Kim Murder Suspect Says She Was Paid $90 To Rub VX Toxin On His Face

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In the latest turn of increasingly more bizarre events leading up the death of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un's half brother, who as revealed late last week had been poisoned with the deadly VX nerve agent, the arrested Indonesian woman who is one of the suspects in the killing said she was paid $90 to apply a baby oil-like liquid to his face in what she believed was a "prank."

Siti Aisyah, in her first meeting with Indonesian officials after more than a week in detention said Saturday she didn’t know that the substance—subsequently identified by police as a banned, lethal nerve agent known as VX—was poisonous. Police believe Ms. Aisyah and another woman, Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam, applied the chemical to Mr. Kim’s face on Feb. 13 in a three-second assault at Kuala Lumpur International Airport that was orchestrated by a group of North Korean men. Mr. Kim died shortly afterward. Aisyah told Indonesian officials she thought she was playing a prank as part of a reality show.

According to Indonesian officials, Aisyah told authorities she did not want her parents to see her in custody. "She doesn't want her family get sad to see her condition," Indonesia's deputy ambassador to Malaysia, Andriano Erwin said after speaking to the suspect. Erwin said Aisyah told Indonesian officials that men with Japanese or Korean appearances, and names name like James and Chang, asked her to carry out the act, and that she was paid about 400 Malaysian ringgit ($90).

As the WSJ adds, until several years ago, Aisyah, a 25-year-old from a small town in western Java, was working at a clothing store at a mall in Indonesia, making about $200 a month. But she has traveled extensively in Asia since then, people with knowledge of the matter told the Journal.

The other woman of Vietnamese origin, who was also arrested as a murder suspect, also said she thought she was taking part in a prank video, Vietnam's foreign ministry said on Saturday according to Reuters. Hanoi had not previously confirmed that Doan Thi Huong was Vietnamese, saying only that it was in touch with authorities in Malaysia, where Kim Jong Nam was murdered on Feb. 13. Vietnamese embassy officials met her on Saturday.

"Her health is stable. During the meeting with embassy officials, Doan Thi Huong said she was being taken advantage of and thought she was starring in a comedy video," the foreign ministry statement said.

Doan Thi Huong as seen in a handout released by the Royal Malaysia Police.

The public poisoning of Kim Jong Nam, which took place Feb. 13 amid crowds of travelers at the airport, appeared to be a well-planned hit. Kim was dead within hours of the attack, in which two women went up behind him and appeared to smear something onto his face.

While both Aisyah, 25, and Huong have said they were duped into the attack, Malaysian police say she and the other female suspect, a Vietnamese woman who also is in custody, knew what they were doing.

Kim Jong Nam, who had been living abroad for years, was approached by the two women on Feb. 13 as he waited for a flight home to Macau. In grainy surveillance footage, the women appear to rub something onto his face before walking away in separate directions. Malaysian police said they had been trained to go immediately to the washroom and clean their hands. Both women seen in the video are in custody.


As Fox News adds, the revelation that VX nerve agent killed Kim has boosted speculation that North Korea had dispatched a hit squad to Malaysia to kill Kim, whose younger half brother is Kim Jong Un. The thick, oily poison was almost certainly produced in a sophisticated state weapons laboratory, experts say, and is banned under international treaties. North Korea, a prime suspect in the case, never signed that treaty, and has spent decades developing a complex chemical weapons program.

VX is an extremely powerful poison, with an amount no larger than a few grains of salt enough to kill. An odorless chemical, it can be inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Then, in anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, it can cause a range of symptoms, from blurred vision to a headache. Enough exposure leads to convulsions, paralysis, respiratory failure and death.

It has the consistency of motor oil and can take days or even weeks to evaporate. It could have contaminated anywhere Kim was afterward, including medical facilities and the ambulance he was transported in, experts say. Airport officials and police have insisted the facility is safe. Abdul Samah, the police official, said police are tracing the suspects' steps to ensure public safety. Asked if the airport cleanup had started, he said: "It is already in process."

Malaysia hasn't directly accused the North Korean government of being behind the attack, but officials have said four North Korean men provided the two women with poison. The four fled Malaysia shortly after the killing.

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Looney's picture


She should've taken USD instead of local Won-dong-dongs.   ;-)


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Sorry. Not buying the bullshit.

Why then did she wash her hands immediately after. And if she thought it was a prank, meaning she didn't think she had poison on her hands but some harmless stuff, why didn't she poison herself accidentally?

Too many unanswered questions.

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Which of the two is the Raugh out Roud one?

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No broddy terrr troof.  No eat boogers.  Lub on Kims' face.  Hah ha ha ha
It was the fairy fucking God mother did it in the bathroom with the KY jelly.
Sweeping under the rug, it used to be called 

I'll see you guys at the penis transplant clinic in Uruguay.  Don't let anybody follow you.  It's a secret, you know.  Gotta get situated for Peak Insanity.

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I'm surprised they didn't claim it was just a "training" exercise.

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How little is life worth in North Korea?

I can buy way more young and cute for a Benjamin in most any bar here in the metro suburbs.

JuliaS's picture

"He was a Stiffly Stifferson, so I pranked him..."

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) JuliaS Feb 25, 2017 2:17 PM

Just when you think the left couldn't be any more insane, they are!

The New Republic Speculates Trump May Have Syphilis
TwelveOhOne's picture

Why, because (one of) Hillary ('s doubles) has a hole in her tongue?

UnclePhester's picture
UnclePhester (not verified) TwelveOhOne Feb 25, 2017 2:36 PM

That's not quite as good as the $150 she usually gets for rubbing her vagina in a man's face...but hey, times are tough!

BaBaBouy's picture

This was a terrorist Attack... Treat it as Such...

847328_3527's picture

$90 bucks PLUS the "LOL" t-shirt.

barndoor's picture

I would have said that this sounds like a Trump op except that it was, in some sense, successfull.

Bungbo's picture

Haven't traveled much in Asia have you?

cheka's picture

they would be dead if they didn't know how to handle the stuff


FreddieX's picture

"Sorry. Not buying the bullshit."

Exactly, looks like another wrecking operation:
The American press immediately seized on the unsubstantiated claim to ramp up its demonisation of the North Korean regime over its alleged use of a banned chemical weapon and to suggest that the Trump administration take action against Pyongyang.

The New York Times, for instance, entitled its story “In Kim Jong-nam’s death, North Korea lets loose a weapon of mass destruction.” The Wall Street Journal headline declared, “Role of VX nerve agent in Kim Jong-nam’s death raises global alarm.”
The call for North Korea to be redesignated as a state sponsor of terrorism only highlights the cynical character of US policy. The Wall Street Journal editorial claims that the Bush administration delisted Pyongyang “in exchange for denuclearisation promises that Pyongyang broke as always.” In reality, as part of a deal struck in 2007, the Bush administration only belatedly and reluctantly took North Korea off the US State Department list after Pyongyang had shut down and begun to dismantle its nuclear facilities and readmitted UN inspectors. The deal broke down after the US insisted on additional, more intrusive inspection protocols.

The US State Department has denied a visa to a senior North Korean diplomat, ending the prospects of what would have been the first talks between the two nations in years, US media reported Saturday.

Also more perspective on NK:
The strategy under a President Hillary Clinton, I expect, would have been to accelerate the campaign to ostracize the People’s Republic of China as the enemy of regional security for its incomplete sanctions regime against the DPRK; isolate the PRC by cobbling together an international secondary sanctions regime targeting the PRC (like the one that pressured Iran through its European and Asian partners); and confront the PRC with two unpalatable choices: either orchestrate the near-impossible task of denuclearizing North Korea by itself or endure a sanctions regime that placed its international financial institutions at perpetual risk.
To clarify, North Korea is not a natural or enthusiastic ally of the People’s Republic of China. The DPRK was a client of the Soviet Union until 1989; when the USSR collapsed, the PRC did not step up. In fact, PRC disinterest in providing timely aid to North Korea during the difficulties of the early 1990s was a key factor in the collapse of agriculture and the humanitarian catastrophe that ensued. North Korea resents the PRC as a practitioner of neocolonial economic and military penetration — one that values an impotent and isolated North Korea primarily as a useful buffer state on the Korean Peninsula — and is aware that any socialist solidarity that Beijing shares with Pyongyang is outweighed by the PRC’s solicitude for its crucial economic relationship with Seoul.


Antifaschistische's picture

I know I'm going to be accused of being a racist or something like that...

...for those who think her story is just a lie. for me, I have no clue.   But I do have a lot of experience in Asian culture, and I do understand the mentality.

...yes, it would take a high degree of naievety (or however you spell that word) to believe the story if they in fact were told that BS.  But, Asians fall for a LOT of BS.   Have you ever tried to convince one of them that their "traditional" medicine may not be effective.  Holy cow...don't even bother if they already believe it.

I just say give them a lie detector test and move on.

booboo's picture

They both got their 15 minutes of phame plus 20-life

toady's picture

I don't think they get three hots and a cot over there tho..... lucky to get a fish head and some moldy rice. And sleep on a dirt floor.... unless they have what it takes to catch the warden/guards eye. But that opens up a whole other set of problems....

OregonGrown's picture

I am surprised that the MSM isnt calling these woman Russians!

Squilliam Fancyson's picture

They would if they could and sometimes they do even though they can't.

Manthong's picture

They can cry on cue...

and other things.


Joe Sichs Pach's picture


"What can I get for $90 dollars?"

"Anyting you want"

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The Saint (not verified) knukles Feb 25, 2017 1:53 PM

Some experts are saying it must have been some binary version of VX.  Until both parts are brought together it is harmless.  Thus, the reason for two women each with a different part of the poision to be applied to his face.

If it were an oily liquid that could explain why they wanted to wash their hands right afterwards.  And who would handle something that dangerous if they knew what it could do?   However, that doesn't explain why these two women left the scene if they thought it was a prank.

Something doesn't add up.

East Indian's picture

RT has a more detailed version. Apparently these ladies played the same prank - rubbing liquids on a xtranger in a public place - earlier three times; the prank goes like this: two women in quick succession apply liquids, water colours or oil, on the face of the stranger, and then disappear. The victim is shocked, and after some time, the hidden team comes out and tells the victim it is a prank, She was paid the same amount in the previous three attempts. So she did not suspect anything wrong, applied the chemical and then disappeared to wash her hands. 



If Kim Jong Un were behind this, he would have simply sent a brainwashed NK to kill his half brother. As I said earlier, "someone" must have approached Late KJN with a proposal to take over NK after the present KJU is removed; Late KJN refused; but by then it was too late - he had learnt the details about the insiders who are going to "remove" KJU; therefore Late KJN became a liability to be disposed off, in such a way that KJU will be blamed for his chemical weapons. Nice try. 

Socratic Dog's picture

And that isn't being reported in the US?  That omission is a smoking gun.  The Deep State/MSM wants us to believe it was them dratted North Koreans.

beemasters's picture

When the accusation by MSM was immediate, we know the script was well prepared in advanced. We have seen it all before.

quesnay's picture

They were just setting up context for the jury. That's what I would do if I were young pretty thing and could cry on demand for the jury. Make it appear 'normal'. "Look I did it before as a joke" before the real deal.

When someone explains how it affects him in seconds, but how they had it on their hands for minutes and are completely unaffected ... then I'll think about believing this load of horsecrap.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Even if this was a "2 part epoxy" kind of compound, activated by being together, why did the second woman not die. As Mark Twain marveled about much speculation and so few details...

petroglyph's picture

The guy had to breathe it, the girls didn't. They could have had something like "new skin" on which was a means of protecting them from it seeping through their skin. But I'm sure whoever gave them the poison wasn't worried about killing the girls?

This also gives the worlds policeman carte blanche permission to bomb the gas plant in NK. [sarc] The MIC can get a lot of mileage out of this, first blame Russia, then NK, then Assad, then Iran, Khadafin? We must immediately nuke NK {sarc}

quesnay's picture

Not only did she not die. As far as we know she didn't even get sick! No going to the hospital, where they would have caught her. No way. Simply beyond belief.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"She was paid the same amount in the previous three attempts. So she did not suspect anything wrong, applied the chemical and then disappeared to wash her hands. "

That extra detail is not reported in the West. I heard about the prank but not that there were three.

If true the guilty part is more likely from the West and that is why they don't include it in the news reports. This way the finger points stronger toward NK.

The same happened in Berlin during Christmas 20016. Someone followed an Arab who ran from the scene of the truck terror act and later (hours) the police RELEASE the caught guy !!!!! Didn't hold him for a day or two to make sure, just let him go. Next, the ID for the terrorist was found a day and a half LATER. The police apparently missed it as it was under the drivers seat in the truck cab. THEY MISSED IT WHILE SEARCHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HowdyDoody's picture

So who commissioned the 'prank'? And who supplied the 'VX'?

Unknown officials say 4 unidentified NK men did and they have already left the country. Hmmm, I'm convinced.

LA_Goldbug's picture

"Unknown officials say 4 unidentified NK men did "

I can fly you 4 Koreans from Philippines, Hawaii, Australia etc. and call them NK. We don't know who these duds were, were are only "told".

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) The Saint Feb 25, 2017 2:22 PM

the woman has mars, venus, uranus, neptune in Capricorn with transit Pluto conjunct Uranus/Neptune now.

paid to attack man, for money, with mystery chemical which kills him

paid by a government.

most likely Kim Long Jong

All is chosen's picture

"the woman has mars, venus, uranus, neptune in Capricorn"

Does that explain her chronic dress sense?

ATPCommish's picture

Ooh long Johnson as the cat says on the video lol 

KingTut's picture

Now that makes sense.  But if they're two stupid gilrs picked up off the street, wouldn't you WANT them to die too?

If they're professionals, why would they agree to doing on video (they wouldn't).

So maybe they're intelligence pros, who will quietly walk away after this blows over.

quesnay's picture

But they 'mixed it' on his face, which means it was also on their hands. It affects him within seconds, but they are unscathed with it on for minutes. Ya, that doesn't pass the smell test.

malek's picture

Even then the second woman applying it to Mr. Kim's face would have most likely died soon after, because it mixed on her hand(s) as well.

Either she was very lucky and/or had shot herself up with atropin and similar after the act (because atropin is not something you can charge yourself up with before),
or someone developed a fantastic invisible skin seal so the VX cannot penetrate the skin until washed off,
or -I don't care what the officials blabber- it was some other binary poison to which excellent antidotes exist. And the VX is only added to the propaganda for entirely different reasons, as the cherry on top.

Canoe Driver's picture

Absolutely true, the preparation had to be in two parts, which is a known way of keeping VX safe until delivery, and which also explains why the two women are told to act separately and take off in separate directions.

Raffie's picture

$90... ROFL.... that is cheap...

Hope she did not spend it all in one place.

East Indian's picture

But somewhere those who commissioned this murder will be given a bill for $9 million. 

Socratic Dog's picture

$90.  CIA black ops budget must have been cut big time when Trump took over.

lennysrv's picture

Laugh out loud funny...

ParkAveFlasher's picture

The guy wearing the LOL shirt had higher cheek bones and leaner shoulders, and manhandled the victim.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

this was multicultural and we don't know their culture so cannot judge /s

VWAndy's picture

 Agreed. There is no way she could have done that gig without knowing what she was dealing with. It would take training and a fair amount of practice to pull it off without killin herself.

 Pure bullshit on its face.