In Latest Intel Mutiny Against Trump, DHS Analysts Say White House Travel Ban Is Wrong

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Another day, another symbolic 'mutiny' has broken out against president Trump in the US intel community, this time involving the Department of Homeland Security.

Overnight, analysts at DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis found "insufficient evidence" that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States. According to a draft document obtained by The Associated Press, citizenship is an "unlikely indicator" of terrorism threats to the United States and that few people from the countries Trump listed in his travel ban have carried out attacks or been involved in terrorism-related activities in the U.S. since Syria's civil war started in 2011. The DHS report said its staff “assesses that country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity.”

The White House on Friday dismissed it as politically motivated and poorly researched. Trump has previously cited terrorism concerns as the primary reason he signed the sweeping temporary travel ban in late January, which also halted the U.S. refugee program.

The DHS report was prepared in response to the White House request for intelligence assessments of terrorist threats posed by migration. Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the Homeland Security report said it was compiled on short notice, but that it relied on information that analysts routinely collect and examine in order to guide counterterrorism policies. The report was shared with agencies outside DHS.

The three-page report challenges Trump's core claims. It said that of 82 people the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to carry out or try to carry out an attack in the United States, just over half were U.S. citizens born in the United States. The others were from 26 countries, led by Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iraq and Uzbekistan. Of these, only Somalia and Iraq were among the seven nations included in the ban. Of the other five nations, one person each from Iran, Sudan and Yemen was also involved in those terrorism cases, but none from Syria. It did not say if any were Libyan.

The report also found that terrorist organizations in Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan are regionally focused, while groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen do pose a threat to the U.S. The seven countries were included in a law President Barack Obama signed in 2015 that updated visa requirements for foreigners who had traveled to those countries.

Homeland Security spokeswoman Gillian Christensen on Friday did not dispute the report's authenticity, but said it was not a final comprehensive review of the government's intelligence. "While DHS was asked to draft a comprehensive report on this issue, the document you're referencing was commentary from a single intelligence source versus an official, robust document with thorough interagency sourcing," Christensen said. "The ... report does not include data from other intelligence community sources. It is incomplete."

Still, as the WSJ notes, the report is the latest volley in a struggle between intelligence officials and the Trump administration that has rippled across several agencies. Some officials have critiqued administration policies, while the president and senior members of his staff have accused officials of leaking information to undermine his administration and the legitimacy of his election.

The compilation and disclosure of an intelligence report so directly at odds with top White House priorities marks an unusually sharp rupture between the administration and career public servants. It also underscores the difficulty President Donald Trump has had in converting his confrontational and bombastic campaign rhetoric into public policy.

Coming the same day as Trump's bashing of the FBI, an agency he accused of being unable to find leakers, the administration was disappointed the report's leaked findings. Trump administration officials said the assessment ignored available information that supports the immigration ban and the report they requested has yet to be presented. They were quick to preempt speculation that this is just the latest mutiny against Trump.

“The president asked for an intelligence assessment. This is not the intelligence assessment the president asked for,” a senior administration official said cited by the WSJ. The official said intelligence is already available on the countries included in Mr. Trump’s ban and just needs to be compiled.

“The intelligence community is combining resources to put together a comprehensive report using all available sources which is driven by data and intelligence and not politics," said White House spokesman Michael Short.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security also took issue with the quality of the report, describing it as “commentary” based on public sources rather than “an official, robust document with thorough interagency sourcing.”

“It is clear on its face that it is an incomplete product that fails to find evidence of terrorism by simply refusing to look at all the available evidence,” said Gillian M. Christensen, the department’s acting press secretary. “Any suggestion by opponents of the president’s policies that senior [homeland security] intelligence officials would politicize this process or a report’s final conclusions is absurd and not factually accurate. The dispute with this product was over sources and quality, not politics,” Ms. Christensen said.

* * *

It was not the first time this week that DHS officials were at odds with White House policies and statements. On Thursday, DHS Secretary John Kelly, on a trip to Mexico, assured officials there that the U.S. would not undertake “mass deportations” of illegal immigrants and that the U.S. military would not play a role in immigration enforcement. The reassurance on military involvement apparently contradicted a statement by Trump earlier that day, in which he described enforcement as a “military operation.” White House officials later clarified that Trump was referring to “military precision,” not actual military actions.

The new DHS report, which is not classified, states that its findings are based on public statistics and reports from the Department of Justice and the State Department as well as an annual report on global threats produced by U.S. intelligence agencies. CNN reported Thursday that the intelligence office had compiled a report that was at odds with the administration’s views. Trump has defended the immigration ban, noting that the seven countries were identified by the Obama administration as “sources of terror,” and that two of them, Iraq and Syria, are home bases to members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, who conceivably could enter the U.S. posing as immigrants or refugees.

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Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) Feb 25, 2017 9:03 AM

Build a Wall (around Ft. Meade & Langley)

tmosley's picture

The only reason they should dispute the travel ban is that it should be broader, covering all the nations on the Arabian peninsula and some of the others on their list IE Pakistan, etc.

dead hobo's picture

The genesis of the 'travel ban' was the need to stop the US from becoming a migration point for 'syrian refugees'. It morphed into a need to control the borders on a broader context. Europe is a mess from the wave of syrian refugees they accepted. Liberal guilt at starting a failed war for oil and natural gas rights across syria is the root cause of the refugee crisis. Unlike Libya, Syria is still considered a potential point of control and profit, thus refugees are recognized and accepted as opposed to being rejected. Libya has been written off for now.

Also, Globalists want free and open borders because it depreciates economies if enough desperate people arrive to displace those at the bottom and push them even lower. Money printing and debt issued at fantastical low rates pay for 'free benefits' for the new poor. Low to negative rates also subsidize those who profit from junk investments, such as stock buybacks.

The news media bias is designed to manipulate fools with too much charity in their hearts and protect their globalist supporters. They can be motivated to support Trump if the benefits outweigh the costs.

crazzziecanuck's picture

I think you have it backwards as the calls to "secure the border" go back to people like Lou Dobbs at the turn of the millenia.

For me, the "ban" is stupid, and amounts to a bureaucratic strategy to not address the actual problem.  A disingenous bandaid solution.  What we truly need to do isn't ban people, but to ensure that those in charge of allowing people in and out to be held to account for the decisions.  The fact a ban is needed is proof positive that those currently in charge of it can't do their jobs.

But we live in a society now where no one is ultimately responsible for anything.  Except Trump.  Or Putin.  People keep telling me that Putin is responsible for everything.  ;)

Trump is just playing crass politics and I had hoped for better.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Trump is making an effort to avoid futher pollution of America by toxic, unassimilable,  alien ideaologies.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Trump is making an effort to avoid futher pollution of America by toxic, unassimilable,  alien ideologies.

Giant Meteor's picture

Ah yes, a sort of, Global Urban "Renewal" ...

Good points


Dancing Disraeli's picture

Their argument is that since many of these terrorists are home grown, then bringng in foreign Muslims is ok.  But they ignore the implications of their position-- that it's their children who become killers.  The solution, therefore, would be to prevent the parents from ever birthing their little time bombs in the USA at all.  Future time orientation/stitch in time saves 9, and all that.

ersatz007's picture

I don't work for DHS and I can tell you the travel ban is wrong in two words: Saudi Arabia. 

lovemesomeZH's picture

The 9-11 terrorist wern't Saudi, they were CIA/State Dept. YES that is a race.  The whistleblower from Jeddah knew that things were fishywhen men from all over the place came to him in Jeddah to get visa's.

SmittyinLA's picture

All of Africa, I'd like to see a total Africa visa exclusion based on their continental racial politics.

Remember South Africa, whites aren't allowed property rights, fuck the whole continent, those people are hostile and stupid.

Let them eat cake without white folks NOT in America.

...and let's enforce welfare reform and the immigrant charge law against all the hostile Africans already here in America.

Africans are not our friends or Allies, in truth they want white people dead and all their property, all all their non-white friends agree.

Ask Mandela, ask Mugabe, ask Ruth Bader Ginsberg, ask the ANC ask Obama.

MFL5591's picture

Fire all that have ever voted democratic and the leaks will stop!

East Indian's picture

And not a single "Mainstream' media has covered it.


And they wonder why people call them fake news...

Arnold's picture

We have no security, as far as I am concerned.

Put it in the kitchen junk drawer with the other colanders.


".....Analysis found "insufficient evidence" that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States. According to a draft document obtained by The Associated Press, citizenship is an "unlikely indicator" of terrorism threats to the United States and that few people....."

DeadFred's picture

Years ago when we had a Kenyan in the Whitehouse I was at a high school reunion and talked with several classmates who now worked it national security intel jobs. It was clear they did not agree with policy coming from the top but they didn't send any documents to the media. Not that the MSM would have printed it if they did.

CheapBastard's picture

Why are these so-called "DHS documents" being sent to media outlets instead of those people discussing it with the wh?

Sounds very subversive and they need to be replaced. Where are all the "analyses' why Hitlery invaded the sovereign nation of Libya and killed over 300,00 innocent brown people, mostly Muslims?

And Soweeto's bloodthirsty attack on Syria for no reason at all killing another several hundred thousand people including gassgin all those chidlren at that Syrian school. Where's THAT analysis?

When these traitors are found and fired, their pensions should be revoked.

Everybodys All American's picture

It matters very little what these people at dhs personally think about the travel restriction. There job is to enact the presidents policy. If they can't then they need to resign. Short of resignations they need to be removed and it's really that simple. Of course they don the agree with Trump because they are nearly in all likelihood democrats hired under Obama and are of his new world order mindset..

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Clearly the whole damn shitshow has been co-opted.

micksavage2010's picture

wrong on several points.

dhs was a bolt-on bandaid that now costs amerikka more than 50 billion usd/year. to "manage" all the other agencies cuz terra from the 15 alleged saudi hijackers and the alphabet agencies "couldn't share intel". i got a bridge in lake havasu to sell u also.

There job is to enact the presidents policy.

mmmm. not really. i'm astounded that amerikkan media, sheeple and other two branches of gubbernment have forgotten oath to constitution as the only oath of office. not oath to whatever puppet is in whitey house or oath to "keep amerikka safe". considering their less  than stellar list of achievements fed by the porky congresscritters i wonder why they even still exist.

they are nearly in all likelihood democrats hired under Obama and are of his new world order mindset..

amerikkan sheeple need to pull heads out of buttz and quit thinking of their savior being a demorat, rethuglican or obamite or that their politicians give a mierda about them. the old saying IS true - ur not paranoid if they really are out to "get u".

bush did it first, clinton did it first, obama did it first - whatever "it" is the MOTU and sheeple want to make it. in  retrospect dhs was ass covering by bush administration and complicit demorats for not "keeping us safe" under our beds. most of the turds in that agency are not appointed; rather they are the parasites hired by the agency; once hired are there eternally. once an agency is created with no constitutional authority - like all "executive" branch agencies - they never go away and morph into cancers upon the republic. amerikka could do away with most of "the cabinet" level agencies and all amerikkans + the world would be better off.

but the federal gubbernment decided a long time ago the 10th amendment was inconvenient and amerikkans don't read anyway. after all, when "shall not be infringed." can be contorted by the courts to "balance" a right guaranteed under founding documents with gubbernment feelz - it is no longer a right but a privilege granted by MOTU.

we're doomed.



IndyPat's picture

Anyone who spits out some half assed screed peppered with terms like sheeple, gubbernment, amerikka, rethuglican and congresscritters is not to be taken seriously.

I'm also sick to fucking death of people popping off all high and mighty about the right/left paradigm and how oh-so-above-all that they are.

That term and the concept it tried to describe is no longer useful. It's much more fractured that that.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

The SWAMP is everywhere ... I do NOT understand why these people are having a problem with the travel ban.

I absolutely guarantee that one hour with me where I am allowed to present the "TRUE FACE OF ISLAM", these people will both comply and have SOILED UNDERWARE.

It is time that AMERICA woke up and faced the hard cold reality of what we are facing. The barbarians are NOT at the gate, they are here. Just look at the number of islamic Mosques in America. Religion of PEACE ... BULLSHIT!!

These people need to either SUPPORT THE USA or GET THE HELL OUT!!! 

I really believe "OBOZO" was GOD's remedial judgment on America for Her SINS. Eight years of the reign of DEMOCRATIC leadership terror was just a small taste of what GOD will do unless America gets its Moral house in order.

By the way, did everyone see where Muslim Keith Ellison is running to lead the DNC? I GUARANTEE ONE THING: IF THIS GUY BECOMES THE LEADER OF THE DNC, THE DNC WILL BECOME THE ISLAMIC PARTY OF AMERICA!!!!

CheapBastard's picture

Evidently Orlando, San Bernardino, etc were  not bloody enough for these people?

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

False flags need only be conducted on a level that sufficiently satisfies the observations and conclusions of fools.

swmnguy's picture

You're completely wrong about Ellison.  I live in his district.  He's just the usual opportunist.

As a non-religious person, I really couldn't care less about other people's religion.  I don't deal with people on that level anyway.  To me that would just be buying into their sets of excuses for following their own interests.  It's a lot easier to deal with atheists.  We have only ourselves to blame for our own motivations.

Ellison's just a party hack, a social climber type of guy.  

GUS100CORRINA's picture


No, I am NOT wrong. You are misinformed. Ellison is a true Muslim because he is lying to you.

Ellison is the only, and I mean only member of Congress to have sworn in on the Qur'an. He did not use the Bible, He is very religious with his allegiance to Allah!!!!!

He should either be sworn in on the Bible or be removed from office. It is that simple. He is way, way beyond just a 'political hack, social climber type of guy'.

But don't believe me, do your own research. Below is an article from the "PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL" WAPO that documents the event.


Ellison Uses Thomas Jefferson's Quran


The Associated Press 

Friday, January 5, 2007; 7:32 AM

WASHINGTON -- Keith Ellison made history Thursday, becoming the first Muslim member of Congress and punctuating the occasion by taking a ceremonial oath with a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson.

IndyPat's picture

Bet ya 20 bucks Andre Carson didn't swear in on a bible.
I think Carson has been there longer, too.

Carson is a world class asshole.

ThanksChump's picture

Excuse me if I take DHS as a less-than-credible source of intelligence on any topic. DHS is a classic example of a banana republic government with more (still damp) dollars than sense.


DHS' batting average is equal to their gold-star subentity, TSA, in this regard: 15 seasons, 0.00 batting average.


Move FBI out from under DHS, then scrap DHS and all its subentities. I believe that covers CIA as well. If not, move CIA under DHS, then scrap DHS.


Babies will be thrown out with the bath water, but they're all super fucked up babies. Chuck 'em.

micksavage2010's picture

y the luv for the fart barf itch agency that missed it's own agents reports of middle eastern student pilots; incinerated women and children in waco to save them from that evildoes child molester; sniper killed unarmed woman at ruby ridge; missed the powders sent thru the mail to congress/senate/enquirer after terra in nyc; missed the boston marathon events; san bernardino; orlando (where is that wife again?); their science has been junk for years and refuse to give up on bite marks, hair and other non-forensic methods. we could go on. fbi was started to be the political enforcers during wilson's tenure as president. they've only refined their super effed up baby status.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

"Missed?"  Spiders weaving webs unseen by reckless flies.

beaker's picture

Wanna fix this shit overnight?  Begin establishing migrant settlement areas in Chevy Chase, Hartford, Lower Manhattan, Marin County and Beverly Hills. 

sgt_doom's picture

To be technically correct and feasible, a wall around ALL 17 so-called intel agencies!

A really good article explaining this comes from the Far Left (or what's left of it, since it really doesn't exist any longer):


sschu's picture

Your Fired.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Beowulf55's picture

Here you have lies, damn lies, and statistics...........


Sure would like to see the data sources and methodology use to create these reports.

nmewn's picture

Or he could just roll with it...

"The three-page report challenges Trump's core claims. It said that of 82 people the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to carry out or try to carry out an attack in the United States, just over half were U.S. citizens born in the United States. (Edit: We are left to only guess as to whether or not these were "Trump voting white males without a college degree", we can only assume they were The others were from 26 countries, led by Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iraq and Uzbekistan.

...well fine then, expand the list to include those others!

As Trump tweets: "Thanks DHS analcyst's. Very bigly!" ;-)

And the "core claim" is that the agencies he is charged with administering has broken vetting an fyi to the Alinskyite press corp.

ThanksChump's picture

Statistics lie.


I can prove it. I have the numbers right here.

swmnguy's picture

92% of all statistics are made up on the spot, anyway.

mofreedom's picture

Then who will rough up grandma Mary at the airport?

Max Cynical's picture

This from a department that misses 90% of threats walking through airport security.

TAALR Swift's picture

Do a soft or hard reboot of the DHS.

As a minimum, they need to explain why they did not speak up years ago, when this List was made under former President Obama.

Presumably the countries on the List are there, because it is countries that the US bombed, or with which it has had hostile relationships. They did not address this. In fact, whenever someone does raise this as the motive, talk show moderators ignore this very valid explanation. 

In yesterday's Town Hall panel discussion at the CPAC, Sean Hannity dealt with this, by retorting: "So now it's our fault?" Yes, Sean, it is "our" fault. When you drop bombs and fire rockets from drones, innocent people get killed. That then creates new recruits, where none existed before. It's a dirty truth that no American Administration wants to admit.

For a man of decisive action, and reputation for firing people, Trump is remarkably - even suspiciously - reluctant to do so with the troubling agencies. That is truly remarkable. Almost suspicious. 

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) TAALR Swift Feb 25, 2017 1:10 PM

Anyone too stupid to realize DHS was set up as a power grab (taking power from the People) is too stupid to breed.

kahplunk's picture

WTF no threat 71 have already been convicted of terrorism.

kahplunk's picture

Mass Lay offs and restart the Gov.