A Two-State Solution... For The West?

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Submitted by Erico Matias Tavares via Sinclair & Co.,

There's a cold war raging.

No, not the one between the US and Russia. That’s old news.

We're talking about the NEW cold war: the one for the soul of the West.

On one corner we have the globalists, basically political and financial elites who after the disasters of World War II decided that eliminating borders was the way to ensure a peaceful future. Increasingly diverse (multicultural) societies would now be governed by supranational institutions, the only way to confront problems that are global in nature: environmentalism, terrorism, epidemics, consumerism and so forth. And much of this has become mainstream, with the powerful backing of the liberal media, the entertainment industry, much of academia and influential think tanks.

While people from all political persuasions support this ideology, it appears to be more closely associated with the political left, sometimes from the hard left even, as shown by the picture above taken in a very progressive US neighborhood.

On the other corner we have the nationalists (also known as patriots, populists, and deplorables). They took a good look at the downsides of that brave new (open) world and said to heck with its ongoing destruction of national identities, borders, traditional cultures and religion, and constant foreign military interventions especially when they are incapable of protecting their own borders from mass immigration.

There is no question that 2016 was a pivotal year in this struggle, which is now playing out in the open.

First the British voted to pull out of the European Union, against all odds. Then the Americans elected a brash Republican outsider for President, also against ‎all odds.

After ceding cultural and political terrain for decades, the nationalists seem to be making a comeback. And now the cracks within Western countries are visible for anyone to see.

Take the United States, the leader of the Free World. Here is a recent survey of the approval ratings of that outsider, President Donald Trump:

Source: The Washington Post, ZeroHedge

Notice the huge disparity between Republicans and Democrats. It could not be any more striking than this – and just a few weeks after Trump’s inauguration.

This reflects of what is going on across much of the US, down to family and friends. It is clearly not confined to just “millennial snowflakes”, although these tend to be the loudest. Try walking in that very progressive US neighborhood wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap and see how that cold war can turn ‎hot very quickly.

The two sides no longer seem to agree on what a country is: if it should have borders, who has the rights and obligations in their societies and what it should stand for. Those are pretty basic – and fundamental – differences that look more and more irreconcilable by the day. Heck, there isn’t even an agreement on who is a woman and who is a man.

So what can be done about this?

Well, since everyone seems so keen in implementing a two-state ‎solution in the Israel-Palestine conflict, why not do the same across the West?

With one key difference: these two “states” would remain formally linked through a very limited federal/national government. Mainland Chinese public officials even have a name for it: one country, two systems.

If people in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon and California want to become openly multicultural and consistently vote accordingly, why stop them? Let them welcome anybody they want and implement whatever education system, gender identifications and values they desire. Good for them. Provided of course that all this should be funded strictly by their own state and local taxes, which is only fair (no doubt very rich globalists like George Soros, Bill Gates and Richard Branson will gladly pitch in).

On the other hand, if Texas and all others in flyover country believe they are entitled to bear arms, speak however they like in one language only, promote their values and culture and fully decide on who can live in their communities, what’s wrong with that? If you long to hear church bells on Sunday morning, sing the national anthem and use gender-segregated bathrooms you can always visit or move to those communities.

Source: Prof. Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan

And that arrangement can be fined tuned further by going down to the county level, such that the views of local communities would be more accurately represented. In that case the map shown above provides an indication of how a two-state US could look like, with red being a proxy for the nationalist counties (i.e. majority Republican voters in the 2016 Presidential election).

Similarly, the same concept could be implemented across the European Union. If Germans, Swedes, French and the Dutch want their countries or municipalities to go full multicultural, good for them. What they shouldn't do is impose their vision of the world through the supranational mechanisms of the European Union on the Poles, Hungarians, Finns and many others who do vigorously want to retain their culture and identities.

And that’s what we have in every election cycle, with one party seeking to push its values onto the rest of society, which is increasingly divided and at odds with each other. So the pushback from either side is predictable. New “populist” movements across Europe already threaten the very existence of that federal government (except that in Europe’s case it is anything but limited), and they will not go away any time soon.

This two-state system might be a seemingly fair way to achieve the best of both worlds, allowing both ideologies to coexist within a common governmental framework. A large scale version of Belgium if you like. But the reality is not so simple (just look at Belgium!)

First, Western nations for the most have accumulated debts at the supra-regional level so large that apportioning them ‎between the two “states” is likely to be extremely contentious. With their sustainability already dubious in many cases, and without even considering all the crushing healthcare and retirement contingent liabilities, any division would be really problematic. As such the federal/national government would likely continue to be much larger than what would be desirable to disentangle differing political views.


Second, transitioning into a multicultural society can be very problematic, as evidenced by the debate on Sweden’s immigration policies that has now gone viral, at least until a consensual set of rules and behaviors can be forged. The inherent security risks could force some parts of the other “states” to curtail the free flow of people. This is already happening in many parts of Europe as a result of the recent refugee crisis.


Third, Western alliances would likely have to be redrawn along this split in Western aspirations. Donald Trump has more in common with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán than Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, who will likely never welcome him in his city despite the special relationship between his country and the US.


Indeed, Trump proposes core nationalistic values not too dissimilar from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin (a key reason why the globalist media and intelligence are so keen to demonstrate a formal connection between the two). On the other hand, German Chancellor Angela Merkel – a hardcore globalist – could not be farther apart from either one.


Fourth, how can each “state” coordinate on international commercial policies with the other one, as many companies have extensive operations across the two? This cold war is now spreading to the corporate sector, with some employees feeling alienated and consumers on each side threatening boycotts and sanctions. It has come to that.


And finally, a divided West is a weak West. China is not worried about any of these existential social issues. Neither is Russia, Turkey or Iran‎. There aren’t any mainstream cultural hesitations in any of these countries (although each has its own fairly large share of dissidents, with good reason). As such, this split is a sure way to accelerate the erosion of the West's standing in global affairs, although the current state of affairs is not exactly helpful in that regard either.

Let's have no illusions: this is a deep division and it's unlikely that we will ever return to a level of unity and understanding in Western societies like we had in the recent past. We're at a major crossroads in History.

Will we be able to live together even if our backs are turned against each other, or will one side try to impose its will on the other with backlashes turning more violent each time? This will not be solved with simple calls for unity since the two sides are so far apart at this point.

More importantly, which “state” will YOU choose?

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Bigly's picture

I live in a blue state and refuse to move.   THEY can leave.  I like my place and should not have to FLEE commies in the US 

wee-weed up's picture



Two-State Solution...

Split the country into Red States & Blue States...

And see which side goes bankrupt first.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Ask any pro-immigration liberal what the desired population of the U.S. should be: 500 million, 1 billion, 2 billion.  Get blank stares. 

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) Stuck on Zero Feb 25, 2017 9:15 PM

The West is simply paying for its role in the greatest injustice of the 20th century.


The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) techies-r-us Feb 25, 2017 9:27 PM

Like the Pied Piper drive the Liberals into the sea.  You don't have to get all of them, just most of them.


J S Bach's picture

The war that is desperately needed is the one against those who have caused all of our woes in the first place.  Unnatural changes do not occur in nature without a powerful distorting outside influence.  In the case of humanity, there exists a tribe who have consciously and maliciously herded us into our current malaise.  They push for open borders to mix and blend all races and cultures, thus destroying true diversity.  They push feminism which confuses and divides the sexes into unnatural roles and expectations, thus destroying the family.  They push homosexuality and licentiousness which perverts bodies and souls, again destroying the family and the procreative instinct.  They push egalitarianism, which opposes the fact that all races and people are NOT equal.  They push hedonistic materialism which decays the spiritual bond between man and his divine Creator.  You name the vice and this tribe is there nurturing its roots.  So, it is (((THEY))) who we must wage a final war against.  When (((THEY))) are defeated, everything will right itself... sanity will return... and humanity will assume its ascent.

political_proxy's picture

The USSR was killed, communism [Marxism] was not, as you know.

As with all weeds, the root must be eliminated.

French Bloke's picture

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, who will likely never welcome him in his city despite the special relationship between his country and the US

London is a 3rd world Khazi

But this guy is a friend of his:


They don't want a 2 state solution. They want it all!

French Bloke's picture

I guess ultimately, the question will be one of economics. The corporations will choose the states with open borders to place their businesses. Cheap immigrant labour and the snowflakes left on the scrapheap. That could be a good thing. The problem, however, would be how the non progressive states could protect themselves from those cheap imports. There would need to be tariffs and customs controls between the states. Interesting conundrum.

Xena fobe's picture

Great point.  Very difficult question.  We need to start working on it.  Employee ownership of corporations and competition keeps costs down.  We must ensure our new borders contain adequate resources. Elimination of financialization schemes which skim off wealth would be a primary concern.  Many ideas here.

SafelyGraze's picture

so I said to paw-pay, I said:

don't you think borders send a message of insensitivity? 

us versus them?

that whole keep-offa-my-lawn mentality?

that whole I'm-better-than-you dialectic?

holier than thou?

don't you think newcomers should be given a fair chance?

and paw-paw says, he goes: since you're still living in my basement, I've decided to remove your door to the outside. that way people can join you whenever they want. I put an ad on the craig-list for you. I spect you'll be getting some company during the night.

that paw-paw!

I knew he'd come around to seeing things my way!



political_proxy's picture

The USSR was killed, communism [Marxism] was not, as you know.

As with all weeds, the root must be eliminated.

BobEore's picture

In a way, I understand your shyness to 'name names.' After all, there are many shadowy forces that hide behind the veil of "Judaism," which either greatly distort, or have nothing to do with the supposed religious current that term describes. As such, it becomes, difficult[though not impossible] to accurately force the perpetrators - of all the crimes you have described - out into the open. And those same perps delight in the canard of "it's the jews, it's always the jews," because that makes it easier to herd the "tribe" as you call them into the holding pen of "semitic" solidarity.

But without a real target to focus on, no defense against this great evil will ever be successful. Talmudism is a judaic heresy which blends the most archaic forms of Babylonian 'magic' & sorcery with the kabbalistic vision of a world enslaved to a small clique of racial supremacists who despise all those not of their caste and devolved genetic strain. It's more sophisticated proponents have, over time, blended that heritage of dark irrationalism with the most modern advances of science & technology - to create not just weapons of terrible potency, wielded by madmen... but the misapplication of psychology and biology both, to techniques of mental manipulation and mind control.

All of which is funded by a species of financial sorcery that has grown into a world wide 'derivatives' monster which distorts all trade and markets, while disguising how and where the ill-gained profits from these serial manipulations end up. Scratch a "Jamie Dimon" and you will find a scion of the long line of judaic heretical cults which sprang out of the millennialism of Sabbatai Zevi and later imitators.

Only via the most rigorous rooting out of this clique of master criminals and psychopaths can it ever be hoped to restore the "sanity" and upwards ascent of the humanity whom they despise. While they've long worked to blend in/marry in[cf the case of Trump's own family]to the goyish world they seek to destroy, their antecedents and networks are not that hard to identify. Many "Jews" who would otherwise prefer to join with the rest of us in common humanity, pay obeisance to these overlords from fear. Their enemy is our enemy, and we would do well to find common cause with those of the "tribe" who would summons up the courage to throw over these scourges of humanity, in order to reclaim their place among us.

Reality Creator's picture

As Logicalman once said on this site (and I paraphrase):

"Borders between nations are just fences between the stock pens."

Y'all are like my goats, you don't know any better and mindlessly put up with the farmer's fencing. Go back to chewing yer cud ya damn ruminants. Time for feeding...time for the milking...time for the slaughter...y'all never know what I'm thinking of or what I'm coming to do.

hansg's picture

I'm not even surprised anymore to see antisemitism practiced so openly and rampantly, but tell me this: in what way is it in the Jews best interests to bring to power, everywhere in the world, parties that seek their complete destruction?

BobEore's picture

I'm not terribly surprised myself, to see what appears to be an attempted rejoinder to my comment that is not only so lacking in syntaxic structure as to make it impossible to understand - let alone answer to -

but starts off from a logical fallacy[anti-semitism?!!?] and then proceeds to ellipitically develop a premise which not even the best philologic detective in the world could get to the bottom of.

Rather ironically reminding the onlooker that behind all the bluff and bluster of the sionist's intended expression of moral and intellectual superiority lies a pathetically palsied brain hooked upon rationalising their own projections. Either rework your comment so that it makes some kind of sense, or concede the field and be off with you.

Banjopicker's picture

How about you just answer the fucking question instead of deflecting.  I have no stake in this fight but that response was you attempting to dazzle with bullshit.  Here is the question plainly.  


How is it that the Jews who supposedly control the world see it beneficial to bring people to power around the world that hate them?

BobEore's picture

Here's the fatal conceit of both you and your tag team buddy - plainly -

trying to use MEANING DRIFT to change what was PLAINLY WRITTEN for all to read and comprehend. Apparently you figured that the dazzling BULLSHIT of that deceit would fool me the SECOND ATTEMPT if it didn't work the first time. You figured WRONG - Moron.

Nowhere have I written anything about "THE JEWS" in my comment which would imply what you want it to- quite PLAINLY & SIMPLY I wrote that it is judaic heretical movements which have spun off from the original religious current which made up the basis of the criminal cabal which the first commentor had described.

After all, there are many shadowy forces that hide behind the veil of "Judaism," which either greatly distort, or have nothing to do with the supposed religious current that term describes. 

And then went on to mention that many, if not most "Jews" are held hostage to these (mostly but not always)gnostical sects which use "Judaism" as a mask to shelter within.

I gave your buddy the benefit of the doubt that he could read and comprehend plain English, and was therefore playing a game he thought he could win. I"ll give you no such credit - you're just a half wit who can't even arrive here with his own schtick to employ...

learn to read... first... and then answer the question... what makes you think you can twist words around backwards and get people to buy your bullshit? It's that conceit of moral and intellectual superiority ain't it? Nailed it the first time tard - no need for second helpings.

ThuleNord's picture

It's a racial networking cabal. Stop the cognitive dissonance and deal with it. Our enemy is named and the traitors that help them. Here's your proof, prove me wrong. Show me alternative evidence that's it's not the jews


BobEore's picture

I'm under no compulsion to show you anything bud. Or prove you wrong. I've "dealt with" the "It's the jews, it's always the jews" faction quite conclusively, and discovered while doing it that 9 times out of ten it's the 'jew baiter' who is the fake anti-sionist placed by their controllers among the usual suspects onto websites where they can cause no end of diversion and confusion. It's a

small clique of racial supremacists who despise all those not of their caste and devolved genetic strain.

I described it more accurately than you will ever grasp. We know the main enemy. And we know the fifth columnists in our midst.

Nice try - no cigar Moishe. I've read your script - and reported on it. Back to drawing board for you.


Salzburg1756's picture

So right! Take me to your leader!

wcole225's picture

Hopefully we have stopped fooling ourselves. Let's call it what it is. God Vs Satan. Good vs evil. Every single democrat, progressive, liberal.... is evil and or the pawn of evil. Either way they're the mortal enemy of good. The notion of compromise is pure fantasy. Pick your side and prepare accordingly.

peddling-fiction's picture

Hear hear.

Also the people that control (((THEM))) and the Principalities.

Vatican_cameo's picture


"Like the Pied Piper drive the Liberals into the sea.  You don't have to get all of them, just most of them."

Nuke them all from Space, it's the only way to be sure.

Croesus's picture

I'm 100% supportive of Kommiefornia's effort to secede (and anyone else, too).

PA is a red state, run by a handful of Libtard kleptocrats...voted in by the assholes in "Utopias" like Philly, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh.

ThanksChump's picture

Yeah, brilliant idea. /s

Then we have the equivalent of a Gay, Feminazi Libya between the US and the Pacific ocean, with no Pacific ports.

WTF is the matter with you? Are you French, just give up everything if it gets coudy?


These people can either A) follow the rules, B) leave, or C) be buried.

There's no D).

I really do think that, if Trump explained that to them, the protesting would continue but the rioting would stop. That's fine.


Toss the illegals out. Pass a law requiring nationally-accepted ID for federal elections. The D's won't win any elections without illegals and cheating.

Stinkytofu's picture

Toss the illegals out. Pass a law requiring nationally-accepted ID for federal elections. The D's won't win any elections without illegals and cheating."


they'll lawfare it to death.  gonna have to provide government-id's free of charge to anyone who can prove citizenship.

also gonna have to provide easy access.......offices open on weekends and evenings, maybe kiosks in malls, or

roving bookmobile-type offices.


of course, they'll complain only white folks be havin birf satifkits.

French Bloke's picture

Yeah, but if we had that, Obama would never have been President. Nobody's seen his!

rahrog's picture

Except your federal government is run by the globalists.


For example E-verify has been kicked around at the federal level since 1996.


You need to deal with REALITY.




UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

One good thing about the REAL people in Pennsyltucky is that they all own guns, and know how to use them!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

One comment on point #2 from article which I have listed below:

Second, transitioning into a multicultural society can be very problematic, as evidenced by the debate on Sweden’s immigration policies that has now gone viral, at least until a consensual set of rules and behaviors can be forged. The inherent security risks could force some parts of the other “states” to curtail the free flow of people. This is already happening in many parts of Europe as a result of the recent refugee crisis.

What the WEST has failed to recognize is that "you cannot mix an Islamic-based culture into a predominantly Christian-based culture" without major issues. It will end up being a DISASTER because these cultures worship a different GOD, have a different set of laws and have a different worldview. 

In a phrase: IT WILL BE A "BLOODY" DISASTER!!!! (Ever think about why there are no Christian Churches in Saudi Arabia?)

Our secular humanist leaders and authors of articles are so absolutely naive about this point.

rahrog's picture

SECESSION is the answer.


Omen IV's picture

you probably know you can ask mutiple questions from liberals as to the probable result of a decision and they cant figure it out or will not acknowledge the obvious flaw in the logic

ThanksChump's picture

It depends. The crooks that seek office can usually think critically and abstractly.

The typical leftist can't do either, nor can RINOs.

Show me a Bush supporter, and I'll show you someone who reads Krugman, thinks the War on Drugs is working, and that McCain is a war hero. Only a few lefties are worse.

rejected's picture

We're already 'broke'. The question is, How to divvy up the 20 trillion in debt.

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

Good bye food stamp and DOD base sucking red staters. Have fun in the third world.

chubbar's picture

What is to keep the immigrants in the blue areas? Nothing. The idea is too flawed, can't work. It's the same shit that is happening where I live, NH. The libtards move from Mass because they have fucked it all up then they move here and proceed to vote for the same bullshit they just escaped. The same thing will happen with this plan.

Darkman17's picture

Could not agree more, they are a cancer that spreads. Where i live we have a lot of canadians that came because of the better jobs and taxes, you would think they get it... but NOPE they still are in favor of socialized medicine and higher taxes and more trains. They absolutely do not see the irony in their situation and don't understand that the very reason they left is their own political views. I say we only import immigrants when needed and pick the best of them and the ones that want to be american.

Trogdor's picture

I believe the term is "Californication"

I've seen it in a couple of places I've lived: Kalifornicators move in - usually buying up really nice property after making a killing in CA-CA land.  They claim they're "Trying to get away from it" ... but the thing they are running from looks them in the mirror every freaking day.  Within a very short while they're determined to "Show the shit-kickers how things are done!" and they start trying to take over local politics and enforce their fucked up world-view on everyone around them.  They ARE a cancer that spreads ....

Omen IV's picture

Bozeman Montana -incredible environment with great people  - 1993  a River Runs Thru It - movie - CA in response came ----- and it went to shit

Barney Fife's picture

There may come a time where we just have to liquidate all of them. Then, and only then will you be free to live wherever you want unmolested. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

United we stand, divided we fall.

Time to call life alert.

The_Dude's picture

Seriously,  if immigration is now this divisive and threatens to tear the county apart, then it can no longer be viewed as a positive attribute/asset to this country.   

The whole nation of immigrants shtick is about to take us to civil war and people (one side primarily) still pretend we cannot survive without it. 

Ignatius's picture

Doesn't have to happen if we could all just get on board with the war of terror, false flag terror and hating Russians.  We'll keep hating China in reserve, just in case we become friends with Russia and we need someone else to hate.  Of course, there's always Iran and North Korea if things really slow down.  Remember 9/12 and the unity of ignorance of what really happened?  Well, we can have that kind of magic ignorance that unites us, but only if we all want it, together.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yes, the problem is that most of the population of this country has forgotten what this country stands for.  Most Libtards want moar immigrants who openly detest our values and most Conservatards want moar war/police state.  And they each direct their anger at the other instead of our overlords.  I'm not suggesting there is a solution.  We've been successfully divided.  The conquering of those of us who don't want bankers/zionists/oligarchs/MIC running the show comes next.

Ignatius's picture

Yes, and this is when we all look at Trump and ask, "You pulling or pushing?"

Common_Law's picture

There is actually a 2 state solution. state and Federal. Specifically state citizenship and federal citizenship.

More info here:



Sonny Brakes's picture

Is this thing on fast-forward?

401K of Dooom's picture

Don't worry, I'am already knee-deep in Red State America.  Oh and you can keep the Illegals, progtards and kennedys with you!