Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth Following The Last Election

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Until the 1990’s, civilian run volunteer militias weren’t all that common in the United States. They were the fringe of the fringe in our culture. But after Waco and Ruby Ridge, their ranks swelled and they became a common subject in the news and in pop culture.

Their numbers fell again under President Bush, and then grew to new heights under President Obama.

It’s an obvious pattern. Conservative militias multiply like crazy under Democratic presidents, and for good reason. When Democrats take the reigns of government, they always threaten to restrict gun ownership. They then decline under Republican administrations, when conservatives don’t feel as threatened.

However, there may be a new trend emerging. CBS Atlanta recently did a piece on a militia called the Three Percenter Security Force (which obviously showed them in slightly negative light, given the source).

CBS46 News

The organization is run by Marine Corps veteran Chris Hill, who says that their membership has grown from a few dozen, to roughly 400 members since November.

The Marine told CBS that the militia would protect the Second Amendment under any administration, and that “The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it’s a constant threat.”

That doesn’t sound very different from the stated objectives of any conservative militia that has emerged since the 90s. So why is this militia’s membership growing so drastically during the early stages of a Republican administration? What’s different this time? The answer may lie in how the Left has responded to Trump being elected. According to Hill:

“The level of violence I see coming from these protests is alarming, I think that creates more of a need for people like us to be there,” Hill said.


Hill says, just as anti-Trump supporters have a right to organize and protest, his group wants to show their presence.


“We have a duty to protect, our freedom, our liberty, our constitutional Republic.” Hill said. “That responsibility can’t be deferred to you know Congress.”

So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well.

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There is no shortage of arms, many have the will to stake their lives, fortune, and sacred honor.  All that is needed is organization.

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Reading news like below, we should be more worried about those in power...

EXCLUSIVE: Max Spiers investigated 'US military paedophile ring' before 'suspicious death'

Police to quiz girlfriend over British UFO conspiracy theorist's mystery death after he vomited two litres of black fluid

“Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.” - Max Spiers' text to his mom days before his death.

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xythras (not verified) beemasters Feb 26, 2017 10:24 PM

I blame OBAMA.

When Islamic terrorists turn to organizing Women Marches, that's when we know something is definitely wrong 

Meet the Convicted Islamic Terrorist and Illegal Immigrant Organizing next Month’s Women Strike

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100% of the violence has come from the left so far---soros-funded rioters, Hillary's black masked thugs, Obama's BLM.

Beating people up, spitting on people, bombing RNC offices, etc--- all from Hillary/Obama people. These are very violent people, the left wing extremists.

Worse, we see police like those pussies in SF who just stood by sipping coffee inside the building watching innocent girls and other pedestrians being beaten up by Hillary's black masked terrorists.

It goes without saying that common sense tells hard working Americans to join one of these groups for self-defense.


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But after the US Government slaughter of innocent civilians at Waco and Ruby Ridge,

there, I fixed it for you

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You are responsible for protecting your own ass. Nobody (.gov, police, etc...) else will do that for you.

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oh!  you mean like a prison gang?

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Your life experience has not prepared you for life outside the fence.

Go snuggle a woodchipper.

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Below is a quotation that should be of interest. We are at a time in America where we need to reach back into our heritage and study the wisdom of our early Godly American leaders and apply it where possible today.

This guy is one of my favorites. 

Robert Charles Winthrop

Robert Charles Winthrop (1809-05-12 – 1894-11-16) was an American philanthropist, congressman from Massachusetts and one-time Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

I confess, Sir, I am at a loss to conceive how any man, who has ever read our Constitution as originally framed, or as it now exists, can listen a moment to such an argument. If anything be clearer than another on its face, it is, that it was intended to constitute a Christian State. I deny totally the gentleman's position, that the religious expressions it contains were intended only to show forth the pious sentiments of those who framed it. They were intended to incorporate into our system the principles of Christianity, — principles which belonged not only to those who framed, but to the whole people who adopted it. Sir, the people of that day were a Christian people; they adopted a Christian Constitution; they no more contemplated the existence of infidelity than the Athenian laws provided against the perpetration of parricide. They established a Christian Commonwealth; they wrote upon its walls, Salvation, and upon its gates, Praise; and Christianity is as clearly now its corner-stone, as if the initial letter of every page of our Statute Book, like that of some monkish manuscript, were illuminated with the figure of the Cross!   Sourced Speech, "The Testimony of Infidels" (1836-02-11), delivered before the Massachusetts House of Representatives in opposition to a bill that would allow atheists to testify in court,

Our Country,—whether bounded by the St. John's and the Sabine, or however otherwise bounded or described, and be the measurements more or less,—still our Country, to be cherished in all our hearts, to be defended by all our hands.

Toast at Faneuil Hall on the Fourth of July, 1845. Compare: "Our country! in her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong", Stephen Decatur (1779–1820), toast offered by at a public dinner at Norfolk, Va., April, 1816.

All societies of men must be governed in some way or other. The less they may have of stringent State Government, the more they must have of individual self-government. The less they rely on public law or physical force, the more they must rely on private moral restraint. Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the Word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet. It may do for other countries and other governments to talk about the State supporting religion. Here, under our own free institutions, it is Religion which must support the State

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Hey Gus, you got more articles on that subject?  This is the kind of information that is being witheld from all of us in our society.  Trust me, no one finds out about this information anymore.  Oh and check out article 22 of the original Delaware state Constitution from 1776.  <a href="">That constitution</a> has a specific oath that all members of the legislature have to take before they can be sworn in for the legislature.  Oh and feel free to read up on more eighteenth century documents from the <a href="">Avalon project</a> at Yale University. 

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This history of America goes all the way back to Atlantis, based on reading Indium Wampum beads.

Our constitution was based in part upon the beliefs of the Iroquois Federation.
Early colonists thought wampum beads were money, because the tribes valued them so highly. They were not money, they were the tribes written histories of major events!
The tribes had no word for ownership of land. The idea did not exist. Land could not be owned by man. They believed in a concept called userfruct. < worth looking up
The idea of a man 'owning' land was laughable, and impossible for them to understand..
Land was there to be used for the common good. No man could deny another man use of land unless he was actually using it for the common good already.

The history continues up to when Missouri became a state. The details about the early constitutional conventions is absolutely is how Wall Street got it's name:

"The red people from Manhattan Island crossed to the mainland, where a treaty was made with the Dutch, and the place was therefore called the Pipe of Peace, in their language, Hoboken. But soon after that, the Dutch governor, Kieft, sent his men out there one night and massacred the entire population. Few of them escaped, but they spread the story of what had been done, and this did much to antagonize all the remaining tribes against all the white settlers. Shortly after, Nieuw Amsterdam erected a double palisade for defense against its now enraged red neighbors, and this remained for some time the northern limit of the Dutch city. The space between the former walls is now called Wall Street, and its spirit is still that of a bulwark against the people".[12]

THE TRIBES AND THE STATES by James Alexander Sidis  (available in English, Greek and Spanish)

bigkahuna's picture

A fitting origin for wall street. In the larger picture, the retribution for our transgressions does not seem to have a definite ending. It continues across generations and we (all of us-no preferences here) seem to exist under it.

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The Christian churches were hi jacked long ago. Not Christianity, just the churches. Sadly, psychopaths always seek out chokepoints and the organized churches are such chokepoints. That the modern non-religious/athiest population regards it with disdain, I posit, is precisely due to the purely human abuse it has endured. Those "libtards" in fact are proponents of Christian values such as brotherhood and caring for the sick and poor.  Unfortunately, the Liberal/Progressive groups have also been hi-jacked. The power-mongers are using them for their own advancement. That influence is now paying protesters to act in un-christian ways. What a world we would have if only we could breed out psychopaths. I will happily crowd fund the genetic research to do that.

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Xythras feels the need to annoy the shit out of us with his blog, because his various porn sites aren't doing too well.

He can be contacted at

Since he's in marketing, perhaps we can sign him up for some things?

BTW, Tyler, he's also got at least 1 other account under the username "xtndmedia".

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Good effort, I can't understand how this f****g spammer is tolerated. 

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The more, the merrier

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Nope - organization is the opposite of what will work.  Semi-auto rifle equipped patriots in militias against drones and stand off weapons from mortars to cruise missles to F16s is hopeless.

Numbers is our only hope, using guerilla tactics adapted to the 21st century.  Hide in plain site, spread througout society, kind of like the Viet Cong lived amongst the people of South VietNam.  Use the tactics outlined in "Unintended Consequences".  Think snipers and random death for TPTB.  Asymmetric warfare baby!

Oldwood's picture

While organization always seems like the answer, it is usually the problem. We are constantly trapped by this paradigm of being called to use the same force to repel what is attacking us. We inevitably find ourselves fighting FOR what we thought we were fighting AGAINST.

While I have no real idea what will work, my choice is to beleive that if we are fully armed but not officially organized, we have the capacity to become organized in common defense while not empowering even more destructive elements that exist within all of us.

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If I remember correctly, the British Army got its ass handed to it by a swarm of patriots that lit up Colonel Francis Smith and his 700 regulars.  That swarm continued to form up throughout the day and by the end of the day, General Gage found himself besieged in Boston.   After those swarms coalesced into a regular army, the British began to retake the field.  Had it not been for French intervention, the Revolution may very well have gone in a different direction.  The real threat to any would be tyrant is not a group of guys and gals drilling on the village green.  The danger for the tyrant comes from the three percent of the population who are willing to sacrifice their own lives, liberty and fortune to take him down.  That three percent is unknowable, because those that form it up do not even know themselves if they truly contain the resolve it would take to make the ultimate sacrifice.  That cannot be known until the tyrant through his own actions triggers their response.

Any organization can be infiltrated by provocateurs from the various factions pushing any political agenda.  The very guy or gal deep within the patriot movement may in fact be pushing his or her own secret agenda. He may be a federal plant, a Maoist or a Muslim radical.  The very guy that is schooling you on how to make a bomb or how to organize your tactical unit may be a federal agent or a foreign provocateur.


Should it all go south there are thousands of retired colonels and noncoms who have the technical skills to organize a resistance should the need arise.  Yes, there are naturals out there that will rise to the occasion but the Nathan Bedford Forrests of the world are an exception not the rule.  I am leery of any self-proclaimed colonel who would form a group so that he could have a command.  Encouraging your neighbors to become a little more self-sufficient by stockpiling a little food, fuel and ammunition is one thing.  Organizing a combat unit is something else.  Combat units are tools to be utilized.  Be careful of what you create.

ReZn8r's picture

"Any organization can be infiltrated by provocateurs from the various factions pushing any political agenda. The very guy or gal deep within the patriot movement may in fact be pushing his or her own secret agenda. He may be a federal plant, a Maoist or a Muslim radical. The very guy that is schooling you on how to make a bomb or how to organize your tactical unit may be a federal agent or a foreign provocateur.

Very true, vet everyone and always remember, 'if it smells like a rat, it is a rat.'

Sam.Spade's picture

Correct.  But with the NSA monitoring everything you say or do, how can that be anything but word-of-mouth, meaning local only?  And, if it stays local, won't you just be defeated in detail?  Surrounded, one by one, taken down like the Warsaw rebellion was near the end of WWII?

The only way any resistance can succeed is through secure communications.  Anonymous communications, national in scope.

Fortunately, that is not only possible, but becoming more common.  Not just Tor, Freenet, P2P, or even BitMessage, but through techniques that are not even generally known yet, such as Maidsafe or Open Bazaar.

If you doubt that, ask yourself why we still have Spam.  Or ransomware?  Or how so many hacks of government data bases, including one of the NSA's, for God sakes, can take place if all communications are traceable?

Thieves Emporium is a primer on the subject of what our world will become as we are forced to move into the dark corners of cyberspace to protect ourselves, delivered in the form of a fast-paced novel to keep the subject interesting.

Think Everyman Hacker vs The Deep State.  Or maybe 1984 rewritten for the 21st century.

The Daily Anarchist loved the book and called it 'Barely Fiction'.  The editors of The Daily Bell thought it was so good the ran it as a serial (part of which you can still read for free).

Readers at Amazon must agree, as they rate it 4.6 in over 100 reviews.  Ditto for readers at Nook, Smashwords, and Apple, though with fewer reviews.

Organization isn't enough.  Anonymous, national coordination is what is required.  Learn how to start on it now by reading Thieves Emporium before the banksters force it off the market.


Oldwood's picture

We argue over words and meanings, but I belileve that if we communicate common beliefs and have strong general understanding we ARE organized in principle, without the problem of empowering "leaders" to act and speak in our behalf. 

Our problem is not one of adequate arms or organization, but one of communication of ideas. What we see is a society under constant erosion by government indoctrinated entitlement and dependency. We will NOT overcome this with force of arms. What we face eventually is an army of zombies. Mindless eaters without conscience who will exercise their most base emotions of hunger and need. Currently we face them in politics where they seek to dominate us through "democracy like" actions, but as their dominance prevails, so fails our economy and ability to sustain it. This is our real threat, and you can bet that our government will use that crisis, as they have all others, to further entrench their powers over us.

Our battle is to convince and that is far more difficult than shooting our opposition.

Sam.Spade's picture

The battle to convince our opposition to act against their government tit is not just difficult, it is impossible.  So the question we must answer is what alternative do we have when they use the state power of violence and money-printing to try to take away from us all we believe in and all we own.

I do not condone initiating violence.  That is the mode of operation of our opposition.  But, should they start shooting, we must be prepared to defend ourselves.

flaminratzazz's picture

there will be no shooting in the streets unless you figure the police and the gangs and the muslims and the ..

flash338's picture

Where can I sign on?

flaminratzazz's picture

3 militia members = 2 feds and a patsy

NoDebt's picture

"So radical leftists and conservative militias are experiencing explosive growth at the same time, and neither of them are afraid to present themselves in the streets of America. While I do support the rights of militias, I have to say that this probably won’t end well."

Oh, come on, Daniel.  How many militias do you see marching in the local town parade or lobbying government officials or protesting at the state university campus where you live?  My experience is they are the OPPOSITE of "activists".  They want, more than anything, to be left alone and not fucked with.  They would rather live as they see fit and NEVER get in a confrontation.  They are only organizing and preparing as they are in the event somebody pushes their back against a wall.  

In the event their backs ARE pushed against a wall, God help you.  They will be coming out of the woodwork and doing some very non-politically-correct things.

Don't start shit and there won't be any shit.  Or go ahead and smack that hornet's nest and see what happens.  Your call.


CheapBastard's picture

True. The so-called right wing militias are usually running around in the woods not bothering anyone and shooting at cans and stuff.

The real danger comes from groups like those at Berkeley beating up human beings and burning buildings.

SWRichmond's picture

If the Berkeley-style protests are allowed to ferment and spread, become more violent and more widespread, then there eventually will be a response from the "right".  I think this is what is actually wanted, to keep us fighting among ourselves, and that is why Berkeley was "allowed".  Given the prevealing attitudes which have been taught on campuses for the past twenty years, "Encouraged" is more like it.  This is deliberate, planned, supported, and hoped-for, and they are hoping for a violent response.  At some point they will get one.  Again, one must ask, "cui bono?"

Hongcha's picture

I'm in the city and can't head for the desert due to responsibilities with infirm civilian family who would be left helpless.

I own a couple .45 and a wood-stock mini-14 and a few thousand rounds.  Will buy more rounds when my wife leaves town for a while.  No responsible way out so have to dig in and go grey.

I love these pot-bellied dudes in camo fatigues, AR-15s in black duffel bags. "Shoot me first."



flaminratzazz's picture

everyone must have a 10/22,, and a 12 gauge shotty..

CheapBastard's picture

Don't forget the handgun, too. At least one. if it's a semiauto, be sure to have several backup clips because if things ever took a turn for the worse, those clips will be gold. Also a spare spring for those semis.

flaminratzazz's picture

he said he has a couple .45s so he has that covered

CheapBastard's picture

Oh, ok. Don't forget the extra clips even though they can run quite's worth it.

Blue Snowflake's picture

Red arrow due to "clips" vs. magazines 

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Most citizens don't know the difference and don't really care.  The do know what holds extra bullets for their guns. The names aren't important.

August's picture

Self-awareness is a fun, and useful, survival tool.

I still chuckle at the local gun shows, seeing obese 50-yo dudes in camo with a bayonet on their SKS.

Better than nuthin', but a man has got to know his limitations.

ReZn8r's picture

go ahead and laugh about it now pal, some of those guys will go down for sure but one will take your ass out so fast you won't even know it. It just takes one.

Cabreado's picture

The only reasonable Rx for the chaos is focus on corrupt points of control, within the original idea...

I suggest focus on a thoroughly corrupt and defunct Congress.

(While there is still time)

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Term Limits, and a Pizzagate investigation with convictions!

ReZn8r's picture

with convictions and speedy death penalties.

-fixed it for ya.

rwmctrofholz's picture

Democrat Governor, Terry McAuliffe, gave a very dignified toast to President Trump tonight at the Governor's Banquet.  Guess he better start cleaning out his desk; the militant Left will never stand for that.  

bardot63's picture

Must be a phony news item.

CheapBastard's picture

'Twas very cooperative and gentlemanly of him. Hopefully, the other Dems will turn a new leaf and decide to join in MAGA. Here is the short clip on Youtoob of  the Va guvnor for those who want to watch it:

SWRichmond's picture

McAuliffe doesn't want Sessions to send him to the big house.

Yars Revenge's picture

Switzerland has it's own citizen army.

No logical reason why the US shouldn't have the same.

AGuy's picture

"Switzerland has it's own citizen army."

No so any more. Switzerland has very restrictive gun laws. Its very difficult for Swiss Citizens to own guns.