Intel Committee Head: No Evidence Of Contact Between Trump Campaign, Russia

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In what will likely be a setback to the ongoing press campaign to portray the Trump administration and campaign as a Kremlin puppet, on Monday the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives intelligence committee said he has seen no evidence of contact between Donald Trump's campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election, Reuters reported.

Devin Nunes, head of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said the panel is expanding an ongoing investigation into Russian activities to include Moscow's efforts targeting the U.S. election. Nunes said he had been briefed on a transcript of a phone call that former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn had with a Russian envoy after the election. He said he did not hear anything worrisome about that call.

During a press conference with reporters on Monday, Rep. Nunes downplayed claims that the White House had asked members of the CIA and FBI to squelch reports of contact between Russia and members of Trump’s presidential campaign, saying that there was “nothing wrong” with what he characterized as attempts to have a better working relationship with the press. He also said that the committee wanted evidence of any American citizens who may have talked to Russian officials, implicitly broadening the issue beyond the Trump campaign and administration. He characterized the FBI as being “very upfront” with his committee about what they know about Trump’s potential connections with Russia, although he admitted that he’d like to know more.

When asked if they have any evidence of contacts specifically from the Trump campaign, Nunes replied: “It’s been looked into and there’s no evidence of anything there. Obviously we’d like to know if there is.” He also dismissed concerns that Flynn had violated the Logan Act as “ridiculous” and said that they would not subpoena Trump’s tax returns, which puts him at odds with Senate Intelligence Committee member Susan Collins, R-Maine. Throughout the press conference, Nunes insisted that both he and the White House were simply trying to be “transparent” and claimed to be confused as to why the Trump administration providing his phone number to a reporter would be a news story. He also repeated his earlier statements about wanting to avoid “McCarthyism” and “witch hunts” based on reports that Americans may have connections to the Russian regime.

“This is almost like McCarthyism revisited,” Nunes told reporters at the California Republican Party’s spring convention on Saturday according to Politico. “We’re going to go on a witch hunt against, against innocent Americans?”

Nunes added: “At this point, there’s nothing there. Once we begin to look at all the evidence, and if we find any American that had any contact with Russian agents or anybody affiliated with the Russian government, then we’ll be glad to, at that point, you know, subpoena those people before the House and let the legislative branch do its oversight and then we would recommend it over to, you know, the appropriate people.”

Nunes concluded, saying, “we can’t go on a witch hunt against the American people, any American people who have not had any contact, just because they appeared in a news story.”

Also on Monday, while speaking to a gathering of health insurance executives he was meeting with at the White House, president Trump on Monday dismissed a question about his aides’ alleged ties to Russia by saying he hasn’t spoken to the country in a decade.

“I haven’t called Russia in 10 years,” he told a reporter who asked him whether a special prosecutor should carry out an investigation.

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order66's picture

Left narrative is in trouble. Expect Obama, Shillary, Soros and Bezos to ramp up covert ops.

junction's picture

Someone considered General Michael Flynn a persona non grata.  Overboard he goes.  As long as Trump is president, Flynn is safe from a tax audit.

froze25's picture

20 imaginary bucks says Flynn is still working for Trump in a major capacity. Probably just secret now.

NoDebt's picture

Ds will double-down on their calls for a special independent prosecutor based on this non-news.  

Mr. Bones's picture

They're really pushing this Russia meme, but there doesn't seem to be any actual evidence.  If roles were reversed this would be the classic 'vast right wing conspiracy' like Hilary accidentally, repeatedly, and illegally destroying evidence.  Except in this case there's no evidence, and no evidence that any evidence ever existed.

But eventually everyone is going to be so primed with Donald = Russia that they'll just mention the two in one sentence and the sheep will mindlessly nod in understanding that despite a complete lack of evidence, something nefarious must have transpired.

USisCorrupt's picture

I'm with TRUMP !

Arrest ALL the Pedophiles and the majority of this BS just goes away like 1/3 of Washington !

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) USisCorrupt Feb 27, 2017 5:30 PM

Of course they have been lying since Trump announced.

Dems lost in 2010, 2014 and now Presidency because you suck!

Republicans establishment lost because you are corrupt and wamongers like Democrats.

Trump won because America wants what he promised.

Vageling's picture

That's how flawed backwards logic works. Just keep repeating the accusation and it will become true. Someday... Eventually... Right? It just needs the 'right spin' to it.


E.F. Mutton's picture

In other news, Maxine Waters is still Batshit Crazy

nmewn's picture

"What, no evidence?! We need to find out if this Nunes character has any financial ties to Putin! That last name sounds suspiciously Russian to me!" - raving lunatic Maxine

UncleChopChop's picture

i disagree re: calling maxine waters crazy. to be considered crazy, i feel like there needs to be a minimum iq of, say, 70. anything beneath that is just asinine.

max_leering's picture

won't take the imaginary bet, but have heard and read the same regarding Flynn... he knows wayyyyyyy too much to just be shuffled off 

Darktarra's picture

Daryl Issa had the right idea!  Take this shit to special commitee!  The commitee will prove that this is nothing but fake news and Demoncrat conspiracy theory.  It might actualy cost the demoncrats a seat or two in the Senate! 

TahoeBilly2012's picture

How about a special agent for Israeli connections and dual citizens in and around the US Gov? Might be more helpful. 


undertow1141's picture

Or a special prosecutor to look into Hillary's China, Russia, and Saudi connections. How bout McCain's foundation receiving millions from Saudi Arabia.

GUS100CORRINA's picture


The LEFT is in trouble with their "RUSSIAN" narrative.


This may be the final nail in the coffin for the DEMOCRATIC party. 

The only question: What will replace the DEMOCRATIC PARTY? Something has to fill the VOID.

idahobandito's picture

I think Issa wanted a special prosecuter, which would waste millions of tax dollars and years of he has done with everything he has done in CONgress.

Stroke's picture

Screw Hillary & the whole DNC

Sorry-Ass Loosers....

frank further's picture

And Alphabet, Apple, Tesla et al.

lordkoos's picture

Fuck yeah, like this guy is supposed to be a neutral source?  Fail.

Stan522's picture

This won't stop dem's attack on Trump.

The seriousness of the charge is enough for them to push for a full investigation

froze25's picture

Trump could find and release the cure for cancer to the world and the Nutty Leftist Media would spin it into a negative.

disc_golfer's picture

CNN HEADLINE:  "Trump acts unilaterally to block $500 million in planned Susan G. Komen cancer research projects" 

wildbad's picture

well , nice to hear. how many millions did this cost?

will every ridiculous demonocrat canrd need to be passed through the gatekeepers to get its official stamp of tyrannic approval?

Sessions..get with it.

go after the clintons and RICO soros's wrinkly ass.

hotrod's picture

AND Thank you Mr Trump sir for the budget increase to the military complex.

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

Russia is all of a sudden the end all be all of covert ops.  Retarded ass narrative.

musimann's picture

Yes but I can see it from my porch.

undertow1141's picture

Especially since Billy was President most the spy that have been caught are Chinese not Russian. Didn't Hillary contact Chinese agents during the campaign.

orangegeek's picture

A few more " balanced investigations " like this and then it will be time for benghazi, email and pizzagate.


Orville Redenbacher season is coming soon.

QE4MeASAP's picture

I'm going to start calling Russian phone numbers and just say the words "Trump, Trump, Trump" over and over again until the other person hangs up.  That should switch on the automated CIA/FBI voice recorders for sure.

undertow1141's picture

Try writing a nice little 3 min script about 'Vlad' following through with his promises. Refer to the person who answers constantly as 'Yuri' and about the completion of the 'Volstock' plan.

buzzsaw99's picture

i don't care if putin and trump had a gigantic sex orgy two days before the election.

BurningFuld's picture

The only reason I would care is because they didn't invite me.

Rubicon76's picture

Pivot man?

That position is pivotal.

musimann's picture

That dog ain't gonna hunt.......

yttirum's picture

Jerome Corsi:


"Obama diverted money from low-income housing to keep Obamacare alive"


This might be the biggest story of the year. Trump has removed the gloves!

GUS100CORRINA's picture


I always suspected something like Obamacare cost coverup would surface.

Obama is corrupt and a liar. He needs to be held to account.

I still can't figure out how in the HELL this GUY got elected.

Must have been all of those dead, illegal alien and rigged voting machines that made his election possible.

yttirum's picture

The WHOLE of Obama is a fraud, all of it. It's simply amazing beyond belief.

Jerome worked with the whitehouse to put this out.

Me, along with many others trashed Fran & Fred and beat them to a pulp during that time. It looks like there was soo much more to it.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Obama turned the USA into a full blown Banana Republic in less than 8 years. Not that we weren't already on our way there from Bush Sr on up but Obama completed it.

lordkoos's picture

Just wait, Trump will top them all.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) jus_lite_reading Feb 27, 2017 5:32 PM

Obama like Clintons were all party of the Bush Dynasty.

That's what all this hysteria is about.

Notice Bush Jr. never said a word about their Odinga.


TeamDepends's picture

No! Just when it looked as if we would tap out, we exploded with energy and tossed our opponent off. Now we are on our feet, and the opponent sees it in our eyes.....

Chupacabra-322's picture

Amazing isn't it? Open, complete, Criminality & Lawlessness.

This will go nowhere. No investigation, no arrests & no indictments. Want to know how I know that?

The Deep State is having this POS War Criminal Obama move into his new Lair, behind concrete walls in DC right down the block from the WH to head its Treasonous Operations

yttirum's picture

Guess we'll see. Jerome worked with the whitehouse on this.

WillyGroper's picture

let us not forget a previous robbery by slick doing the same.

168 casualties as a diversion from the theft & death of "america first" generals that went down in a plane crash in AL.

yttirum's picture


How do we get the RICO phase in all this? Geithner/Levey, Bernanke, et all?