Dallas Fed Soars For 6th Straight Month To 11-Year Highs

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The Dallas Fed Manufacturing survey soared - for the 6th straight month - to 24.5 in February (smashing expectations of a modest dip to 19.4). This is the highest since April 2006.

This is a 4 standard deviation beat of analysts' expectations, well north of even the highest forecast.

While the headline data soared, we note, however, that wages declined, workweek dropped, prices paid surged, and new orders tumbled.

Another soft survey 'beat' as hard data (core durable goods) misses.

As good as it gets?

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I'll have whatever it is they're drinking. 

GUS100CORRINA's picture

All that "MANIPULATED" Oil Futures Money flowing into Dallas.

Question: If the DALLAS FED numbers are doing so well, why is Dallas Policeman's pension fund in crisis needing to cut benefits or go broke.

Something does NOT ADD UP.

mtl4's picture

These are like a "When Harry Met Sally" restaurant scene, sounds awesome but definitely not the real thing.

espirit's picture

Low tally on ZH for reads and comments usually means everbody recognized this report as...


Slomotrainwreck's picture

It has Bull Shit written all over it.

innertrader's picture

FIRST, I don't agree about "MANIPULATED Oil Futures Money flowing into Dallas."  That's false.  If you disagree, what are you basing that statement on?

SECOND; The improper investment of the Dallas Policeman's Pension Fund has everything to do with the fund in crisis, and nothing to do with oil production in the area, period!  If you believe your statement to be true, where is the proof?


I certainly agree that LOTS of things don't add up, like a $10 TRILLION FED (U.S. Citizen) DEBT in the last 8 years!!!  There is NOTHING larger than that!  But that has nothing to do with the two factors you mentioned.


SwapThis's picture

More cranes working in Austin than anyplace other than Seattle and Protland per reports here.  Old Hippies moving here, spending here.  Oil is helping, construction of new homes continues.  Dallas Fed will probably not be the best canary in the coalmine


The Dallas public pension system has been stick saved!! //

Wee_littte_dogee's picture

Nothing matters until it does. Totally irrelevant like much "news;" nice ZH, I clicked....

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I also clicked on the oscars article. Slow Monday. They need to start the war with Iran already.

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 What would a 'Manufacturing Survey' be, without something of import to back it up - say like, what sort of manufacturing (what goods, in what industries, made where, etc.) in order to better flesh out the details...?

NugginFuts's picture

barb wire and fence building materials maybe?

hotrod's picture

Fuck oil.  This is Texas.

KansasCrude's picture

The FED has the credibility of a pathological liar.   Their performance rating is so freaking bad how in the world are they not all put in front of a firing squad and executed?  Seriously this has gone way past any semblance of rational error.....  Line them up and shoot them down! Sooner the better.

omi's picture

DFW has a resurgance of an echo housing bubble.