The Dow Has Never Had A Longer Streak Of Record Closes... Ever

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Core Durables Goods and Shipments MISS, Pending Home Sales MISS, Dallas Fed 'Survey' BEAT...


"Never gonna let you down"... 12th Record Dow Close In A Row.


One streak was broken today - after 6 straight days of Dow and Long Bond price rises, bonds dropped as stocks rose today...


But another streak reached a record high... The Dow has never had a longer streak of record closes than this in its 100-plus year history...

After Friday's panic-bid melt-up, The Dow opened lower and VIX was immediately crushed back below 12.00


Small Caps were the big (squeeze) winner today...panic bid into the close as JPM noted more retail flows into ETFs sparks that manic lift.


Another big squeeze at the open...


Financials rallied on the day with BofA erasing Friday's losses... (but Morgan Stanley still lagging)


Tesla Tumbled on Goldman's downgrade...


Notably, it seems the Fed Funds futures market (rate hike odds) suddenly decided to catch up to stocks?

On very heavy volume.


Once again VIX was up and Stocks were up...


While bonds sold off on the day, yields remain lower (and the curve flatter) post-Fed Minutes...


Debt ceiling concerns rose...


After Kaplan spoke, the USD Index rallied back into the green - after weakness overnight...


As The USD rallied, so PMs dipped lower, oil ended unch, and copper slipped (but ended marginally green)...


And while the commodity was hit, Gold Miners were clubber like baby seals...


So to summarize - Hard real economic data notably disappointed and the odds of a March rate hike soared on extremely heavy volume in FF Futures, which seemed to be a positive thing for stocks but crushed PMs/Miners (but only nudged bond yields higher) - all very convenient.

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The debt ceiling comes into play the day the Fed will announce whether they are hiking rates.  It is a dangerous time for the Fed Reserve banks and their Frankenstein monster minions.  These banks have played with fire long enough and are setting fire to a house, built on sand mind you, and when the house catches ablaze there will be no place to run for anyone caught on the long side of stocks and bonds.  This is why now it is important for us to strike the bankers where their armor is bare.

Now is the time to go into the physical silver market and take the real money back.  Please join me in buying silver dimes, for this is a finite market that can never be reminted.  We take the dimes off the shelf and we create a panic with investors but also show the fiat ponzi they can not control all market aspects.  Sure they can short the comex, the futures, sure they can short the miners, thus controlling "price", but when we take the dimes of the shelf it will be a force majeure to the trading houses that just because we live in a digital age of algos,it doesn't mean all assets can be controlled.

So please from now until March 15th, please join me in a collective sweep of dimes off the shelves.  Let's take the inventory back.  If you are already a silver buyer this is right up your ally.  If you are a gold buyer then you can afford a few rolls of dimes.  If you buy bitcoin for the same reason as we buy precious metal - to take your fiat out of the system - please join us and have some dimes.  


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"The debt ceiling comes into play the day the Fed will announce whether they are hiking rates"

Over in Europe 15. march is also d-day of the Ducth general election where Geert Wilders migth blow up the Euro sone.

I will be a spectacular day for sure.

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Logan 5 (not verified) silver surfer Feb 27, 2017 4:55 PM

So basically ~ You just got RICKROLLED

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Beware the Ides of March.

I'm surprised I'm not hearing that more often, or maybe it's too obvious.

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Side by side……..til forever

A Longer Streak Of Record Closes: The Dow

A Longer Streak Of Record Closes: Main Street Economy 


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They must want the downside to be EPIC! When it comes, that is.

EHM's picture

Perpetually higher plateau.

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Almost daily, lower open and ramped up close to a new record high.

Rinse and repeat, for days, weeks.


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PM just got YET ANOTHER beat down.


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After rising 130 dollars in two months gold get WTF!-HAMMERED 10 dollars and loses 0.4%. The cartell are brutal!

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The Dow has never had a longer streak of record closes because it's no longer the Dow.  It's a complete fraud and lie just as is the currency used to purchase these false stocks. It is no longer money but a debt instrument created by the biggest criminal enterprise ever created by mankind for all of known human history and it's called central banking.  It's not real. It's all a complete fantasy land fiction.  How long can this massive global falsehood remain the most powerful financial force on earth?  That is the only real question for any honest prognosticator.  

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Yep, made a few thousand in JDST but kicking myself for not holding til EoD.  Will be switching to JNUG if/when it hits $6 and will back the truck up for every $1 it falls.

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What goes up ...

Must keep going up forever ... 


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Is The Stocks’ Correction Coming What The Fear Index Is Telling Investors Moving Ahead In To 2017

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Mweh!! The sport is gone outta this now.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

You don't like shooting fish in a barrel?

Traderone's picture

But they've become so obedient lately. I remember the day when one had to work for his Supper but now it's handed to you on a plate. Shouldn't complain I 'spose. 

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Interesting you say that.  A poster on this thread earlier posted "ASSF" in response to the first post.  I looked it up because I was unfamiliar, and one of the first results was the "Association of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries."   He changed his post a few moments later so I didn't get a chance to mention it, but this seems like as good a place as any to mention that fine organization.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Instead of fish how about shooting some scotch that came from a barrel?

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that comment gave me a chuckle

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Can't keep that Jimmy Cliff tune out of my head: The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all!

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Please do not worry

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As long as the Feds printing press continues Wall Street gets free money to pour into stocks.

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Yes the Mining sector is a crime scene today. The entire sector down 9-14% today with gold down like .05% and silver down like a whopee doo 9 cents, this is the third day in a row. This option expiry shit is a freaking fraud EVERY MONTH.

I had one go down 14.2% on a measly 550K shares traded and every big block trade almost was a buy. Every buy in it never raised the price all day.

You can't tell me these pricks MMs are trading out of their portfolios like that for 3 days when the pric3es of the metals have barely even moved in the last 3.. I've watched this stuff for years but that was TOTAL GARBAGE.

They are complete and total criminals and they don't care if you see it anymore.

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Miners are just catching down to gold after overperforming for a long time. Now miners are at about the same level compared to gold as we saw during 2016. I'm going to buy the weakness. 

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Yea, I watch it every day and you believe what you want. They wanted the shares for after Option expiry in london tommorrow morning for the rest of the week, so they just stole them. About 20 pecent idown in three days in a rising market with no news and a near record short on the COT report. And that don't even include what they had to do these last days because that report isn't out yet. It will have to be a record at this point when it does come out. Tue or Wed..

Most of the mining stocks are just now getting back to resonable levels after being bug squashed for 5 long years. There are a few of the small caps getting ahead of theirselves here but all of this was on no news whatsoever. In a normal market the Fresnillo or Pascua Lama mines would have to collapse or cave in to cause that.

I watched it when Gold hit the High of the day on comex which is a different type market and EVERY stock flashed green with a buy at the exact same time on the stock exchanges both here AND the Toronto ones. I watched 40 green lights go off all at the same instant of time, or the entire screen with stocks on 4 different exchanges in two countries plus the comex, That's alogo's. What's that tell you? ALL the markets are not only being rigged but they are now being electronically rigged together and coordinated Internationally by these scum banksters.. That can't happen otherwise

Im not buying any of it and I will dang sure not put any more money it this crooked mess, just trying to exit with my last ones to close out an old IRA. IT'S CROOKED AND GETTING WORSE.

This ain't your Grandad's stock market here friend.

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Thanks for the analysis.  Lost 10% on juniors today.


cowdiddly's picture

I don't know if that was an analysis of just a damn mad lunatic rant. Ha. But yes, I got burned pretty bad today too. No worries, I'll wait the rest of the year if I have to, its not over until I say its over..

I think time is our friend here. They are shaking the trees in the shares hard for some reason.

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If you've read some of the other news coming out (I forget the link), there was one King News interviewer saying that the Central Banks have lost control of the price of physical gold and that it is back to the producers. As I think on it, maybe that's what we're seeing today: they can no longer attack the price of gold SO THEY MUST ATTACK THE MINERS!

It's just a theory. Maybe I'm wrong. But you don't have miners moving nearly lock-step with the price of the physical asset for a year then all of a sudden "miners get ahead of major correction in phyzzz". That makes no damn sense at all and NEVER happens to the degree we saw today with this carnage.

The bankers were sending a message: DON'T. FUCK. WITH. US.

cowdiddly's picture

That was Andrew Maguire. He's wrong somethimes trade wise. we all are, but a honest dude and they tried to kill him over breaking news about the corruption that only King World was willing to break as MSM refused to cover it after JPM suits showed up threatening..

That's how King World got their start, but they are a little drama queen some times.

Yes, the London Bullion assholes are getting twitchy as the Shanghi physical market is starting to displace their no metal sorry asses somewhat.

You may be right about them sending a message. The Commercials have always owned the place being you can only buy 1500 contracts but are UNLIMITED in the amount you can pile on short on the POS comex.

Getting freaky acting out there, something strange for sure one way or another.,

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bid / ask spread on JNUG calls. WTF?!

flaunt's picture

There's always a massive spread on them

flaunt's picture

If it happens every month then you should be profiting like a madman from it, am I right?

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That is what cash is for: Sales.

Buy on the dip. Generate a little cash on the high for the next dip. Call it "insurance."

Dollar Cost Averaging really works. I am buying tomorrow. Of course, now that I said that publicly, miners will surge at opening and recover.




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You know what I want? Is a big-ass drop in the Dow, maybe 1000+ points in a day. I'll drive to uptown Charlotte, sit on a bench and enjoy the faces of all the bankers and traders as they leave the office. That would be pure joy.

Snaffew's picture

add a zero to that number and I'll sit with you.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

I'll save you a seat and a bottle of Ripple.

E.F. Mutton's picture

How much of a drop before they do half-gainers from tall buildings?

We should start a pool...

trouba z ceska's picture

Dream on but it's not going to happen. Never

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The more people believe that the market can't collapse, the more that collapse becomes likely...

Chippewa Partners's picture

It's too easy.   Buy the market boyz and girlz,  it apparently only goes one way until it doesn't.   

Waiting for Gartman to deliver his death blow..............


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gartman will go long on housing tomorrow and short gold.  I'm not kidding---

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I've said it before, but only Tyler can deliver the death blow. Zero Hedge needs a top line story about how there is another 20% upside this year; then it's finally over.


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Went all in GDXJ.